If you’ve been paying attention to the food and supplement space, you’re very aware of the mushroom wellness wave. A number of companies have sprouted up offering their own spin on wellness foods and supplements using fungi. One brand, however, has an interesting approach to the market, offering all the amazing benefits, but without impeding upon your routine. Earth & Star, the functional mushroom brand bringing powerful immune-supporting benefits by way of ready-to-drink lattes, has expanded their product portfolio and launched Organic Ground Coffee, Dark Chocolates and Tinctures

The launches mark exciting growth for the brand, and Earth & Star founders and wellness industry veterans Zoë Sakoutis & Erica Huss – who are the former co-founders behind the wildly successful BluePrint Cleanse of the mid-2000s – believe that fungi is the future. As the power duo owned the juice cleanse space, they are now taking over the functional mushroom category and rather than expecting consumers to add yet another product to their wellness repertoire, Zoë and Erica’s line of RTD lattes, Ground Coffee, Dark Chocolates, and Tinctures serve as a seamless integration to supercharge our daily routines, making wellness easier and accessible for all.

As founders at the forefront of the mushroom movement upon us, the pair offer incredible insight into the mushroom movement, and benefits of their products:

  • BluePrint Product Pioneers + Fungi Forerunners – As creators of the multi-billion dollar cold pressed juice industry through BluePrint Cleanse, pivoting to the crowded adaptogen and functional foods category wasn’t the most expected step for Zoë and Erica. Explore why they’re leaning into the true, enriching roots of wellness and how Earth & Star is developing the magical world of mushrooms differently (100% fruiting bodies vs typical mycelial-based products on the market).

  • Adaptogens For XY & Z – In the midst of the pandemic and political + social turmoil, consumers have sought out ways to boost immunity, ward off viruses, ease anxiety and discover simple, yet effective, ways to be well. As such, the ‘magic mushroom’ market within the wellness industry has skyrocketed, offering an adaptogenic product for just about every need. Products made with functional ‘magic mushrooms’ offer everything from focus & clarity to immunity, muscle recovery, and balancing hormones.

  • 4th of Wave of Fungi – Adaptogenic mushrooms have been used for centuries, but there is still a lack of education and stigma surrounding some mushrooms. The 4th Wave of Fungi will take the combined power of industry leaders in the health & wellness industries to show how mushrooms can deliver on the promise to create homeostasis in the body — from relieving depression and reducing physical stress to providing glowing skin, and more.

The line-up of new and existing products feature the brand’s signature synergistic blend of mushrooms that provide lasting therapeutic doses of calm, focused energy, immune support and more. Never sacrificing on quality or taste, the adaptogenic infused products tastes just like your favorite brew, matcha latte or chocolate, and are plant-based, organic, and without refined sugar, preservatives.

Meet The New Products

Earth & Star Ground CoffeeDark Roast, 1,200 MG Functional Extracts Per Serving, USDA Organic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Small Batch
Pricing/Where to Buy: $24.99/bag | earthandstar.com/products/organic-ground-coffee 

Earth & Star Organic Mushroom Dark Chocolates: First certified organic dark chocolate that delivers on flavor and the functional benefits of adaptogenic mushroom extracts. Science backed ingredients that targets performance, brain function, and immune support.
Flavors: Minty (Defend), Coffee (Perform), Orange (Glow), Salty (Think)
Pricing/Where to Buy: $50/12 bars | earthandstar.com/collections/chocolate 

Earth & Star Tinctures: Take two dropperfuls daily and put them in any vehicle you like – coffee, tea, water, smoothies, etc! Flavors have different functions including cognitive support, glowing skin, immune support, and more.
Flavors: Brain Drops (w/ Lion’s Mane), Beauty Drops (w/ Tremella + Shiitake) and Everything Drops (w/ Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail)
Pricing/Where to Buy: $34.49/unit | earthandstar.com/collections/tinctures

About Earth & Star

Founded in 2020 by serial wellness entrepreneurs and thought leaders Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis, Earth & Star is a functional mushroom company bringing powerful immune supporting benefits through ready-to-drink lattes, coffee and chocolate, available nationwide. Enhanced with a therapeutic dose of the most powerful adaptogenic mushrooms (Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi + Chaga) to create the ultimate “entourage effect”, Earth & Star’s products provide your daily dose of calm, mental clarity and immune support to supercharge your everyday routine. To experience Earth & Star, visit EarthandStar.com and @earthandstarco #thefutureisfungi