420 is near and some of the best deals of the season are here! While it’s hightime for rounding up the selection of snacks and goodies, we’ve got a few brands worth checking out for the special weekend ahead. From sales to new releases, there’s a little something out there for everyone to put the cherry on top of the weekend.

Check out the offerings below to highlight the coming days ahead!


Available: April 17th – April 21st 


Innovators in the glass space, Stündenglass crafted a first of its kind addition to your glass arsenal. The Modül Dök, a hand-held glass piece that pairs with the Modül for a fast, safe, consistent and controlled experience. It’s the only device of its kind on the market for both dry herb and concentrate materials that accesses the fullest potential of the plant.
  • G Pen Up to 40% off sitewide
  • G Pen Dash+ was 149.95; Sale Price:$99.95
  • Stundenglass:  All Stündenglass Gravity Infusers $420
  • Grateful Dead x Stündenglass was $599.95; Sale Price: $420
  • Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash:
    Grateful Dead partnered with G Pen on their first official cannabis vaporizer combining the band’s iconic imagery with Grenco Science’s transformative design and technology. Originally $79.95; Sale Price: $47.97
  • The Pink Kompact from Stündenglass:
    Good things do come in smaller sizes. The Pink Stündenglass Kompact features the same patented 360 degree gravity system, dynamic design, and engaging user experience as the original, all in a more portable size and comes pre-assembled along with a hot pink travel case! $599.99; Sale Price: $420

Zippo Lights Up 4/20 With High-Class Collection

4/20 is just around the corner, and Zippo Manufacturing Company, renowned for crafting the iconic windproof lighter, has set out to revolutionize the holiday with its latest offering: the 20th of April Collection. This exclusive collection features four meticulously crafted lighters, each designed to redefine the cannabis celebration by offering sophisticated accessories that elevate the smoking experience to new heights of elegance and refinement.

Breaking away from the stereotypes often associated with 4/20, Zippo’s collection exudes sophistication and luxury. Crafted on High Polish Brass models, each lighter boasts distinctive designs ranging from whimsical to abstract, catering to the refined tastes of modern cannabis enthusiasts who value both style and substance. Discover the collection with prices starting at $37.95 exclusively
available at Zippo.com/20April.

High 90’s

HIGH 90’S – California’s premiere cannabis brand that will take you higher than the clouds with its sweet lineup of high-quality cannabis products that are a tribute to ’90s nostalgia in every puff.
All-in-one Disposable Vapes:
  • These vapes provide a quick and potent quality hit while being discreet and convenient for those who are always on the move.
  • Boasting 1 gram of premium cannabis oil
  • Available in a range of 15 different flavors. 
  • All vapes include a charging cable so you can enjoy an intense mind and body high that will keep on giving! 
High Rollers:
  • The pre-rolls with a gorgeous appearance, mouth-watering flavors and potency that can’t be beaten. 
  • Each pre-roll is generously filled with 1.5 grams of the highest-quality flowers from the brand’s line-up.
  • Hand picked and hand packed with only nugs and crowned with a glass mouthpiece for a seamless draw. 
  • With 12 flavors to choose from, the High Rollers are not just pre-rolls; they’re a statement that offers an elevated high that can’t be ignored. 

Launched in 2019, HIGH 90’S was born out of a love for weed and a passion for all things ’90s. Its lineup includes everything from wax-infused pre-rolls to a variety of flowers, vapes, and extracts. The brand is proud to embody California’s laid-back spirit and the essence of the ’90s. If you’re looking for a brand that’s as fun and bold as it is high-quality, look no further than HIGH 90’S.

Nabis Partners: Falcon, Maven, and More

With almost 40 million residents, California is the largest legal cannabis market in the country. But with supply and demand fluctuations impacting market stability, the need for reliable third-party distribution, technology and logistics support is ever-present as operators look to scale.
Today, a suite of California cannabis leaders, including Falcon’s state-wide empire and Maven’s beloved exclusive genetics genetics, announced partnerships with the state’s leading third-party fulfillment platform, Nabis.
These partnerships mark a trend among the state’s leading operators, who are looking to relieve pressure and enhance scalability with tech-forward, data-driven, streamlined distribution services like those offered by Nabis.
In addition to Falcon and Maven, Nabis recently added Drops, Ball Family Farms, Bear Humboldt and Ursa Extracts to its marketplace.