Cloud 11 Launches Limited-Edition Recipe No. 4

Cloud 11 Launches Limited-Edition Recipe No. 4

Artful, modern, luxurious, and even futuristic are a few words that could be used to describe the elevated cannabis-infused edibles handcrafted by the Cloud 11 team.

Born out of a desire to offer more than just a traditional cannabis edible, Cloud11 is co-founded by Chef, Sommelier, and Entrepreneur Nicholas Pritzker, and Eleven Madison Park alum, Chef Manuela Sanin. The duo set out to create a newfound edible experience that marries creative passion, culinary excellence, and sophistication.

Now, nearly a year after launch, they have created their first limited-edition offering — a nostalgic callback to childhood summers: Kumquat Creamsicle. The decadent chocolate features fresh kumquats harvested from Northern California’s Frog Hollow Farm, and until May 30th, Cloud11 was only available for delivery in Los Angeles. However, with the launch of Kumquat Creamsicle, Cloud11 is now available for same-day and scheduled delivery throughout the state of California!

Executive Chef Manuela Sanin infused white chocolate with fresh orange zest to create the chocolate’s delicate shell, which is hand-painted in a color palette reminiscent of a hazy California sunset. Keeping with the company’s tradition, each edible is hand-painted and meticulously crafted. Inside the chocolate is a layer of fresh kumquat marmalade, featuring fruits grown this past winter on Frog Hollow Farm, a pioneering organic and regenerative farm in Brentwood, CA outside of San Francisco. The kumquat marmalade is complimented by a layer of salty vanilla ganache to create a complex dessert that is tangy and bright, yet creamy and smooth.

“Kumquat Creamsicle celebrates California’s agriculture, from kumquats to cannabis,” said Founder Nicholas Pritzker. “This limited-edition infused desert brings these traditions together in an unexpected way to create a beautiful and nostalgic experience that commemorates our expansion from Los Angeles to the rest of the state.”

Each of Cloud11’s Kumquat Creamsicle chocolates include 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, but unlike other similarly dosed edibles, each chocolate is “dessert-sized” and large enough to be savored in two bites. 11 individual chocolates are nestled in a sculptural tin, wrapped in an original artwork by Bay Area artist Rachelle Reichert, and delivered inside a centerpiece-worthy tactile embossed sleeve. 100 editions of this limited-release culinary artworks are available for same day and scheduled delivery across the state of California for $90 at


Cloud11’s original three debut recipes include:

  • Salted Peanut: As an elevated take on the classic, beloved peanut butter cup, Cloud11’s Salted Peanut is a silken, creamy peanut butter ganache encased in delicate, decadent dark chocolate finished with small-batch hand-crafted sea salt from Amagansett Sea Salt Co. Wonderfully smooth, each bite brings subtle waves of sweetness balanced perfectly with a wash of slight saltiness.

  • Strawberry Pink Peppercorn: Featuring strawberries from L.A. institution Harry’s Berries, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn is creamy and complex with a floral pink peppercorn twist to create bright and bitter bursts of flavor. Fresh and alluring, this one of a kind can’t help but melt in the mouth.

  • Black Sesame Yuzu: With Wadaman sesame paste sourced from Japan, Black Sesame Yuzu is sensual and sophisticated. The toasted nuttiness of sesame unfurls alongside the fresh sharpness of yuzu. Earthy tones sit sumptuously alongside brilliant, bright citrus before fading away into a subtle smokiness.

Each flavor is available in 11-piece tins with two dosage options: 2mg THC/2mg CBD or 4mg THC/4mg CBD. Single tins feature one flavor in one dosage and retails for $90, while double tins can combine two flavors and dosages, and retails for $170.

Products for Keeping Your Dog (and Cat) Healthy and Happy this Summer

Products for Keeping Your Dog (and Cat) Healthy and Happy this Summer

It’s no secret that Southern California Summers are beautiful and bring out some of the best things that the region has to offer. Also notorious at this time of year, is the region’s scorching heat and dryness as the months go on. With this year’s worsening drought, it’ll be more important than ever to look out for not just our own health and wellbeing, but that of our comforting companions — cats and dogs.

Two incredible brands at the forefront of pet health (and happiness) are Native Pet and Bocce’s Bakery, and they are largely becoming favorites among pet owners. Their products are not only for satisfying tummies and rewarding our fur babies for good behavior, but they also help to ensure that our little ones are in the best physical shape and overall wellness that they can be in.

From keeping them calm in scary situations, to making sure their guts are at optimal performance, here are some of the products offered by Native Pet and Bocce’s Bakery to help keep our lovable pets happy and healthy this Summer.

Native Pet

Native Pet is a natural, highly effective, and limited ingredient pet supplement brand that uses whole food and superfood ingredients. Available online and at Target, Native Pets was created by CEO Dan Schaefer and his childhood friend, Pat Barron, who were on the hunt for better nutrition for pets. With many of the big brands not meeting the standard that the duo had in mind, they sought out to fill a gap, offering supplements that are not only delicious, but effective.

