The Train to Las Vegas

The Train to Las Vegas

Excitement builds as Brightline prepares to revolutionize travel between Southern California and Las Vegas with its new high-speed train service. This innovative route promises to transform the way Southern Californians visit the Entertainment Capital of the World, offering a fast, comfortable, and efficient alternative to the traditional car or plane journey. Anticipated to launch in2028, this service will connect the bustling communities of Southern California directly to the heart of Las Vegas. It is estimated that it will take two hours to complete the trip.

Background on Brightline

Brightline, known for its successful high-speed rail services in Florida, is expanding its expertise to the West Coast. The company has made a name for itself by providing reliable, fast, and luxurious train services, significantly enhancing regional connectivity. With routes that seamlessly connect major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, Brightline is now poised to bring its innovative travel solutions to Southern California, promising a similar level of comfort and efficiency.

Route Details

The planned route will start in Apple Valley, California, and make its way through the desert landscape, providing picturesque views before arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project is currently in the advanced stages of planning, with construction starting last week. The completion of the route is eagerly anticipated by 2027, aiming to serve millions of passengers annually and offering a travel time of approximately two hours—significantly quicker than driving.

The railway project, dubbed Brightline West, will transport passengers the 218 miles between Rancho Cucamonga and Sin City in two hours, which is half (or one-third, depending on traffic) of the time it currently takes by car. The zero-emission, fully electric trains will be able to reach speeds of up to 200 mph and will travel mostly along the center median of Interstate Highway 15 (aka I-15).

Impact on Southern California

The introduction of the Brightline train is expected to have a substantial positive impact on Southern Californians. It will not only reduce the travel time to Las Vegas but also alleviate traffic congestion and decrease carbon emissions. Economically, the project will spur job creation in both construction and operational phases and boost tourism in both regions. This route is a game-changer for local economies, promising a new era of intercity travel that benefits both commuters and leisure travelers.

The upcoming Brightline train service to Las Vegas stands as a beacon of modern transportation, promising to enhance the way people travel between Southern California and Las Vegas. With its commitment to speed, comfort, and efficiency, Brightline is set to elevate the travel experience, providing an attractive alternative to the conventional options. Keep an eye on this exciting development, as it promises to make your future trips to Las Vegas faster and more enjoyable than ever before.

Idyllwild Arts Presents Student Exhibition Reception

Idyllwild Arts Presents Student Exhibition Reception

on May 3 at Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery

Idyllwild Arts Academy debuts its spring 2024 off-site student exhibition with a reception on Friday, May 3. The students are excited to show their work once again to the desert audience in a reception that will be held at Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery (73-660 El Paseo, Palm Desert), a prestigious contemporary gallery, on Friday, May 3 from 4-7 p.m. At 6 p.m., songwriting students from Idyllwild Arts Academy will perform their original compositions at a free concert in the gallery’s sculpture garden down the block.

The exhibition, which is free and open to the public, will also be on view on Saturday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will feature the year’s best visual works from the pioneering arts high school that has been changing lives through the transformative power of art for more than 70 years. With the popularity increasing over the years, the exhibition now takes up the main section of the gallery with an expanded breadth and quantity of art works than in year’s past.

With the extraordinary generosity of Melissa Morgan Fine Art, all of the artwork in the exhibition will be for sale, including a selection of unframed prints for buyers to take home, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist and to the Visual Arts Department at Idyllwild Arts.

For more information:


POP MART Opens New Store in Glendale Galleria

POP MART Opens New Store in Glendale Galleria

February saw the opening of POP MART’s largest store, located in Century City, and also the reveal of a second location due to open. Last month, that second store, located at the Glendale Galleria, officially opened!

The Glendale Galleria store opening on March 16th, follows several exciting new product launches in the US. Most recently, for International Women’s Day POP MART’s major character CRYBABY collaborated with the early 2000s classic cartoon “Powerpuff Girls,” for their joint blind box collection. Another inspiring new collection is the Peach Riot series from POP MART’s first US based artist Libby Frame. As a result of their increasing popularity among Gen Z, POP MART is continuing to expand its US presence with a total of 7 permanent stores across the country. 

The Glendale store marks the second location in LA, following the highly successful opening in Century City. As home to a number of major companies in the entertainment industry, the Glendale location blends in with the local culture and will serve as a hub for creativity, self-expression, and the celebration of art in toy form.

