Impasta Opens in Beverly Hills – Keto, Gluten-Free & Vegan Options

Impasta Opens in Beverly Hills – Keto, Gluten-Free & Vegan Options

What’s filling, high in calories, carb-heavy, and lacking vegan, gluten-free, and protein-rich options? Pasta! At least that was the case. Welcome Impasta, who recently opened their Beverly Hills location, offering everything there is to love about pasta, pizza, and salad, and rethinking it in a health-centric way. Southern California, while rich in numerous alternative food choices, does not have many Italian cuisine choices that take into account the different popular diets of today. In fact, this is one of the few cuisines with very little alt-option coverage in general.

There’s an Impasta Among Us

Entrepreneur Harrison Litvack is thrilled to announce the launch of his new restaurant Impasta® at 459 North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, offering 100% gluten and grain free alternatives of your favorite pasta and pizza dishes with the calories of a salad. Filling the void of delicious dishes that can accommodate most specialty and restricted diets, Impasta® allows you to spoil yourself without compromising your lifestyle. From the house-made cauliflower pizza and gnocchi (try with pesto, fresh ricotta cheese and toasted pine nuts) to 7 varieties of plant-based noodles, Impasta provides a nourishing menu that fulfills your hunger and leaves you satisfied. For more education about Impasta’s wholesome choices and nutritional information, click here.
Sounds too good to be true? Try Impasta’s No Regretti Spaghetti™ for yourself. Whether dining in or ordering food to-go, the healthy and tasty restaurant has something to accommodate every whim.  For guests avoiding nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten, they can customize their meals with ease.  Many guests with Celiac Disease feel safe enjoying this new pasta again.
“At Impasta®, we believe that diners should not sacrifice their favorite pasta, pizza and salads that they love because of the carbs and gluten that they don’t. Eliminating your favorite meals for a healthier diet and lifestyle are not mutually exclusive,” says Litvack.
Litvack holds himself and Impasta® to the highest possible standards and is proud of the low carb/gluten free sourced ingredients that he uses in his kitchen.
Customer favorites include: Spaghetti Squash pasta with pink sauce featuring vodka reduction and cream or the Impossible™ Bolognese with Zoodles, Impossible meat, and a red wine reduction.  The Truffle Mushroom is on point with Squash Tagliatelle drizzled with white wine and a mouth-watering truffle mushroom sauce, and the Barbeque Chicken Pizza with chicken, red onion and parsley.  Impasta also offers a variety of fresh salads and bowls like the Brussel Sprout Salad with red onion, walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese.
As if that’s not already enough, diners also have the option to customize their own meal with a wide variety of options for your choice of base, sauce, and toppings. By giving you the option of dairy or vegan cheese and proteins including chicken, shrimp and Impossible™ sausage, Impasta® offers an inclusive menu where you don’t need to feel limited. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, Keto or Whole30, Impasta’s menu accommodates for a wide variety of choices.
·  Base options include: Spaghetti Squash, Zoodles, Shirataki Noodles, Cauliflower Gnocchi, Squash Tagliatelle, Hearts of Palm, and Kelp noodles.
·  Sauces: Cherry Tomatoes & Burrata, Pink Sauce, Impossible™ Bolognese, Pomodoro, Puttanesca, Four Cheese, Pesto with Ricotta, Truffle Mushroom, Brown Butter Sage, Red Pesto, and Romesco.
·  Salad / Pizza / Pasta Toppings include: Proteins: Chicken, Shrimp, Salmon Fillet, Tofu, Impossible™ Sausage, Grilled Veggies, Cheese: Burrata, Ricotta, Cashew Burrata, and Cashew Ricotta, Truffle: Fresh Black Truffle and White Truffle Oil

Our Time at Impasta

The team at Impasta invited us to come in and try a couple of dishes, and we were blown away by the experience! We ordered their Barbecue Chicken Pizza and Four Cheese Gnocchi. Made with cauliflower crust, juicy chicken, red onion, parsley, and a slathering of barbecue sauce, Impasta’s pizza was enough for two to share comfortably. Gluten-free and filling, the barbecue pizza was almost exactly like eating a regular pizza with a thin-style crust, sweet, smoky sauce, and gooey melty mozzarella that satisfied our savory hearts.

On the other hand, Impasta’s Four Cheese Gnocchi was topped with Impossible Sausage, and we don’t have enough good things to say about the full flavor, and deceptively filling dish. Served in a small bowl, it might seem to be on the small side, but Impasta’s gnocchi is quickly filling, and when paired with Impossible Sausage, a flavorful match made in heaven. Its sausage slices providing a kick, and smothered in their cheesy house-made sauce, this gnocchi met the texture and consistency of the traditional noodles, leaving us questioning if cauliflower was actually the base of their creation (and yes, it is).

