The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company Celebrates 30 Years of Empowering Youth Through the Arts

The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company Celebrates 30 Years of Empowering Youth Through the Arts

The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company is thrilled to announce its 30th Anniversary Fundraiser Gala, a significant milestone commemorating their dedication to transforming the lives of young individuals through the enchanting world of theater and storytelling. This gala extravaganza is scheduled for Friday, October 27, at the elegant venue of The Ebell Los Angeles, promising an unforgettable evening brimming with entertainment, inspiration, and a strong sense of community.

For a remarkable 30 years, The Unusual Suspects, founded by the talented actress Laura Leigh Hughes, has been unwavering in its commitment to providing a haven for underprivileged youth from underserved communities in Los Angeles. This space has allowed these young minds to explore their creativity, foster self-confidence, and develop essential life skills. Through the medium of theater and storytelling, the organization has empowered thousands of young people to find their unique voices and share their compelling stories. The Unusual Suspects introduces these youngsters to the art of writing, directing, acting, and producing original content, all while granting them access to live theater performances.

The 30th Anniversary Fundraiser Gala will roll out the red carpet and treat attendees to an exciting auction, live musical performances, and, most importantly, a spectacular play featuring celebrity actors like Paola Lázaro (known for her role in The Walking Dead), Shakira Barrera (from Glow), Gabriela Ortega (star of Huella), and Jorge Diaz (known for Paranormal Activity). This play is composed of four monologues written by The Unusual Suspects Theater Company’s own students and will be masterfully directed by Academy Award nominee Carlos Lopez Estrada, acclaimed for his work on Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon.

In addition to the captivating performances, the event will unveil The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company’s latest endeavor, DEVISE, a magazine produced in collaboration with Stage Raw. DEVISE will showcase a diverse array of articles, interviews, and advertisements aimed at nurturing and supporting the next generation of artists. With an estimated circulation exceeding 30,000 copies in both digital and print formats, DEVISE aims to bridge the generational gap between theater enthusiasts and creators, distributing the magazine free of charge in spaces accessible to all young individuals interested in Los Angeles’s vibrant theater scene.

The gala evening will be hosted by the talented actress and comedian Veronica Osorio, recognized for her work in The Laundromat, and actor and comedian Erik Escobar, who made a mark on Last Comic Standing. The 30th Anniversary Gala is a collective effort, with The Unusual Suspects Theater at the helm and guidance from their dedicated Board of Directors. The production of this remarkable event is entrusted to Edward Enriquez-Cohen of Olive Productions and Publicity.

The gala will also shine a spotlight on some distinguished honorees, including actor and activist Diego Tinoco, famous for his roles in On My Block on Netflix and Knight of the Zodiac from Sony. He will receive the esteemed Future Generation Impact Award. Power couple Olga Segura, co-founder of The Latinx House and Poderistas, and Ryan Gall, co-founder of Global Citizen Festival, will be honored with The Humanitarian Impact Award. Sara Scott, Chair of The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company’s Board of Directors, will be celebrated with the Outstanding Community Advocate Award.

Abiram Brizuela, the Executive Director of The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m truly so honored as the new executive director of The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company to come together with our USTC family and board of directors as we celebrate this extraordinary 30-year milestone. This is not just a celebration of our organization’s legacy, but an exciting look into our ambitious future through the lens of our young artists’ work.”

The proceeds from the 30th Anniversary Fundraiser Gala will be directed towards supporting The Unusual Suspects’ programs, enabling them to reach even more young individuals and make a lasting impact.

For further information about The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company and to purchase tickets for the 30th Anniversary Fundraiser Gala, visit their website at

About The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company

The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering underserved youth through the transformative power of theater and storytelling. For 30 years, The Unusual Suspects has provided a creative outlet for young people, helping them build self-confidence, communication skills, and resilience. The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company embraces theatre as a vehicle for social empowerment. Providing free access to dozens of year-long youth theatre residencies focused on the creation and performance of original plays as well as exposure to professional theatre performances, The Unusual Suspects has evolved from a local program serving roughly 50 participants in Van Nuys in 1993 into a robust program that served over 3,500 youth in over 20 communities of Los Angeles in 2023 alone.
Langers Launches New Blue Zones-Inspired Teas Alongside Netflix Series ‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’

Langers Launches New Blue Zones-Inspired Teas Alongside Netflix Series ‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’

At Langers, the legacy of joie de vivre and longevity intertwines with the brand’s second-generation family-owned heritage. Founded by Nathan Langer, a man whose life was dedicated to purpose, community, and a deep connection to the earth, Langers transcends the realm of providing pure fruit juices to American households. Instead, it embodies the lifestyle practices of the world’s healthiest and longest-living people in the renowned Blue Zones, or longevity hotspots. These practices include moving naturally, discovering one’s purpose, relishing an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and indulging in the age-old tradition of tea. In celebration of these unique regions, Langers proudly introduces two exceptional unsweetened teas: Bergamot Black and Green & Jasmine. These teas are infused with nourishing ingredients historically enjoyed by the centenarians of Ikaria, Greece, and Okinawa, Japan, two of the world’s Blue Zones.

