Hayden @ PLATFORM Introduces Golden Hour and its Specialty Wine Program

Hayden @ PLATFORM Introduces Golden Hour and its Specialty Wine Program

Platform LA seems to have it all going on, and for good reason, with one of its highlight restaurants — Hayden. Hayden, a modern Los Angeles restaurant and wine bar, is helmed by chef and partner, Ari Kolender. Aptly named for the creative community of the Hayden Tract, the restaurant will highlight local California ingredients with European influences set in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. Hayden will offer a new wine program and Golden Hour, from 5 pm to 7pm, which will offer $1.50 oysters and $8 glasses of wines with special tastings with Beverage Director Anthony Cailan on Saturdays.

In addition, the exquisite restaurant continues to offer its can’t-miss light morning menu, including Chef Kolender’s signature waffles, Vittoria coffee, plus a menu of tartines, salads, and sandwiches throughout the day. During afternoons and evenings, diners can expect oysters, European canned seafood, and an extensive selection of new California wines, which will also be available throughout the day in Hayden’s wine shop.

About Anthony Cailan

Anthony Cailan, Hayden’s Beverage Director, focuses especially on natural California wines in the shop, and is one of the few sommeliers who chill red wine by the glass. With an extensive culinary background in some of the most popular and successful businesses and events across California and the country, Cailan lends his expertise to Hayden to create a rare and unforgettable experience for diners.

About Ari Kolender

Chef Kolender has cooked in some of the best kitchens in Los Angeles, including Providence and Red Medicine. Before opening Hayden, he worked at The Ordinary and Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop in Charleston, where he was nominated for the James Beard Rising Star Chef award.

The design of the restaurant reflects the spirit of Kolender’s cooking.  This focus on simple high-quality materials can be seen in the custom woodwork, handmade ceramic flatware, and an Italian marble bar.  The Hayden team also collaborated with their neighbor, British designer Tom Dixon, on the lighting and furniture in the space.

Kolender summarized the spirit of the project: “Hayden was inspired by the neighborhood.  From gallery owners to music producers to fashion designers, the Hayden Tract is full of entrepreneurs as well as up and coming artists. I want to create a gathering space for all of these people to come together and enjoy a great meal and an incredible bottle of wine any time of day.  The food we cook at Hayden will be inspired by and reflect the diverse and elegant city in which we live.”

8820 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Hours: 12 pm – 9 pm daily
Phone: (310) 593-4777

Pappy’s Seafood: Elevated Classics

Pappy’s Seafood: Elevated Classics

(See All Aboard the USS Iowa to find out what else you can do before or after visiting this delicious destination.)

So, you’ve visited the Battleship Iowa Museum, and after an immersive, tiring tour of climbing, walking, exploring, and learning, it’s time to leave and find something to eat (and preferably nearby). San Pedro is a fairly small place, and this is quite possibly the city’s greatest advantage, because after what feels like all day on a battleship, the greatest food is only 5 minutes away!

Pappy’s Seafood, located just a couple of blocks from USS Iowa, is something to look forward to in the second half of a day-long trip to San Pedro. Incredibly, this new restaurant will bring you back to San Pedro repeatedly with their elevated seafood experience. Below are some of Pappy’s dishes and drinks that not only look familiar, but are also bound to be unlike any seafood you’ve ever had. Forget everything you know about these ocean signatures and classics, as Pappy’s has carved a lane for itself in the seafood dining world.

Dive In

Though Pappy’s Seafood is only nearing half a year since opening, it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been in San Pedro for over a decade. Pappy’s blends into its street of lined boutiques and restaurants well, yet is defined by its fresh paint, window-lined walls, and corner foundation. The “open-air” style restaurant houses comfortable window-side tables and chairs, toasty lantern-lit booths, and a premium seated bar, with a friendly hostess, waitresses and waiters, and a bartender all ready to welcome you.

Nautical colors and décor do well at defining the restaurant and preparing you for the experience in store. Clean white walls, and navy-blue paint don’t make Pappy’s feel empty and bare, but rather close and intimate, as you have your own space not too near to any other diners. And though the restaurant has no views of the ocean, and certainly feels as if you’ve anchored in a seaside cabin.

Smooth Sailing & A Trio of Plunges

Pappy’s features an extended menu of spirits, wines, beers, and cocktails, so it was only appropriate to begin with a classic Rose wine: smooth and sweet, with the perfect contrasting tartness in the aftertaste.

Some of their specialty nonalcoholic drinks are Hibiscus Arnold Palmer, Watermelon Mint Limeade, and Passion Fruit Tea. Each of these notable drinks are house-made and brewed on location, and are the perfect matches to the seafood dishes Pappy’s has to offer.

