The 2nd Annual Dog Jog is Upon Us

The 2nd Annual Dog Jog is Upon Us

Looking for some last minute ideas for things to do before summer ends? How about a run (or jog… or walk) with your dog?

If that sounds like something you’re into, fan-favorite pet brand Wild One has once again teamed up with lifestyle brand Outdoor Voices (OV) to host the second annual Dog Jog on Aug. 27th in LA

Wild One and Outdoor Voices are teaming up again to help people and their pups get moving. The two brands will be co-hosting a series of Dog Jogs from August 26th to August 28th at Outdoor Voices stores across the nation, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, and more!

In what is being described as a “run/walk/jog around the neighborhood,” participants can expect human treats from Cravers, Sanzo , and Topo Chico, pet portraits, an OV x Wild One raffle, and a pup cup station for four-legged friends.

The community event will begin with a jog and the first 10 people to arrive will win a goodie bag filled with awesome swag from both brands. Following the jog, there will be fun surprises and activities like pet portraits, raffles, and more! Talk about a good time for humans and animals alike!

About Wild One

“Wild One is a one-stop-shop for curated cross category essentials for dogs. We make everything you and your pup need to walk, run, play, and live in style, from water, dirt and odor proof leashes and design-forward carriers to all natural grooming products and biodegradable poop bags.”

Quintessential LA Experience

Quintessential LA Experience

Suddenly being back in the Arts District after a two year hiatus, as Bob Dylan once said, “Things have changed”.  Retail store, Warby Parker is gone. Hammer and Spear, gone. The Pie Hole will be closing September 17th. It’s an area hard hit by the pandemic. When the invitation to visit the Mulholland Room Hideaway arrived—we dashed. Located on the 2nd floor of the building that houses the Pali Wine Co., a building that feels like something about of a Raymond Chandler novel, the 2nd floor entrance is simply a small note on a door. The Mulholland Room Hideway was founded by actor Walton Goggins and cinematic cameraman Matthew Alper, the location has been described as a “love letter to LA.” The occasion? To sip their distilled Gin, Vodka and Whiskey, called, yes, Mulholland. This was a unique Los Angeles event; the name alone for those that know their LA history is that William Mulholland, a civil engineer that imported water into Los Angeles in the early 1900s. Mulholland Drive is a 21 mile excursion on the crest of a mountain that goes from Hollywood to to the ocean. It ihas been the subject of many a film, and it is home to many celebrities. It is distinctly a Los Angeles  road that separates the valley from Los Angeles with beautiful vistas of the Hollywood Sign, downtown and the San Fernando Valley. But tonight, we are here to sip and drink, have conversations and watch the slow descent of the summer sun on downtown Los Angeles. And while a PR event, here is the good news—everyone involved turns out to be beautiful, kind and appreciative. And here’s the even better news—the booze is great!

“At Mulholland, our mission is to create artisanal spirits that reflect and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our great city. We’ve traveled the entire country in search of the finest spirits available. We are working with master distillers to bring those spirits here for all to enjoy. This is our Spirit of Los Angeles™. You can find our 100 proof American Whiskey, our 96 proof New World Gin and 86 proof 100% Corn Vodka throughout California.”

To learn more about Mulholland Distilled products:

Actor Walter Goggins (left) and cinematographer Matthew Alper

Azuna Fresh Makes for a Perfect Multi-Purpose Back to School Freshener

Azuna Fresh Makes for a Perfect Multi-Purpose Back to School Freshener

It’s that time when kiddos are heading back to school or to college — and that can only mean one thing: smelly odors. From the shoes and socks they’ve worn all day, to the outdoor “sunshine” odor that latches onto their clothes, chances are you’re familiar and seeking a solution for when things go ripe.

Bedrooms or dorms will be overflowing with dirty laundry, jammed garbage cans, sweaty gym clothes, and gross left overs. Azuna Fresh‘s Odor Eliminator & Air Purifiers and Sprays are here to help keep their bedrooms and dorms funk free and smelling fresh. Azuna Fresh — not meant to mask the odors with an overpowering scent, but instead fights them — eliminates odors for a fresh smell again.