Courtesy: POP MART

Visitors can expect an immersive environment that showcases the vibrant and diverse world of POP MART’s iconic designer characters, like MOLLY, Hirono, The Monsters, SKULLPANDA and many others. POP MART has gained a devoted following worldwide, and the brand currently operates more than 450 stores in over 30 countries, with 2,300 Robo Shops (blind box vending machines) and constant new collaborations with brands such as Uniqlo, Crocs, and more. With the opening of these new permanent stores in Los Angeles, even more fans and collectors on the west coast will now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unparalleled retail experience, featuring an extensive range of exclusive releases, limited editions, and unexpected collaborations.

POP MART Locations & Hours:

Glendale Galleria
100 W Broadway Suite 100, Glendale CA, CA 91210
Hours of Operation: 11AM-8PM

Westfield Century City
10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90067
Hours: 10AM-9PM

This Week

This Week

Southern California has an exciting lineup of events scheduled for the week of April 22, 2024, offering something for everyone, from music and TV enthusiasts to foodies and outdoor adventurers.

  1. PaleyFest 2024 – Taking place at the Dolby Theatre from April 12-21, PaleyFest is a must for TV show fans, featuring panel discussions with the creators and cast members of popular shows like “The Morning Show”, “Loki”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and more​ (Time Out Worldwide)​.
  2. Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival – The iconic music festival continues in Indio through April 21. This year’s headliners include Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, and Doja Cat, among others, offering a vibrant blend of musical performances​ (Discover Los Angeles)​.
  3. Masters of Taste – On April 7, head to the Rose Bowl Stadium for a gourmet experience with tastings from top chefs and restaurants, along with craft cocktails and local breweries. This event is ideal for food enthusiasts​ (Experism)​.
  4. L.A. Times Festival of Books – Taking place on April 20-21 at the University of Southern California, this festival is perfect for book lovers, featuring a large array of exhibitors, author readings, and panels​ (Time Out Worldwide)​.
  5. Renaissance Faire in Irwindale – Running until May 9, this event recreates a 1574 spring day with games, arts and crafts, music, and dance, complete with costumed performers and artisans​ (​.
  6. Bob Baker Day – On April 21, the Los Angeles State Historic Park will host a celebration in honor of the late Bob Baker, featuring puppet performances and various crafts and activities for families​ (Time Out Worldwide)​.
  7. CicLAvia: Venice Blvd – On April 21, this event will transform parts of Venice Blvd into a car-free zone, promoting bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly activities and providing a unique way to experience the city​ (Time Out Worldwide)​.
  8. Pizza City Fest – Scheduled for April 27-28, this festival at L.A. Live celebrates all things pizza, with over 40 vendors, live dough demonstrations, and talks from pizza experts​ (Experism)​.
  9. Wildflowers & Wine – On April 7, enjoy wine tasting complemented by views of blooming wildflowers in Amador County, with live music and food experiences​ (Visit California)​.
  10. Team Taiko Drum Classes – These classes are part of a spring session teaching Taiko drumming, an energetic and impactful form of Japanese drumming, taking place at the Grand Annex at Grand Vision on April 23​ (Discover Los Angeles)​.
  11. The Boy Who Cried Wolf – This theatre production will be shown at the Lisa Smith Wengler Center For the Arts on April 23, offering a fresh take on the classic fable​ (Discover Los Angeles)​.
  12. Mr. Parker at Palm Springs Woman’s Club – Catch the play “Mr. Parker” on April 20 and 21 in Palm Springs, exploring themes of personal discovery and change​ (Palm Springs )​.
  13. Readings at Sunset ~ An Afternoon of Queer Poetry – Enjoy an afternoon of queer poetry at the Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles on April 28. This event promises a serene environment where poets share their work with the community.
  14. Countdown to Pride – As the Pride season approaches, participate in the “Countdown to Pride” event on April 27 at 6250 Hollywood Blvd. This event is set to build excitement and community spirit leading up to the larger Pride celebrations.
  15. SECOND PUBERTY 6: TRASHY Y2K — A Trans-Led, Queer Y2K Party!!! – Also on April 28, experience a unique Y2K-themed party led by and celebrating the trans community at Little Joy Cocktails in Los Angeles.

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This Week's Highlights

Explore Exciting Events This Week!

