Going to Sonoratown

IMG_2644Once you have discovered the splendor and bargains of downtown’s Los Angeles and Eighth streets, be sure to stop by the completely charming Sonoratown for a delicious lunch. In what can only be described as tiny, the little kitchen produces big meals consisting of the indigenous taste of the Sonora region of Mexico.

From tacos to chivichanga’s, each meal is delivered handsomely, and the prices are exceptional. Tacos at $2, Caramelo (Mesquite grilled meat with pinto beans, Monterrey jack cheese and handmade flour tortillas, dashed with spicy red salsa and avocado, it is all great to look at and eat.

The local, the previous home to Toto’s, is in the capable hands of Jennifer Feltham and Teodoro Diaz-Rodriguez. Watching Jennifer is a bit like watching ballet as she moves, pours, spins and laughs through each order with grace and what can only be described as sweetness.

A great spot, with a great name (apparently the name of Chinatown in the mid-1800, when immigrants from Northern Mexico came to Los Angeles) and sensational food, Sonoratown is a bright spot in an odd neighborhood.



SONORATOWN 208 E 8th Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 290-5184