M&A’s pop-up mini-golf course in Echo Park

TURF: A Mini-Golf Project explores Los Angeles through the playful tropes of artificial terrains and fantastical architecture in a nine-hole miniature golf course. From June 18 – July 31, TURF transforms a corner lot in Echo Park into a fully-operational mini-golf course. The mini-golf course is open to the public Thursday to Sunday.M&A

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
TURF: TOURNAMENT Summer Benefit Event
Co-hosted with Los Angeles Design Festival
June 26, 2016 | 2-6 PM new time!

Compete as a team, sponsor a team, or join as a tournament spectator!

You love pop-up pocket parks and neighborhood putt-putt. You rock at mini-golf, love the smell of astroturf, and crave the sweet taste of victory. Most importantly, you care about experimental architecture in Los Angeles and want to support M&A’s unique public programming!

What: Fierce mini-golf competition at M&A’s pop-up mini-golf course in Echo Park! Co-hosted with LA Design Festival, TURF: Tournament features an afternoon of playful rivalry and summer cocktails in support of Materials & Applications experimental and public architecture programs!

When: Sunday, June 26, 2PM – 6PM *stay cool during our new event hours!

Where: 1601 Park Ave, Los Angeles CA 90026 (Corner of Echo Park Ave / Park Ave)

Why: The TURF Tournament is a summer benefit event for Materials & Applications, a 501c3 tax exempt organization. All registration fees and donations are tax deductible. Support Los Angeles architects, designers and artist by registering your team today!


$500 entry fee per 4 person team. Your entry fee is a tax deductible donation to M&A. Thank you!
12-4PM (arrive 15 minutes prior to tee time for check in)
Each player will be provided with a ball, a putter, 2 drink tickets
Winning team will be lauded on social media
Awards for Most Holes-in-One, Lowest Score, Best Golf Attire will be presented
Come ready to play!


JT Burke’s “The Divine” at Gallery 825

JTBurke“The Divine” is an immersive, floor-to-ceiling mural installation featuring 80 linear feet of energetic, abstract art created in artist, JT Burke’s signature digital style. This special installation is unveiling on Saturday June 25th at Gallery 825 in West Hollywood.
Using photos of vintage costume jewelry as building blocks, JT has created a mural that offers a narrative of innocent beauty, greed and competition, prophesies of destructive change, renewal and a blissful conclusion. Two abstract deities look on from the center of the room, leaving viewers to wonder who rules this domain. Feel free to attend the opening, or visit anytime during the exhibition.
JT Burke’s “The Divine” at Gallery 825 
June 25-July 22
LA Art Association Gallery 825
Los Angeles, CA  90069
Opening Night Reception – Saturday, June 256-9pm
Artist talk – Wednesday, July 20, 6pm
This event is free to attend.

Gentlemen’s Guide to Summer Manscaping

ManscapingAh yes, men’s body grooming, better known as ‘manscaping’. We all do it, but no one likes to talk about, especially with our fellow gents. We like to share where we scored a killer deal on a fresh new pair of wing tip shoes or blazer but we won’t share how we get rid of hair down there, and I mean way ‘down there’. Know what I mean?

Manscaping YT Video

If you’re a sexy hairy beast or barely grow a hair on your chest, every man needs to do some grooming maintenance work on their body, especially in the summer when we’re hitting the beach just about fully exposed. So here’s a guide to get your body well groomed from head to toe and everywhere in between to get ready for summer in a tasteful way.

 So let’s get down to business:


Keep it short, fellas. Summer is the perfect time to try a new fresh haircut. If you usually get a #1 or #2 on the sides, try going shorter with a #0 or a skin-tight fade. It’s going to get really hot there guys, so a shorter cut will keep you cool and looking fresh!


When it comes to hair on your body, you have to work with what you got. The key is to go for a natural look. If you’re extra hairy, you don’t want to completely remove all your hair. It just won’t look good. Buy a pair of haircutting clippers and trim your chest. Make sure to apply lotion after you trim to soothe any redness.