Hibiscus Arnold Palmer: A classic deep red appearance of hibiscus tea, but infused with the sweet and tart flavors of an Arnold Palmer (sweet and lemonade).

Watermelon Mint Limeade: This summery concoction could refresh the thirstiest of sailors. Not only did it taste extremely fresh with its mint flavor, but the sweet familiarity of watermelon coupled with the hint of lime could make the drink a Pappy’s favorite, and the ultimate summer drink.

Passion Fruit Tea: It can be said that this powerful trio of colorful drinks are easily enjoyed by even the most sophisticated tea lovers. However, the Passion Fruit Tea, possesses the earthiest and sharpest taste of all three. This brewed beverage is well balanced with the contrastingly sweet passion fruit.


Mac and Cheese w/ Lobster: At first glance, Pappy’s mac and cheese (lobster optional) appears to be your everyday cheesy baked pasta. Don’t be fooled — this appetizer is anything but ordinary. Pappy’s mac and cheese uses shell pasta, but is not thick and extra cheesy like the macaroni and cheese many of us have come to love. In fact, this rendition of macaroni and cheese carefully considers its seafood ally, and contains just enough cheese to share the spotlight with chunky pieces of lobster. This golden chest of pasta is topped off with a toasty breadcrumb crust, reminiscent of sweet cornbread.

Crab Cakes: There are crab cakes. Then there are Pappy’s crab cakes. As if they had just brought back a catch, Pappy’s manages to pack a powerful punch of freshness and flavor. Consequently, with a sprinkle of greens, cherry tomatoes, a dash of sea salt, and a drizzle of house tartar, the flavor of the crab cakes is amplified even more.

Clam Chowder Soup: This New England style clam chowder is actually not like eating a soup at all. In fact, Pappy’s clam chowder could be related to a baked dish in terms of texture and taste: layers of flavor, thicker than usual, and a wholesome, hearty treat. Available in two sizes, Pappy’s clam chowder can be a complete entrée when served in the bread bowl, or as a side dish in a bowl or cup.

The Main Course

Blackened Shrimp Fish Plate: Pappy’s offers a variety of fish plates, consisting of sea bass, Ahi, shrimp, salmon, or Mahi Mahi, cooked in 3 styles: garlic herb butter, chimichurri, and blackened seasoning. All fish plates are served with salad, and rice or potatoes. Reminiscent of a traditional Louisiana meal, the blackened shrimp was spicy and flavorful with its Cajun tones, and roasted red potatoes. The salad, a light vinaigrette dressing compounded with citrus notes was the perfect contrast to bring the otherwise heavy meal together.

Lobster Roll w/ Pappy Fries: This could undoubtedly be one of the best lobster rolls in Southern California. Their house-made tartar paired with the warm, buttery French roll made it an absolute delicacy. Pappy’s has mastered this simple sandwich of moist Maine lobster in between with dill weed, tartar, and purple onions. The bonus fries offered with the lobster roll top the dish off with a trio of sauces: house-made ketchup, garlic aioli, and chipotle mayo. This is somewhat of a treat, as Pappy’s doesn’t give guests just one sauce, but let’s them face the impossibility of choosing a sole favorite!

A Sweet Ending

Chocolate Chip Cookie: The final and perfect way to end a meal at Pappy’s is to indulge in one of their pillow-soft, chunky chocolate chip cookies.

301 W 6th St, San Pedro, CA 90731
(424) 224-5444

11:30 am – 9:30 pm, daily.

Contributing Writer: Anthony C. Stafford

All Aboard The USS IOWA

All Aboard The USS IOWA

(See Pappy’s Seafood: Elevated Classics for a great lunch or dinner after visiting USS Iowa.)

Southern California has a hidden, historical gem unlike any other, located in the coastal city of San Pedro. Potentially overlooked by many Californians, San Pedro is home to a perfect combination of education, discovery, fun, and considered by many to be the perfect destination for individuals, friends, and family. Here’s what visitors can look forward to when they book a visit to the USS Iowa in this beautiful coastal city.

USS Iowa: A History Lesson

The battleship Iowa is possibly one of the best kept secrets in Southern California, and is an experience unlike any other. Visitors can expect to spend about 2 hours or more at the battleship, depending on their tickets and tour type. Daily tours include visits to see the largest guns on the U.S. Navy ship, the officer’s ward room, President Roosevelt’s cabin, the armored bridge, mess decks, helicopter deck, missile decks, and other areas. With 6 tours to choose from, each is catered to the appropriate visitor based on age and accessibility, desired pace, group size, and special access to usually unavailable parts of the battleship.

