Daring Partners with Sant’olina For New Menu Item

Daring Partners with Sant’olina For New Menu Item

For some, meat is everything, and for others, not so much. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there’s a brand out there that can surely win you over, and they’re partnering with one of LA’s best Mediterranean restaurants! Innovative plant-based chicken brand, Daring Foods, has joined forces with the h.wood Group’s Mediterranean rooftop restaurant & bar atop the Beverly Hilton, Sant’olinato curate a specialty plant-based vegetarian and gluten-free option, Daring Chicken Kefta Kebab.

The savory and hearty Daring Chicken Kefta Kebab entree comes complete with Cilantro, Parsley, and Serrano and joins many of the other delicious vegetarian options offered at the open-air restaurant. Will you be dropping in to give it a try? Daring is known for their 100% plant-based chicken alternative, and the reviews speak for themselves.

Go indulge for a pre- or post-holiday treat!

About Sant’olina

Sant’olina is a melting pot of Mediterranean cuisine with a Southern California spin. Chefs Michael Teich and Burt Bakman combine vibrant herbs and spices to create a healthy menu packed with flavor. Each dish tells a different story – from the traditional recipes straight out of the Tel Aviv shuks to the modern Californian touches.

With its timeless Mediterranean color palette and open-air views of Los Angeles, Sant’olina captures the essence of a seaside escape.

Located atop the historic Beverly Hilton, Sant’olina will offer dinner service nightly and brunch service on weekends.

For Your Holiday Wishlist: Daniel Patrick

For Your Holiday Wishlist: Daniel Patrick

There’s bound to be a fashion lover in your life, and that person could very well be you.

In either case, there’s a brand we want to introduce you to. Luxury streetwear label Daniel Patrick has the perfect pieces for someone who loves a transitional wardrobe that never goes out of style. Whether you’re gifting to a city dweller or beach lover, Daniel Patrick’s considered designs will dress them for every occasion. The unisex friendly collections offer an intelligent mashup of sportswear and streetwear reflected in items such as their Summit Tee, DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Hoodie, and 7 Pocket Cargo.

If you’re looking for the deals and savings, for the entire month of November you can enjoy site-wide sales on danielpatrick.us with Cyber Week offering up to 70% off site-wide sales everyday. Check out the styles below and consider them for yourself or that fashion lover in your live as we creep closer to the holidays.

About Daniel Patrick

Daniel Patrick Inc. is a luxury sportswear company founded in 2012, & is headquartered in Los Angeles. The brand has been worn by the hottest names in sports & entertainment including Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, James Harden, Chris Paul, & Kendrick Lamar. Designed by Australian native & former professional rugby player Daniel Patrick as Creative Director, pieces are always aligned with the latest trends in fashion. Daniel Patrick Inc. is currently riding the continuing wave of dressing more comfortably, via an intelligent mashup of sportswear & streetwear, with a twist of luxury. The clothing combines style, comfort, & quality in a package that has drawn the attention of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, & the Los Angeles Times. Nearly ninety percent of items are manufactured in Los Angeles, many of which you can find in their flagship showroom on Melrose Ave near the famed Sunset Strip. Visit https://danielpatrick.us to learn more.

Meet SuperMush For Your Body-Boosting Needs

Meet SuperMush For Your Body-Boosting Needs

It’s the trend. It’s the new wave. It’s really working! Mushrooms have been in the spotlight lately, and that time won’t be ending in the near future for these fungi. If you’re on the market for any of the benefits that mushrooms offer, then meet SuperMush, a new-to-market, functional mushroom brand inspired by the belief that mushrooms have the power to change the world, and Multiverse — the first and only mushroom-focused wellness marketplace to help you approach true vitality in every facet of life. Both brands are brought to you by the same founders and seasoned entrepreneurs: Alli Schaper and Brian Friedman. 

SuperMush has launched three inaugural SKUs of their new functional supplements including energy, immunity, and chill, which all harness the power of buccal absorption by delivering the product in an easy, delicious tasting spray, and functional fungi to provide potent and effective benefits that ease into your body for full effect almost immediately. That means, no thick capsules to swallow, drinks to mix into (unless that’s what you really want), and no drawn out process to get the good stuff. In this case, the product comes in a bottle, and gets sprayed directly on the tongue. It’s that easy!