Credit: Langers

Bruce Langer, the President of Langers, encapsulates the brand’s essence, stating “Langers Juice is a family brand, and it’s always been about just that: family and juice.” He goes on to explain the family’s unwavering commitment to crafting more than just juices; they are cultivating a legacy, a journey through flavors and traditions that extends beyond pure fruit juices. Langers embodies a dedication to moving naturally, knowing one’s purpose, savoring fruits, and sipping tea. These beverages reflect the vitality of centenarians in the Blue Zones, offering a sip of life’s most precious moments from nature’s finest gifts.

This exciting launch of Langers Blue Zones-inspired products coincides with the release of the Netflix docuseries, “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones,” hosted by National Geographic Explorer and Blue Zones founder Dan Buettner. The series identifies the world’s healthiest, longest-living populations in various Blue Zones, including Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Nicoya, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California, where the Langer family’s farms and headquarters are located.

Langers’ latest venture represents a flavorful odyssey with no added sugars or sweeteners, epitomizing longevity and vitality. Each sip transports you to the extraordinary regions of the Blue Zones, inviting you to explore and savor their culinary secrets.

Easy To Drink Teas With Blue Zones-Inspired Ingredients

Green & Jasmine Tea inspired by Okinawa, Japan: Inspired by Okinawans’ practice of enjoying anti-inflammatory green tea with jasmine flowers and turmeric called “shan-pien,” Langers’ tea infuses real juices such as pineapple, mango, ginger, and dragon fruit. With the addition of turmeric, this tea offers a gentle lift in energy and mood restoration.

Credit: Langers

Bergamot Black Tea inspired by Ikaria, Greece: Bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit that thrives in Ikaria, is at the heart of this antioxidant-rich blend. Combined with the juices of stone fruits, watermelon, and strawberry, this tea is designed to restore and renew.

For more information on Langers’ Blue Zones-inspired teas, visit their website and follow @langersjuice on Instagram.

To learn more about Blue Zones and the proven ways to increase longevity, visit the Blue Zones official website and watch “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” on Netflix.

Langers’ Blue Zones Teas are available now at WinCo Foods,, and Amazon.

About Blue Zones®

Blue Zones employs evidence-based ways to help people live better, longer. The company’s work is rooted in explorations and research done by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner in blue zones regions around the world, where people live extraordinarily long and/or happy lives. The original research and findings were released in Buettner’s bestselling books The Blue Zones Solution, The Blue Zones of Happiness, The Blue Zones, Thrive, Blue Zones Kitchen, Blue Zones American Kitchen, and the Blue Zones Challenge – all published by National Geographic books. Using original Blue Zones research, Blue Zones works with individuals, organizations, cities, counties, regions, and states to make healthy choices easier through permanent and semi-permanent changes to our human-made surroundings. Participating communities have experienced double-digit drops in obesity and tobacco use and have saved millions of dollars in health care costs. For more information, visit

Huxleys Makes A Case For The Medicine Cabinet Treatment

Huxleys Makes A Case For The Medicine Cabinet Treatment

We are at a critical point when it seems that everyone is after products that are friendlier to them and their bodies. Many are avoiding vitamins and supplements that are overly processed, questionably sourced, and side effect-inducing, while trading them out for more natural alternatives. With a wave of new cannabis products being introduced that focus on enhancing or treating our various moods and ailments, there’s one company who wants you to know it’s time to upgrade your CBD stash’s status from the kitchen drawer to the medicine cabinet.

On August 14, Huxleys, a premiere cannabis brand, officially made its debut in the California market. What sets Huxleys apart from others is its unique approach to crafting cannabis products that focus on minor cannabinoids to deliver specific effects – happiness, energy, sex, and sleep. In a groundbreaking move, Huxleys aims to transform your medicine cabinet with meticulously formulated, science-backed products that cater to distinct sensations, providing an unmatched experience.

Huxleys firmly believes in the potential of discreet solutions that enhance various aspects of life. To realize this vision, the brand specializes in creating safe, discreet, and effective infused gel-caps and gummies. These products are expertly designed with a combination of THC, CBG, CBN, CBD, and THCV, all complemented by tailored terpenes. The result is a range of effects-based, targeted solutions for everyday life, addressing four areas of our lives that we crave some additional assistance in at some point or another.

At launch, Huxleys introduced four distinct collections of effects-based products, available in both gel-cap and gummy forms. Each product within these collections boasts a unique flavor profile and a range of cannabinoid concentrations, with servings varying from 5mg to 20mg. Notably, all Huxleys products are readily accessible at dispensaries across California, making the pursuit of enhanced well-being accessible with a uniform price of $40. Huxleys is ushering in a new era of cannabis products, where precision and tailored experiences are at the forefront of wellness.