Don’t miss out on our specially curated events from April 22nd. Whether you’re interested in arts, networking, or outdoor activities, we have something for everyone!

Upcoming Events This Week

Spring Art Festival

Explore vibrant art displays and live performances at our annual Spring Art Festival.

April 22, 2023 – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Admission is FREE

Tech Innovators Conference

Join industry leaders as they discuss the future of technology and innovation.

April 23, 2023 – 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Admission is FREE

Local Farmers Market

Support local farmers and enjoy fresh, organic produce at our community market.

April 24, 2023 – 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

No Entry Fee

Evening Jazz Under the Stars

Experience an enchanting evening of jazz music performed under the night sky.

April 25, 2023 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Free Entry

Don't Miss Out on This Week's Exciting Events!

Explore a wide range of events happening this week! Click on any event for more details, RSVP options, and the ability to add it directly to your calendar. Make sure you’re part of the excitement!

Brands and Deals to Take Advantage of for 420 in 2024

Brands and Deals to Take Advantage of for 420 in 2024

420 is near and some of the best deals of the season are here! While it’s hightime for rounding up the selection of snacks and goodies, we’ve got a few brands worth checking out for the special weekend ahead. From sales to new releases, there’s a little something out there for everyone to put the cherry on top of the weekend.

Check out the offerings below to highlight the coming days ahead!


Available: April 17th – April 21st 


Innovators in the glass space, Stündenglass crafted a first of its kind addition to your glass arsenal. The Modül Dök, a hand-held glass piece that pairs with the Modül for a fast, safe, consistent and controlled experience. It’s the only device of its kind on the market for both dry herb and concentrate materials that accesses the fullest potential of the plant.
  • G Pen Up to 40% off sitewide
  • G Pen Dash+ was 149.95; Sale Price:$99.95
  • Stundenglass:  All Stündenglass Gravity Infusers $420
  • Grateful Dead x Stündenglass was $599.95; Sale Price: $420
  • Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash:
    Grateful Dead partnered with G Pen on their first official cannabis vaporizer combining the band’s iconic imagery with Grenco Science’s transformative design and technology. Originally $79.95; Sale Price: $47.97
  • The Pink Kompact from Stündenglass:
    Good things do come in smaller sizes. The Pink Stündenglass Kompact features the same patented 360 degree gravity system, dynamic design, and engaging user experience as the original, all in a more portable size and comes pre-assembled along with a hot pink travel case! $599.99; Sale Price: $420

Zippo Lights Up 4/20 With High-Class Collection

4/20 is just around the corner, and Zippo Manufacturing Company, renowned for crafting the iconic windproof lighter, has set out to revolutionize the holiday with its latest offering: the 20th of April Collection. This exclusive collection features four meticulously crafted lighters, each designed to redefine the cannabis celebration by offering sophisticated accessories that elevate the smoking experience to new heights of elegance and refinement.

Breaking away from the stereotypes often associated with 4/20, Zippo’s collection exudes sophistication and luxury. Crafted on High Polish Brass models, each lighter boasts distinctive designs ranging from whimsical to abstract, catering to the refined tastes of modern cannabis enthusiasts who value both style and substance. Discover the collection with prices starting at $37.95 exclusively
available at

High 90’s

HIGH 90’S – California’s premiere cannabis brand that will take you higher than the clouds with its sweet lineup of high-quality cannabis products that are a tribute to ’90s nostalgia in every puff.
All-in-one Disposable Vapes:
  • These vapes provide a quick and potent quality hit while being discreet and convenient for those who are always on the move.
  • Boasting 1 gram of premium cannabis oil
  • Available in a range of 15 different flavors. 
  • All vapes include a charging cable so you can enjoy an intense mind and body high that will keep on giving! 
High Rollers:
  • The pre-rolls with a gorgeous appearance, mouth-watering flavors and potency that can’t be beaten. 
  • Each pre-roll is generously filled with 1.5 grams of the highest-quality flowers from the brand’s line-up.
  • Hand picked and hand packed with only nugs and crowned with a glass mouthpiece for a seamless draw. 
  • With 12 flavors to choose from, the High Rollers are not just pre-rolls; they’re a statement that offers an elevated high that can’t be ignored. 

