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Michael Ngo 

Designer, Michael Ngo presented a SS 2016 collection last season during Art Hearts Fashion Week in Los Angeles, and it was clear to the media and audiences alike that this designer knew how to set himself apart from the masses. SoCal Magazine caught up with Michael Ngo to get an update on how his craft is fairing after such a successful presentation.

Written and interviewed by Joshua Pinkay

  1. Last Fall you presented a collection that you titled Sovereigns of the Sea. This show wowed the audience and received lots of media attention. What has that presentation garnered for you up to this point?

That show has gained me recognition from a lot of my peers and high-profile influencers in the industry. I think that complete body of work really made people take me seriously, and it’s funny because I used to think that people didn’t take me seriously as a designer at all. To see a complete body of work on that scale, I feel, really made people believe in what I do.

  1. Judging by your social media pages, you’ve recently had numerous celebrities wear your clothing. How has that made you feel and how has that affected your business?

I feel great to have anyone want to wear my designs, let alone artists and entertainers. In a way, it makes me feel validated and accepted. A lot of what I create isn’t necessarily tailored to mainstream or ready to wear fashion, but having that exposure through celebrities really exposes my brand to a wide array of audiences. This has allowed me to grow my custom design following and gain new clients.

  1. Sovereigns of the Sea was created with elements of streetwear. What made you go in that direction with your designs?

I’ve always loved streetwear, and I love mixing every day clothing with simple silhouettes and cool fabrics with unique details and trends. For me, this collection has a light-hearted energy that’s very easy to wear but is still very chic and luxurious through details and styling. As a designer, I have street influences from many cities like London. It’s a genre of fashion that’s popping up in so many facets of entertainment. I love having my own interpretation of that on the runway.

  1. Have you put any thought into what you’re presenting for next season?

Yes, I’ve finalized my concepts for my latest collection and am currently in production with my samples. I’m still sticking with a streetwear influence but fusing my aesthetic with different styling. I’ve been inspired by a concept that I call “retro-futurism”. This collection will be my take on what this future is to me and how the world we’re going to live in will be a melting pot of culture that celebrates diversity but still pays homage to the past.

  1. What do you see for the future of Michael Ngo?

I ask myself this question a lot, actually. I don’t necessarily know what’s to come, but I definitely want to continue to create and inspire people. I want to do what makes me happy and create art. I love the reaction that my art evokes from an audience. If I can keep doing that with my brand, then that will be more than enough to keep me going., pub-2907176749232271, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0