One of the leading brands for natural and non-toxic healthy air solutions and odor elimination, Azuna Fresh has special bundle kits for Back to School season, which are perfect to send in a care package so your college-bound kids can place them in any small spaces, including their car. From small rooms and kitchens, to gym bags and showers, Azuna Fresh helps keep things mold free and odor free the natural way. In addition, Azuna offers a line of special products just for RVs and Boats! So if you’re just the parents going for a road trip getaway, you’re covered too.

Using natural air-flow and a unique, slow-release formula, Azuna delivers these air-cleaning benefits to the surrounding air without using harsh chemicals:

  • Includes (3) 2 oz Odor Eliminator & Air Purifier Treatments, (1) All Natural Spray, (1) 12 oz Gel Refill Pouch
  • Each pod effectively treats a space up to 200 sq ft for 60-90 days
  • Cleans air and neutralizes bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus & other odor-causing microbes
  • All Natural Odor Eliminator & Surface Cleaning Spray delivers instant odor elimination, freshens upholstery, clothing, athletic wear, or anything that could use a refresh – it can even be used to clean hard surfaces
  • All Natural Spray cleans and neutralizes surfaces against bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, & other odor-causing microbes
  • Reuse Azuna pods & save. Every 60-90 days, replace gel in the pod with fresh, new gel using the 12 oz Refill Pouch.
  • 12 oz Refill Pouch = (6) 2 oz pod refills
  • Made in USA
  • All Natural | Plant-Based | Biodegradable | Phthalate-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free
  • And available in Tea Tree, Citrus, Vanilla, Variety Pack, and Limited-Edition Coffee Bean scents

With all of the products available to disinfect surfaces,  Azuna Fresh, a non-toxic tea tree oil based healthy air solution, clears your home, car, office, nursery room, gym and more of irritating and immune-system weakening toxins. It also keeps your fruits and vegetables last longer in the fridge for up to 14 days.  Keeping the air around us as clean and clear of mold, mildew and bacteria helps keep our immune systems in fighting shape.

TIP Supply Prepares to Launch First Apparel Line: GENESIS

TIP Supply Prepares to Launch First Apparel Line: GENESIS

If you’re looking for something to do as we approach the last few weeks of Summer, there’s one event on the horizon that will end the season with a bang — combining art, fashion, tech, cannabis, and community for the ultimate celebration.

Tomorrow Isn’t Promised (TIP), the Mexican and Boricua-owned creative agency focused on supporting creators from marginalized communities, will be launching their first apparel collection on Saturday, August 20th — making it the first endeavor into merchandise for the business — while kicking off a celebration bringing their community together.

Created by Founders Geza “G” Frey and Lucy Crivelli who are best known for their work in sneakers (working with the likes of Adidas, Nike, and most recently, tech start-up Aglet), TIP is now bridging the gaps between the Cannabis, Tech, and Fashion industries through art and content. Their agency has not only helped build a pathway for creators to tell their stories, but has also offered an opportunity for creators to grow in their roles — helping others build brands of their own, today.

Started in 2020, TIP has been quietly building a foundation with community at the forefront, and the upcoming collection, named “GENESIS” is a reflection of all their hard work coming together. The GENESIS apparel collection will be available for purchase for the first time at the launch event and available online after, with additional limited pieces. “’GENESIS’ was the name we thought of when building this collection, and this event. It’s the beginning but also the culmination of all of our work over the years to start a new beginning,” Lucy said about the upcoming launch.

TIP’s original artwork will be displayed throughout the event and highlighted in what is Geza’s first-ever art show. Originally from Allentown, PA, G moved to his second home in Inglewood, CA to pursue his creative dreams. He is the Creative Director and Artist Originator behind the brand’s mark, TIP Camo. The Art Gallery is being brought to life by Puma, to feature a 1/1 TIP x Puma Slipstream sneaker and these artworks from August 20th through the end of the month.