Launched in 2019, HIGH 90’S was born out of a love for weed and a passion for all things ’90s. Its lineup includes everything from wax-infused pre-rolls to a variety of flowers, vapes, and extracts. The brand is proud to embody California’s laid-back spirit and the essence of the ’90s. If you’re looking for a brand that’s as fun and bold as it is high-quality, look no further than HIGH 90’S.

Nabis Partners: Falcon, Maven, and More

With almost 40 million residents, California is the largest legal cannabis market in the country. But with supply and demand fluctuations impacting market stability, the need for reliable third-party distribution, technology and logistics support is ever-present as operators look to scale.
Today, a suite of California cannabis leaders, including Falcon’s state-wide empire and Maven’s beloved exclusive genetics genetics, announced partnerships with the state’s leading third-party fulfillment platform, Nabis.
These partnerships mark a trend among the state’s leading operators, who are looking to relieve pressure and enhance scalability with tech-forward, data-driven, streamlined distribution services like those offered by Nabis.
In addition to Falcon and Maven, Nabis recently added Drops, Ball Family Farms, Bear Humboldt and Ursa Extracts to its marketplace.
Andaz West Hollywood Announces New Solo Art Exhibit with Fernanda Lavera

Andaz West Hollywood Announces New Solo Art Exhibit with Fernanda Lavera

The highly anticipated art exhibition will showcase Lavera’s artworks from her collection called “I’m not a robot” from April 4 to June 28, 2024

Andaz West Hollywood, located on the legendary Sunset Strip, has partnered with Buenos-Aires-born, artist Fernanda Lavera to unveil her highly-anticipated solo art exhibition in Los Angeles. The visiting exhibition at the registered art gallery in Andaz West Hollywood is showcasing Lavera’s artworks from her acclaimed collection called “I’m not a robot,” over a three-month period from April 4 to June 28, 2024. On Thursday, April 18th, Andaz West Hollywood held a special launch party to celebrate the beginning of the exhibit, where Lavera attended and spoke to attendees. Those in attendance included media, influencers, artists, hotel guests, and the general public.

Credit: Chelsea Patricia

A natural fit for Andaz West Hollywood, known for its rich history as an eclectic gateway to West Hollywood, Lavera’s vibrant artworks are marked by eccentric shapes and vivid colors that draw on inspiration from Lavera’s daily life. The idea for the, “I’m not a robot,” collection was sparked when the artist encountered an obstacle attempting to log in to her computer, a system requesting verification of her humanity through a test involving identifying objects in images. “I’m at the computer filling out some online forms, and once again, a series of urban images and symbols appear on the screen, drawing my full attention: bicycles, traffic lights, signs, and signals that I have to accept. I’m not a robot,” states Lavera.

This experience ignited an internal protest within Lavera: “Why must I prove my humanity when I am unquestionably human and an artist?” As a result, “I’m not a robot,” is a series of four paintings that invite individuals to slow down despite living in a society filled with automatic consumption.

Distinct from her usual format which typically employs larger canvases, “I’m not a robot,”will showcase four smaller paintings presented collectively in the form of a puzzle. Utilizing resources such as pixelation, QR codes, puzzles, and verifications, the exhibition incorporates and blends these technological facets of modernity, forging the creation of a protest with space for amusement, engagement, and human connection. Whether viewed digitally or experienced in person, the art encourages audiences to connect with the artist on a human level and join this protest.

Credit: Chelsea Patricia

Lavera believes in pushing the boundaries that exist in the world. Unique and revolutionary, the artist emerges from the masses holding strong convictions, her brushes, and vision. Lavera communicates a message that will make individuals think and question themselves, leaving them wanting more.

Lavera’s exciting rise to fame began when Greg Schriefer and Clive Davis stumbled upon her work during their trip to Buenos Aires. Enamored by her artistic technique and message, both were deeply impressed, and Greg decided to take on the role of managing her career.

For more information about Andaz West Hollywood, please visit: Andaz West Hollywood’s registered art gallery rotates quarterly, featuring the work of local and international artists. QR codes are displayed throughout the gallery with their respective art pieces for purchasing and browsing of artists’ other works.

