Cloud 11 Launches Limited-Edition Recipe No. 4

Cloud 11 Launches Limited-Edition Recipe No. 4

Artful, modern, luxurious, and even futuristic are a few words that could be used to describe the elevated cannabis-infused edibles handcrafted by the Cloud 11 team.

Born out of a desire to offer more than just a traditional cannabis edible, Cloud11 is co-founded by Chef, Sommelier, and Entrepreneur Nicholas Pritzker, and Eleven Madison Park alum, Chef Manuela Sanin. The duo set out to create a newfound edible experience that marries creative passion, culinary excellence, and sophistication.

Now, nearly a year after launch, they have created their first limited-edition offering — a nostalgic callback to childhood summers: Kumquat Creamsicle. The decadent chocolate features fresh kumquats harvested from Northern California’s Frog Hollow Farm, and until May 30th, Cloud11 was only available for delivery in Los Angeles. However, with the launch of Kumquat Creamsicle, Cloud11 is now available for same-day and scheduled delivery throughout the state of California!

Executive Chef Manuela Sanin infused white chocolate with fresh orange zest to create the chocolate’s delicate shell, which is hand-painted in a color palette reminiscent of a hazy California sunset. Keeping with the company’s tradition, each edible is hand-painted and meticulously crafted. Inside the chocolate is a layer of fresh kumquat marmalade, featuring fruits grown this past winter on Frog Hollow Farm, a pioneering organic and regenerative farm in Brentwood, CA outside of San Francisco. The kumquat marmalade is complimented by a layer of salty vanilla ganache to create a complex dessert that is tangy and bright, yet creamy and smooth.

“Kumquat Creamsicle celebrates California’s agriculture, from kumquats to cannabis,” said Founder Nicholas Pritzker. “This limited-edition infused desert brings these traditions together in an unexpected way to create a beautiful and nostalgic experience that commemorates our expansion from Los Angeles to the rest of the state.”

Each of Cloud11’s Kumquat Creamsicle chocolates include 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, but unlike other similarly dosed edibles, each chocolate is “dessert-sized” and large enough to be savored in two bites. 11 individual chocolates are nestled in a sculptural tin, wrapped in an original artwork by Bay Area artist Rachelle Reichert, and delivered inside a centerpiece-worthy tactile embossed sleeve. 100 editions of this limited-release culinary artworks are available for same day and scheduled delivery across the state of California for $90 at


Cloud11’s original three debut recipes include:

  • Salted Peanut: As an elevated take on the classic, beloved peanut butter cup, Cloud11’s Salted Peanut is a silken, creamy peanut butter ganache encased in delicate, decadent dark chocolate finished with small-batch hand-crafted sea salt from Amagansett Sea Salt Co. Wonderfully smooth, each bite brings subtle waves of sweetness balanced perfectly with a wash of slight saltiness.

  • Strawberry Pink Peppercorn: Featuring strawberries from L.A. institution Harry’s Berries, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn is creamy and complex with a floral pink peppercorn twist to create bright and bitter bursts of flavor. Fresh and alluring, this one of a kind can’t help but melt in the mouth.

  • Black Sesame Yuzu: With Wadaman sesame paste sourced from Japan, Black Sesame Yuzu is sensual and sophisticated. The toasted nuttiness of sesame unfurls alongside the fresh sharpness of yuzu. Earthy tones sit sumptuously alongside brilliant, bright citrus before fading away into a subtle smokiness.

Each flavor is available in 11-piece tins with two dosage options: 2mg THC/2mg CBD or 4mg THC/4mg CBD. Single tins feature one flavor in one dosage and retails for $90, while double tins can combine two flavors and dosages, and retails for $170.

Products for Keeping Your Dog (and Cat) Healthy and Happy this Summer

Products for Keeping Your Dog (and Cat) Healthy and Happy this Summer

It’s no secret that Southern California Summers are beautiful and bring out some of the best things that the region has to offer. Also notorious at this time of year, is the region’s scorching heat and dryness as the months go on. With this year’s worsening drought, it’ll be more important than ever to look out for not just our own health and wellbeing, but that of our comforting companions — cats and dogs.

