The Who – 50 Years Later

The Who – 50 Years Later

The WhoLast night (May 25th), the Who played the Staples Center in DTLA. I was given a ticket, and I’m embarrassed to admit, I wasn’t sure whether or not I actually wanted to go. Since I’ve never paid much attention to this band, I thought I wouldn’t know many of their songs. Luckily, I decided to go and…what a blast! Turns out, I know a lot more Who songs than I ever realized. In fact, I knew almost every song they played – and I loved them. It was a fabulous trip down memory lane. Who knew I knew the Who!


Starting off with “Who are you?” (who/who/who/who), the band immediately brought the packed stadium to its feet. And the hits kept coming as the Who played their biggest songs of the past 50 years, treating the crowd to tunes from Quadrophenia and Tommy – with the major crowd pleaser being Pinball Wizard.

Behind the Who on a large screen, a stunning graphic display gave the band a “larger than life” feeling and kept the show flowing. Synced up to the music, the imagery created a psychedelic experience that at times was heart wrenching as it flashed images of the Vietnam war, Princess Diana, Keith Moon, Nixon, and the Who in younger years, performing their hearts out.

The WhoDuring last night’s performance, front man Roger Daltrey announced that he might have an asthma attack if the folks in front didn’t stop smoking marijuana. “I’m allergic,” he admonished the crowd “can you guys eat that shit instead of smoking it?” Pete Townshend quickly chipped in with “why don’t you guys shove it up your arses! That’s the quickest way to get high!” This, of course, brought a happy roar from the crowd.

Roger Daltrey hit a few flat notes, but all in all, his voice is still powerful, boasting an impressive vocal range, and come on – the man is 72! The Who’s lead guitarist and main songwriter, Pete Townshend (who turned 71 this month) kept up a funny repartee between songs, and absolutely won me over with his guitar showmanship of windmilling guitar strokes. Apparently, once in 1989, Townshend was windmilling so aggressively that he pierced his hand with the guitar’s whammy bar! I love you for it, Pete!

Adding to the Who experience, was the pounding out of steady, rhythmic energy by touring drummer, Zak Starkey – son of Ringo Starr (plus Ringo was in the audience).

Obviously the Who doesn’t have the same dynamite energy they had in their twenties, but they still put on a damn fine show.


Faith & Flower

Faith & Flower

705 W. 9th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213-239-0642
Located in the WaterMarke Tower in DTLA’s South Park district, Faith & Flower is lauded as one of Los Angeles’ most contemporary and iconic instant classics since opening in 2014.
There’s lavish decor complete with crystal chandeliers, plush seating, and fancy cutlery, yet Faith & Flower remains friendly and casual with great energy, service and background music.
The menu offers Californian rustic cuisine with the use of a wood-fired oven, and a pristine raw bar to mix it up. Try the Confit Duck Leg, crisped in the wood oven with creamed corn and plums, or the fresh Burrata pizza. On the drink side, try the “Critical Hit” of Blackwell’s spiced, Anejo, Cemtenario, Canela, fresh lemon & carrot, plus egg whites. And make sure to check out their Wine Maker Dinner Series.

Madmen’s Costume Designer – Janie Bryant

JanieBryantWe all have our favorite characters on a TV show. We love the way they look, talk, the way they behave, and sometimes we want to emulate what they wear. This is why the costume designer of a TV show makes an impact on the fashion world. Some people watch certain TV shows for the clothing and style alone. The clothes can even take on personality in a show, and become a crucial part of the story and the development of the characters.

TV shows afford the costume designer greater opportunities than a movie, as the designer has to build a wardrobe for an ongoing character in an ever-changing climate. And the scope is on a larger scale – in a TV show you have to dress women, men, children, of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and all different body types.

Did you love the 50’s style of Madmen? Or the colorful look of Telenovela? Well, then meet Janie Bryant, an Emmy award winning costume designer. Bryant is well known for her work on Madmen, Deadwood, Telenovela, and she is currently working on an Amazon pilot called “The Last Tycoon”.

Did you always want to be a costume designer?