When it comes to aging, it’s easy to forget that our pets actually age faster than we do, and also quickly feel the effects of it as a result. From joint and mood issues, to gut and hygiene issues, Native Pet offers a line of supplements that can help pups who are having trouble with mobility, digestion, and bladder health. Native Pet’s Relief Chicken Chews are specially formulated for senior dogs to alleviate joint pain, improve anti-inflammatory response, and aid in long-term joint health. With 4 active ingredients, these chews are made of black pepper fruit extract, green lipped mussel, a natural polyphenol blend, and turmeric extract to deliver powerful relief, backed by the fact that it’s all natural and real chicken.

Native Pet also offers Bladder Chicken Chews, maintaining the same level of all-natural, premium ingredient realness. With 3 active ingredients, like cranberry extract, mannose – used to move bacteria away from latching onto the urinary tract lining, and subtilis – a probiotic strain that’s used to help reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant microbes in the urinary tract, Native Pet has created a powerful supplement to help ensure inside accidents and outdoor complications stay at a minimum.

The Native Pet team works with leading nutritionists, vets, and scientists to create all of their formulas, which include the following and more:

  • For the Belly Rubs: Probiotics for Dogs ($29.99) – The powder formulated with only 4 natural ingredients including the Jerusalem artichoke, helps promote gut health upon being added to dog food while maintaining a shelf life of 2 years.

  • For a Glistening Coat: Omega Oil ($11.99) – This wild-caught salmon and pollock based oil additive promotes healthy skin, coats and joints with additional heart-health benefits. 

  • For the Butt-Scooters: Pumpkin Powder ($19.99) – A fully organic, water activated powder crafted with only 3 ingredients (pumpkin, pumpkin seed and apple) serves as an ideal aid to combat diarrhea and constipation. 

  • For New, Teething Buddies: Yak Chews ($14.99) – The all-natural hard cheese chews made of Yak’s milk serve as a high-protein, stink-free, mess-free stick that occupies furry friends for hours.

  • For the Picky Pet: Air-Dried Chews – With a variety of functional recipe options, the air-dried chicken chew line includes tasty, reward-friendly bites for Allergy ($31.99), Relief ($23.99), Calming ($21.99) and Bladder ($29.99) support all built with active ingredients from the earth. 

Bocce’s Bakery

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: According to the American Kennel Club, due to the anxiety and fear that fireworks can cause pets, more pets go missing during the Fourth of July than any other time of year.

While the Fourth of July often signifies the peak of summer, fireworks throughout cities and backyards alike can be very loud and frightening for dogs. Bocce’s Bakery, however, is here to help make the 4th a little easier on pups nationwide. Started in a tiny kitchen in NYC, Bocce’s believes in “better food with fresher, simpler, all natural-ingredients,” and the pet-lover’s favorite for their irresistible treats, is now introducing a line of supplements for pooches.

Along with tips like creating a dedicated quiet space for your pet or keeping them busy, calming products are a great way to ease anxiety and panic your pup may feel. Bocce’s Bakery has introduced their Calming Supplements and BedTime Tea Biscuits, which are not only tasty, but the perfect treat to help your pup get through the holiday:

BedTime Tea Biscuits – This 100% all-natural treat is made with only four ingredients: lavender, vanilla, banana, and comforting oats, and will have your pup dreaming in no time. Perfect for small and large dogs to naturally promote relaxation (… at bedtime or anytime!). Available for purchase on and (with over 2,700 reviews!) Like humans using chamomile tea to relax and wind down, it’s important to look after your pups and ensure they get their lavender treats to do the same.

Calming Supplements – A daily health supplement with natural, calming ingredients designed to help your pup keep their cool – because you’re not the only one in need of a little relaxation and TLC. It has a delicious banana and honey flavor and is made with Chamomile, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine & Melatonin. Available for purchase on and

Skin & Coat Supplements – In addition to these amazing products, Bocce’s Bakery offer’s skin and coat supplements, designed to improve one of the most overlooked parts of a dog’s health: their skin and coat. While their coats are often more noticeable, seeing your dog’s skin can help bring awareness to underlying health issues, allergies, and general health and wellbeing. In addition, it’s also possible for pups to suffer from dry skin issues, which makes this Salmon Oil, Kelp, and Biotin infused supplement a must! Packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, you’d be doing your companion a favor, especially if subjecting them to SoCal heat and dryness.

Cat Treats – How could we ever forget the cats, right!? Bocce’s Bakery also makes sure little feline friends are taken care of with their wide selection of cat treats. Ranging in flavors and recipes, from fish and carrots to beef and cheddar, it’s impossible for even the pickiest of kitties to not enjoy one of their specialty treats. Soft, chewy, all-natural and full on flavor, there’s no excuse for a sad pet Summer in 2022.

Halle Berry Teams Up with The Old Gays, Serving Pride & Bev

Halle Berry Teams Up with The Old Gays, Serving Pride & Bev

Nothing says summer in LA quite like brunch, drinks, and hanging with the LGBTQIA+ community. Actress Halle Berry has teamed up with TikTok Stars The Old Gays (7.4M followers and recently highlighted in the New York Times) and cult favorite canned wine brand Bev for the ultimate Pride Campaign: Serving Pride.

Highlighting the brand’s limited edition Pride Spritz, in which 10% of all sales are being donated to wayOUT, this digital, and OOH wildposting campaign – produced entirely in house at Bev – embraces and highlights the iconic celebration of self love — and spreading it to others to SERVE PRIDE. Utilizing a diverse group of individuals both in front of the camera and behind, Bev seeks to encourage consumers to live their best life, amplify their voices, and be unapologetically YOU. The Pride Spritz is a Sauv Blanc, offering aromatics of crisp green apple, white nectarine and a light, fresh, citrus finish, combined with a playfully uplifting bubbly experience.