About Andaz West Hollywood:

“With its iconic history as the first hotel on the Sunset Strip, Andaz West Hollywood offers guests the rare opportunity to trace the footsteps of a long list of legendary rockers who frequented the property throughout the 60s and 70s and earned it the nickname “Riot House,” including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, The Doors and more. The historic property experienced past lives as Hyatt on Sunset and Hyatt West Hollywood, before rebranding as Andaz West Hollywood in Hyatt’s boutique lifestyle collection in 2009. The modernized hotel features 240 stylish guest rooms including 21 suites with chic aesthetics, coveted views of the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Boulevard, a rotating art gallery exhibition, and the highest rooftop pool in Los Angeles. An eclectic and fashionable destination, Andaz West Hollywood provides the ultimate LA experience with elevated comforts and amenities for guests to unleash their inner celebrity and indulge like no one, or everyone, is watching.”

Nestled at the heart of the renowned Sunset Strip, Andaz West Hollywood epitomizes the vibrant spirit of WeHo, alongside its acclaimed neighbors, like The Comedy Store and iconic Saddle Ranch Chop House. Its prime location in West Hollywood makes exploring the area on foot a breeze, with the hotel itself offering exceptional accommodations and top-notch hospitality. In addition, its proximity to both Bob Hope Airport (BUR) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) makes travel convenient, with BUR just 10 miles away and LAX only 16 miles away.

The hotel features a recently-renovated rooftop pool features a pool bar, glamorous views, private cabanas, day beds, and lounge chairs – all available to hotel guests and non-hotel guests via a reservation.

About Fernanda Lavera:

Fernanda Lavera is a Buenos Aires-based contemporary artist. At a young age, she discovered her fascination for art and painting through an aunt and has since had a passion for sketching and textures. Neo-expressionist art is notorious in Lavera’s monumental and vibrant artworks. From each, eccentric shapes and vivid colors of contrasting expressions escape, providing a glimpse into her unconscious imagination. Lavera’s art includes symbols, objects, and everyday forms that align closely with the style of Pop Art. Psychedelic cartoons, rabid cats, race cars, tables, and blurred faces, are some of the heterogeneous elements that are presented. For further information, visit

A Spring Dining Destination to Savor: White Elephant

A Spring Dining Destination to Savor: White Elephant

Traveling may not be friendly on the wallet these days, but food is always a great way to take your tongue on an international adventure. If you’re looking for an escape this Spring, White Elephant is calling your name.
This modern Thai concept is serving up traditional and globally-inspired cuisine, and conveniently located in two SoCal areas: Downtown Los Angeles and Anaheim, at the infamous Anaheim Packing House.

Credit: Jasveer Sidhu

If you’re unfamiliar, White Elephant (@whiteelephant_thai) is a family-owned restaurant specializing in elevated, yet approachable Thai dishes with fresh twists. Whether you’re a classic Thai food enthusiast or seeking something new, White Elephant’s menu is packed with offerings that will satisfy every craving, while enticing you to come back again and again.
Some menu highlights include:
  • Delectable Salmon Belly Tartare and Basil Chicken Wings.
  • Timeless Thai staples like Pad Thai, Thai Fried Rice, and Tom Kha.
  • New flavors in White Elephant’s signature dishes like the Crispy Branzino, Imperial Crab Curry, and Braised A5 Panang or the customizable contemporary platters including the Crying Tiger Steak, Honey Pork Belly and Coconut Milk Fried Chicken.
With two locations in Southern California, White Elephant’s menu remains true to Thailand roots while also featuring ingredients and recipes influenced by the region, such as seafood, plant-based ingredients, and alternative meats. This allows diners to feel right at home in a warm and lively atmosphere while exploring authentic Thai fare.

A Special Earth Day Celebration

In addition to being an exceptional experience any day of the year, White Elephant is making Earth Day week, even more spectacular with a special menu!


This limited-time menu highlights plant-based offerings and alternative meat choices for the week of Earth Day (4/21 – 4/27). Additionally, all food waste from the week will also be donated to LA Compost to help local ecosystems thrive.


The briefly available menu includes:

  • Basil Puffy Tofu, with marinated tofu, miso tofu cream, fried garlic, crispy basil, and sweet and spicy sauce
  • Roasted Miso Cabbage, with miso tofu cream, miso honey glaze, Chunk shreds, crispy onions, and chives.

