Some things go together like peanut butter and jelly, while some others come together in way that no one could’ve ever imagined — like peanut butter and jelly burgers. Either way, two cannabis leaders coming together for the ultimate Thanksgiving collaboration is both unexpected, and perfection as we start thinking about the big feast due later this month.

That’s right, California cannabis favorites Cann and Kiva have partnered and launched the ultimate THC-infused Thanksgiving starter pack: 2 packs of Kiva’s THC-infused gravy and a 6-pack of Cann’s seasonal favorite Cranberry Sage.

Coming fresh off of midterms and all else that has us stressing, it’s the perfect addition for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, sure to keep everyone chill — before getting to the dinner table, and after! Cann’s low-dose THC social tonic innovates the future of non-alcoholic social drinking. Designed to give you a similar buzz without any hangover the next morning, each Cann is formulated with 2 mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, and includes only four other ingredients – sparkling water, citrus juice, all-natural herbal flavor, and a touch of agave.

Since Cann provides a micro-dose of cannabis, it is designed for you to easily consume more than one without hitting that ‘too high’ feeling you may get with smoking pure flower or consuming an edible. No more uncomfortable experiences, electrolyte depletions, poor sleep, or headaches — just a controlled buzz.

On the other hand, Kiva Confections officially brought back their limited edition cannabis infused ‘Kiva Turkey Gravy’ for the second year, ahead of the holiday season! Just in time to take your festivities to a higher level, this cheeky take on a normally mundane holiday staple is back after its explosively viral debut in 2019.

Consider this the ultimate checkmate for all the stigmas against cannabis.

The Cann x Kiva Thanksgiving Starter Pack is available for $34, and Includes:

Cann’s Cranberry Sage: Sweet and a touch savory, this winter seasonal flavor was crafted to give you the warm and fuzzies all winter long. With no hangover, all-natural ingredients, and only 35 calories per can, Cranberry Sage will comfort you through the cold(er) winter months. Infused with 2mg THC & 4mg CBD.

Kiva Gravy: Kiva’s single-serve gravy pairs turkey stock, salt, onion and garlic with 10mg of THC for an elevated take on a Thanksgiving classic. Awkward family dinner conversation? Sit back, relax, and let the holiday cheer wash over you.