We had the opportunity to try them, and the results were absolutely medicine cabinet-worthy! One point to note for anyone who is a micro-doser, depending on your limitations Huxleys’ current lineup can be outside of your range of comfort, so consider this before buying. As mentioned, the gummies and gel-caps do differ in dosage, so it’s worth checking between the two for what’s right for you. We had the opportunity to try out the gel-cap lineup, and were honestly surprise at how powerful and effective these are.

Energy, Without The Punishment

Who needs coffee when you’ve god THC? That’s basically what it comes down to with Energy, except in this case there’s no crash! Accompanied by an enhanced feeling of focus, Huxleys’ Energy gel-caps give a great mental boost, helping with productivity and even physical activity. The lightest dosage of all four offerings, I was able to test these out and loved how sharp I felt mentally, and without the munchies!

Energy features a blend of cannabinoids and a proprietary terpene mix—but most notably includes THCV, a key component renowned for its capacity to boost motivation, enhance alertness, and suppress appetite. At 5 mg THC and 1 mg THCV, even the lightest of micro-dosers can give this one a shot.

Happiness In A Bottle

I was happy to tap into a friend’s assistance for the remaining three blends, because the last thing you want is for a fun ride to turn into a nightmare. And if there’s one thing marijuana’s going to do, it’s most likely going to make you feel all fluffy inside with the potential to go way south if you overdo it. Happiness in a capsule is exactly what this is, with laughs, smiles, and pure joyousness emanating from within. At 20 mg THC, it’s almost no surprise that the euphoric feelings are to come, but this little yellow bundle of joy even enhanced creativity for story telling, art, and expression. Happy was a mood elevator indeed, and I’d almost argue that I’ve never seen this friend happier.

Sleep Like A Baby

For those restless nights, Sleep was an intense opponent to fight against—but it is possible to prevail in that fight. It’s important to be mindful of when you’re taking this one, due to the fact that if you find yourself too awake and outlasting the sleep-inducing transition, then you’ll just feel yourself sinking into a lazy, bed-ridden hole. On the other hand, if you catch that sleep wave, it has the potential to be some of the best Z’s you’ve experienced. 5 mg CBN, 5 mg CBD, and 5 mg THC make this formula the perfect mix to throw on your ocean sounds, slide on your eye mask, and count the stars.

Sex, Party, Euphoria

You know what it feels like to party? Well, that’s basically what it feels like is going on inside of you here. In fact, besides date nights, parties and music festivals might be a suitable setting to enjoy these as well. This gel-cap had a rhythm to it from beginning to end, and lasted for hours from the initial gentle kick in, all the way through the rush of its peak and recurring waves of the cool down.

Euphoric, tantalizing, and heightened senses are a few of the descriptors I got about the Sex blend, and mention of it feeling like being “in a nightclub.” Sex comes in at 5 mg CBD, 10 mg CBG, and 20 mg THC, which means it’s quite the powerful formula. Experts only!

Just like the pain relief we reach for, Huxleys proved to us that there is indeed a place for them in the medicine cabinet for at least four different potential needs. We’re excited to imagine what will join the lineup next!

Why Fogo De Chão Should Be On Your Lunchtime Radar

Why Fogo De Chão Should Be On Your Lunchtime Radar

Cowriter: Anthony C. Stafford

To many, they’re known as the premium, luxury dinner destination for romantic date nights, family celebrations, and business meetings. To others, they’re a top Brazilian steakhouse with an endless assortment of exquisite meats—a place only reserved for special occasions. And then there are those who swing by to indulge in a varied selection of iconic weekend specialty drinks. However, everyone should know that there’s so much more to Fogo de Chão, making them worthy of being a daily destination that doesn’t break the bank, and they’ll be the first to say it.

The Warmest Welcome Home

We had the opportunity to visit one of the newest Fogo locations to open this year in Woodland Hills, and whatever you thought you knew about Fogo de Chão before, we’re here to tell you that it’s even better and more accessible than you imagined! Our experience centered around the coveted Bar Fogo, which is arguably an unrealized gem staring us all in the face, but we’d like to start with the amazing people who completed this experience and made it possible in the first place.

If you happen to stop by Fogo de Chão Woodland Hills, rest assured that the team here will take great care of you! Restaurant Manager Steven Marshall and General Manager Stephany Rodarte are incredibly warm and welcoming, making rounds to ask firsthand how patrons are enjoying their visits. Stephany was available during our visit and ensured the comfort of guests while also providing us with some history behind Fogo de Chão, answering our questions, and even teaching us Portuguese! In fact, we learned that everyone you see at Fogo locations across the country is promoted in-house, rather than being pulled from other companies. This helps instill the values that Fogo believes in and maintains the very reputation they have earned today.