The event is being built with the help of SoCo House Productions owned by Stephanie Cuevas and Brittany Elizabeth Events owned by Brittany Chow. “We couldn’t have asked for a better team of women to accomplish this with. It’s always been about bringing in the people we value and playing off of each other’s strengths to bring this all together. God really made that happen with GENESIS,” said founder G.

In partnership with Say Treees, TIP Supply will be collaborating on their first Cannabis Strain, also named GENESIS. “Another first for the team, but a must for the family! Say Treees – Jahni Denver, [they] stand for the things we stand for, our values, pushing culture forward, and lifting up others. It was a no-brainer figuring out who we wanted our first strain collab to be with,” G said about the collaboration. The Strain will be available for tasting and testing at the TIP Launch event and in local LA dispensaries.

Additionally, the first 150 guests at the event will receive TIP’s first ever POAP NFT in collaboration with Voice HQ. As a gift back to their community TIP is choosing 1 NFT holder at random to receive a 6-month supply of Topo Chico courtesy of the brand. The event will be held at Gallery 90220 in the heart of Los Angeles. “Being raised in LA, it was important to bring this back to my roots and the community that has helped us and supported us along the way. And David Colbert the owner of Gallery 90220 has been a long-time friend and collaborator for TIP, he has always supported TIP’s mission to insert culture, color, and inspiration back into the industries we belong in,” said Lucy.

TIP’s GENESIS launch event is for everyone ages 21 and up, and it’s not too late to RSVP. Upon doing so, a confirmation will be sent out providing details like address and time of the event.

Follow TIP Supply for more information and to keep up with future developments.

Event Watch: Reclaiming Amazônia

Event Watch: Reclaiming Amazônia

If you’re looking for the perfect Friday night event (taking place August 5th, 7-11 pm) to end the workweek, how about a cultural immersion into the art, music, history & education, discussion, and celebration of the Indigenous people of the Amazon?

Second Home, the team co-working space provider, has joined forces with community-generated radio station dublab Brazil to host the special party highlighting the art, music and discussion dedicated to the indigenous resistance of Brazil. With all of the attacks and extreme political atmosphere Brazil faces at this time, the event will be an excellent opportunity to understand what is happening there, and what we can do to help. All are welcome and encouraged to bring friends in order to contribute to the cause.

What to Expect

Blood Sap: A Manifesto of Love and Fight by Amazon Communities (7-11pm)

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the forest and plight of its people in this powerful audio-visual artwork created by Brazilian artists Maihara Marjorie, Thiago Duar and Watatakalu Yawalapiti.
Their work will be on display and playing throughout the evening for your viewing.

Indigenize the Politics: A Discussion in Tribute for Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

This program is inspired by, and dedicated to, the work of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira. These activists were murdered in the Amazon for investigating the undeclared war on indigenous communities.

Join them in conversation with Vincent Bevins (Award winning journalist), Julia Jaye Posin + Fernanda Ezabella (Amazon Watch/Artist for Amazonia), and Apu Gomes (Brazilian photojournalist) to discuss why, in their honor, we must indigenize the politics that govern Amazônia. Preventing the world’s most important ecosystem from being ransacked is important now more than ever.

Brazilian Dance Celebration

Celebrate the exhilarating musical culture of Brazil and join us for a dance party in our garden. Tunes will be provided by DJ wyldeflower and there will be a special performance from Grammy nominated artist and Brazilian cultural legend, Thalma de Freitas, thanks to our amazing partner dublab! Special Caipirinha cocktails will be available as well!

Tickets are donation based ($10 suggested donation) and all money raised will be donated to Acampamento Terra Livre – the largest mobilization of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil fighting for the land, for life, for natural resources and for the sovereignty of the Brazilian people! Register for the event here.

Location & Time

Reclaiming AmazoniaSecond Home Hollywood1370 N St. Andrews Place,Los Angeles, CA 90028Friday, August 5th7-11pm