If you are pretty much hairless on your chest, but have a few random stray hairs, you’ll want to remove them. Depending on how many hairs you have, you can either pluck the hairs or gently shave them the night before your beach or pool outing.


So you have two options here guys:

1. If you have a really good roommate, or if you don’t mind asking your wife, have them trim your back hair with haircutting clippers.

2.  Schedule an appointment and get that rug on your back waxed. Back hair is never sexy. If keeping up with your waxing appointments becomes to much of a hassle, you can also opt for laser hair removal. Don’t be afraid, back hair removal is the most common area serviced for guys.


This is the only area that’s OK to keep ‘hairy’. BUT you still need to do some upkeep. If your armpit hair peaks out and is visible when your arms are down by your side, then it’s time to trim. Just grab a pair of scissors and trim the hair that is visible. That’s it!


The areas that should NOT have hair are your biceps and shoulders. Grab your amazing haircutting clippers and trim away. Now this is the tricky part: you SHOULD have hair from your elbows down. What you want to do next is use a guard that comes with the clippers you purchased to blend in the no hair on your biceps and shoulders to the hair on your forearms.


The is where the ‘natural look’ applies. You want to keep hair on your legs. If you feel you’re extra hairy, use your handy dandy haircutting clippers with a guard for a small trim.


The ‘natural look’ applies here as well. You definitely want to trim that bush, but still keep some hair down there. And please no ‘love trail’ or any other fancy design. And don’t forget to trim those hairs that trial off from your bush to your legs and pelvic area.


Now we’re getting to the danger zone. What you’re going to want to do is shave your sack in the shower. Apply shaving creaming and, with surgeon-like precision, take small strokes to remove hair in small sections. DO NOT take long strokes as if you were shaving your face. Trust me, you’ll regret it! Apply post shave balm after you’re out the shower to help relieve any razor burn. That’s the last place you want it to burn.


Use the same technique as you did when shaving your sack. Hold your junk upright and shave upwards in small strokes. This area is extremely sensitive (you probably know that already) so don’t spend too much time in one area because it’s easy to get razor burn there. So make sure you have a steady hand and do your best to grab the hairs on the first stroke.


Now this area you DO NOT want to shave because there is a lot of friction going on down there. You’re OK if you want to keep the hair down there, but I still recommend you give it a short trim every now and then with your clippers.

Grooming Tip: If grooming your junk area sounds too complicated and you don’t trust yourself, schedule an appointment to get it waxed (yes, you can get it waxed).


Butt hair is always a no-no. Grab your clippers and start trimming as short as possible. A good machine to use for this is the peanut. It’s smaller than your clippers and cuts shorter too. So don’t be shy, guys. Get every hair between every nook and cranny (and that means between the cheeks). Also cut those hairs that start connecting to the back of your legs from your butt like vines.

Again, if you don’t trust yourself with this you can always schedule an appointment to get this done by a professional.

You guys should now be summer ready and won’t have to be put in any hairy situations. Hairy situation… Get it???

I hope you guys found this information helpful.

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Until Next Time, Gents!

Steve A. Nuñez



wrecked TBS

The Shipley brothers’ ship has come in! Actually their ship was more like a plane, and it didn’t come in, it crash-landed with a mighty explosion on a beach in Puerto Rico. Meet brothers, Justin and Jordan Shipley, the writers and executive producers behind the new TBS TV series “Wrecked”.

Premiering on June 14th 2016 at 10pm, Wrecked is a comedy show that TBS describes as “a bunch of nobodies who get stranded on a desert island after their plane goes down and all hell breaks loose.”

Shipley Brothers

Jordan and Justin Shipley

Hailing from Kansas, the Shipley brothers are polite, articulate, witty, and have a sweetness to them that is wholly endearing. Maybe it’s because they’re still unspoiled by Tinsel Town, this being their first show.