In addition, the gaucho chefs, waiters, and servers are some of the nicest and most personable people you can meet, and we can only recommend asking for them by name. Alfredo Cruze, Gabriel De La Cruz, and Ray will take great care of you and have smiles that light up the room! Bartender Tori will also be more than happy to turn those cocktails into mock-tails for your lunchtime needs.

Like Having Lunch Abroad

To start, All Day Happy Hour is the headliner, and it’s never a bad time to stop by ahead of dinner to indulge in the many affordable and filling options. Bar Fogo is available at all Fogo de Chão locations, but at the Woodland Hills location, you’ll sit on the patio and bar area, which also feature slightly more secluded and intimate tables for your bar experience.

The Bar Bites are not only offerings of a few of the delicious items the brand is known for, but they come at just $6, making for a lunchtime snack that doesn’t break the wallet. The $6 Bar Bites are smaller, irresistible servings of some of Fogo’s most popular menu items at an equally smaller price tag while maintaining their big flavor. This includes the unforgettable quiejo assado (fire-roasted Brazilian cheese topped with Malagueta honey), Brazilian empanadas (pillows of flaky pastry, seasoned picanha, onions, and chimichurri aioli), and crispy parmesan polenta fries. In addition, the bites include some items that may be more filling than you bargained for, like Saucy Legs (fire-roasted chicken, hot Brazilian BBQ, Pão de Queijo crispies (cheese stuffed bread), dedo de moca peppers), Spiced Chicken Sliders (marinated chicken breast, arugula, tomato, pickled onion, mango aioli, brioche bun), and Seasonal Hummus (house-made seasonal hummus with crisp toasts).

Next up, Fogo’s Shareable Plates add even more bang to your buck, with almost all offerings at or below $15. Shareable plates range from meat-focused to plant-based dishes for a selection of proteins and veggies that don’t skimp on flavor. The Shareable Plates include:

  • Lobster & Shrimp Tacos: Napa cabbage wrap, citrus aioli, shredded slaw, and dedo de moca peppers
  • Warm Hearts of Palm and Spinach Dip: Steamed spinach, hearts of palm, and crispy toasts
  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin Skewers: Served with chimichurri salsa
  • Gaucho-Style Hummus: Topped with seasoned picanha
  • Braised Beef Rib Sliders: Xingu-beer braised, caramelized onions, and smoked provolone on a brioche bun
  • The Bone Churrasco Board: Large beef rib, served with chimichurri sauce
  • Cordeiro Churrasco Board: Three double lamb chops, served with mintchurri sauce
  • BPQ Churrasco Board: Brazilian Sausage, crispy pork belly, and BBQ sauce

The Lobster & Shrimp Tacos are a must-try, as they’re a perfect appetizer to your full lunch meal. Light, fresh, and crunchy, bold flavors unite for this reimagined “seafood salad.” Hints of citrus aioli mesh with the spicy kick of dedo de moça peppers to deliver balanced and transformative bites through and through. Share them, or keep them all to yourself!

Finally, the big star of the lunch menu is the Picanha Burger. Where else can you get a burger and fries (that are actually worth it) for less than $10 these days? Well, Fogo de Chão. Not even fast food has deals like this anymore! The Picanha Burger is fresh ground in-house and dressed with smoked provolone, Bibb lettuce, tomato, onion, chimichurri aioli, and a brioche bun, while served alongside crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside parmesan polenta fries. The best fries around, with the thickest, juiciest, and most decadent burger you’ll ever get, probably shouldn’t cost $9, but they do here. Fulfilled is an understatement if you’re wondering how the meal will leave you feeling.

While the Woodland Hills location has been very popular for lunch, don’t pass up the opportunity for luxury-level deliciousness at a fraction of the cost at your own local Fogo de Chão. And yes, the meats that they’re so famous for are still available at lunch. It’s time to forget about the occasional trips to Fogo and celebrate what they’ve got to offer on a more frequent basis, especially during these times when the dollar is getting us less and less.

Sprayground Introduces Miami Vice Collection

Sprayground Introduces Miami Vice Collection

There are some brands that just give you California vibes, and Sprayground is one of them—even when their latest collection pays tribute to captivating 80s TV sensation, “Miami Vice.”

Miami Vice Wings Up Backpack

It’s a blast from the past, as the ultimate fusion of fashion and nostalgia arrived from Sprayground earlier this month. The iconic travel fashion brand, is taking us on a thrilling journey back to the ’80s to reimagine the cultural phenomenon that was “Miami Vice.” The Sprayground x Miami Vice Collection pays homage to this legendary TV sensation that left an indelible mark on fashion and pop culture. With meticulously crafted pieces inspired by the show’s iconic detectives, Sonny and Ricco, this collection offers a unique celebration of the glitz, glam, and adrenaline rush of the Miami Vice era.

