The meatless movement is growing increasingly large, and nomoo | new american burgers, the innovative vegan fast food joint, quickly becoming the mecca for all plant-based Angelinos, aims to revolutionize America’s favorite food— the burger—from the inside out. If you’ve been scrolling on the foodie side of Instagram lately, there’s a high probability that you’ve come across at least a couple of nomoo’s menu offerings captured beautifully.

While their plant-based menu items look like our traditional favorites, their ingredients are a bit different — but so much tastier and better for you! What makes the experience even more worthwhile is their retro-modernized diner theme hailing back to the days of yesteryear.

nomoo’s quality food created a body of loyal fans, while the art, styling, electric branding supporting their plant-based menu, and the honed flavor profiles differentiate the restaurant from others. nomoo’s familiar-yet-futuristic retro neon style injects color and vibrancy to their flagship location, a historic long-forgotten diner on Los Angeles’ iconic Melrose Avenue.

Menu items range from their fan favorite Hot Chicken Sandwich, served on a warm brioche bun using house made plant based chicken, to a delicious green salad crafted from locally grown produce — not to be outshined by their golden fries and colorful milkshakes.