And light menu items offer a mix of seafood and chicken paired with fresh vegetables including:

  • Salmon Belly Tartare
  • Papaya Salad
  • Pad Thai Seafood
  • Turmeric Grilled Chicken
  • and Chilean Seabass.
A New Restaurant Pops Up at The Shay: Meet Prima Donna

A New Restaurant Pops Up at The Shay: Meet Prima Donna

Cowritten by Anthony C. Stafford

Last year, we covered our experience after an overnight stay at The Shay Hotel. During that time, we had a complete blast seeing the uniqueness that makes The Shay what it is: a platform and incubator for small and local businesses and artists, while also a thriving scene for guests to stay in comfort, style, and excitement. In addition, we highlighted a restaurant that helped put the cherry on top of our stay — though that restaurant has closed and an entirely new concept has sprung up in its place!

Credit: The Shay Hotel

We recently had the opportunity to revisit the hotel, and were introduced to the newest restaurant to grace the ground floor of The Shay: Prima Donna.

Familiar, Yet Fresh: Prima Donna

Prima Donna is in many ways a sigh of relief, and in other ways, an exciting addition to look forward to.

Officially opened in January of this year, Prima Donna is an elevated Italian restaurant, featuring everything from pizzas to pastas cooked in the iconic hearth and brick oven that so many recognize. They also recently began live music on Friday nights, making the evening atmosphere that much more energetic and memorable.

We were surprised to find familiarity in Prima Donna, with the overall experience being upbeat, lively, and playful. We recognized some of the same friendly faces that graced the previous establishment returned at Prima Donna — like the impressionable Kelly, who knows the dishes inside and out while giving the best descriptions of them. We learned that The Shay helped take care of the team after the previous restaurant’s departure, which smoothly transition them into this new chapter with Prima Donna. The crowds flocked in soon after the restaurant opened, proving that the love lives on.

Prima Donna Menu

If you’re comparing Prima Donna to what existed before, don’t. Instead, think about your favorite Italian dishes, and how they can possibly be any better. The Prima Donna team came in with their own vision and you can rest assured that you’re in for a familiar, yet new and elevated experience with many options to look forward to. For example, Prima Donna’s lamb meatballs with garlic bread rang bells in our memories, but packed an incredible punch – a reminder that this is a new restaurant with its own identity. The crispy-soft garlic bread stood out on its own, decorated with mouthwatering flakes of salt and the pungent burst of buttery garlic flavor. It deserved to be its own plate and still paired perfectly with the tender and juicy lamb meatballs wading in tomato sauce.

We chowed through Grilled Prawns bathed in fennel pollen, burnt lemon, and a subtle smoky oil, a White Lotus Pizza (fennel sausage, white sauce, caciocavallo, crispy potato, and red onion), and Rigatoni Pasta as the heavier selections for the evening. And a notable mention we just couldn’t get enough of remains the Crispy Brussels, complete with farro and sitting delicately atop a cloud of lemon-yogurt bagna cauda and golden raisins. Finally, the Lemon Pistachio Cake and Magic Sundae were both incredible. Tangy, lemony sweetness of cake alongside the smooth, creamy and crunchy sundae made for a perfect ending to our evening.

According to Mosaic, Prima Donna will be around until at least June 2024, but given the popularity and immediate embrace from the community, they’ll likely and hopefully be around for years to come.

Comfort, Style, and Excitement: The Shay

In regard to The Shay itself, not much has changed, as it continues to lift its small business community up high and periodically hosts events of all types for these businesses and artists to gain exposure. This time around, there were no events during our visit, but still ongoing support of the community, with the lobby’s Gallery Shop bursting with products just waiting to be bought. From shirts and dresses, to spa goods and essentials, there’s almost no stone unturned when it comes to what you can expect to find at The Shay’s Gallery Shop. In fact, it beckons you to come back from time to time to see what’s new in stock.

Next up, rather than a room with a view of the Hollywood Sign and DTLA, we enjoyed a larger space thanks to a private and spacious patio on the inward-facing side of the building. This allowed for fresh, cool air during the night hours, and even a space to sit out for a drink, a book, or editing. But even then, you’ve got the rooftop where the pool and Canopy Club await for unique views, more irresistible dishes and cocktails, and exclusive lounging.

We can’t recommend The Shay enough, as it lies in the heart of Culver City’s Arts District with more than enough going on to never get bored. Plentiful shopping, nightlife, fine dining, and small business & local artist support all in one place gives the hotel an advantage that others should be hungry for. Having the opportunity to visit The Shay once again feels like a return to home. Some things have changed, but enough has stayed the same, even with the addition of Prima Donna. It’s nice to not feel like a stranger and know that you can count on consistency from The Shay Hotel.