I actually studied fashion design and always wanted to be a fashion designer. When I moved to NYC after I graduated from college, I met a lot of people in the film industry, and I met a costume designer at a party. That was my first introduction to costume design as a career.

What’s the best part about being a costume designer?

I love to create characters visually through costume design. I also especially love period costume design; it’s about transporting the actors and audience into a different time and creating an entire world.Madmen

What’s the hardest part about being a costume designer?

I find that the creative process, while being exciting and fun, is also hard and it can be painstaking to get that amazing end result.

Who have been your favorite characters to dress?

The list is long and for many different reasons. And so much has to do with what is happening in the script. For Mad Men specifically, I love all the female characters. Betty, Megan, Trudy, Jane and Joan!

Which of your characters do you think you most dress like?

Megan for sure.

Which TV shows/movies did you watch for the clothes when you were starting out?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with old movies. I have many, many favorites like The Women, Gone With The Wind, My Fair Lady, Gi Gi, An American in Paris, Wuthering Heights, Guys and Dolls, Sound of Music, Grease, On the Town, To Catch a Thief, High Society, and many more. I’ve seen them all a thousand times.

I hear you are writing a book. Can you tell us more about that?

My book is called The Fashion File and it’s available for sale.

JanieBryantAnything else you’d like to add? 

I’m working with Hartmann Luggage as a brand ambassador and plan to do a design collaboration with them in the future. It’s a brand I love and grew up with. I just completed the first season of the NBC show starring Eva Longoria, called Telenovela. Working with Eva and the cast was such fun, and I loved designing the glamorous gowns and gorgeous heels (available on Shoes of Prey).  I’m also just now working on the new AMAZON pilot The Last Tycoon, which should be amazing. Lots of exciting things ahead.















Michael Ngo

Michael Ngo

ngolayout2michael Ngo_layout2michael Ngo_layout

Michael Ngo 

Designer, Michael Ngo presented a SS 2016 collection last season during Art Hearts Fashion Week in Los Angeles, and it was clear to the media and audiences alike that this designer knew how to set himself apart from the masses. SoCal Magazine caught up with Michael Ngo to get an update on how his craft is fairing after such a successful presentation.

Written and interviewed by Joshua Pinkay

  1. Last Fall you presented a collection that you titled Sovereigns of the Sea. This show wowed the audience and received lots of media attention. What has that presentation garnered for you up to this point?

That show has gained me recognition from a lot of my peers and high-profile influencers in the industry. I think that complete body of work really made people take me seriously, and it’s funny because I used to think that people didn’t take me seriously as a designer at all. To see a complete body of work on that scale, I feel, really made people believe in what I do.

  1. Judging by your social media pages, you’ve recently had numerous celebrities wear your clothing. How has that made you feel and how has that affected your business?

I feel great to have anyone want to wear my designs, let alone artists and entertainers. In a way, it makes me feel validated and accepted. A lot of what I create isn’t necessarily tailored to mainstream or ready to wear fashion, but having that exposure through celebrities really exposes my brand to a wide array of audiences. This has allowed me to grow my custom design following and gain new clients.

  1. Sovereigns of the Sea was created with elements of streetwear. What made you go in that direction with your designs?

I’ve always loved streetwear, and I love mixing every day clothing with simple silhouettes and cool fabrics with unique details and trends. For me, this collection has a light-hearted energy that’s very easy to wear but is still very chic and luxurious through details and styling. As a designer, I have street influences from many cities like London. It’s a genre of fashion that’s popping up in so many facets of entertainment. I love having my own interpretation of that on the runway.

  1. Have you put any thought into what you’re presenting for next season?

Yes, I’ve finalized my concepts for my latest collection and am currently in production with my samples. I’m still sticking with a streetwear influence but fusing my aesthetic with different styling. I’ve been inspired by a concept that I call “retro-futurism”. This collection will be my take on what this future is to me and how the world we’re going to live in will be a melting pot of culture that celebrates diversity but still pays homage to the past.