Miami Vice White Hoodie, Cellphone & South Beach Backpacks

Featuring three full-sized backpacks, including an ultra-exclusive vintage cellphone backpack, two game-changing hoodies, and a graphic tee, the collection transforms wearers into instant pop-culture legends. With an ’80s retro vibe meeting contemporary style, each piece is adorned with baby blue accents, graffiti-inspired art, lightning-fast cars, iconic palm trees, and the cool pastel hues that defined an era. Sprayground’s signature elements, including money signs, money bears, and the famous shark mouth, add an extra dose of attitude to the collection — and this collection doesn’t fall short! From the adjustable antenna of the Cellphone Backpack, to the open “wings” of the Wings Up backpack Sprayground continues their trademark signatures with special twists. If you’re not on the market for bags, you can still join in on the “Miami Vice” celebration with a tee or hoodie from the collection.

Miami Vice Vibes & Wings Up Backpacks

Sprayground, known for its creative designs, emerged as a global sensation over a decade ago with the introduction of the ‘Hello My Name Is’ backpack. Founded by David BenDavid (DBD), the brand captures the essence of streetwear, art, and diverse cultural influences. The Miami Vice collection is now available online at and in exclusive boutiques nationwide. Get ready to channel the spirit of ’80s Miami and make a bold fashion statement.

About Sprayground

Our passion is to bring thought-provoking, innovative and dynamic accessories and backpacks that are easily identifiable but difficult to recreate in the global marketplace. Our mission is to be the top global backpack and accessories company. Expressing rebellion, individuality and creativity are the foundations of Sprayground and of our customer base. Overlaying those foundations with qualities of excellence, style and an emphasis on being the
innovator for the next wave of design is what we do & who we are. Today, Sprayground has evolved into a global brand that has high brand awareness, dedicated fans, and a fanbase that will go to extreme measures to get their hands on our highly sought after limited designs. Sprayground strives to keep pushing the envelope of creativity. Sprayground is focused on creating, designing and selling rebellious, edgy, and innovative trendsetting products to the streetwear fashion and lifestyle market.

Sea Level At The Shade Hotel Redondo Beach: A Fresh Take on California Coastal Cuisine

Sea Level At The Shade Hotel Redondo Beach: A Fresh Take on California Coastal Cuisine

Cowriter: Anthony C. Stafford

Sea Level at The Shade Hotel Redondo Beach has been a go-to destination for Californian coastal cuisine with a modern twist since its inception in 2016. This year, the restaurant has undergone a culinary transformation with the introduction of a refreshed menu for harmonious flavors and revamped land and sea offerings.

To complement this gastronomic journey, Sea Level has welcomed Martin Herrera as the new General Manager. An acclaimed sommelier, named South Bay’s 2023 sommelier of the year, Herrera is overseeing the transformation of Sea Level’s wine and beverage programs, ensuring they stand out as top choices in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas. With a refreshed menu and an expert in charge, Sea Level continues to offer an exceptional dining experience that celebrates the bountiful offerings of Southern California.

Drawing inspiration from Southern California’s abundant fresh seafood and locally sourced produce, the refreshed menu is a feast for the senses. Diners can indulge in delectable dishes, like:

  • Australian Swordfish served with blistered heirloom tomato and Nardello peppers, forbidden rice, mint and lemon oil;
  • Ora King Salmon paired with charred yellow peaches from Regier Family Farms, lemon yogurt, Israeli couscous, cucumber, red onion, basil and tomatillo jus;
  • Sun Golds & Burrata featuring sun gold tomatoes from Munak Farms, toasted sourdough bread, confit leek, white balsamic vinegar, picked pearl onion and melon cucumber from Coleman Farms and wild rock arugula from Colman Farms;
  • and Charred Brentwood Corn made with grilled corn from Dwelley Farms, harissa butter, coriander, citrus, radish and puffed wild rice.

These culinary creations showcase the finest flavors of the region while maintaining a modern and intimate dining experience right on the waterfront, solidifying Sea Level’s position as a premier dining destination in the South Bay. The best part? There are even more options to choose from!

Dinner & Cake by The Ocean

During our recent visit, we had the opportunity to try out a few of the new menu items, plus some of the popular classics that Sea Level is known for. On this particularly windy evening, manager Edwin and waiter Daniel took care of us. Greeted with smiles and their warm personalities, both were knowledgable and had plenty to recommend, while also delivering the most perfect pairings. Our dining experience included a personal in-table fire pit to combat the chill of the sea breeze, and a perfect view of the sunset.

First up, Daniel brought out a dozen oysters and a few cocktails: Milo’s Quittin’ Time (Junipero gin, cucumber, mint, fresh lime, agave), a Blood Orange Margarita (Mico Blanco, Blood Orange Puree, Lime, Agave, Tajin Salt Rim), and a show stealing Golden Hour (Woodford Reserve, Apple Cider, Acai, Cinnamon, Simple). Flavorful, sweet, and refreshing, these drinks set the mood for what we were preparing to experience while complementing the various meats and veggies on their way.