Read our previous coverage of The Shay Hotel and their Mercado y Más event, here.

Crazy Krafts Day at the Printing Museum

Crazy Krafts Day at the Printing Museum

Join us on Saturday, April 13, 2024 for KRAZY KRAFTS DAY at the Printing Museum, a creative day of printing and crafts for the whole family. During this special event we will be offering themed activities throughout the day. These include letterpress printing cards, bookmarks, keepsakes, colorful paper marbling, typing on vintage typewriters, screen printing t-shirts, bookbinding, special tours, and more!

The International Printing Museum is a dynamic museum devoted to bringing the history of printing and books to life for diverse audiences. The Museum is home to one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of antique printing machinery and graphic arts equipment. Our mission is to interpret and present the collection for a contemporary audience through demonstrations of working machinery, historic re-enactments, and hands-on workshops.

Since the museum’s founding in 1988, we have reached over 500,000 people through our programming. We regularly welcome visitors to the Museum to participate in tours and events, such as our quarterly Boy Scout Merit Badge Day, the annual Los Angeles Printers Fair, and Krazy Kraft Day for Kids. Our staff visits schools across California via our History in Motion program, the Museum’s innovative outreach program to schools.

The goal of our programming is to teach visitors about the history of books and printing and how innovations in printing helped shape the modern world. The International Printing Museum has been recognized worldwide for the size and scope of its collection, as well as its creative approaches to sharing the collection with our immediate community and the world at large.

10 am to 4 pm

315 W. Torrance Boulevard • Carson, CA 90745

Here’s A Secret Worth Knowing: Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club

Here’s A Secret Worth Knowing: Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club

There’s a little known secret hidden away in Southern California, and it isn’t Catalina Island. This gem is instead tucked away in Malibu, providing some of the best resort experiences and activities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Nestled in the stunning hillside of the Malibu Canyon, is Malibu’s best kept secret — and the only resort in the region. Offering a picturesque blend of luxury and rustic charm, this exclusive haven is redefining the standard of indulgence for travelers and locals alike. While many who travel through Southern California may gravitate toward Los Angeles to be closer to the action and glamour of the city, true relaxation and escapism lies within Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club.

With a rich history that dates back over 80 years, the Gerson Family invites guests to enjoy the over-250-acre resort with a boasting array of unparalleled amenities. From a private beach club with breathtaking ocean views, to a private horseback riding excursion, serene poolside relaxation, a world-class spa, and incredible dining experiences, this one-of-a-kind property is nothing less than extraordinary.

Credit: Catherine Dzilenski

For more than eight decades, five generations of the Gerson family have valued and revered the 250-acre estate, which was purchased by J. Grant Gerson in 1937. Moreover, Calamigos is the only upscale resort in Malibu that offers a beachside club exclusively for members and guests, as well as a private ranch in the Malibu Wine Country. With its luxurious cabins, cottages, bungalows, and estate rooms built on the property’s rural grounds, Calamigos embodies the pinnacle of sustainable luxury. Every home is meticulously constructed to be cozy and to coexist sustainably with the untouched landscape around it. A fire pit and soaking tub are common outdoor features in most rooms, which are perfect for relaxing in the evenings.
Enveloped in serenity, the resort is fitting for large and small families, groups of friends, romantic getaways, or even corporate retreats.

Outside of the luxurious suites, guests can enjoy the Calamigos Beach Club located just off the PCH in Malibu – where they take on the LA-lifestyle by renting paddle boards, soaking up the SoCal sun with a private beach butler, or dine at the Beach Club restaurant. For the more adventurous guests, the Calamigos team can arrange private guided hikes along the property, yoga and a sound bath, horseback riding, pickleball matches, and fitness sessions. On the other end of the activity spectrum, a reviving facial or calming massage can help guests balance their mind, body, and spirit, available in-room at Spa Calamigos or at the spa. Foodies can enjoy the renowned Calamigos Burger and fish tacos poolside, or they can choose to dress up and eat at the Ranch Club, the on-site restaurant, where they can sample a variety of dishes such fresh sushi, sirloin, miso glazed salmon, and seasonal salads. Finally, notable dessert options include chocolate fondue and freshly baked cookies served with milk upon request.