Two incredible brands at the forefront of pet health (and happiness) are Native Pet and Bocce’s Bakery, and they are largely becoming favorites among pet owners. Their products are not only for satisfying tummies and rewarding our fur babies for good behavior, but they also help to ensure that our little ones are in the best physical shape and overall wellness that they can be in.

From keeping them calm in scary situations, to making sure their guts are at optimal performance, here are some of the products offered by Native Pet and Bocce’s Bakery to help keep our lovable pets happy and healthy this Summer.

Native Pet

Native Pet is a natural, highly effective, and limited ingredient pet supplement brand that uses whole food and superfood ingredients. Available online and at Target, Native Pets was created by CEO Dan Schaefer and his childhood friend, Pat Barron, who were on the hunt for better nutrition for pets. With many of the big brands not meeting the standard that the duo had in mind, they sought out to fill a gap, offering supplements that are not only delicious, but effective.

When it comes to aging, it’s easy to forget that our pets actually age faster than we do, and also quickly feel the effects of it as a result. From joint and mood issues, to gut and hygiene issues, Native Pet offers a line of supplements that can help pups who are having trouble with mobility, digestion, and bladder health. Native Pet’s Relief Chicken Chews are specially formulated for senior dogs to alleviate joint pain, improve anti-inflammatory response, and aid in long-term joint health. With 4 active ingredients, these chews are made of black pepper fruit extract, green lipped mussel, a natural polyphenol blend, and turmeric extract to deliver powerful relief, backed by the fact that it’s all natural and real chicken.

Native Pet also offers Bladder Chicken Chews, maintaining the same level of all-natural, premium ingredient realness. With 3 active ingredients, like cranberry extract, mannose – used to move bacteria away from latching onto the urinary tract lining, and subtilis – a probiotic strain that’s used to help reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant microbes in the urinary tract, Native Pet has created a powerful supplement to help ensure inside accidents and outdoor complications stay at a minimum.

The Native Pet team works with leading nutritionists, vets, and scientists to create all of their formulas, which include the following and more:

  • For the Belly Rubs: Probiotics for Dogs ($29.99) – The powder formulated with only 4 natural ingredients including the Jerusalem artichoke, helps promote gut health upon being added to dog food while maintaining a shelf life of 2 years.

  • For a Glistening Coat: Omega Oil ($11.99) – This wild-caught salmon and pollock based oil additive promotes healthy skin, coats and joints with additional heart-health benefits. 

  • For the Butt-Scooters: Pumpkin Powder ($19.99) – A fully organic, water activated powder crafted with only 3 ingredients (pumpkin, pumpkin seed and apple) serves as an ideal aid to combat diarrhea and constipation. 

  • For New, Teething Buddies: Yak Chews ($14.99) – The all-natural hard cheese chews made of Yak’s milk serve as a high-protein, stink-free, mess-free stick that occupies furry friends for hours.

  • For the Picky Pet: Air-Dried Chews – With a variety of functional recipe options, the air-dried chicken chew line includes tasty, reward-friendly bites for Allergy ($31.99), Relief ($23.99), Calming ($21.99) and Bladder ($29.99) support all built with active ingredients from the earth. 

Bocce’s Bakery

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: According to the American Kennel Club, due to the anxiety and fear that fireworks can cause pets, more pets go missing during the Fourth of July than any other time of year.

While the Fourth of July often signifies the peak of summer, fireworks throughout cities and backyards alike can be very loud and frightening for dogs. Bocce’s Bakery, however, is here to help make the 4th a little easier on pups nationwide. Started in a tiny kitchen in NYC, Bocce’s believes in “better food with fresher, simpler, all natural-ingredients,” and the pet-lover’s favorite for their irresistible treats, is now introducing a line of supplements for pooches.