Appetizers and entrees followed soon after the cocktails, with the new Sun Golds & Burrata, addicting Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice (ginger wasabi aioli, avocado, jalapeño, sweet soy reduction), and Roasted Tri-Colored Carrots (topped with honey & yogurt), then Ora King Salmon and 40 Day Dry Aged New York Strip (featuring Green Garlic Cauliflower Purée, Demi Glaze, Hen of the Woods, and Pickled Horseradish).

The Sun Golds & Barrata are reminiscent of mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad, yet elevated into a unique and seemingly lighter dish that suits Sea Level’s appeal. A popular plate, it really feels like it’s not enough to order just one Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice. This dish is everything one can love about freshly sliced and glazed fish, plus the addictiveness that is anything crunchy. These textures and flavors challenge you to eat just one, but not even four pieces are enough.

Sweet, salty, and creamy, the Roasted Carrots were not only beautiful to look at, but also eat! Bathed in an unexpected combination of honey and yogurt, we found the carrots be an excellent and seemingly simple dish that may need to be copied at home! With a flavor profile so flexible, they could go with anything the chef threw our way.

Arugula and sour dough, change the game when paired with confit leek and white balsamic vinegar. Their Ora King Salmon danced atop the fun texture of light and delicate couscous, while the green garlic flower purée created a soft blanket of flavor beneath the New York Strip for what we dubbed Sea Level’s King & Queen entrees for their incredible land and sea offerings.

To finish things off, we sipped cappuccinos alongside the Caramelized Peach Cake, with vanilla bean ice cream, and bourbon Caramel. It can’t be explained how much everyone should experience this creation, as this cake deserves the full-sized, 9-inch diameter treatment. Imagine the two southern favorites, peach cobbler and pineapple upside down cake, had a baby and you’d probably be left with this stunning creation. A hot cake accompanied by a cold scoop of ice cream is blissful, and this one in particular should always finish out your Sea Level outing.

There’s no better time to visit Sea Level at The Shade Hotel Redondo Beach. With the arrival of fall, the new menu celebrates the rich flavors of the season, using locally sourced, hearty fruits and vegetables, and aromatic spices to create dishes that capture the essence of land and sea. All of this, while enjoying the restaurant’s stunning waterfront views, promises a culinary adventure that beautifully complements the season and makes it an unforgettable autumn dining experience.


goop Partners With Alto for 15th Anniversary Milestone

goop Partners With Alto for 15th Anniversary Milestone

In celebration of goop’s remarkable 15-year journey, an exclusive collaboration has taken shape, fusing the worlds of Alto’s luxury rideshare with holistic wellness. Launched on October 8th, this exceptional partnership between goop and Alto brings forth an innovative travel experience. Specialized vehicles, adorned with a unique goop x Fromental-inspired wallpaper design custom-crafted for this occasion, will traverse all of Alto’s markets to celebrate the milestone.

Credit: Alto, goop

As Alto continues to be the gold standard of seamless travel experiences, it only made sense to team up with a fellow trailblazer that never settles for ordinary. The goop x Alto vehicle is not just any old vehicle; it’s a sanctuary on wheels, meticulously curated to immerse you in the world of holistic wellness and unparalleled luxury.

Credit: Alto, goop

Like all of Alto’s Art Cars, this limited-edition SUV will pick up passengers at random, so you never know if you might be the lucky traveler who wins the goop golden ticket! Each passenger will receive an exclusive goop gift bag, brimming with a selection of goop’s finest beauty and wellness products, including the coveted Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk, a beloved favorite from goop Beauty.

This remarkable collaboration between goop and Alto promises to redefine the very essence of travel, blending luxury and wellness into an extraordinary journey that you won’t want to miss.

Credit: Alto, goop

Solento Organic Tequila Launches Extra Añejo

Solento Organic Tequila Launches Extra Añejo

The limited-edition Solento Extra Añejo is perfectly sip-able and expertly aged 40 months.

On October 9th, Solento, the award-winning USDA-certified organic tequila, today announces the limited-edition release of Solento Extra Añejo. Made in small batches from 100% USDA-certified organic blue weber agave and expertly aged for 40 months in American oak barrels, Solento Extra Añejo is a deliciously smooth and sip-able libation that proves that good things take time.

Inspired by the tequila’s extraordinary smoothness and exquisite flavor, Solento Extra Añejo comes in a limited-edition box set for the ultimate sipping experience. With only 480 in existence, the box set includes a hand-labeled bottle of Solento Extra Añejo, two ribbed rocking glasses, and a unique, hand-selected, vinyl to elevate the sipping experience – each with a different record. The sleek black bottle with grooves that mimic a vinyl record is an eye-catching twist on Solento’s existing bottle design and the box set is an elevated collaboration between Solento and Studio Ethur Ethur resulting in a premium gifting experience for moments that matter.