Jordan is the younger and more reserved brother, and confesses that he has been struggling to overcome his shyness. Working on the show has forced Jordan to step outside of his comfort zone. At first during big meetings, Jordan would whisper his ideas to Justin, who would then voice the ideas to the group. As the mouthpiece for the two, Justin, of course, got all the credit for the ideas. But, Justin is quick to add, he also had to take the fall for a few clunkers. Working on Wrecked has further taught the brothers to make rapid decisions. As Justin says: “We weren’t very decisive beforehand, but on set you have to make a million decisions. Now we settle things promptly.”

During the interview it comes to light that Justin and Jordan didn’t write Wrecked with the aim to sell it – they merely needed a writing sample to hopefully get them in the door to write for other TV shows. Their manager, Jesse Hara, suggested that they write something unproducible; something big and crazy. And along came Wrecked.

SoCal magazine sat done with the Shipley brothers for an interview:

Did you always know you wanted to write?wrecked TBS

Justin: Yes, I did. I knew I wanted to write comedy for TV and film.

Jordan: (laughs) I still don’t know if I want to write. I did a degree in journalism, but I always knew I wanted to do something under the umbrella of comedy.

When did you two first write together – and what did you write?

Justin: I convinced Jordan to come and write with me.

Jordan: And Wrecked is the first thing we’ve written together.

(The brothers agree that having a writing partner is better because you have someone to bounce things off, and writing becomes active instead of being passive. Plus, there is someone to get angry at other than yourself.)

What has been the best experience while shooting Wrecked?

Jordan: Seeing our vision come to life… watching the plane crash on the beach, and things exploding- it was completely surreal.

Justin: Yes! Our manager had told us “don’t worry about production details or budget, just write”. We never thought our crazy ideas would actually be made, and even once we had the green light, we thought we’d have to tome down the action. But TBS was really supportive of the script. They let us crash a plane, light someone on fire, and crush a man.

What has been the worst experience?

Justin: The lack of sleep. During production, you work 7 days a week, 15 hours a day.

Jordan: And it was stressful. Being first time creators, we didn’t know anything. We were basically learning how to write a TV show while writing a TV show.

What was the most unexpected thing?

Jordan: How much the story changes through each phase, from script to production to post to finish. You think it’s done but then you rewrite in 3 different ways.

Justin: Also, we wrote a lot of animals into Season 1. For example, one of the stranded passengers befriends a little boar, and although the tiny pig was cute as anything, we didn’t realize what a headache that would be. Future seasons will have way fewer animals in. (They both laugh)

Which TV shows do you guys like to watch?

Justin & Jordan: Game of Thrones, Veep, Happy Valley, Catastrophe, Peep Show and Silicone Valley.

Is there a show/scene that you wish you had written?

Justin: There’s a scene in the 2010 film, MacGruber, where a van explodes (both brothers start laughing immediately). That scene is comedic gold. Also, South Park, Tropic Thunder and Team America.

Jordan: Or anything by writer/director Edgar Wright – Shaun of the Dead; Hot Fuzz.

Do you guys argue?

Jordan: Yes – a resounding yes! (Again, they both laugh immediately)

What have you found is the best method for writing together?

Justin: We have to be in the same room but with enough separation – so a big room. Jordan: We write every line together. We write on Google docs so we can see each other’s work instantly.

Do you call each other at odd times of the night with “ah-ha moments”?

Justin: We text each other all the time with thoughts and ideas. Like I’ll text Jordan at night; “Hey! I’ve cracked it, you can relax” – but in the morning it’s more like: “Uh…never mind”.

How has writing Wrecked changed your lives?

Justin: Our income improved, but for me it’s more about the validation. That’s huge – that we are good enough to be doing this.

Jordan: Before Wrecked I was working at Trader Joe’s and barely able to pay my rent. I was borrowing money from Justin every month. He had a better paying job than me.

Justin: We are very aware how fortunate and lucky we are. We know that it’s fairly unique to sell your first writings right off the bat.

Jordan: Yes, we may not have paid our dues – (he laughs) – but I paid Justin.

What does the future hold for the Shipley Brothers?

Justin: We’ve signed a first look deal with TBS, meaning any TV show we develop in the next 2 years, TBS has the option to make it.

Jordan: And hopefully there will be a Season 2 of Wrecked