Photo credit: Vince Novo @novophotos on Instagram

I recently read through various astrological predictions for 2020 that were written before this year even started. The reason so many astrologers and psychics were paying attention to 2020 is that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were coming together for “the Great Transformation”—a planetary alignment not seen in 2000 years. Everything I read pointed to something really BIG about to happen; a tectonic shift in political, financial, and personal realms.
One blog post in particular grabbed my attention because it was written in 2018—and to read it now is eerie. This blogger, known as Astro Drew, wrote these thoughts in 2018 (and I’m only listing the things that stood out):
“The conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, is a mind-blowing sound of change. This is the energy shifter of all energy shifters. It will be a time of restructuring values. Many Americans values — and the world’s values — will be called into question. The upheaval will have incredibly strong economic consequences. Good luck to the stock market. China, interestingly enough, may have some new role to play in the fray. Something paranormal / difficult to explain will occur that will shift the public consciousness and add weight to the question of what is meaningful in life. The aspects are so strong that I’m worried about massive earthquakes and ground-shaking phenomena. I worry about the loss of life. Something on an alien level may occur, with some sort of revealing of other life forms not previously known.” (note: think Covid-19 for the “previously unknown life form.)

It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it, to think that was written in 2018.
Okay, so YES, we’re in a major transformational period. The human race just got a sharp smack in the face. This is our loud and unpleasant wake up call. All of a sudden we’re in a metamorphosis of sorts and, as we know, transformation is no easy thing. Think of the major alteration that caterpillars go through to turn into butterflies. It’s their power to change so radically that has made them symbolic of the human spirit. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and resurrection.
Isn’t it uncanny then, that we’re all locked in our homes right now—our cocoons. It’s like the universe is forcing us to examine ourselves, and compelling us to morph into the more beautiful “butterfly” version of ourselves. And just so you know, while inside a chrysalis, a caterpillar’s body digests itself from the inside out. The same juices it used to digest food as a larva, it now uses to break down its own body! So yeah, we’re digesting our own selves right now, whilst sitting in our own muck.

In a way, this virus is showing us what we’re made of and who we really are. We see our government rushing to roll back EPA protections, basically to give the major polluters a free pass during this pandemic even though this is the complete opposite of what should be happening. We see the senators guilty of insider-trading and dumping stocks after coronavirus briefings. We see hoarding and xenophobia, and people who refuse to stay home because they want to party. This is the ugly side of human nature—the greedy, self-centered, uncaring, dishonest side.
BUT, we’re also witnessing the incredible courage of doctors and nurses everywhere; the bravery of the frontline workers; the kindness, caring and solidarity emerging as people lift each other up. There’s the creative spreading of love, like the children’s stuffed bear hunt that’s going global, and the Italians singing to each other from their balconies. People everywhere offering to sew face-masks; families, celebrities and businesses donating whatever and however they can. Suddenly we understand how much we need each other and how incredibly precious life is.
So…how will this pandemic transform you? The choice is yours.