Cleared is Here to Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay and Boost Your Immune System

Cleared is Here to Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay and Boost Your Immune System

Do you suffer from frustrating seasonal allergies, or a weak immune system? Don’t worry, you can find relief in knowing that Cleared exists, and is here to help you! Having launched this summer, and backed by a team of in-house nutritionists, allergists, and immunologists, Cleared will offer seasonal immune support in the form of lozenges and liquid shots — which are perfect for supporting your needs at every step of the day. Additionally, Cleared will offer telemedicine services via a digital telehealth clinic, allowing users to connect directly with a certified allergist or immunologist, offering access to Allergy Immunotherapy in addition to their immune support supplements. Talk about 21st century innovation! 

Founded by Ryan Rockefeller, James Taylor, and Dr. Payel Gupta, Cleared aims to bridge the gap between traditional allergy suffering and well-rounded seasonal immune support with immunity-boosting products that fit in your pocket, access to experienced allergists from the comfort of your home, and a passion for supporting clean air initiatives. This is your official welcome to seasonal immune support for the 21st century. 

Cleared launched this summer with two initial SKUs: Immunity Support Shots ($34.99/6pk; $5.99/single) and Immunity Support Lozenges ($12.99/bag of 20). With Support Shots available in honey lemon ginger, and lozenges in honey mint flavor, both products contain a mix of certified organic herbs, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. In addition, Cleared’s products are housed in plastic-free packaging to minimize any harmful effects on the environment. Cleared’s products offer support for maintaining healthy immune function and defense during peak allergy seasons, and when used in tandem with the telehealth clinic, support healthy responses to allergens. Not only should you be excited for this new health experience, but you can also find excitement in learning more about Cleared directly from its co-founders, Ryan Rockefeller and Dr. Gupta, by reading below. 

Q&A With The Co-Founders

Q: In the age of COVID, many people have a newfound sense of proactive responsibility pertaining to their health and immune systems. How can Cleared help those who are now eating healthier, or even those who struggle with staying on track, when it comes to doing what’s best for their health and wellness?

RyanMost people don’t realize that an allergic reaction to common irritants like pollen, dust, and pet dander all starts in the immune system.  So while your typical medications suppress symptoms, people often neglect the root of those symptoms. Our mission at Cleared is to focus on that root, to help your body strengthen its immune response to airborne triggers, and help maintain healthy sinus and immune function and overall vitality and well-being.  As they say, the best offense is a great defense, and one can be a very proactive defender with Cleared by building strength in your system day by day.

Dr. Gupta: To keep your body healthy it is important to get a balanced diet.  For those who don’t feel that they are getting a balanced diet- supplements can help provide the extra that might be needed.   Our supplements contain ingredients that will help with sinus + immune support from common irritants like pollen, dust, and pet dander.

Q: Can you describe the process one would go through to start and maintain a Cleared regimen and telehealth relationship? 

RyanOur drink shot and lozenges are meant to be complementary — the drink shot is a powerful one-a-day boost, and the lozenges for on-the-go support.  They both can be taken as needed, but for optimal strength they’re designed for back-to-back daily use to strengthen your response to triggers and promote a sustained boost to sinus and immune function. We recommend 6 days in a row to start, to strengthen the system, and then as needed thereafter when irritants are present.  If further support is needed, our doctors are available for online consultations. 

Dr. GuptaOur platform allows you to either do a chat consult or a video consult with one of our doctors who specializes in the treatment of allergies.  Either option is great.  Once questions about your health history are answered, the doctor will give you recommendations on which medications to start and will send over prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.  Once you get your prescriptions we are here to make sure you are supported in your journey to feeling better.   From education on how and when to use your meds to continued access to our specialists we will make sure your allergies are controlled.

Q: It sounds like “nature as medicine” is at the core of Cleared. When it comes to food and medicine, a big selling point right now is being “as close to how nature made it.” Can you provide some insight into what goes into your support shots and lozenges, and how those ingredients are sourced? 

RyanFor both the shots and the lozenges, our nutritionists and allergists handpicked extensively studied, science-backed ingredients shown to strengthen sinus and immune function. These include a mix of plant and fruit extracts, like Organic Curcumin, Organic Adaptogenic Mushrooms, Nettle Root, Rose Hips, and Elderberry, as well as key minerals like Zinc and Magnesium.  Everything is sourced through our top certified U.S. manufacturers as well, who’s food scientists put it through extensive trials and testing. We’re also proudly putting both support options through clinical trials as we speak, because we care about transparency, quality, and evidence-based nutritional science. 


Q: What is the main difference between the Immunity Support Shots and Lozenges? For example, is one more beneficial than the other? Should buyers practice taking both for optimal results, or is one enough? Is this something that will be discussed once connected with an allergist or immunologist? 

RyanThe two are meant to be complementary, but the drink is designed to be a one-a-day powerful boost, with the lozenges as more on-the-go support.  While both can be taken as needed, for optimal use, they’re best to take daily so as to strengthen your system day by day.   Our bundle pack, which comes with 6 drink shots and one 20 count lozenge bag, is a great way to kick start your routine and boost your defense over several days.   If you have questions or need further support, you can reach out to one of our allergists/immunologists for an online consultation at

Dr. GuptaThey each contain different ingredients that are found to be helpful for common environmental irritants – so we recommend taking them together when you feel like your symptoms are not under control.   

They do not need to be taken daily, but rather as a supplement for symptoms that are not controlled. 

