Travelocity Introduces a New Trend: the “Toe-Dip Trip”

Travelocity Introduces a New Trend: the “Toe-Dip Trip”

Take a Dip

Toe-Dip Trip(noun) A shorter getaway to help rebuild confidence in traveling, before taking booking bucket-list trips.  


Travelocity —  the source for all things family travel, has been keeping an eye on how families are thinking about travel throughout the pandemic. During the summer of last year, Travelocity ignited the space with their idea of a ‘Safecation,’ and are now back with the latest trend, the ‘Toe-Dip Trip. As more and more of the world gets vaccinated, it’s important to consider the ways that travel will continue to evolve throughout the pandemic.

Recent survey data shows 60% of travelers say they’re ready to roam again and are planning a post-pandemic trip within the next 9 months. “We may be dreaming of that big bucket list trip, but what travelers are actually planning so far this year are visits to familiar destinations nearby, weekend getaways or road trips and beach trips,” says Melissa Dohmen, travel expert from Travelocity. 

Travelocity’s team of experts even created a list of the top “toe-dip” destinations for Spring Break — which for many, are just a a road trip away. Check it out:



  • Tennessee is the top family-friendly destination so far in 2021 – Home to 4 destinations in the top 20 most reserved and most loved by families so far in 2021. 

    Top TN Cities:

1. Pigeon Forge

2. Gatlinburg

3. Nashville

4. Chattanooga

Orlando and Vegas remain popular, even in pandemic times – Resorts in both locations are popular for families with extra amenities and safety built in, like free cancellations, giving travelers time to change their trips if they change their minds. 

In the West, families are road tripping for lake views and tiny mountain towns. Lake Tahoe, Big Bear Lake and Lake Havasu City are among the top road trip destinations, in addition to smaller ski towns with mountain views. 

  • Lake Destinations:

1. Lake Tahoe

2. Big Bear Lake

3. Lake Havasu City

  • Mountain Towns: 

1. Blowing Rock, NC

2. Mammoth Lakes, CA

3. Glenwood Springs, CO

Midwest cities are popular for weekend getaways. Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis are seeing the greatest demand for weekend getaways and shorter stays (2-night stays or less). Kansas City, Lincoln, NE, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and Columbus, OH are also in the top 25 most reserved by families.

Travelocity’s Top Tips

1. Change your mind, change your trip.

Shop hotels with free cancellation and flights with free
change fees on any future travel. That will make it easy for you to alter plans if you need to. Many hotels are offering free cancellation up until the week of the reservation.

If you’re flying, consider skipping basic economy fares
which often don’t come with as much flexibility right now.

2. Prioritize what makes you feel safe when traveling in the short-term.

Enhanced cleanliness filters can help you sort for hotel,
VR and resort properties going above and beyond right now.

Look for 3 things in particular:

Additional safety measures (like PPE and temperature checks)

Social distancing (such as limited use of amenities such as pools and extra vacancy time between bookings)

Cleaning practices (including use of disinfectants and hand sanitizer for guests)

3. Pack and plan with pandemic prep in mind

Cover the basics by packing clean masks and sanitizer and do your prep by
familiarizing with local guidelines at destination and when you return home.

Throw the Best Virtual Party

Throw the Best Virtual Party

7 Ways to Throw the Best Virtual Party This Winter

It might seem a bit strange to host a party over video chat, but COVID-19 has forced everyone to try new things. If you long for the days when you could throw an event with your loved ones, you should try your hand at a virtual gathering. This digital soirée will be one for the books.

Take a look at how to put on a get-together everyone remembers.

1. Pick the Right Platform

First, you need to choose a video chat platform. Certain options have different capabilities and features, so you should find one to suit your specific needs. For example, you might want to invite people who aren’t technically-savvy, which calls for a more straightforward website.

Do a little research to figure out what service will work best. If you know that your guests already use Zoom for work, you might want to pick that platform for accessibility’s sake. It may not seem like a huge deal — but you don’t want to close out anyone accidentally.