  1. What do you see for the future of Michael Ngo?

I ask myself this question a lot, actually. I don’t necessarily know what’s to come, but I definitely want to continue to create and inspire people. I want to do what makes me happy and create art. I love the reaction that my art evokes from an audience. If I can keep doing that with my brand, then that will be more than enough to keep me going.

10 Essentials to Pack in Your Man Bag

10 Essentials to Pack in Your Man Bag

Man Bag YT

Man bag, messenger bag, briefcase, murse, satchel, backpack or whatever you want to call, today’s modern man carries some type of ‘bag’ to hold all the essentials we need to deal with the daily grind. If you don’t have one, then you need to get one. There’s nothing worse than messing up your look with bulging pockets because you somehow managed to stuff your pockets with everything that should have gone in your man bag.Man Bag Pic 1

So let’s get started with the 10 essentials every guy should pack in their man bag to help keep you looking as good at the end of the day as you did when you left the house.

1. Stain Remover Pen:

We know it’s coming and no matter how hard we try we still manage to spill coffee on our shirt. What do we do next? We rush to the restroom and try to wash it off with water. DON’T DO IT! That’s the worst thing you can do. Water only makes the stain sink in and spread. Instead, use a stain remover pen. It helps get coffee stains out or any other mishap you have throughout the day.

Tide Pen

2. Breath Mints:

No one likes bad breath. After finishing your morning coffee or right after lunch, pop a mint or two into your mouth and you’re ready to go on with your day.

Breath Mints

3. Mini Lint Roller:

Maintain your suit clean and pristine by whipping out your mini lint roller to get rid of strings, hairs or anything else that sticks to you throughout the day.

Mini Lint Roller

4. Facial Wipes:

You’re bound to break a sweat while running from meeting to meeting. Sometimes you just don’t have time to rush to the restroom and cleanup. Keeping facial wipes in your bag is a convenient way to quickly wipe away sweat and oil from your face. They also work great to freshen up if your going out after work.

Facial Wipes

5. Hand Sanitizer:

How else do you network and close million dollar deals? With a firm handshake of course! But we don’t where all those hands have been, so make sure to have a travel size hand sanitizer handy.

Hand Sanitizer

6. Pain Medicine:

You’re dealing with people all day. Sometimes you need a little help.

Pain Medicine

7. Travel-Sized Lotion:

Shaking hands, washing your hands, typing, handling files and paperwork will take a toll on your hands. Make sure to keep your hands looking soft and clean by keeping a travel sized lotion in your bag.


8. Hair Spray:

At the end of the day your hair might begin to look disheveled, so freshen up and keep that hair in place with a quick hair spray touchup.

Hair spray

9. ChapStick:

Your lips may get dry from chatting throughout the day. So just like your hands, keep your lips smooth and hydrated by using ChapStick.

Chap Stick

10. Protein Bar:

The modern man on is always on the go. You’re either running late for a meeting or have unexpected conference calls, so lunch is often pushed back or you have to stay late at work. You just can’t operate at your best when you’re hungry, so pack a protein bar for these emergency situations. It’ll help you push through until you’re able to grab some food.

Protein Bar

Hope you guys enjoyed the fashion tips from The Social Cut to get your wardrobe spring & summer ready!

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Steve A. Nuñez

Men with Style: Mel Grayson

Men with Style: Mel Grayson



65 years old and a bonafied Medicare card carrying Senior Citizen.
Fashion College educator/ Costume Designer/ Interior Stylist/ Garden-Landscape Developer.

My personal style evolves around my shoes. I pick out the shoe I want to wear and then the clothes and accessories that compliment. I like vintage mixed with contemporary, highlighted by great accessories.  Top off with a fun hat or cap, which I collect.
Shopping for me is an adventure!
I have many favorite places, but here’s some nuggets I’ll share: Crenshaw area GOODWILL.  ST.VINCENT DE PAUL,  Downtown.  ROSS DRESS FOR LESS.IT’S A WRAP, In L.A. Hancock Park, estate sales. In Los Feliz, HALF OFF CLOTHING STORE.
And my visits to Europe yield great finds.
I’m a Shopper by Trade, so I’m all over the city and have found havens that most people ignore, which is great for ME.




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