Anyone who lives in SoCal knows that relationships can be tough. That’s where Very Engaging, the quirky couples guidebook to “gamify” your relationship comes in! Sure, there are all the normal stressors of dating when living in Los Angeles, but the City of Angels has a few extra bonus factors making it even tougher. As you know, LA traffic is real and it can make proximity to your partner an actual factor in choosing your significant other! It’s also a city of 4 million people making it easy to casually swipe left and right with seemingly endless options.
Once you do find someone who has the potential to to be “the one,” there are still all the normal hurdles of dating. Very Engaging helps couples face these deep and not-so-deep questions- from having kids to who gets which side of the bed- with humor, sensitivity, and good old fashion games. Even better, it’s the brainchild of two locals- Charly Ligety and Les Starck.
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“The idea for this book first came to fruition when Les and I were co-workers. At the time, Les was recently married, and I had just gotten engaged. Between our conversations about getting to know our partners, as well as hearing from other friends and co-workers about their pre-marital counseling experiences, we all found common ground in the fact that initiating these big conversations with our partners could be daunting, intimidating, and downright awkward at times. We wanted to create a fun, approachable way for couples to stimulate meaningful and fruitful conversations,” said Charly Ligety, Co-Author of Very Engaging.
“The $50 billion wedding industry is largely focused on that one day, and often geared toward females. We wanted to provide something that also spoke to men and harnessed the same fun energy as the wedding day, while helping couples really navigate the nuances and challenges of marriage beyond saying ‘I do.’ We also noticed there was a lack of meaningful engagement gifts on the market. You get items like candles and picture frames, but nothing that is actually going to help you become a better partner,” said Les Starck, Co-Author of Very Engaging.
Charly and Les spent the last year + researching and writing Very Engaging. They interviewed several marriage and family therapists and dozens of couples in all stages of relationships in developing the conversation activities. Every page has been tested and reiterated hundreds of times by real local couples to ensure each conversation activity successfully creates a playful and romantic experience.
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To help self publish- Charly and Les launched a Kicksarter campaign which ends at midnight August 27th, 2017. This is a unique opportunity to support local authors and be part of the Very Engaging movement. You can be one of the first backers of this innovative take on an age-old problem. In fact, 12 lucky backers will have the opportunity to have their name written into one of the book’s conversation activities.  That’s right, your name in print for all to see!
You can learn more about the exciting ways to support this project and order your copy today by visiting Very Engaging on
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