Bev is notable for their selection of 100-calorie canned wine spritzers with 0g of sugar and only 3g of carbs, making them one of the most diet and health-conscious brands on the market. What’s more, Bev delivers directly to your doorstep, nationwide, via FREE two day shipping! And If you’re shopping in store, you can pick up a pack at your local Target, Bevmo, Total Wine, AVP, and more. Check out to find a store nearby for when you’re en route to the pool party, and are in need of a good Bev!

Even with a week left in June, many are still continuing the celebration of Pride, and will continue to do so after June has passed – especially as we continue to see heightened targeted legislation and attacks on the LGBTQIA+ community. Allies continue to step forward to lend their love and support, and it’s likely we will see many more needed initiatives like this one throughout the year.

About Bev

Bev is a female-forward beverage brand that was founded to change not only the way a product is consumed but the way an industry and culture have operated for generations. In an industry that is almost exclusively masculine, Bev is breaking norms and creating something from the female perspective that is approachable, fun, and consumer-centric. Unlike other canned wines, which tend to use bottom-of-the-barrel grapes, added sugars, and artificial flavors to taste, Bev is a canned wine made from high-quality, central CA grapes.

Therabody to Throw Grand Opening Party for Latest Expansion: Reset

Therabody to Throw Grand Opening Party for Latest Expansion: Reset

Every year, there are a few things we can always count on as summer approaches. The first, it’s going to be hot, and the second being that many of us are pursuing our summer bodies. With those two realities before us, why not get some relief from the weather, and a bit of physical therapy by taking up a free cryotherapy offer this weekend?

If you’re liking the sound of that, this Saturday, June 25, Therabody will be celebrating the Grand Opening of both, their Brentwood and Manhattan Beach locations, by offering free cryotherapy all day at both locations. In addition, they’re offering exclusive one-day discounts on their top-of-the-line wellness/recovery services, raffles with prizes, and a special ribbon cutting ceremony. The event will take place from 10 AM – 8 PM.

Reset By Therabody is designed to deliver a spectrum of mind-body health and wellness services, providing clients access to premium technologies and trained experts who can guide them through a curated experience. Those who visit Reset can pair services based on a desired outcome of their choosing – whether that’s feeling energized ahead of physical activity, reviewed after strenuous activity, or soothed and ready for sleep.

Some of Reset’s unique services include:
  • Full-body Theragun massage and stretch
  • RecoveryAir pneumatic compression
  • PowerDot electrical stimulation
  • Sound therapy
  • IV hydration
  • Hyperbaric chambers

Following the successful operation of a pilot location in Philadelphia, Therabody’s expansion is bringing Reset to key markets across the U.S., starting right here in their homebase of Los Angeles. See addresses for both locations below:


Manhattan Beach:
3360 Sepulveda Blvd. #N100
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

11677 San Vicente Blvd. Space #101
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Kiva Launches New S’mores Chocolate Bar

Kiva Launches New S’mores Chocolate Bar

Just in time with the season, Kiva has launched yet another new addition to their chocolate bar lineup. Tapping into the nostalgia and tradition of Summer camping, Kiva also continues to deliver on your favorite high-inducing sweets!

The new S’mores Chocolate Bar continues Kiva’s legacy of deliciousness features sweet milk chocolate, doused in chewy marshmallow pieces, and is topped with crunchy graham cracker chunks. It’s the perfect addition to spike your S’more, or eat by itself. Dosed at 5mg THC per bite (100mg per bar), it’s the optimum size to share with friends, and will surely leave them a happy camper. 


This cold water hash-infused, terpene-tailored treat aims to satisfy your cannabis cravings in one crunchy bite, and give you a head high meant to help you get you lit using a Kiva’s hot take on an old classic. Earlier this year, ahead of 4/20, Kiva released a limited edition Yeastie Boys collaborative chocolate bar, topped with their favorite Everything Bagel Seasoning — which only further proved why Kiva’s chocolate bars are some of the best on the market.

In addition, Kiva Confections also recently pledged $100K to support LGBTQIA+ for Pride month. Kiva Confections, the market leader in cannabis edibles, also celebrated Pride month with the launch of their fifth annual release of the Camino ‘Proud’ Gummy. The much-anticipated ‘Proud’ Gummy featured reimagined packaging and a brand new Passionfruit Punch flavor with limonene and linalool terpenes for a tailored, exhilarating experience.

Get your own s’mores chocolate bar while summer kicks in, and kick back and let the good times roll.

5 Tips for Picking a Good Sunscreen

5 Tips for Picking a Good Sunscreen

We love summer for its warm temperatures and bright skies, but nobody enjoys getting sunburned. The redness, irritation and lingering itchiness can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. Wearing the right sunscreen is essential to be comfortable and safe in sunny weather. Here are five tips for picking a good sunscreen so you can spend more time outside this summer and ban the burn.