Quarantine Birthday party invitation.

2. Send Detailed Invitations

If you want your party to be successful, you need to give people advanced notice. This event won’t be one where people can just show up and have fun. There might be a few technical difficulties you have to address, which requires a little extra preparation.

As you write your email or Facebook invitations, you should emphasize a few points. Be sure to include a link to your virtual space, as well as how to access said platform. It’s smart to highlight features like the mute button, too. Don’t forget to add details about your specific event.

This information will help everyone connect without a hitch.

3. Consider Food and Drink

It might be a digital extravaganza, but you can still “serve” refreshments. If you want to enjoy appetizers with cocktails, you have a few options at your disposal. This component will require preparation to ensure everyone can participate.

Consider what you want to serve. If you’re going to throw a dinner party, you should create a menu with simple recipes each guest can cook. Feel free to add a note such as, “Make your favorite beverage to enjoy while we celebrate,” to the invitations. It’s even fun to mail out desserts.

4. Pick a Fun Location

What’s a party without a fun location? Try not to limit yourself to your dining room table. Instead, you can create a celebratory backdrop in your living room. If you expect good weather, you should head outside. Encourage your guests to put up their best decorations, too.

5. Think About Entertainment Options

There’s not much worse than a gathering that doesn’t have entertainment. If your guests have to make small talk while they sip their drinks, you haven’t offered enough ways to occupy guests. It’s still good to let people talk. However, you need to fill in the awkward gaps that can pop up in a digital space.

Why not have a party where you play an online board game together? There are even plugins that let you stream movies with friends. If you like music, you should grab a playlist to put on throughout the event. As the host, you need to think about entertainment.

6. Leave Enough Time Before and After

If you’re a regular party host, you know that some guests will arrive early — and others will linger after hours. That’s going to happen during digital events, too. As a result, you might need to make adjustments to your original timeframe.

Let’s say you want your party to start at 7 p.m. Be sure to open the meeting space at around 6:30 p.m. so that anyone who wants to come early can. It’s also smart to set aside an extra 15 minutes toward the end.

Try to remember time zones, too. If you have guests on the East Coast, you might need to start your party at 4 p.m. your time. Determine your timeframe before you send out invitations.

7. Be Ready to Be a Host

Never forget that you’re the host. It’s up to you to run the show. Therefore, you should get as much planning done as possible before your party. This preparation doesn’t have to be stressful, but you don’t want to be super lax.

If your guest can’t figure out how to log into the room, you have to play tech support. What happens when the conversation dies down? It’s your job to start up whatever game or movie you have queued. It’s key to make everyone feel welcome despite the virtual environment.

Remember These Points to Make Your Digital Event Awesome

Do you want a fun way to connect with your loved ones? Despite COVID-19, you can still find a way to throw a fantastic event for someone’s birthday or anniversary — or just because! Try these tricks to make your gathering as memorable as possible.




Creative Filmmaking During a Pandemic Lockdown.

Connected is a short dramatic film​ with a few surprises. ​It tells the story of a woman who, while overwhelmed with anxiety during the pandemic, brings the past to light in an attempt to resolve her deeply buried trauma and set herself free. The writer, Niki Smart (Hell Camp, Helter Shelter), said she wanted to pen something that resonated with what people are experiencing during the pandemic, but she also took into consideration the limited scope of production during lockdown.

“Firstly, the idea for Connected came about because for me this pandemic triggered huge fear” Smart said. “Then I realized that this fear had been in me for a long time. Being completely alone without the usual distractions made me have to face my fear, and thank goodness, once I faced it, the fear dissipated. Secondly, since all our conversations were taking place in the world of zoom, it made sense to use the video chat platform for the setting.”

Smart​, a South African who has lived in Los Angeles for 25 years​, reached out to ​fellow South African filmmaker, ​Tim Greene (Skeem, Boy Called Twist) who directed and produced the short “Cabin Fever” during lockdown. Greene put a call out to actors on his private FB group page and the response was overwhelming. “It made perfect sense to cast South African actors as that is where I grew up—and that is where my fear started.” said Smart.