As the team states, “For thousands of years, humans evolved, eating fungi daily. Then somewhere along the line, they were removed from our diet. SuperMush is meant to take consumers back to walk back on the wild side. Mushrooms are a vital part of our overall immune system, healthy gut flora, and have a long list of benefits to enhance your well-being with everything from focus to energy to sleep.”

Each of these specialized sprays are $27 and formulated with high quality, thoughtfully included ingredients, meant to support you holistically. See more about their formulations below:

Energy is made with cordyceps, lions mane, elderflower, and green tea.

Immunity is made with reishi, turkey tail, vanilla, and ginger.

Chill is made with reishi, ashwaghanda, lavender, and lemon.

For all things shroomy, be sure to check out Multiverse and all their offerings!

For Your Holiday Wishlist: SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs

For Your Holiday Wishlist: SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs

For many, Fall and Winter mean it’s the season to get fit. Whether you resort to apps, gym programs, personal trainers, or just some good old self-discipline, there’s a company out there that wants to help you achieve whatever your fitness goals may be. Meet SAGA Fitness, and their new, innovative BFR Cuffs.

Confused? Here’s an explanation: BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction, and it promotes getting more done with less while you’re working out. Once a niche method used by individuals looking to get back into their training routines after injuries, BFR is now being embraced by celebrities, professional athletes and people who are working out from home more efficiently.

Trusted by performance specialists, elite athletes and professional thrill-seekers, SAGA’s BFR Cuffs are an official partner of the UFC Performance Institute, and also the world’s first wireless, automated training cuffs that can easily be added to any workout.  What can SAGA’s BFR Cuffs do for you? Here’s a brief list of highlights:

  • Completely Wireless: SAGA’s BFR Cuffs are the first of its kind as they are completely wireless and controlled via your mobile device using 4.0 Bluetooth.

  • Personalized Calibration: These BFR Cuffs calibrate your body’s unique limb occlusion pressure, providing you with optimal pressure zones that will help you to amplify your workout.

  • Automatic Inflation: The intelligent tools will inflate to your optimum pressure with one touch, no need for a tedious manual pump! 

  • Mobile App: Paired with an easy to use mobile app, you can easily control your devices and access information on BFR including training tips and video demonstrations for different fitness goals.

If it’s for you, or even for a loved one for the holidays, SAGA Fitness’ BFR Cuffs might be a perfect fit to knockout those health and fitness goals. Learn more at their website, here.

About SAGA Fitness

SAGA was founded in December 2020 by VALD.

VALD is a global leader in human measurement technologies that provide powerful and objective data to elite sports teams, defence departments, and allied health organisations.

As more technologies continue to proliferate the market and people’s demand for data increases, VALD saw an emerging opportunity for scientifically engineered technologies, that were tested and proven to improve human performance. As such VALD took a decisive step and created SAGA, disrupting the smart technology movement and making world-class tools accessible for all, not just elite athletes.

Green Wednesday Deal: One Cent TSUMo

Green Wednesday Deal: One Cent TSUMo

On this upcoming Green Wednesday, dispensaries will be faced with waves of consumers, and they’ll likely indulge in sweet treats. However, there’s a new cannabis-infused salty & savory snack brand that wants to grab their attention with an irresistible offer. TSUMo, who launched on November 3rd, is offering a bag of either Classic Cheese Puffs or Fiery Hot Crunchers for just $.01 with any total purchase $25 or over on GrassDoor! How can you pass that kind of offer up?

Low dosed at 10mg of THC per bag (perfect for new users and connoisseurs!) TSUMo infuses familiar snacking flavors & form factors with premium THC, bringing consumers a unique and elevated snacking experience. Forget about the super sweet edibles you’re used to, and dive into the future with flavors such as: 

  • Classic Cheese Puffs: the go-to snack to satisfy any cheese craving

  • Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchers: this one’s jalapeño taste buds will spice up your snacking

  • Zesty Ranch: the chip that boldly goes where no ranch has gone before

  • Hint of Lime: these chips packs a punch of lime zest and citrus

  • Salsa Verde Mini Tortilla Rounds: packed with the perfect amount of spice and south-of-the-border zing

At $5 per unit, this is a deal you can’t miss. TSUMo’s snack portfolio fills a large void in the current sweet-centric edibles market and features low-dose, nostalgic-themed products in flavors that consumers have historically loved. In addition to delicious snacks, TSUMo also offers fashionable merchandise to really get in style while you snack. For more information, visit tsumosnacks.com.