“Producing quality tequila is already a long process that cannot be rushed. Solento Extra Añejo has a 40-month aging time that requires patience, but the end result is worth the wait,” said Taylor Steele, founder of Solento Organic Tequila. “My hope is that each sip is an experience – one that inspires you to savor the moment. Reach for this limited run when you’re looking to sip, share, enjoy a quality record, and take it slow.”

The Solento Extra Añejo features smooth butterscotch, vanilla, oak and fresh pepper aromas with tastes of cinnamon, warm caramel and a touch of tobacco. The limited-edition box set retails for $299 at

About Solento Organic Tequila

Made for those who appreciate the ritual of slowing down and being present, Solento is an award-winning, USDA certified organic tequila range. The name Solento is based on the Spanish translation of the words “slow sun”. We celebrate slow. Our certified organic agave grows slowly under the Mexican sun for seven years and is harvested in small batches from a single estate in Jalisco.

Championing field-to-sip organic craft, Solento’s award-winning team has been producing tequila for over 60 years. They practice a production process that respects the environment and favors quality over quantity. Harvesting in small batches from a single estate, our jimadors are meticulous in their technique; they carefully remove the bitter stem leaving behind only the naturally sweet parts of the agave.

Chris Holmes and Cosm Unveil a Mesmerizing Kaleidoscopic Audiovisual Adventure

Chris Holmes and Cosm Unveil a Mesmerizing Kaleidoscopic Audiovisual Adventure

The Journey Within: A Mind-Bending Cosmic Experience

Brace yourselves for a sensory odyssey like no other! Cosm, the visionary immersive technology company, has teamed up with eclectic DJ, artist, and founder of Fascinated by Everything, Chris Holmes, to unveil “The Journey Within.” This mind-bending audiovisual experience is set to take center stage in Cosm’s cutting-edge 87-foot diameter 12K LED domes, slated for release in Spring 2024.

The Ultimate Sensory Mixtape

“The Journey Within,” a Cosm Studios Original, is a meticulously crafted, multi-sensory mixtape that weaves together the musical genius of David Bowie, Radiohead, Joseph Campbell, Matthew Dear, and more. Holmes combines these sonic masterpieces with a mesmerizing visual landscape. Imagine hand-built LED kaleidoscopes, laser sculptures, and awe-inspiring footage of nature’s wonders, from Antarctica’s icy giants to Malibu’s sandy shores and Minnesota’s pristine lakes, hyper-detailed in all their expansiveness. Prepare to be transported from the mundane to a realm of wonder, fascination, and pure awe.

Photo Credit: Cosm

With decades of DJing and remixing expertise under his belt, Chris Holmes has crafted a magical world of light and color that promises to captivate your senses. His mixtape takes you on a multi-sensory voyage, guided by an expertly curated selection of tracks from iconic artists, avant-garde writers, and revolutionary thinkers who have profoundly influenced Holmes’ artistic journey. “The Journey Within” fosters an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things by merging light, sound, technology, artistry, and the sheer marvels of Earth. Chris Holmes joins a prestigious lineup of artists in Cosm Studios’ Creator Program, alongside new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill and filmmaker Guy Reid. Together, they push the boundaries of immersive storytelling and design.

Inspired by the likes of Yayoi Kusama, James Turrell, and Dan Flavin, as well as Thomas Wilfred’s Clavilux and Laserium laser light shows, Holmes’ work unfolds as a journey into a transformative state of wonder and fascination. Each kaleidoscope in the experience reimagines the natural world, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of colors, patterns, and infinite possibilities on an unprecedented medium.

The Future is Round

You may have noticed a certain sphere getting quite the attention lately, but it just goes to show that the future of entertainment is indeed very round. Cosm’s 12K LED domes provide the ideal canvas for this breathtaking masterpiece, showing the leaps and bounds technology has made over the years. Holmes envisions Cosm as a “cathedral of light, color, and sound” where the community can gather for a transformative social experience that transcends the digital screens that dominate our lives.

Photo Credit: Cosm

Cosm’s venues are set to redefine fan experiences, blending crowd energy, gourmet food and drinks, exclusive merchandise, and cutting-edge visuals backed by state-of-the-art technology. In addition to “The Journey Within” and “SEEK” by Nancy Baker Cahill, Cosm’s programming will feature live sports events, including NBA games and UFC fights.

Coming Soon to a City Near You

Cosm’s first venue in Los Angeles and its second venue in Dallas are currently under construction, with plans for expansion into other key markets. Stay tuned for more information on the schedule of events when these venues open their doors, and prepare to embark on “The Journey Within,” where sound and vision unite in a breathtaking symphony of wonder and awe. Chris Holmes and Cosm invite you to experience art on a grand scale, transcending boundaries and redefining entertainment as we know it.