Connected - a short film

Working through zoom (L-R): Niki Smart, Bronwyn Berry, Shelley Meskin and her daughter, Rio and Jane DeWet

Smart was thrilled to cast Shelley Meskin (Frank and Fearless), and her 10-year-old daughter, Rio, plus Jenna Upton (Raised by Wolves), Jane DeWet (Trackers, The Girl from St Agnes), and Duane Behrens (Samson). “They seriously all blew me away. I felt honored to work with such talent.”

Smart‘s long-standing ​collaborator, Bronwyn Berry (Love Gilda, Durban Beach Rescue)​, a South African who lives in New York​, climbed onboard to produce​ and direct, and things quickly started to happen. “The limitations of a virtual set and self-shooting provided creative constraints to work within and actually gave us the freedom to think about production in a completely different way.” Berry said.

The nine-hour time difference between LA and South Africa was just one of the production challenges. Scheduling rehearsals was tricky, especially as they wanted to accommodate Rio who had to be up early for virtual school.

​The​ actor​s​ did everything for themselves: make-up, wardrobe, set dressing, camera operating, lighting and sound. Not an easy task, especially for little Rio, who had complicated camera setups.  “We couldn’t have made this film without Zoom.” says Berry. “Not only was it the device used to tell the story, but it was our only point of contact with the cast. We had several performance rehearsals, and a technical rehearsal to direct lighting, camera angles and set design.”

Armed with a rented iPhone 11, Boya clip-on mic, flexi tripod, practical household lights, and a can-do-attitude, the actors self-taped their scenes. “We wanted to ensure that the characters were not just reciting lines into an iPhone but delivering an emotionally rich performance with synergy, despite not being in the same space. We recorded a full rehearsal on Zoom and then separated out the audio tracks so that during self-taping, the actors had a guide track.”

Award-winning composer (and another transplanted South African), Mark Kilian (Official Secrets, Eye in the Sky, Pitch Perfect) stepped in to compose the music and insisted that Smart, who is also an acclaimed musician, should be involved. This was the only time during production that two crew members were physically in the same space. Smart describes this as: “The best day of 2020. Not only did Mark compose, play piano, record and be incredibly patient with me while I struggled to play guitar to a click track, but he also served “Train Wreck” (a traditional South African meal) with a “Benoni Special” (Mark‘s version of a Negroni).”

The film addresses important issues of childhood trauma and healing, themes which have become particularly relevant during the inward gaze of the pandemic. “We hope that women and girls who have experienced abuse will realize the transformative power of healing. In line with this, we are thrilled to have won the Women Empowerment Award at the Paris International Film Festival ”

Connected not only won the Women Empowerment Award but also Best Script at the Phoenix Film Festival. Connected was a Semi-Finalist in the Stockholm City Film Festival. and is currently selected for the Dubai Film Festival. For virtual screenings and more information, please visit: Connected:




Your 2021 Valentine’s Day Guide

Your 2021 Valentine’s Day Guide

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and some of you out there were prepared, while some others have forgotten or just waited until the last minute to get your plans together. No matter where you fall on that spectrum of readiness, it’s okay! Guides like this one were made for people who need a little help for the day of love.

Our Valentine’s Day Guide for 2021 will highlight some great offers and innovations in various markets and industries — including the useful, the fun, and the steamy. Treat yourself, and your love before it’s far too late and you’ve commited the worst, completely unforgiveable sin!

Food & Restaurants


What better way to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day than with an aphrodisiac-focused dinner? MÍRAME, the highly revered Beverly Hills restaurant, is featuring a Valentine’s Day special, priced at a cheeky $69, and the meal includes 2 dozen grilled or raw oysters with 6 mezcal dark chocolate spiced truffles.

Of course, the offering is best when enjoyed with cocktails to-go from Bar Manager Bryant Orozco, or a bottle of bubbles sourced from Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region. Available for pick-up from MÍRAME on Valentine’s Day. Pre-orders can be made here, or at the button below. Go ahead and book yours now, before the rush!