Know the Science Behind Sunburn

Understanding sunburn is the first step to knowing how sunscreen works. Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause skin to burn and age, leading scientists to categorize two ultraviolet ray types: UVB for burning and UVA for aging. Overexposure to UV rays initiates a reaction in our DNA that deteriorates the skin and can lead to many medical problems:

  • Inflamed corneas
  • Impaired vision
  • Liver spots
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Solar elastosis
  • Skin cancer

Despite these health risks, UV light is a good thing in moderation. About 15 minutes of daily sun exposure can bring some impressive benefits:

  • Higher levels of vitamin D
  • Stronger bones
  • Better sleep
  • Lower stress levels
  • Strengthened immune system

Sunburn is your body’s first warning that you’ve spent too much time outside without sufficient protection. The UVB rays have already penetrated your skin, so you need to find a reliable sunscreen before the UVA rays do more severe damage.

Look for Broad-Spectrum Protection

Look for sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection. They meet more rigorous FDA requirements and protect the wearer from UVB and UVA rays. Non-broad spectrum products only guard the skin against sunburn, but not against skin cancer, aging or other long-term health issues.

Only Buy Sunscreens SPF 30 or Higher

Make sure your sunscreen has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. SPF is the number that represents the level of protection. Higher SPF numbers are the best, but the difference between 30 and 100 is negligible. SPF 30 sunscreens block 97% of UV rays, while SPF 100 blocks about 99%.

However, anything lower than SPF 15 marks a significant drop-off in quality. It filters out 93% of UVB rays but doesn’t block UVA rays, making it ineligible for broad-spectrum protection. Search only for SPF 30 sunscreens or higher.

Try Physical and Chemical Sunscreens

A sunscreen falls under two categories based on its ingredients: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that stay on the skin’s surface and create a protective shield. Chemical sunscreens contain organic carbon-based substances that absorb into the skin, capture UV rays and release them in the form of heat.

Both sunscreens have notable advantages and disadvantages. Physical sunscreen lasts longer under direct sunlight and is better for sensitive acne-prone skin. Chemical sunscreen doesn’t last as long, but it’s also more water-resistant and versatile, as cosmetic companies often include it in makeup and moisturizers.

Dermatologists recommend you use a mixture of both types if you plan on staying outdoors for a long time, putting a layer of physical sunscreen over a chemical one.

Check for Water Resistance

No sunscreen is 100% water-resistant, but most products last between 40 and 80 minutes under exposure to water or sweat. Check the front label for a timeframe and lean toward the 80-minute products. These sunscreens usually have broad-spectrum protection and a high SPF, checking all three important boxes.

Still, you should reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours or even more frequently if you’re swimming and sweating a lot. Don’t expect to get 80 minutes of water resistance every time you put on a new coat.

Have Fun in the Sun This Summer

Don’t let your fear of sunburn hold you back this summer. Getting the right sunscreen and applying it responsibly will shield you from those harmful UVA and UVB rays, allowing you to have more fun in the sun. Keep these five tips in mind during your search to find a reliable product and get the most out of summer.

Cover Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Inside Photo by Kindel Media

First Ever SHAQTOBERFEST Coming to SoCal This October

First Ever SHAQTOBERFEST Coming to SoCal This October

Southern California is home a plethora of spooky entertainment and experiences during the Halloween season. From Six Flags’ Fright Fest and Knott’s Scary Farm, to LA’s Haunted Hayride, there’s still a lot of room for more scary fun, and the latest addition might be the biggest yet – featuring a favorite who’s seemingly doing it all!

15-time All-Star and basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and ABG Entertainment today announced a partnership with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the producers of world-class live events and location-based entertainment experiences including LA’s own Haunted Hayride, for the first-ever SHAQTOBERFEST Halloween event, taking place at the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA this October. Officially open to the public beginning late September through Halloween, the interactive experience will be the ultimate Halloween destination for family-friendly trick-or-treating, ghoulish games, delicious treats, specialty libations, frightfully fun nighttime haunted trails and exciting live entertainment that encapsulates O’Neal’s playful personality.

“Halloween can’t come soon enough,” said O’Neal. “Thirteenth Floor Entertainment and I have some tricks up our sleeves to make this the most spook-tacular Halloween event ever!” Located alongside one of Los Angeles’ most haunted landmarks, SHAQTOBERFEST will include six thrilling Halloween-themed areas for guests to explore, each featuring Halloween trails, games, live entertainment, food and beverage vendors and more. The experience will be narrated by O’Neal’s instantly recognizable voice.

“We are beyond thrilled to be partnering with Shaq and ABG Entertainment for a truly unique Halloween experience coming this fall,” said Chris Strafford, CEO and Founding Partner of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment. “SHAQTOBERFEST will be unlike any other Halloween attraction that we have ever produced, and we couldn’t be more excited to be launching it at one of the area’s most well-known locations and show our fans what we’ve created for them. Not to mention, we’re really excited to be able to produce an event in Long Beach, which has a long running history of hosting amazing Halloween celebrations.”

Each afternoon will provide family fun trick-or-treat offerings and entertainment for children of all ages who are encouraged to dress in their favorite Halloween costumes. Come nighttime, the energetic lights and music turn on as the witching hour begins, unleashing O’Neal’s ghoulish minions into the haunted trails and midways as the spirits of SHAQTOBERFEST are brought to life. “We are incredibly excited to launch the first-ever Shaqtoberfest,” said Matt Goldstein, SVP, Entertainment and Special Projects at ABG Entertainment. “Fans of all ages are going to have the time of their lives celebrating Halloween with Shaq.”