About Cosm

Cosm is the leading experiential media and immersive technology company redefining the way the world experiences content. With a storied history of building some of the most innovative experience technology in the world, Cosm provides sensorial experiences for every type of fan, from sports and entertainment to immersive art and education. Its immersive venues bridge the virtual and physical worlds through pioneered technology that expands the realm of what’s possible, connecting people and bringing them together in, what is called, Shared Reality. As the company continues to expand to new cities and countries, Cosm is sparking shared passions and providing guests across the globe with experiences they need to feel to believe. To learn more about Cosm, visit and follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, and TikTok.

About Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes is an artist, musician and tech alchemist who is constantly learning and endlessly fascinated. For the past 14 years Chris has toured the world as the opening act for Paul McCartney, remixing The Beatles, McCartney, and Wings songs. An accomplished remixer and DJ who has been instrumental in shaping the LA nightlife scene for almost two decades, Chris has remixed, DJed and toured with McCartney, Prince, Bjork, LCD Soundsystem, Spike Jonze, Edgar Wright, Jon Favreau, Banksy, Questlove, Radiohead and Daft Punk. As a producer, his credits include artists from house music legend Felix Da Housecat to beloved icon Sinead O’Connor. Chris has brought his invaluable vision and creativity to events and campaigns for Google, Sundance Labs, Sonos, Shinola, Nissan, Dos Hombres, Comedy Central, and Rockstar Games to name a few.  He has served as music director for the LA based charity The Art of Elysium.

Photo Credit: Cosm


Coastal Living Meets Urban Luxury At The Park Santa Monica

Coastal Living Meets Urban Luxury At The Park Santa Monica

A Glimpse into the Artful Harmony of Lifestyle and Sustainability

Nestled at the corner of 5th and Broadway, The Park Santa Monica offers a luxury apartment lifestyle that is nothing short of extraordinary. With 50,000 square feet of meticulously planned ground-level retail, The Park Santa Monica is a shopping enthusiast’s paradise. From Trader Joe’s to Kindbody, and the upcoming Barry’s Bootcamp, all potential needs are met just steps away from home. Situated in Santa Monica’s most coveted location, just a stone’s throw from the beach and within walking distance of Los Angeles’ finest shopping, retail, and dining establishments, it encapsulates everything we love about LA.

As you step into The Park Santa Monica, you are immediately welcomed by a commitment to sustainability that is nothing short of remarkable. The Park proudly boast LEED Platinum certification, setting new standards for eco-friendly living in Los Angeles. Solar and hot water panels power the building’s common areas, reducing its carbon footprint to help ensure a greener tomorrow. And with this sustainability comes incredible convenience. While the rooftop(s) and it’s 360 degree views are easily the star of this fine living establishment, there are so many other blinding sparks that add to the overall stunning impression that The Park Santa Monica leaves visitors with.

The Park Santa Monica is designed to elevate the everyday life to a new level of convenience and luxury, as valet parking welcomes residents home, while a dedicated butler service ensures packages are delivered right to their doorsteps. With a fully-integrated resident app, managing the living experience has never been easier. Residents are able to stay connected with a mesh wi-fi network that blankets the entire property, keeping them seamlessly connected.

One of the most impressive comfort features is a hallmark of The Park Santa Monica: solar shades and movable screens give you control over natural light and privacy, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. The presence of a Hospitality Ambassador and concierge services also help to ensure that every need is met, while effortless programming brings the very best of Santa Monica right to each doorstep.

Even more impressive, four-legged friends are more than welcome at The Park Santa Monica, where pet-friendly apartments and a shaded on-site dog park provide a haven for furry companions.

A World of Amenities, A Haven of Wellness

The Park Santa Monica goes beyond expectations, offering an array of amenities that enrich life, from laundry and dry-cleaning services, to surfboard rentals and storage. The Park even goes so far as to offer beach cruiser bike rentals, secure bike storage, pet care and grooming, car wash and detailing, and electric scooters with charging stations!

But amenities and features are just nice things without soul so long as character is missing. Art lovers will be enchanted by the presence of public art gracing the entrance, as well as custom murals and sculptures by local artists adorning common areas and the rooftop. Take advantage of the house art concierge program to personalize each living space with artistic flair.

The Park Santa Monica places a strong emphasis on its resident’s well-being, as shown in the bi-level wellness-focused Residence Club offers a spa with a Himalayan Salt sauna and steam room, heated loungers, massage and meditation rooms. Residents can stay active with comprehensive fitness programming, including yoga, group classes, and personal training sessions. The 24-hour fitness and strength center boasts Woodway and Peloton cardio equipment, and when you need to focus, the library and co-working cafe offer a serene escape.

At The Park Santa Monica, living is an artful experience where residents can discover the perfect fusion of sustainability, convenience, and luxury, all in the heart of Santa Monica’s most desirable location. This is where dreams of coastal living become a captivating reality.