Pulp Culture & 101 Cider House

You know what else screams Valentine’s Day? Pulp Culture’s new blend called LOVE! Yearning something that screams romantic? Try their sister company, 101 Cider House’s, lovely blend called Cactus Rose.
In creating their first limited-edition blend, Pulp Culture’s goal was to bring light to love, enhancing the unrivaled feeling in the form of a guilt-free libation.
101 Cider’s Cactus Rose – bursting with sour and fruity refreshment – is a southwest style cider crafted for cocktail lovers. A mouth watering blend of California cactus pears and lemon peel, this lovely libation is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Freshly picked basil spices things up, while hibiscus adds a cooling crimson finish.

La Brea Bakery Café

What’s Valentine’s Day without strawberries and chocolate? It doesn’t exist! 

La Brea Bakery is offering a sweet deal for lovebirds: long stemmed chocolate covered roses ($3.00 each), and heart shaped sugar cookies ($3.50 each). Time ticks, and these lovely roses are only wilting, so it’s best to prolong them with the love they thrive on as soon as possible!

Beauty & Health


B GREAT is a premium, women-owned CBD wellness and skincare brand committed to quality and transparency. Tony-winning actress, singer, and entrepreneur Patina Miller, a woman of color who has appeared on Madam Secretary, Pippin, The Hunger Games, etc. joined the company last year as an investor and partner.  
Smooth, soft, ultra-moisturized skin is here just in time for Valentine’s Day – The Kissable Face Bundle contains Hemp After Shave Serum – (Unscented) 100 mg CBD per bottle, and Hemp Lip Defense – (Mint flavor) 15 mg CBD per tube. The after shave serum minimizes inflammation and irritation to protect against razor burn, creating softer, smoother skin. Perfect for that overdue quarantine shave! The Lip Defense is an intensely moisturizing balm with a blend of CBD, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter to soothe and protect lips while outdoors or in. For both men and women, there is the B GREAT Skincare Bundle, which repairs, protects and revitalizes skin using the power of CBD. This bundle includes signature anti-aging Antioxidant Cream, Relief & Recovery Cream for aches, and nourishing Lip Defense.
In addition to the skincare line, B GREAT offers passion fruit-flavored Relax Shots containing 20MG of full-spectrum hemp extract (plus melatonin, gingko biloba and lavender water), and have received rave reviews as a powerful and effective sleep aid. The brand offers 15mg CBD Focus Shots to get you moving — a cognitive-boosting caffeinated blend with energizing vitamins B6, B12, and ginseng root to help you power through a long day. Their Day & Night Starter Bundle offers anyone an introduction to these products at a low price.

Fleur Marché

  • Fleur Marché’s new Transdermal Wellness Patches are the fuel all women (and men) need to help them power through their days. Made only with clean, plant-based ingredients such as USDA-Organic Certified cannabidiol and hemp, Fleur Marché’s patches will allow customers to utilize CBD as a wellness tool and incorporate its healing properties into their daily self-care routines.

    In terms of benefits and uses, Fleur Marché’s line of Transdermal Wellness Patches include:


    • Energy, Plz. Wake up, get focused, or turn it up a notch! 
      • Ingredients: B12 (for a natural energy boost) + CBD (for balance) = the perfect coffee replacement! 
    • Sex, Plz. Get in the mood to get frisky! 
      • Ingredients: L-Arginine (for increased blood flow) + Maca (for arousal) + Tribulus (for stimulation) + CBD (for relaxation) = a truly amazing release
    • Relief, Plz. Rebound from a tough workout, a night of drinking or daily wear and tear.
      • Ingredients: Peppermint with menthol (for topical relief) + CBD (for full body support) = relief for wherever it hurts
    • Sleep, Plz. Hit the pillow (hard) and stay horizontal longer
      • Ingredients: Melatonin (for sleep) + CBD (to quell your worries and calm the mind) = a perfect night’s rest, finally.