For more information and to stay up to date on ticket information, activations and location announcements visit and follow us on Instagram at @Shaqtoberfest.

About Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group produces world-class live events and location-based entertainment experiences and is the world’s largest Halloween themed entertainment company. With over 16 locations and counting, every year, Thirteenth Floor brings premier Halloween experiences to markets all across the country. Designed by world-renowned haunted house engineers and featuring makeup and effects from Hollywood special effects artists, their attractions take fright to a whole new level. Learn more at their website, here:

About Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the world’s most successful athlete-turned-businessmen, whose accomplishments both on and off the court have translated into a highly sought-after consumer brand. As an entrepreneur, sports analyst, DJ, restaurateur, and brand ambassador, Shaquille O’Neal’s signature “Business of Fun” mantra resonates throughout each of his countless endeavors.

The 15-time NBA All-Star’s unprecedented athletic career spanned nearly two decades and earned him countless awards and honors, including NBA Most Valuable Player, NBA Rookie of the Year, four NBA Championships and a First Ballot NBA Hall of Famer. Currently, O’Neal is an analyst on TNT’s Emmy Award-winning “Inside the NBA.” O’Neal, who has a PhD in Leadership and Education, established The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation which provides resources for underserved youth. He also gives back through a number of annual philanthropic programs including Shaq to School, Shaqsgiving, and Shaq a Claus.

The launch of his Las Vegas eatery Big Chicken has further elevated Shaquille’s status as he has positioned himself as a successful restaurateur. The brand currently has sites open in Las Vegas, Glendale, CA, two Carnival Cruise Ships (Mardi Gras and Radiance), Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, UBS Arena in New York with many more locations under development.

Follow Shaquille O’Neal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About ABG Entertainment

ABG Entertainment offers unparalleled storytelling through long-form and short-form content, live event production, hospitality and immersive experiences in collaboration with the world’s most influential creators, distributors, brands and artists. ABG Entertainment is a division of Authentic Brands Group, a global brand development, marketing and entertainment company, and owner of a portfolio of iconic and renowned brands that generate more than $21 billion in retail sales worldwide. For more information, visit

2022 Father’s Day Weekend Guide

2022 Father’s Day Weekend Guide

The long-awaited weekend is finally here, we’re down to the wire if you don’t have plans yet, and the options are endless. What do you do to celebrate Father’s Day Weekend in 2022? Whether the father figure in your life is a foodie, has a gift wishlist, or is welcome to a surprise, it couldn’t be easier to impress him in 2022. Here’s a guide to help you figure out any last minute plans and deals that you should take advantage of.

Westfield Century City

Located in the heart of LA, Westfield Century City is the premier destination for shopping, entertainment and dining, making it the perfect place to celebrate any father figure in your life. Curious about what Westfield Century City has to offer? There’s something that every dad will love: 

  • Shopping – Surprise dad with a luxury shopping experience this Father’s Day. For the stylish dad – you can’t go wrong with a splurge-worthy watch from Breitling or a custom shirt from Bonobos. If your father figure is more into fitness than fashion, make sure to stop by Therabody to soothe his tired muscles.

  • Entertainment – Check out Dreamscape – the perfect activity for your adventurous dad. He will love being transported into different intergalactic worlds in this immersive VR experience. If you’re looking for a more low-key activity, go see a movie at AMC Theaters.  The millennial dad will love seeing the newest remakes of fan favorites such as Top Gun, Jurassic Park and Lightyear!

  • Dining – For the dad who loves a steak dinner, make sure to make a reservation at Del Friscos! If your dad loves to try new cuisines, Din Tai Fung or Javier’s are perfect dinner options! Westfield Century City offers tons of “dad-approved” restaurants that everyone will love.


Mark Wahlberg’s style-driven casual apparel brand MUNICIPAL is here to give airport style, and just men’s style in general, a chic and comfortable upgrade. MUNICIPAL is offering a free hat with any purchase over $150 for Father’s Day from June 1st to June 19th, in addition to the following deals.
Airport Style + Comfort:
Believe it or not, it’s possible to look chic while combating backed-up security lines, braving minimal legroom, and enduring long layovers or delays. With a reliable line-up of cozy loungewear and a few go-to accessories, MUNICIPAL’s “travel uniform” will make coach feel like first class. See below for some of Mark’s favorite essentials to travel in year round:
  • REC Side Zip Track Pant ($78) – This style driven, structured and comfy track pant is designed for the guy on the go headed from meeting to meeting hot off the plane.
  • Enduro Stretch T-Shirt ($45) – An elevated everyday tee that’s so soft, flexible, and breathable, you’ll throw it on for every grueling red-eye cross-country flight.
  • Origin 300 Hoodie ($78) – This classic silhouette, mid-weight hoodie is ideal for the traveler who constantly switches between hot or cold all flight.
The Multi Pant:
Versatile, comfortable, functional and stylish, MUNICIPAL’s beloved Multi Pant is designed with fabric that is soft and lightweight yet stretchy and resilient; ideal for everything from outdoor activities to office and date night attire. They provide a modern slim fit, 6 utility pockets, reinforced knees and a tagless interior for all day style, comfort and ease of movement. The pants are also available in a variety of colors to suit every outfit and mood.
  • See the options, here.