With a length of over 800 feet, the USS Iowa, also known as “The Big Stick” in 1952, and “The Grey Ghost” during the Korean War, is the last lead ship of any class of United States battleships, and was the only ship of her class to have served in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. To experience the USS Iowa is to walk to into a virtual time capsule. As if frozen in time, various interior and exterior fixtures, weapons, designs, tools, and technology from 1940 and later lie throughout the ship, setting a stage for the major role that the USS Iowa played in our U.S. and world history.

Though it served during World War II, the Korean War, and through the Cold War, the USS Iowa has stood the test of time, receiving occasional renovations, refurbishments, upgrades, and repairs. She earned 11 battle stars during her career and even hosted three U.S. Presidents — Franklin, Reagan, and H.W. Bush. Though it may not seem like it today with the fantasy of movies and special effects, the USS Iowa is the largest and most powerful ship of its time and ever built.

What to Expect

The USS Iowa opened in Los Angeles, (her final placement) on July 4, 2012, to a crowd of over 1,500 supporters and veterans at Port of Los Angeles Berth 87. The USS Iowa Museum offers daily tours, group programs, education visits, special events, filming, military ceremonies, and is in the process of starting an overnight program. Today, dozens of veterans volunteer in guided tours, and assist in the daily operations, like cleaning, maintenance and upkeep.

The battleship is a ginormous vertical and horizontal labyrinth of steel corridors on the inside, and on the outside, an intimidating vessel marked by the scars of past wars.  Standing on any part of the deck will boast amazing panoramic views of the San Pedro Harbor.  It’s difficult to imagine what life must have been like to live on an armed ship in the peaks of various wars, and it was no easy task for anyone aboard the ship. With tight quarters, halls, and passages throughout, the amount of human effort, coordination, agility, and caution necessary to keep the USS Iowa moving without a hitch is unimaginable. It’s important to consider that this is a vessel that has housed thousands of men, so space was extremely limited, and everyone had a required duty to fulfill. Even more important to note is that in the height of war, even the deck was no safety zone. In fact, the deck was one of the most dangerous places to be during storms, and when the ship’s guns were in use.

Undoubtedly an educational experience that is not only fun, but extremely immersive, the USS Iowa is a destination that brings the lifestyles of on-duty United States servicemen from early last century into clear perspective. It is an opportunity that may possibly be overlooked by many, but it is also an opportunity for any and every one to find fascination in, and appreciation for many aspects of the experience — including just how far our technological advancement has evolved.

What was once considered to be a “state of the art” battleship, has now become a legendary and well-respected piece of history. If spending a morning exploring the USS Iowa sounds like a good getaway, then consider visiting with family and friends to see first-hand why the USS Iowa is so magnificent.

Parking, Location, and Admission

The Museum is located at Berth 87 at the Los Angeles World Cruise Port Terminal at the LA Waterfront / Port of Los Angeles. The Battleship Iowa Museum shares the parking lot with the World Cruise Terminal.

Parking is accessible from 1st Street & Harbor Boulevard.

The first hour of parking is free, and each additional hour is $2 with a maximum of $18 per day.

Battleship Iowa Museum
250 South Harbor Blvd.
San Pedro, CA  90731

Tours Available:
Full Steam Ahead: visitors are allowed access to areas of the ship generally not viewed by the public, such as the Engine Room.
Self-Guided: allows for guests to explore the areas permitted for public access by the USS Iowa Museum at their own pace.
Group: discounted rates on admission
Senior Group: provide a guided tour experience through history to areas that are easily accessible.
Curator’s Tour: VIP experience allows guests to tour the USS Iowa Battleship and Museum while accompanied by a member of the ship’s crew.
Interactive Tour: Download the USS Iowa App for an award-winning, interactive tour.

After a day of exploration aboard the USS Iowa, consider visiting Pappy’s Seafood for a befitting elevated dining experience — only five minutes away!

Contributing Writer: Anthony C. Stafford

One Stop Christmas Shop! The Passionate Collector Has It All for Your Last-Minute Holiday Needs

One Stop Christmas Shop! The Passionate Collector Has It All for Your Last-Minute Holiday Needs

The Passionate Collector Makes Holiday Shopping a Breeze

The Passionate Collector is ready for all your last-minute holiday shopping needs at their retail store located in Newport Beach or online at www.thepassionatecollector.com.

Having a passion for fashion and accessories, owner Susan Shieldkret of the Passionate Collector, combined these with her love of travel, as well as a love for helping others look and feel their best. With a great selection of products, wonderful designs and reasonable prices, The Passionate Collector features over 50 designers from all over the world.

“We are like a tiny department store. We can cover your shopping needs, from really fun socks, unique umbrellas, alpaca slippers, and handmade scarves, to beautiful jewelry”, said Susan Shieldkret, the owner of The Passionate Collector in Newport Beach.

