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If I were to get infected with Covid-19, the first thing I’d do is have an Integrative Medicine Ozone Infusion. Why? Well, what I’m going to try and do here is lay out all the facts for you, so that you can decide for yourself what the potential of Medical Ozone Therapy is. I’m not touting it as a cure, but I sure am curious about the potential of Ozone Therapy and why the benefits of it aren’t being more deeply explored.

Firstly, what is Ozone Therapy?

As far back as 1840, ozone was used to disinfect operating rooms and sterilize surgical instruments. Then, during the First World War, ozone was found to be effective in cleaning wounds due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Later on, because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities, ozone became the way to safely treat drinking water. In Europe, since the 1950s, ozone has been used in treating chronic diseases, like cancer, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disease, lyme disease and heart disease. There are various ways in which ozone can be administered, but for Covid-19 we’re mainly looking at the infusion of ozone into your bloodstream. It’s called Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAHT) which involves the patient having up to 250ml of their blood drawn into an IV bag which is then injected with ozone. That ozonated blood is then returned to the patient’s body via an IV drip. To read about other ways to infuse the body with Ozone click here.

Can Ozone Therapy successfully treat Covid-19?

As it turns out, yes it can. Many practitioners in Europe are already using Ozone Therapy (MAHT) on Covid-19 patients. These patients showed clinical improvement in 1-2 days of receiving one infusion, one time a day. The earlier the person was treated, the better the results they had. (Source article)

“In Spain, we have begun to administer ozone with the mandatory authorization of the Quality Committee of the hospital centre, and the results have been spectacular,” says Dr. Alberto Hernández, Assistant Physician for Anaesthesia and Resuscitation at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic in Ibiza. “We have registered a clinical trial, but we need to tell the world that Ozone is a very effective and beneficial therapy in these patients and that we must immediately incorporate it into the treatment of these patients.” (Source article)

Concerning the results, professor Dong Ming reported that “four Covid-19 positive patients, including one critical case, one serious case and two normal cases, have been treated with Oxygen Ozone Therapy. After the treatments, the symptoms of dyspnea, severe cough, chest anguish and asthenia subsided until they disappeared. In particular, the critically ill patient recovered without using invasive mechanical ventilation or intensive care treatment. All four patients recovered and were discharged without problems after verifying the viral inactivation (“viral clearance”) of Covid-19.” (Source article)

At the Santa Maria della Misericordia University Hospital in Udine, Italy, 36 patients with Covid-19 pneumonia who had respiratory failure were administered ozone therapy. Only 3% required intubation compared to the usual 15%. There is a high mortality of intubated patients and a given a fifth were spared intubation; it is an achievement to highlight. (Source article)

Then why isn’t Ozone Therapy in every hospital ward?

That’s a good question, and one that I’m hoping to bring your attention to. Why can’t we add a proven virus fighting method to our medicinal arsenal against Covid-19?

Ozone’s challenge is that it does not bring profit to justify private research to advance it towards regulatory agency “approval”, a process requiring many years and tens of millions of USD. Hence, few in the field are aware of it, and fewer will consider “unapproved” therapy even to save lives. Virtually all use is in private offices, where practitioners have no access to an institutional review board, now a requirement to gain acceptance of research for publication. Hence, advancement of the therapy languishes.(Source article)

Medical ozone is not patentable for profit; thus, corporate interests have no incentive to develop and disseminate it. Consequently, few formal studies have been performed. Yet many scientific articles have been published on research conducted in Germany, Russia, Italy, Cuba and elsewhere, demonstrating powerful biochemical effects.” (Source article)

“Simply put, ozone therapy isn’t approved by the FDA for two main reasons: it isn’t patentable, and there’s not enough money to get it through the approval process.” (Source Article)

So the answer as to why there isn’t ozone therapy available in regular medical settings seems to boil down to money and profit. And just so you know, the pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar business, and in 2019, the pharmaceuticals and health products industry in the United States spent more on lobbying efforts than any other industry, totaling about 295.17 million dollars.

Okay, I’m curious – where can I get an Ozone treatment?

There are literally hundreds of integrative, functional and regenerative medicine practitioners across America who offer Ozone Therapy. There are several in So Cal, but I’m only going to mention two places, because I’ve been to both facilities, and know both these doctors. These are two caring, concerned, decent human beings, who are absolutely not trying to bamboozle anyone. There’s Drs. Alice Pien MD & Asher Milgrom PhD of AMA Regenerative Medicines (with offices in Irvine and Beverly Hills), and Dr. Yoshi Rahm D.O. of the Oasis Family Medicine (in Glendale). I asked them about Ozone Therapy and here is what they said:

Dr. Milgrom: “A growing number of Integrative physicians are seeing the same incongruence between the
actual disease (Covid-19) and conventional treatments typically used for infectious pneumonia. It is not a typical
pneumonia. It appears to be a cytokine storm induced by an out of control immune response. The lung tissue is
inflamed and drowning in inflammatory fluids… impairing the flow of O2 into the tissues. Studies in Europe
show that ozone treatments are having a positive effect on hospitalized patients… helping to quickly turn
people around away from the need for ventilation, and back out of the ICU.  It is cheap and fast, and hospitals throughout the county could have a working ozone generator in a matter of days.  Of course, it is important to emphasize that CV19 is a new virus that we have never seen before. Therefore, here in the US, just as in Europe, studies managed by the CDC and FDA would need to be implemented to study any new potential treatments in order to verify the efficacy and safety of these treatments utilized specifically for this disease and under these conditions. 

Dr. Yoshi: “I am a huge advocate of ozone.  Based on preliminary medical studies done in Europe for COVID-19, ozone is showing effective results.  Many studies show that not only does medical ozone improve oxygenation, modulate immune response, improve blood quality metrics, but also attacks viruses that have lipid membranes, like coronaviruses.  Ozone is misunderstood by much of the U.S. medical community yet is such an amazing healing modality with minimal side effects.  It is surprising to me that more doctors in the U.S. aren’t at least giving ozone a try in COVID-19 patients.  Please include the petition.”

The petition that Dr. Yoshi mentions here has been signed (and circulated) by both Dr. Milgrom and Dr. Yoshi. And I strongly urge you to do the same. Sign the petition and circulate it to your family and friends. It could help save a life.

Lastly, what else can Ozone do?

To get a more in depth look at what Ozone treatment is, and what else it can do for you, here’s a link to AMA Regenerative Medicines. And below is a quick list of the health benefits of ozone therapy.

  • Ozone limits the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa
  • Speeds up the healing process by stimulating the immune system
  • Cleans up the arteries and veins and in turn, improves the circulation
  • Purifies the blood
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • helps normalize the production of hormones and enzymes
  • Aids in reducing pain, helps prevent shock as well as helps to stop bleeding
  • Reduces the risk and complications associated with diabetes and stroke
  • Promotes brain functions and improves memory
  • Helps reduce abnormal heart rhythm or cardiac arrhythmia

Of special note:  AMA is offering FREE OF CHARGE ozone and Vit IV to Firefighters and Police/Sheriffs etc. in their First Responder Campaign. If you know any first line responders who could benefit from this, please spread the word.

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