Visitors can prepare to be whisked away on an extraordinary journey where every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure an unparalleled level of luxury and comfort at Calamigos Guest Ranch. This hidden away, little known secret invites guests to immerse themselves in the world of nature, where each moment is a testament to the extraordinary and an homage to all things Malibu.

Calamigos Guest Ranch is located at 327 S Latigo Canyon Road, in Malibu, California. The Beach Club is located only a short drive away, where Corral Canyon meets the Pacific Coast Highway (guests are transported by house cars). Rooms can be booked online at, or by calling the front desk at (818)-540-2440. Visit their website to learn more.

Kroma Launches New Super Ramen

Kroma Launches New Super Ramen

Kroma, the brand dedicated to revitalizing mind, body and spirit through transformative Resets and Daily Essentials, has launched a new product that falls right in line!

The company, whose lineup includes meticulously selected ingredients from superfoods around the world to create nourishing, and healing functional foods and beverages, has marked their first product launch since inception in 2021, and it is available as of today, April 4th (National Ramen Day!), via

A fitting follow up to their selection, Kroma has offered a range of products, from meal-replacing broths to snacks and lattes, while keeping the following standards:
  • Curate for Quality: They have scanned the world to find the most nutrient-dense, high-integrity, sustainably sourced superfood ingredients available.
  • Healthy Must Taste Amazing: Healthy and delicious can and should co-exist. All of their food and beverage products are culinary-inspired, masterfully marrying function and flavor.
  • Be Pure: No cane sugar. No fillers. No dairy. No gluten. No GMOs. No shortcuts or gimmicks. Their intentions are pure and so are their products.
  • Live Super Empowered: They have collaborated with some of the top nutritionists, herbalists, chefs, and wellness gurus to ensure all of their products adapt to the body’s chemistry and empower inner awesomeness.
  • Keep It Simple: Their instant, superfood-centric products were made to simplify their life while keeping them nourished, sustained, and thriving. Just add water or non-dairy milk. Simple.

Courtesy: Kroma

While their previous broths have left room for customization and creativity – yet still maintaining a delicious and nutritious goal – Kroma’s Super Ramen ups the ante, promising the world’s first gluten-free bone broth ramen:

  • Enhanced with superfoods and adaptogens, providing added health benefits beyond traditional convenient noodle options.
  • Quick and convenient— ready in just 5 minutes, Kroma’s ramen is perfect for those seeking a quick, nourishing meal on the go, whether you’re at the office, dorm, or traveling.
  • And made with:
    • Gluten-Free Mung-Bean Noodles: Featuring gluten-free mung-bean noodles, Super Ramen offers a lower glycemic index and fewer carbs, catering to dietary preferences and health-conscious individuals.
    • Slow-Cooked Bone Broth: Super Ramen features slow-cooked chicken bone broth, lending a homemade taste and quality that sets it apart from other instant ramen options. It includes essential nutrients like collagen, amino acids, and minerals that support gut health, joint function, and overall well-being.
    • Bovine Collagen: Supporting hair, skin, and nails and joints.
    • Dehydrated Vegetable Blend: Provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall health and optimal nutrition.
    • Coconut Milk: Adds creaminess and richness to the broth, while also providing healthy fats that support brain function and satiety.
    • Turmeric: Offering anti-inflammatory properties, supports immune function and aids digestion.
    • Adaptogenic Reishi: Helping the body adapt to stress, supports immune function, promotes relaxation, and enhances overall vitality.
    • Nutritious and Balanced with 15g of protein and only 210 calories per serving.
    • Free of non-GMO ingredients, preservatives; and made with simple, whole ingredients.

You can purchase Kroma Super Ramen online, along with their other range of products, including favorites like:

Kroma 5-day Reset: Designed to kickstart healthy habits and combat issues like fatigue, bloating, brain fog, weight gain, and more. You won’t be hungry, tired or bored, and you will see and feel a difference in as little as 5 days. Their Reset is fully customizable, portable, nonperishable and abundant— making it easy to forget everything you know and fear about cleansing.

Kroma Daily Essentials: Packed with premium superfoods, The Kroma Daily Essentials are an effortless way to level up your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and give your body the essential nutrition for daily performance and long-term whole-body health.