(Contributing Editor: Anthony C. Stafford) If you’re seeing a blissful, colorful, vacation-like ad recurring on social media, chances are you’ve seen Vital Proteins‘ coveted Collagen Waters! This hot new must-have refresher is taking over by storm, and SoCal residents can now purchase Collagen Water at Costco, who’s selling variety packs nationwide.

What is Collagen Water?

Collagen Water is Vital Proteins first ready-to-drink product that offers 10 grams of proprietary Collagen Peptides, 3g of sugar or less (from real fruit juice), and reverse osmosis H2O to help you hit refresh on your morning routine, during a cool down after a much-needed sweat session, or as a grab on-the-go anytime, anywhere hydrator. Collagen Water is packaged for convenience and comes in 5 different flavors, including Original, Blackberry Hibiscus, Lemon Ginger, Blueberry Mint and Strawberry Lemon. Delicious!

What does this Collagen Water intend to do as it hits the scene? The goal is to ween everyone off of the not-so-healthy “ades,” and onto something natural, that’s also packed with essential nutrition that the body can use more efficiently. Each drink is the perfect single-size serving to throw in a bag while traveling out and about this summer. Vital Proteins Collagen Water offers hydration, protein, and… That’s right — collagen, as the name implies! Using only high quality, all-natural ingredients, Vital Proteins contains key proteins and nutrients needed to look and feel your best while the collagen improves hair, skin, and nails within just a few weeks! It’s only become easier to make this summer heat bearable, so go easy on yourself with Vital Proteins.

Delicious Ways to Drink More Water

Read on for tips directly from the Vital Proteins team on how to improve and increase your consumption of Earth’s essential life-giving ingredient. (Courtesy of Jenn Randazzo, Associate Director of Education at Vital Proteins)

How can someone know how much water they should actually be drinking? While the general recommendation is to drink eight glasses of water a day (sigh), hydration needs are truly different for each of us!  When working with my clients, I encourage them to take a peek at their urine to best determine their hydration status. The ideal color should be a pale, or light, yellow.  Dark yellow means you’re probably dehydrated, while completely clear could indicate you’ve maybe drank a little too much. Drinking water is incredibly important because it helps to support the body’s ability to achieve fluid homeostasis, or fluid balance.  Along with eating a diet rich in water-dense fruits and veggies, drinking water helps to support optimal hydration and electrolyte status.  I always make sure to have easy access to water, whether it’s having a hydroflask on my desk at work or sipping a refreshing beverage in my car, like Vital Proteins’ new Collagen Water.