We want people to try both products and see how they feel with both or one or the other. 


Q: Cleared is for seasonal allergies and immune support, but what about everyday allergies, like pets and food? Is there any possibility that the company could expand into developing products to help address those needs, or is there a possibility that the current shots and lozenges may be beneficial with those types of allergies as well?

Ryan75% of sufferers now experience year round symptoms of allergies, in part thanks to climate change elongating and exacerbating pollen seasons, so what used to be a “seasonal” issue really is now an “everyday” issue for most people unfortunately.  While we’re focused for the moment on helping give people a new kind of support from airborne irritants in particular, we’re keen on empowering our doctors to deliver a fuller scope of support for people with food or skin issues too. So, yes, we’re exploring, with a focus on adding value to a currently antiquated system of care for people who struggle with these things.

Dr. GuptaWe believe that the shots and lozenges are effective for any environmental allergy and that would include pets.   

Food allergies are different and the main therapy for food allergies is avoidance of the food.   These lozenges and shots would not benefit those allergies.

Q: What are some of your short-term and long-term goals for what you’d like Cleared to become? 

RyanShort-term, we’re excited about providing people like ourselves with new support options to add to their routine. There’s so much opportunity to actually improve peoples’ quality of life with our approach, so we’re not really caught up with what else we can do long-term and really just focused on helping people get the support they need now.

Dr. GuptaWe are excited for Cleared to be a portal where people can get the integrative support they need.  Whether people want just supplements or advice on how to take over the counter allergy meds and  or prescription meds.  We want cleared to be the new way to treat allergies from the comfort of your home but with the best specialists out there.

Over time we will offer treatment for other allergic disorders like food allergies, asthma and eczema to name a few. 

We hope that during this challenging time and as our new normal changes – we can continue to take care of allergic conditions  together and safely.


6 Tips to Make Your Life As Stress Free as Possible

6 Tips to Make Your Life As Stress Free as Possible

Everyone experiences stress, though different events and experiences can cause more stress in life than others. While it’s impossible to expel all stress from your life, it’s important to practice techniques that can help you bring a bit more tranquility into your everyday routine. Practicing self care and self compassion is a huge part of leading a healthy lifestyle, and there are plenty of ways to start doing it.

If you’re busy and occupied, you probably won’t have time to soak in a bubble bath every night or sip calming tea for a half hour each morning with the sunrise. You’re chasing kids around, picking up dirty socks and rushing to get to work on time. But stress relief can be found in the little moments just like the lasting stretches of you time. It’s important to find a balance of taking time for you and being present with life. That way, you can find consistent calming whenever you need it.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the actions, sensations and sights around you. Often, we rush through life and don’t stop to be present in the moments and surroundings that could bring us joy and peace. Try to tune out the noise and distractions that might normally be present in life so you can focus on the tasks at hand and tune in to the activities in front of you. Whether you’re gardening, driving, playing with your kids or doing the dishes, take some time to slow down and let your mind rest.

2. Stay Organized

Sometimes, stress can be caused by an overload of events in life. When you have an abundance of schedules to keep track of, it can get overwhelming. Especially if you have kids with school and activities, it can feel like you’re running all over the world every day and still forgetting things. Taking a bit of extra time to get organized can make your days a bit easier both for you and your family.

Tools like to-do lists and daily planners work wonders for keeping any schedule in check. If you usually look after your kids’ school planner, you can sit down with them and work out their planner together so your family can have a smoother week.

3. Get Moving

Getting physical exercise — even just thirty minutes each day — can help to reduce stress and increase your overall health in the long term. Moving your body can help to release endorphins that lift your mood and make you happier. Whether you go for a run, do a yoga workout or take a pilates class, exercise can give you some time to yourself and give you an energetic release to relive stress and relax you in the long term and in the moment.

4. Get Enough Sleep

If you’re stressed, it could be caused or worsened by a lack of sleep. While it’s not always convenient, adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night in order to function properly and stay alert throughout the day. Sleep and rest are highly important, as they give your body and mind the energy they need to tackle each day with a clear head. When you aren’t well rested, you’re more likely to experience anxiety, forget important things and feel stressed throughout the day.

Setting up a nighttime routine for yourself can help you get to bed at the same time each evening and wake up at the same time each morning, creating a regular sleep schedule. A sleep schedule can help you carve out the time for those precious hours and get your body used to your much needed rest.

5. Learn to Say No to Things

If you’ve got too much on your plate, you might need to learn how to respectfully say no to new opportunities. It can be tempting to people please and say yes to every favor, tempting opportunity and fun event that crosses your radar, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be good for you in the long term. So much stress comes from taking on too much at once. Learning to politely decline offers and say no can be hard at first, but putting yourself first and prioritizing your needs must have its place in your life.

6. Take Up Journaling

Taking a few moments to jot down your feelings about gratitude, life or even just the events of the day can be a great stress reliever. It can be a place to process your feelings and let out some unresolved tension from the day. You don’t have to commit to journaling every single evening or write pages and pages unless you want to, but taking a bit of time to process your thoughts can help more than you realize. If you’re stuck, you can even turn to some helpful prompts to push you in the right direction.

Get Relaxed

While you can’t dispel all of the stress from your life, you can certainly prioritize your needs and give yourself the daily consideration you deserve. You show up better for your family, friends and yourself when you’re less stressed. You deserve daily happiness, just like anyone else.