    Fleur Marché’s Transdermal Wellness Patches are available to order via its website for $6 per patch, or with the shop button below. Patches will also be available in variety multi-packs containing 4 patches (1 of each) priced at $22.

J.R. Watkins

Nothing says R&R (rest and relaxation for the workaholics) like J.R. Watkins newest line that envelops you + your partner with all those lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey feelings. New to launch, the Love Line is crafted with a unique combination of natural aphrodisiac extracts to induce a state of sexual desire. Products include our fan favorite and award winning Aromatherapy In-Shower mists, Body Wash, Bath Elixir and Body Oil Mist! This collection is guaranteed to surround you and your love with those warm and fuzzies.
  • LOVE Bath Elixir ($14.99): A naturally derived, liquid bath soak infused with a powerful blend of natural pink peppercorn, guarana, and chamomile extracts to promote sexual wellness.

  • LOVE Body Oil Mist ($14.99): A naturally derived, body oil mist infused with a powerful blend of natural pink peppercorn, guarana, and sunflower seed oil extracts to promote sexual wellness.

  • LOVE Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist ($14.99): A naturally derived, in-shower spa mist crafted to transform your shower experience.

  • LOVE Creamy Body Wash ($14.99): A naturally derived, creamy body wash infused with a powerful blend of natural extracts, crafted to induce a state of sexual desire.

And More…

Kiva Confections

2021 definitely needs to be the year of less stress and more sex. To help with that, the leading cannabis confections brand, Kiva Confections, wants to bring its illustrious out of body experience to an on the body experience. 

For a Valentine’s Day that is sure to bring sugar, spice and everything nice, Kiva Confections is launching their first ever cannabis infused body chocolate – Love Sauce. This delectable and oh so lickable dark chocolate sauce has 10mg THC per serving and makes for the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day. So skip the spoon, add some sauce, and spread the love this year. 

Kiva Confections is no stranger to bringing THC to any situations in need of a little TLC. Kiva’s Love Sauce is the brand’s next venture into unexpected cannabis-infused confections following the buzz of Kiva’s award-winning infused Turkey Gravy

Lost Farm by Kiva Confections

Lost Farm by Kiva Confections launched Lost Farm Chews on February 2nd.

Chews are the second product to join the growing Lost Farm brand portfolio, following the wildly successful October 2020 launch of Lost Farm Gummies.

Like Gummies, Lost Farm Chews (a new form of edible in the cannabis space) are infused with 100% live resin, contain 10MG THC per serving, and are specifically geared towards experienced cannabis consumers. In addition their unique format, Chews offer the kind of full-spectrum cannabis experience usually exclusively available to smokers. The effects from Lost Farm edibles feel distinctively richer, brighter, and more complex in comparison to traditional edibles that utilize standard infusion methods.

Chews will be available at dispensaries throughout CA, and available for purchase directly to your doorstep via Kiva‘s newly launched online store, Kiva Direct.


They just released a limited-edition Piña Daydream 2:1 all-in-one vaporizer – a collaborative launch supporting criminal justice reform nonprofit, Last Prisoner Project to supporting its ongoing work to bring justice to those who have been incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses. To honor their partnership, LEUNE has developed the Piña Daydream all-in-one as an ode to its ever-popular 3:1 sister SKU, Piña Dream.

The Piña Daydream all-in-one boasts a 2:1 ratio of THC:CBD, but with the same juicy flavor profile consumers love. Utilizing cannabinoid rich cannabis oil, this all-in-one vaporizer delivers potent fresh pineapple notes, balanced by aromatic herbs for a soft, serene high. For those always on-the-go, the Piña Daydream all-in-one comes packaged in a recyclable tin case for easy enjoyment.

Piña Daydream will be available in select dispensaries throughout California via and is available for on-demand delivery through Eaze.

PAIR Eyewear

Kids need love too!

