Known for their modern take on health and wellness supplements, Ritual, the beloved health-meets-technology company with an emphasis on traceability and sustainability, opened their flagship retail store on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles on May 10th! This retail launch marks the evolution of Ritual, as the brand continues an incredible trajectory of growth, adding more product categories, and investing in human to human interaction.

Just like the company’s product packaging and presentation, the store was creatively designed by the firm Mythology, who have brought the Warby Parker, Away, and Allbirds stores to Abbot Kinney as well. The new Ritual store is divided into spaces to create a sense of discovery as you move through it. There are storytelling and educational moments throughout the space, and a wall devoted to technology, a wall about Ritual’s mission and how habits become rituals, a wall on traceability, and even a giant, life sized capsule created by Warner Bros!

A long way from the days of just offering a daily multivitamin for men and women of different age groups, Ritual has expanded to offering multi vitamins for teens and kids, as well as prenatal, gut health, and protein supplements. With a clean and simple style, Ritual’s supplements are not only eye-catching for their futuristic appearance, but they’re also grabbing the attention of customers who find the products to be incredibly beneficial to their overall wellbeing.

For the first 8 weeks, the brand will be hosting a speaker series on parenthood. The speaker series will delve deep into everything — from registry must–haves, to feeding tips, to sleep training, to maintaining your identity, and everything in between.

Where to find Ritual’s Flagship Store:

1114 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90291