A Reintroduction to POPS and a Special Relaunch Event

A Reintroduction to POPS and a Special Relaunch Event

Contributions by Anthony Stafford
POPS Creamery, formerly Helados POPS, is re-launching their concept with new flavors and desserts! If you have yet to learn about the mind-blowing experience you’re missing, check out our in-depth coverage of their famous ice cream and the story behind the incredible people who make POPS Creamery who they are. Located in San Fernando, CA, the popular family-run SoCal ice cream shop isn’t changing their formula despite the rebranding. Guests can continue to look forward to POPS’ famous, wide variety of ice cream flavors in freshly hollowed coconuts, and also an additional array of waffle cones, hollowed pineapples and a new take on creme brûlée.

The owner, Marthin Ken, creates different flavors of ice cream and sorbets daily, using organic and fresh ingredients such as nutmeg, ginger, caramel, and of course coconut. With an exotic assortment of flavors you couldn’t dream of, it’s no wonder people travel from near and far just for a taste of the “frozen gold”. Marthin’s recipes have been in his family for 6 generations and are strongly rooted in his Belizean culture.

To ring in the new name, POPS Creamery is hosting a grand re-launch party on Saturday, April 27th, from noon to 9 pm. As the weather warms up and spring makes way for summer, it’s really the perfect kickoff for everyone. Kids and adults can indulge in their curiosities while enjoying everyone’s favorite cold treat.

POPS Creamery Re-launch Party
Date & Time: Saturday, April 27th from noon to 9 pm.
Address: 450 N Maclay Ave, San Fernando, CA 91340

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