That’s why PAIR Eyewear is introducing their new Valentine’s Day Collection — the perfect gift and accessory to celebrate the day. With their easy-to-remove magnetic toppers, these adorable glasses (available both in blue light and prescription lenses) are easy to match to family outfits, and are festive for the day!

The new collection designs are the perfect way to say “You Are My Valentine” with more than just sweets this year.

Price: $25 each

Sammy’s Top Ten Movies of 2020

Sammy’s Top Ten Movies of 2020

Editor’s note: For the past few years, Sammy Smart has announced her top ten movie (and TV show) choices of the year on her Instagram. She may not have a huge following (although she should have) but I know I always look forward to tuning in and seeing what has made the cut. It seems her followers feel the same. Please enjoy Sammy Smart’s Top Ten Movies of 2020 and you can follow her at @sammydumb


After cramming in about 20 movies this past week I am finally ready to share my top ten. But first a disclaimer, I was not able to see Minari, Nomadland or Saint Maud before their digital releases in Feb, so those will be treated as 2021 movies for me.


Starting at number 10 we have Boys State – a documentary that follows some aspiring young politicians as they compete in mock elections for the coveted role of governor of Boys State. Terrifying and fascinating. Available on Apple TV.




Number 9 is His House – a horror film about two South Sudanese refugees that are placed into an unwelcoming home in the UK. An incredible feature debut from director Remi Weekes with Oscar worthy performances from Sope Dìrísù and Wunmi Mosaku. Streaming on Netflix.



Number 8 is a film that (like many films in 2020) seems to have flown way under the radar. Babyteeth is an Australian film starring Ben Mendelsohn AND Essie Davis (!!!!) so you know it’s freaking good. Streaming on Hulu.


Number 7 is Sound of Metal, a movie about a drummer who loses his hearing. Also my choice for best supporting actor, Paul Raci. Incredible performances and sound design. Streaming on Amazon Prime.


Coming in at number 6 we have The Invisible Man. I had heard @emilyagonz describe every part of this movie on @tsdwpodcast before I saw it and I STILL was on the edge of my seat the whole time while watching. Never would have thought watching someone fight someone invisible would be so captivating. Elizabeth Moss is fantastic and the special effects are awesome. Streaming on HBO Max.



I am not even going to try to summarize the plot for my number 5 favorite film of 2020 – Black Bear. Go into it blind and you’ll either thank me or be very mad at me, either way it’ll be a singular experience.


Number 4 is Possessor. A visually stunning body swap/body horror from Brandon Cronenberg. Oscar worthy performances from Christopher Abbott and Andrea Riseborough. Also probably my favorite teaser and trailer of the year. Rent it to find out if Sean Bean dies!



Number 3 is Soul. I watched it twice in one week, and was very sad to not have had the joy of seeing this one in theaters. Beautiful animation and an as-expected amazing score from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.



When a movie score includes a violin cover of Britney Spears’ Toxic, I am most likely going to love that movie very much, as was the case here with my number 2 favorite movie of 2020: Promising Young Woman. Well worth the $19.99 rental fee imho. Carey Mulligan + Emerald Fennell = perfection.


And here it is, my favorite film of 2020 – Dick Johnson is Dead. Filmmaker Kirsten Johnson asks her father if she can make a documentary about him dying, and while the film is obviously very sad at times, it’s also beautiful, poignant, funny and life affirming. I cried until my eyes hurt and haven’t stopped thinking about it since! Streaming on Netflix.

And that’s all folks! A weird year for film, yes, but lots of gems came out nonetheless. What movies did you guys like this year?

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Downtown Santa Monica Inc. Shapes Future of World-Class Third Street Promenade

Downtown Santa Monica Inc. Shapes Future of World-Class Third Street Promenade

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM), has embarked on a process to develop a comprehensive private space plan to revitalize Third Street Promenade. The Third Street Promenade Stabilization and Economic Vitality Plan (Vitality Plan) will endeavor to build upon the Promenade’s legacy as an enthralling, dynamic and inclusive city center by focusing on the use of private properties and the development of new zoning elements that will create opportunities for modern and attractive uses like experiential retail, live entertainment, nightlife, museums, small scale manufacturing, and more.

