In the post-pandemic age, we have seen the telemedicine industry really take off, and that’s with thanks to brands like TytoCare.

TytoCare, the at-home, hand-held digital exam kit, is a hybrid approach to telemedicine, featuring a palm-sized, hand-held exam camera and attachments (like a stethoscope or tongue compressor) to stream a patient’s real-time symptoms, to the clinician on the other side of the screen. Meant for guided use by a board-certified clinician, during a 1:1 virtual appointment, the TytoCare system gives patients the tools to help remote medical professionals see symptoms, as if it were IRL (in real life).

In addition, TytoCare is offering $100 off on BestBuy (no code needed), and on the TytoCare website all through November with code CYBER100 and all through December with code HOLIDAY100. In a world currently led by advanced technology, don’t miss the opportunity to bring your healthcare into the future.