With Christmas right around the corner, people are looking for those last-minute gift ideas for that “hard to buy” for person, the friend who has everything, and even that special friend who is unique and original. The Passionate Collector has something for everyone, including gifts for mom or dad, that special someone in your life, your boss, the techie, travel lovers, or even yourself.

Here Are Some Nifty Items We Picked Out Just for Their Uniqueness and Functionality:

If you can’t go anywhere without your computer, check out the Canadian bags that wear like iron. Not only are these durable but they are also water and dust repellent, high-density, and scratch and stain resistant. This bag also touts versatility, with the convenience of being able to throw it over your back or carry it like a brief case. The choice is yours, and it protects everything!

For those travel lovers, this “smart” luggage has a battery pack that will weigh itself and charge your smart phone, computer, and other devices. That’s pretty cool indeed. It also has a GPS-type locator just in case it ever gets lost. It’s TSA approved, comes in small or large, and has a variety of colors to choose from.

For fun – The Passionate Collector has pink (or white) Furry Alpaca Slippers, and they feel so soft, your feet will fall in love! The fur is long and moves with each step – pretty!

How about something for that mechanical guy? The Padron Watch lets you peer through the watch backing and see the speed of the movement. It’s seriously fascinating.

Inspirational quotes with Graffiti Word Art Leggings give you enough motivation to get out of bed and get your workout going. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite yoga or workout enthusiast. They come as 100% silk scarves too!

Detailed, exquisite Hand Made Umbrellas make a statement wherever you go, and they’re more than just protecting you from getting wet. Detailed with beautiful colors and unique handles, no two are alike!

There are so many more exclusive gifts at The Passionate Collector, it’s no wonder. The name says it all. Stay connected to them on Facebook and Instagram at @thepassionatecollector; and Twitter at @TPC_Jewelry.

Visit their online store or stop by their boutique store in Newport Beach, located at the Newport Coast Shopping Center — 21115 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Coast, California 92657. Online orders and additional information can be found at http://www.ThePassionateCollector.com.
Phone:  949-673-0440
Store hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Roberta’s Returns to Platform LA

Roberta’s Returns to Platform LA


World renowned pizzeria comes to Culver City!

Roberta’s, the world renowned pizzeria from Brooklyn, has opened its first extended residency on the West Coast at PLATFORM.

Following last year’s inaugural residency at Platform LA, Roberta’s will once again be serving their wood-fired pizzas and a selection of natural wines, courtesy of Hayden’s wine shop, in Hayden Tract. In what could possibly become an annual occurrence, Roberta’s is returning to Los Angeles this December, from the 6th to the 23rd. Joseph Miller, Co-Founder of Platform LA says, “We had so much fun hosting the Roberta’s crew last year and can’t wait to have them back again for the holidays at PLATFORM.”

Roberta’s Co-Owner and Chef Carlo Mirarchi says, “We’re psyched about being back in LA and spending time with our friends on the West Coast. We can’t wait to serve all the great people that came out to see us last year, and are excited to welcome any one who hasn’t dined with us before.”

Pizza lovers can find Roberta’s at PLATFORM LA, (8850 Washington Blvd., Culver City) from December 6 – 23, 2017, and open Wednesday – Sunday from 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Their menu includes signature pizzas alongside a local, seasonal special, in addition to Margherita, Bee Sting, and the Famous Original — all available in a personal pie size, and priced from $12 per pizza. All pizzas are also available for dining onsite or for takeaway.

About Roberta’s

Nestled in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, Roberta’s is the creation of Brandon Hoy and Chef Carlo Mirarchi. Opened in January of 2008, the restaurant has become a neighborhood institution, an international culinary destination, and an incubator for progressive entrepreneurship. Described by The New York Times as “one of the more extraordinary restaurants in the country,” Roberta’s is built inside a former manufacturing building and features communal seating, private tables, and a sun-soaked atrium. Roberta’s is far more than a restaurant – the full campus includes a multi-use outdoor terrace and bar, Heritage Radio Station, an onsite vegetable garden, and discreet access to the two-Michelin Star restaurant, Blanca. The adjacent Roberta’s Bakery offers fresh pizza for takeout and delivery as well as frozen pizzas and a variety of fresh baked goods, naturally leavened breads, and retail merchandise.


PLATFORM is the convergence of fashion, culinary talent, and creative companies in the most
dynamic neighborhood in Los Angeles, Hayden Tract. A community of independent merchants,
influential chefs, and creative organizations, PLATFORM is a centerpiece for LA’s newest
creative generation. Through edited experiences including popups, installations, and culinary
partnerships, PLATFORM is a destination for all of LA to discover.
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