The last year brought unprecedented challenges to our community and business owners and while there are still difficult days ahead, we stand at the precipice of reinvention today,” said DTSM, Inc. CEO Kathleen Rawson. “The pandemic only exacerbated the impacts of online shopping on brick and mortar retail, we have been working on how to best counteract these effects for some time now. This new Vitality Plan concentrates primarily on private uses and creative zoning that will spark the change we need.


DTSM has enlisted the help of world-renowned experts in public space environments and retail strategy from MIG and Streetsense to work with the City of Santa Monica, private stakeholders and a Project Advisory Committee, composed of longtime property owners and professionals in the fields of architecture/urban design, marketing and hospitality.


Over the next three months, the partners will be meeting with stakeholder focus groups, and the Santa Monica City Council to develop the Vitality Plan. The first City Council study session is scheduled for Tuesday, February 9. A draft plan of action is expected to be delivered in March with final adoption by the DTSM board of directors in April of 2021.


For more information on the Vitality Plan, visit For the latest resources and information, follow @DTSantaMonica on Instagram and Twitter or DowntownSantaMonica on Facebook.

Say Hello to Domain Makeovers: Introducing .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, & .Makeup

Say Hello to Domain Makeovers: Introducing .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, & .Makeup

Forget beauty makeovers — it’s 2021! What’s in now is the domain makeover. That’s right, the XYZ Registry, owner of leading new top-level domain (nTLD) .xyz , has announced the launch of new domain extensions specifically for the beauty industry: .Beauty; .Hair; .Skin; and .Makeup. These new domain names will become available to the general public on March 2, 2021. While trademark holders have had the opportunity to claim “first dibs,” a buying frenzy could be on the way!

.Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup are the first new TLDs made to serve the booming beauty industry. The global cosmetic products market was valued at $532 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a market size of $805 billion by 2023. This explosive growth is thanks in large part to online connectivity and the rise of beauty influencers promoting makeup, hair care, and skincare products on social media, with beauty related content reaching over 169 billion views on YouTube in 2018. The best part is that beauty retailers aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from these new domains. There are 1.3 million hair stylists, barbers, and other hair care professionals in the United States alone, who can claim the appropriate domain and apply it.

This affordable and unrestricted lineup of new domains is open to anyone looking for a head-turning brand presence. With an expected MSRP of $15-20/year, a beauty brand can utilize .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup to attract niche and mass markets with modern, industry-specific domain names. Independent beauty professionals and social media influencers can establish themselves as makeup and hair authorities with polished .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup URLs.

Beauty fans can share cult-favorite products, makeup tutorials, and hair care tips and tricks on .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup blogs and online publications. “We are excited to launch these beautiful domain extensions to help small businesses and entrepreneurs tap the global beauty market,” says XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. “These extensions will give millions of beauty brands and professionals the chance to get a modern, memorable, industry-specific domain name.”

Photo by Kvalifik on Unsplash

The launch phases and pricing of .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup show the XYZ Registry’s commitment to making the new domain endings accessible to a wide audience while helping businesses protect their brands. Once .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup officially launch into General Availability on March 2, 2021, most domains will be available for only $15-20/year MSRP (depending on the retailer). While businesses who have trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse got first access to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup for an additional application fee, the general public first gets the opportunity to register their most desired domain names during the “Early Access Period,” where application fees start high on the first day and decrease over time until the domains go into General Availability.

As if that weren’t enough, XYZ Registry is launching .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup alongside .Quest , the domain that proves to your audience that you will lead them to the destination they’re seeking. Made for gurus, experts, and authorities in any field, .Quest follows the same launch phases with trademark holder availability already underway, and General Availability beginning in early March.