Dr. Squatch

Funk can be offensive. Earlier this year, Dr. Squatch brought back their best-selling, limited-edition collection with a new addition to the collection: Black Hole! Their fresh bundles are made from all-natural ingredients that smell incredible, and help keep the stank away. If you’re looking for a little something useful (and that smells good) for the father figure in your life, Dr. Squatch has you covered. Here’s the deal you can take advantage of for Father’s Day:
  • Dr. Squatch Deodorant 4-Pack ($45) – This best selling deodorant 4-pack will keep Dad feeling and smelling fresh while on a hike or running errands with the kids.

Coolin’ Curve

In what could be the most innovative creation since the traditional cooler, the Coolin Curve provides a new, problem-solving twist (or curve) to how bubbly bottled drinks, or just drinks in general, get cooled. Made in the USA, by inventor Mike Martin, the Coolin Curve is the only curved bottom ice bucket — effectively eliminating the age-old struggle of getting bottles into the ice bucket.  The unique shape makes inserting drinks of any kind into ice a breezy snap.


Other benefits of Coolin’ Curve include:
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat resistant
  • Compatible with wine, champagne, beer, or any other bottled product.
  • A percentage of proceeds go toward helping those struggling with cancer.

Not to mention, the Coolin Curve is a fancy piece of hardware that elevates the “cooler aesthetic,” while also available in a range of colors to suit whatever occasion you’ve got planned. Beer, wine, sodas, and even water have never looked better on ice.

The Coolin Curve is available for $39.99 at, and is also available on Amazon.

Fleur Du Mal: Fleur Pomme Homme

Luxury lingerie and RTW brand Fleur du Mal has introduced something new to their lineup — this time making a lane for men! Fleur’s debut collection of menswear combines luxury and comfort, so no more kicking back in sweatshirts and sweatpants. Whether you’re gifting him (or yourself) Fleur du Mal’s silk robe, their matching silk pajama set, or their sexy best-selling lace boxer briefs, it’s bound to be a luxurious treat.
nomoo Launches New Plant-fil-A Sandwich

nomoo Launches New Plant-fil-A Sandwich

In recent years, big name fast food chains, and even dine-in brands, have been turning up the heat on the chicken sandwich competition. It’s almost expected that a company that specializes in chicken dishes will provide the best experience when it comes to who has the best chicken sandwich. But what if the best “chicken” sandwich came from a place that didn’t use meat at all?

That’s exactly the case, as innovative vegan fast food joint, nomoo | new american burgers, is leveling up their menu with a new take on a fast food favorite — the chicken sandwich — with the launch of the limited time item known as Plant-Fil-A.

“The Plant-Fil-A is a must try!,” said George Montagu Brown, Founder of nomoo. “We are always looking for ways to transform fast food favorites and after we tested the Plant-Fil-A, we knew this would quickly become a fan favorite. Taste and quality is at the forefront of anything we do and we are thrilled to add this classic sandwich with a nomoo-twist to our menu.”

The Plant-Fil-A is composed of a buttered brioche bun, ‘ridiculously good’ non-GMO Chick’n, American cheeze, butter lettuce, tomato, and a house pickle. The Plant-Fil-A is available through the month of June and served with a choice of delicious house-made sauces to compliment the sandwich. In a bold step, nomoo has essentially called first dibs on a name and experience that may have been expected from some other fast food giant. Now, they’ve just got a bigger pair of shoes to fit into, as nomoo enters the fray and raises the bar.

nomoo aims to revolutionize America’s favorite food from the inside out using non-GMO, soy-free locally sourced ingredients. Pushing the envelope of meat-free and dairy-free meals, nomoo’s 100% plant-based burgers, chicken, sauces, bacon and cheese are all hand-made and prepared fresh daily. Signature menu items include smashed nomoo burger, hot chick’n sandwiches, and bestselling nomoo oatmilk shakes alongside its truffle cheeze breakfast sandwich, ‘Animal style’ fries and truffle cheeze fries.

About nomoo

nomoo is the fastest-growing plant-based fast casual concept in the United States. With its proprietary recipes, nomoo is changing mind’s about plant-based eating one bite at a time. Founded by serial entrepreneur George Montagu Brown, nomoo | new american burgers is revolutionizing America’s favorite food. A 100% plant-based burger and shake concept with an impressive social media presence and cult fan following, nomoo can be described simply as ‘plant based, done better’. 

You can connect with nomoo on social media at @nomooburger or online at

Christina Offers Investors a Chance at West LA Ownership

Christina Offers Investors a Chance at West LA Ownership

Contributions from Anthony C. Stafford

From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to the coveted homes and neighborhoods on the hills, Los Angeles just has that something that many other cities lack. Nestled between the Pacific shores and Angeles National Forest exists an opportunity for real estate investors near and far, who will probably kick themselves if they missed an opportunity like this — which is why Christina Founder, Lawrence ‘Larry’ N. Taylor wants everyone to know it exists.

