The challenges have been endless from business to business since the global pandemic began. While many businesses struggle to to find their footing, The Habit Burger Grill’s innovative changes at transforming their business model during this challenging time has ensured the safety of their employees and customers. 


Only a little over 20% of The Habit Burger Grill restaurants have a traditional drive through, which in itself creates an issue regarding how to serve customers. This fast-casual burger chain has operated primarily in a dine-in environment. Considering the current needs of the customers The Habit has undertaken the challenge of pivoting their traditional in-store dining to offer curbside service, pop-up drive thru and drive-up option to maximize convenience and minimize contact. All of those new channels have been introduced with a true entrepreneurial spirit in record time of only a few weeks. 


For locations that do not currently have a drive-thru option, the curbside and drive-up innovations have helped immensely. Having seen an uptick in orders by doing this and increasing sales across all of their digital channels, The Habit Burger Grill is taking every measure to sustain business, ensure safety, and has successfully done so amidst the current circumstances.


  • No-Contact Pop-Up Drive Thru Service:  Converts non-drive-thru units into a contactless drive-thru service.  Customers who have not ordered ahead will drive up, place their order, and have their food brought directly to them without having to leave their vehicle.   


  • No-Contact Drive-Up Service : Converts non-drive-thru units into a contactless drive-up experience. Customers who have not ordered ahead will drive up, park in a designated parking space where a team member will take their order and then bring their food directly to their vehicle.  


  • No-Contact Curbside Service: A new tech enabled service is being rolled out (starting in our San Diego market) where guests can place an order ahead of time on our mobile app or online. After the order is placed, guests will receive a text message where they can select to pick-up curbside and enter their car details. Once the guest clicks the “I’m Here!” button, a team member will deliver their meal directly to their vehicle.

We look forward to covering more of the changes that The Habit continues to roll out to ensure safety among customers and employees.