Impasta is set in not just a quiet area, but also compliments the location with their clean and bright colors. Cozy and nestled in the middle of Roxbury Drive, Impasta is a welcome restaurant where anyone looking for clean eating alternatives of traditionally carb-heavy favorites will find joy. We can’t recommend it enough, and the next time we’re in the area, we’ll be stopping by to try another delicious mix of gluten-free options.

About Impasta

With great pasta comes great responsibility. Committed to making our world a healthier and better place, all of the packaging at Impasta is made from natural or recyclable materials. The CO2 neutral packaging supports the offset of greenhouse gas emissions and aids in the preservation of our precious planet.
Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 9:00 am
Saturday: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
7 Foods to Reduce Acne

7 Foods to Reduce Acne

April showers might bring May flowers, but they can also bring acne! As the weather grows warmer, your skin will likely get shinier and more oily. Dry, cracked hands will become a thing of the past and, soon, you might spy a few pimples on your face, back, and chest.

Luckily, there are ways to soothe your skin and nix acne before it turns into a full-blown breakout – and they all start from within. Rethink your diet and eat foods that reduce acne, not encourage it. Here are just a few to add to your grocery list this spring.

1. Walnuts

Nutty, crunchy, and oh-so-tasty, walnuts are great for overall health and wellness. On top of providing your body with fiber, energy, and protein, walnuts also offer omega-3 fatty acids and a good deal of vitamin B. These essential nutrients are responsible for boosting skin health and can minimize fine lines and wrinkles as you age. Add a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt to taste.

2. Berries

Acne is an inflammatory disease at its core, so eating foods that fight chronic inflammation is a great way to prevent breakouts and keep your skin smooth. Luckily, most berries contain antioxidants, which reduce inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative stress. Add a handful to salads, smoothies, or yogurt parfaits to reap the benefits. You can even eat them by the handful if you’re in need of a light and refreshing snack.

3. Yogurt

Speaking of yogurt, Greek varieties are highly effective at fighting acne. These yogurts contain live, active bacteria cultures called probiotics, which improve gut health and reduce inflammation. Greek yogurt also goes under a fermentation process that decreases the levels of growth factors in milk, making it a safe and healthy option for people with lactose intolerance.

4. Salmon

Many processed foods contain unhealthy fats, including full-fat dairy products, take-out, and baked goods. Eat too much of one or another, and you may end up with oily skin or breakouts. That’s why it’s best to fill up on foods like salmon, which contain healthy fats called omega-3s. These nutrients reduce inflammation and improve acne symptoms. They’re even good for your teeth and can prevent periodontal disease as you age.

5. Spinach

Like berries, spinach is high in antioxidants and can add an acne-fighting boost to practically any diet. This leafy green is easy to incorporate into salads, smoothies, omelets, and even muffins if you chop it into tiny pieces. Spinach also contains vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E, all of which aid in reducing inflammation and warding off breakouts.

6. Navy Beans

People with irritable bowel syndrome or sensitive stomachs might want to avoid eating legumes. However, if your tummy can handle beans, adding navy beans to your diet could dramatically improve your skin. Navy beans contain copper, a nutrient that helps you produce collagen to improve skin strength and elasticity. Eating one cup will provide nearly one-fifth of your daily copper intake. Enjoy a serving or two for faster and more effective results.

7. Chia Seeds

Chi-chi-chi-chia! Did you know you can use chia seeds for more than growing chia pets? The small but mighty seeds have become a superfood in recent years thanks to their ability to keep you feeling fuller longer. However, they’re also a good source of omega-3s, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, all of which promote a clear complexion and glowing skin. Make chia pudding with the seeds and some milk or add a tablespoon to yogurt parfaits, smoothies, and baked goods to reap the benefits.

Adopting an Anti-Acne Diet

You know what they say. You are what you eat! If your diet mainly consists of greasy, oily foods, your skin will likely exhibit the same qualities. However, if you fill up on fresh, bright, and crisp foods, you’re more likely to experience flawless skin – or at least fewer breakouts and blemishes.

Adopt an anti-acne diet by slowly incorporating the above products into your meals. Soon, adding a bunch of spinach or a scoop of yogurt to your plate will become second nature, and you’ll have glowing skin to show for it.


Inside photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich

Glass House Fest Returns for 4/20: Music, Comedy & More

Glass House Fest Returns for 4/20: Music, Comedy & More

What do you have planned for the holiday known as 4/20 among cannabis enthusiasts? If it’s anything less than what Glass House Farms has to offer, you may want to rethink those plans.

Glass House Farms is back for its second year of Glass House Fest with Jam In The Van this 4/20! Taking place at the Wisdome LA, this year’s festival will feature can’t-miss performances by Guapdad 4000, Duckwrth, Blackillac, and more — laughs from stand-up comic Trevor Wallace and friends, munchie relief from LA-favorite food trucks, eye-popping art installations, and memory-saving collectibles from sponsored vendors.