Anchored at the top of their orange and white themed website sits a timer — a reminder that not only has Christina opened a $100 million new dual offering, but that the deadline (July 1st) to become a member for Christina 5 is quickly approaching. The Malibu-based real estate investment management company provides exclusive access to some of the most highly sought after real estate investments in the prime submarkets of West Los Angeles with their latest paired offering: Christina 5 Wealth Builder and Christina 5 Income Builder. The two programs are a continuation of the programmatic series of private equity real estate companies sponsored by Christina.

It’s most notable that the company has a long-standing successful track record of investing in affluent cities such as Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood on behalf of hundreds of investors including high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions who desire ownership of investment-grade real estate in these trophy locations — all with no losses.

Christina 5’s dual portfolio offering was ideated to provide tax efficient investment opportunities with one offering focused on value enhancement (growth) and the other focused on cash flow (income).

Leverage, known to magnify investment returns or losses, is the key difference between Christina 5 Wealth Builder and Christina 5 Income Builder. With Income Builder, Christina is offering a debt free real estate investment opportunity for the first time in its history, a decision made by Christina’s management in response to investor sentiment for safe, cash flow producing, tangible assets. “Eliminating financing risks commonly associated with mortgages is reflective of Christina’s strategy to focus on downside risk mitigation” explains Vincent Chan, Christina’s CFO, “and by doing so we’ve also created an excellent investment vehicle to preserve generational wealth and provide cash flow as an alternative to bonds.” The offering’s counterpart, Wealth Builder, will use strategic debt financing to enhance returns and acquire a larger portfolio of underperforming properties with upside potential effectuated through a combination of re-positioning, redevelopment, and sophisticated property management. These paired offerings balance risk and returns and participation in both offerings enhances income tax benefits.


In what has increasingly become one of the hottest fields on the planet, there has been a broad realization that real estate investing is one of the most profitable and “easiest” markets to get into — so long as finances and credit are on your side. Even to those who miss real estate investing opportunities, it is often said that the biggest regret is not investing years ago, with real estate being some of the least risky forms of investing out there. Rather than “set and regret,” the benefits parallel more to “set and forget.”

Lawrence makes it clear that the best time to invest in real estate was years ago, as its value only goes up — or more particularly, the value of the land it’s built on. With Southern California being one of the most highly-desired cities in the US, Lawrence understands the unique position Los Angeles is in, with an unrelenting demand for housing and not enough supply, values are essentially only ever going up.

With a career spanning over 50 years, Larry’s humble beginnings started in a coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. After his family moved west to Los Angeles, he took notice of the change in weather and affluent real estate, and even bought his first apartment building as a teenager, so that his family could improve their living situation. They essentially lived rent free in a spacious owner’s unit, while the other tenants paid the mortgage and operating expenses. This understanding of operation led Larry to become one of the most decorated, and possibly one of the most under-the-radar experts in the Westside Region of Los Angeles real estate today. While earning his accounting degree from USC on a full scholarship, Larry also learned how to enhance land value with entitlements and worked as a consultant for owners of beachfront property in Malibu. He quickly learned the intimate details of developing real estate and navigating city bureaucracy (including dealing with the coastal commission) through hands-on real-life experience.



Larry has been known for turning sleepy areas into vibrant communities, and some notable examples include the introduction of high-end street retail on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, the revitalization of the South Beverly Drive shopping district in Beverly Hills, the repositioning of Larchmont Mercantile in Hancock Park, and the redevelopment of Westwood Village.

His biggest accolade includes obtaining the seminal entitlements to transform an office building leased to Fox Studios into the area’s first high-rise residential project. He initially purchased the property for $30 million and sold the entitled land in a bidding war to Lehman Brothers for $110 million. This project is currently known as Ten Thousand Santa Monica Boulevard, one of the most luxurious high-rise residential buildings in Century City.

No Losses. How?

Larry refined a core strategy over time to mitigate downside risk that involves the following:

  • Buy properties at a discount (“value-bought”)
  • Look for multiple exit strategies (e.g., land that can be entitled for another use). 
  • Use strategic debt financing that is aligned with each property’s unique business plan. 

He also designed an investment structure that maximizes tax benefits of owning a diversified portfolio of real estate versus a single asset with terms that do not force ill-timed liquidations, a common pitfall for newer managers. Most importantly, real estate is a local business. Deep marketplace knowledge and long-term relationships will always be key ingredients to success. 

In addition, it takes credibility to maintain a stellar record. This is why investors must be an “accredited investor” — a term defined in Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933. “Such qualifications include two consecutive years of $200,000 in annual income or a net worth of at least $1,000,000 exclusive of primary residence,” the Christina team says. “Essentially, investors must have sufficient capacity to be prepared for the illiquid nature of real estate. Our philosophy is that real estate is best used as a tool to preserve and grow wealth, not to get rich overnight.”

Questions & Answers With the Christina Team

There are some key differences about Christina 5 when compared to other offerings. What are the biggest highlights that you’d like investors to know about, and why should this opportunity not be missed?

Christina 5 is one of the most unique offerings available to real estate investors today. The primary differentiators include a focus on the Westside Region of Los Angeles (one of the most exclusive places in the United States to own real estate), a long-term ownership outlook synonymous with great real estate fortunes, our tax conscious portfolio structure, and the ability to invest alongside a sponsor with a 45-year track record, zero losses, and skin in the game. 

