Life on lockdown has presented an astonishing number of inconveniences for many of us, but who knew that dating would be possible in the age of social distancing?  

A new to market video-first dating app, GOATdate, aims to simultaneously modernize and humanize the virtual dating experience. In a ’shelter at home’ world, the brand is primed to succeed and change the virtual dating landscape. Having just launched in late March, the GOATdate is experiencing a meteoric uptick in user-ship — seeing a 100% increase in user numbers by the week!

GOATdate’s mission is to reestablish chemistry as a prime focus of virtual dating, all while making the experience more efficient by cutting out the endless texting and awkward, ‘Do you want to FaceTime?’ Dates, and of course, that very awkward first date. 

The mobile dating industry is currently entrenched with users taking ’swiping’ actions and out-of-date photos, and even while competitors have rolled out similar video features, they’re still primarily rooted in chat and text. 

Here are key differentiators:

  • Dates timed to 5-minutes, so users have an out if they aren’t interested 

  • Cheat sheets of the user with conversation starters on the day 

  • Required video verification to minimize ‘cat fishing’ and ensure security

It couldn’t be a better time to explore dating options that keep you safe, distanced from others, yet engaged in far more genuine ways. GOATdate sounds like it could bring a new wave to the dating scene, and may be the new way for quite a while.