Nurture Life, a meal delivery service for families (and amazingly great for children) has been among some of the key providers in Southern California. As our time sheltering in place is extended, families are facing the challenge of how to provide balanced meals, due to sold out delivery slots and limited grocery options. It is here, where Nurture Life answers the question: “But what if we didn’t have to sacrifice balanced meals for convenience, especially now?”

An alternative to grocery stores, Nurture Life is a DTC meal service that works hand in hand with RD’s and chefs to meet the nutritional requirements for kids at every stage. Fresh, never frozen, veggie-forward meals, Nurture Life has a variety of seriously healthy dishes for babies (10months – 24 months), toddlers (1-4 years), Kids (5-10 years), Kids (11-18 years) and even family meals! No gimmicks, no antibiotics and shipping US-wide, Nurture Life’s passion is to raise the standard for nutrition in America – so you know you can trust these dishes will be as thoughtful of your family’s nutrition as you would be. Since Nurture Life knows this is a stressful time, they are currently offering 25% off the first two orders, with the code BESTKIDSMEALS, to help ease any burden, in addition to giveback efforts like Hard Working Heroes.

Words From The Co-Founder, Jennifer Chow

“Today’s parents are busier than ever but don’t want to compromise when it comes to feeding their children. We created Nurture Life to help parents feed their families fresh, nutritionally balanced meals focused on organic produce, antibiotic free meats and whole grains, without having to do all the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking themselves. With Nurture Life, we also set out to tackle one of our country’s biggest challenges – the way our children eat. If we can teach our children that vegetables, whole grains and a variety of proteins are normal and delicious at the beginning of their eating journey, we can set them up for increased food acceptance which encourages healthy eating for the rest of their lives.”