Along with tips like creating a dedicated quiet space for your pet or keeping them busy, calming products are a great way to ease anxiety and panic your pup may feel. Bocce’s Bakery has introduced their Calming Supplements and BedTime Tea Biscuits, which are not only tasty, but the perfect treat to help your pup get through the holiday:

BedTime Tea Biscuits – This 100% all-natural treat is made with only four ingredients: lavender, vanilla, banana, and comforting oats, and will have your pup dreaming in no time. Perfect for small and large dogs to naturally promote relaxation (… at bedtime or anytime!). Available for purchase on and (with over 2,700 reviews!) Like humans using chamomile tea to relax and wind down, it’s important to look after your pups and ensure they get their lavender treats to do the same.

Calming Supplements – A daily health supplement with natural, calming ingredients designed to help your pup keep their cool – because you’re not the only one in need of a little relaxation and TLC. It has a delicious banana and honey flavor and is made with Chamomile, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine & Melatonin. Available for purchase on and

Skin & Coat Supplements – In addition to these amazing products, Bocce’s Bakery offer’s skin and coat supplements, designed to improve one of the most overlooked parts of a dog’s health: their skin and coat. While their coats are often more noticeable, seeing your dog’s skin can help bring awareness to underlying health issues, allergies, and general health and wellbeing. In addition, it’s also possible for pups to suffer from dry skin issues, which makes this Salmon Oil, Kelp, and Biotin infused supplement a must! Packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, you’d be doing your companion a favor, especially if subjecting them to SoCal heat and dryness.

Cat Treats – How could we ever forget the cats, right!? Bocce’s Bakery also makes sure little feline friends are taken care of with their wide selection of cat treats. Ranging in flavors and recipes, from fish and carrots to beef and cheddar, it’s impossible for even the pickiest of kitties to not enjoy one of their specialty treats. Soft, chewy, all-natural and full on flavor, there’s no excuse for a sad pet Summer in 2022.

Halle Berry Teams Up with The Old Gays, Serving Pride & Bev

Halle Berry Teams Up with The Old Gays, Serving Pride & Bev

Nothing says summer in LA quite like brunch, drinks, and hanging with the LGBTQIA+ community. Actress Halle Berry has teamed up with TikTok Stars The Old Gays (7.4M followers and recently highlighted in the New York Times) and cult favorite canned wine brand Bev for the ultimate Pride Campaign: Serving Pride.

Highlighting the brand’s limited edition Pride Spritz, in which 10% of all sales are being donated to wayOUT, this digital, and OOH wildposting campaign – produced entirely in house at Bev – embraces and highlights the iconic celebration of self love — and spreading it to others to SERVE PRIDE. Utilizing a diverse group of individuals both in front of the camera and behind, Bev seeks to encourage consumers to live their best life, amplify their voices, and be unapologetically YOU. The Pride Spritz is a Sauv Blanc, offering aromatics of crisp green apple, white nectarine and a light, fresh, citrus finish, combined with a playfully uplifting bubbly experience.

Bev is notable for their selection of 100-calorie canned wine spritzers with 0g of sugar and only 3g of carbs, making them one of the most diet and health-conscious brands on the market. What’s more, Bev delivers directly to your doorstep, nationwide, via FREE two day shipping! And If you’re shopping in store, you can pick up a pack at your local Target, Bevmo, Total Wine, AVP, and more. Check out to find a store nearby for when you’re en route to the pool party, and are in need of a good Bev!

Even with a week left in June, many are still continuing the celebration of Pride, and will continue to do so after June has passed – especially as we continue to see heightened targeted legislation and attacks on the LGBTQIA+ community. Allies continue to step forward to lend their love and support, and it’s likely we will see many more needed initiatives like this one throughout the year.

About Bev

Bev is a female-forward beverage brand that was founded to change not only the way a product is consumed but the way an industry and culture have operated for generations. In an industry that is almost exclusively masculine, Bev is breaking norms and creating something from the female perspective that is approachable, fun, and consumer-centric. Unlike other canned wines, which tend to use bottom-of-the-barrel grapes, added sugars, and artificial flavors to taste, Bev is a canned wine made from high-quality, central CA grapes.