You can learn more information about trademark protection at Go.Beauty, in addition to claiming your desired domain before its swept away by someone else out there in the world. For questions, reach out to


The Best Lockdown Experience in SoCal Happens “Off-Road” – Polaris Adventures

The Best Lockdown Experience in SoCal Happens “Off-Road” – Polaris Adventures

Even with a backyard full of adventure, Southern California has been significantly affected by strict lockdown guidelines due to the overwhelming rise of Covid-19. The overall impact of the virus has severely limited the types of socially distant activities we can partake in – and while we encourage everyone to remain at home and limit interaction with outside members of your household, we thought we’d share at least one excellent option of escape during this time.

If there is nothing truer about Southern California and its great weather, is that SoCal has a landscape of beauty that can truly be appreciated in a variety of ways, especially “off-road”. Yes, that’s right, imagine yourself on an off-road adventure on the most top of the line all-terrain vehicles available, cruising through an incredible desert and mountain trail. That’s exactly the type of experience Polaris Adventures offers with the Glamis North Hot Springs Resort


Located in Glamis, CA, Glamis North Hot Springs Resort has been able to create one of the most effective, minimum to no-contact experiences in the region by providing a completely contact-less booking and check-in procedure to one of their many themed lodges and cabins. Booking was easy, and the digital door check-in makes the process so convenient. It’s what helped make SoCal Mag’s experience even more reassuring in the first place.* 

(*Establishment note: Keeping riders and customers safe is our top priority. Each of our individually operated Outfitter locations adheres to local and state laws. Glamis North Hot Springs is currently open for business with outdoor activities such as off-roading, while all food and beverage services are closed. Our business is strictly following social distancing, mask-wearing, sanitizing and keeping up with all California health and safety regulations.)

Our team at SoCal had the chance to embark on the full experience first hand from lodging to off-road adventure. We knew we were in store for something different and exciting, but we had no clue that the entire experience would highly exceed our expectations. 

We checked into what they call the “Route 66 Motor Lodge” with an interior completely decorated in homage to the iconic highway accented with Americana styling and road paraphernalia. The walls are lined with license plates from all over the country and the living room is even decorated with an impressive and very real motorcycle as one of the standout pieces in the room. Each lodge includes a full kitchen with utensils and kitchenware, along with furnished rooms and bathrooms. You only have to provide your own bedding and towels.

Now, the most exciting part of the entire experience was of course the RZR Rentals for our off-road excursion. RZR’s are top of the line all-terrain vehicles that were designed to navigate all kinds of environments – and the self-guided tours and trails at Glamis North offer it all. 

You can choose between either a 2-seater or 4-seater RZR so that you can share the experience with others. Each rental includes a self-guided trip with built-in GPS navigation system for easy traveling. To note, the driver must be 18+ and show a driver’s license when retrieving the vehicle. Once all of that is squared away, it’s just you and the land ahead. The views throughout the Red Canyon, Chiriaco Summit, Bat Caves, Bradshaw Trail, and Hotel California were stunning. The only real way to experience that type of terrain is through these vehicles. The guided GPS makes exploration secure and safe, while still feeling the rush and excitement of discovery in this environment.

After the excursion, guests can enjoy the more relaxing experience Glamis North has to offer through its all natural hot spring pools and tubs. This water is naturally composed of minerals with a variety of healing benefits. Coming out at searing 160 degrees, the healing waters are cooled just enough before entering one of two therapeutic pools and an additional 14 individual hot tubs to choose from. Keep in mind, there are no chemicals in this water, so you can allow yourself to simply bask in its essence without heavy chlorine or sulfur smells. There’s nothing like it, really, and it certainly made us feel relaxed after our riding day. 

Overall, Glamis North Hot Springs Resort is a great escape during these times. We’ve never experienced anything like it and hope our readers get a chance to experience it as well. The ability to explore the vast trails in this way was incredible. Imagine, these all-terrain RZR’s were designed to maneuver all types of ground. The way you can travel on these vehicles can’t ever compare to something you’d experience in your own car. It’s the opportunity to really explore the lay of the land and unite yourself with this environment that really makes it the exciting experience that it is.

To learn more and make a reservation, visit Glamis North Hot Springs.

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(Photography by: ProView Imaging)