This one-day celebration of culture will take place at one of LA’s most notable locales, Wisdome LA, an immersive art park in the downtown Arts District. From 4:20pm to 11pm, the five domes onsite will be transformed into a main music stage, a comedy stage, a lounge for guests, plus space for food trucks, an art installation, and sponsored vendors.

As 4/20 grows nearer, brands continue to celebrate in various ways with special events, like Glass House Fest, and even limited-edition releases of fan-favorite consumables of various types. Learn more about Glass House Fest, here.

About Glass House Farms

“In the 1960’s, Dutch Farmers arrived in the Carpinteria Valley and quickly recognized its ideal climate for growing flowers. Here in the fertile soil and plentiful sunshine of the Central Coast, they grew flowers that were too delicate to import from their native Holland, bringing a familiar beauty to the region. Today, we harness the perfect coastal environment of Carpinteria to grow another kind of flower, and in doing so, we aim to continue the region’s history of bringing joy from the earth to consumers across the state. We believe the future of cannabis grows in a greenhouse, where high-quality plants can be grown sustainably and sold at an accessible price. We also believe cannabis should be a force for good – improving the lives of our consumers, our employees, our communities, and our planet.

As locals to the Central Coast, we take pride in the Santa Barbara area, and strive to enhance and serve our beautiful community in all that we do. Every decision we make begins with how we can preserve the Central Coast’s rich history, honor the people we call our friends and neighbors and protect our local environment for future generations.”

Yeastie Boys x Kiva Confections Launch “Everything Bagel Seasoning” Cannabis Chocolate Bar

Yeastie Boys x Kiva Confections Launch “Everything Bagel Seasoning” Cannabis Chocolate Bar

4/20 quickly approaches while cannabis enthusiasts who celebrate the holiday have already started planning how they will celebrate. In an appropriately timed launch, two of LA’s favorite local brands – Yeastie Boys Bagels and cannabis leader Kiva Confections – have teamed up for the ultimate limited edition product for 4/20: Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar. That’s everything there is to love about an everything bagel paired with a chocolate bare — a cannabis-infused chocolate bar, that is! 

Officially launched last week in California dispensaries, the limited edition “Everything Bagel Seasoning” Munchies Bar features an exclusive blend of the Yeastie Boys’ signature “Everything Bagel” salty seasoning sprinkled on Kiva’s cult-favorite cold water hash-infused dark chocolate bar, and is Dosed at 100 mg of THC per bar with 5 mg THC serving sizes. The collaboration is Kiva’s 2022 edition of their annual spring small batch Munchies Bar release.

The Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bars ($20) are now available for a limited time at select dispensaries across California while supplies last. 

Its the ultimate salty-sweet combo that raises the bar higher with cannabis. This 4/20 is shaping up to be huge as more brands launch limited-edition consumables this year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the goodies you can get your hands on this holiday

nomoo Makes a Strong Case for No Mo’ Meat in Your Diet

nomoo Makes a Strong Case for No Mo’ Meat in Your Diet

The meatless movement is growing increasingly large, and nomoo | new american burgers, the innovative vegan fast food joint, quickly becoming the mecca for all plant-based Angelinos, aims to revolutionize America’s favorite food— the burger—from the inside out. If you’ve been scrolling on the foodie side of Instagram lately, there’s a high probability that you’ve come across at least a couple of nomoo’s menu offerings captured beautifully.

While their plant-based menu items look like our traditional favorites, their ingredients are a bit different — but so much tastier and better for you! What makes the experience even more worthwhile is their retro-modernized diner theme hailing back to the days of yesteryear.

nomoo’s quality food created a body of loyal fans, while the art, styling, electric branding supporting their plant-based menu, and the honed flavor profiles differentiate the restaurant from others. nomoo’s familiar-yet-futuristic retro neon style injects color and vibrancy to their flagship location, a historic long-forgotten diner on Los Angeles’ iconic Melrose Avenue.

Menu items range from their fan favorite Hot Chicken Sandwich, served on a warm brioche bun using house made plant based chicken, to a delicious green salad crafted from locally grown produce — not to be outshined by their golden fries and colorful milkshakes.

SmashBox Brings on the Art

SmashBox Brings on the Art

Last week at the luxurious photo studio compound in Culver City, Smashbox Cosmetics presented a unique artistic event to celebrate the pilot of their inaugural Open Studios Program that drew a fascinating crowd.

The four-week incubator provided artists with premium resources to create, along with a physical studio to develop and showcase their work. The artists were also offered mentorship from Smashbox veterans, including the brand’s founder, Davis Factor, and Global Lead Pro Artist Lori Taylor Davis, on photography, branding, design, and makeup in science and practice.
The program culminated in a group show on the evening of the 31st, unveiling three new projects from artists Uzumaki Cepeda, who creates faux-fur environments designed as safe havens for communities of color;  Randijah Simmons, a photographer, and co-founder of community creative studio The Babe Cave LA, and Gabriela Ruiz, a mixed media artist who works with vibrant color palettes to explore ideas of self, home, and environment.