Many real estate operators have never experienced a full real estate cycle and have been relying heavily on market momentum to make profits. Considering rising interest rates have changed many lenders’ outlook, there could be a swell of attractive acquisition opportunities. Legendary investor Warren Buffet is famous for saying “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Christina creates value by acquiring and improving underperforming assets from inexperienced managers who are forced to sell. We have demonstrated the ability to make money in any economic climate.

What can investors expect when they get started with the Christina 5 Wealth Builder and Christina 5 Income Builder programs?

We refer to our investors as members. Members can expect white-glove customer service and detailed quarterly updates (at a minimum) as we assemble, build, and curate a portfolio of investment-grade properties in the Westside Region of Los Angeles to preserve and grow generational wealth. We do all the heavy lifting so our members can sleep at night without the headaches of being a landlord, while still owning great investment properties. This is akin to owning the best row of properties in the Monopoly board game without leaving it up to chance by rolling the dice.

Additionally, our portfolios generate paper losses to minimize federal income taxes for our members, even as the real estate appreciates in value and cash distributions are made.

What is Christina offering that investors won’t find anywhere else in the market?

Christina’s extensive network of brokers, private owners, and professional relationships with trustees, CPA’s and lawyers provides exclusive access to rare “first to know” investment deals. This long-standing rolodex gives our team an “edge” in deal sourcing and our investors gain access to opportunities that would typically be unavailable. Christina has democratized investing in trophy locations to accredited investors nationwide.

With the US market being as hot and shifty as it is now, why is this the right time for investors to get onboard with Christina?

It’s never a bad time to own great real estate. Christina has always benefited from buying when others need to sell. These opportunities often arise from deaths, divorces, bankruptcies, fund closures, and ownership disputes. Today, they are also coming from changing market conditions.

We believe cash is king as we enter the next real estate cycle. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to buy real estate at a discount from inexperienced and distressed owners that need liquidity to make loan repayments or are unable to service their debt in a rising interest rate environment. Our pre-committed capital structure allows Christina Real Estate Investors to ensure certainty of acquisition performance which leads to better deal terms. Event-driven sellers often value certainty of performance over price. 

What do you say to those who are on the fence?

Will Roger said it best. “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” There is not one single property in our 45-year history that we can purchase at the same price that we sold it for. There is virtually no undeveloped land in the Westside Region of Los Angeles. We are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, mountains, airport, and freeways. Aside from geographic constraints, our land use regulations are some of the most stringent in the nation, which contributes to the under supply of real estate in this region. With increasing demand for space driven by the best year-round weather and affluent demographics, rental rates and property values will steadily rise as supply remains constrained. Therefore, there will always be international and domestic demand for real estate in our resilient marketplace. This is what any wise real estate investor should look for in a new opportunity. The wealthiest families in the world collect real estate and pass it down generationally, so get off the fence and start doing the same.

About Christina

Christina is a Malibu-based real estate developer, manager, & sponsor founded in 1977. For 45+ years the firm has made investments in the Westside Region of Los Angeles, primarily via 8 submarkets including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Malibu, Santa Monica, Silicon Beach, West Hollywood, & Westwood. Christina provides accredited investors with the opportunity to own coveted investment properties in these ultra-prime neighborhoods that would otherwise be unobtainable. With a strategy focused on tax-advantaged cash distributions & long-term wealth preservation, Christina has a proven track record of generating exceptional returns for its investors (which it refers to as members). The firm has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, & Yahoo Finance.

Investors seeking to participate can visit

Introducing the Best Seltzer You’ll Find This Summer: JETWAY Wine Seltzer

Introducing the Best Seltzer You’ll Find This Summer: JETWAY Wine Seltzer

When it comes to summer and cook outs, seltzers have been all the rage in recent years. In this new trend of bubbly spirits, there has also been a battle brewing about the best brand, and how they have the best ingredients, best nutritional makeup, and best caloric and/or sugar content.

Blowing them all away by carving their own lane comes JETWAY, the convergence of Wine & Seltzer, founded by musician Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes) and veteran winemaker Ben Parsons (founder of Infinite Monkey Theorem). Keto-friendly, 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan, and at ~100 calories for both available flavors, there’s a whole lot to like about JETWAY’s offerings!

JETWAY is an ultra-premium, naturally uplifting wine seltzer inspired by Albert’s travels around the globe as a musician, and it is currently available in two incredible flavors – a Sauvignon Blanc (infused with yuzu, Fijian ginger, elderflower, yerba mate) and a Rosé of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon (infused with white peach, Fijian ginger, yerba mate, orange peel) – both of which are sourced from the McNary Vineyard, which overlooks the Columbia River in Washington State.



Available canned or in a keg, JETWAY was recently featured at Coachella (keg-packaged), and Disneyland began serving the elevated fizzing experience by the keg just weeks ago — marking the first time a wine seltzer is being served this way! With investors including Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Robert Schwartzman, Nick Hoult and Zooey Grossman, JETWAY is currently working on their DTC license and working with distributors to provide nationwide availability.



The possibilities for JETWAY are endless, and it’s only a matter of time before the brand has an undying grip on the market in today’s age consumers desiring cleaner and more premium consumption practices.

We had the opportunity to conduct a Q&A with Albert and Ben so that they could provide additional details about the work that went into launching JETWAY, and the challenges they faced. Read more below:

Q&A with JETWAY Founders Albert Hammond Jr. & Ben Parsons

Q: Can you share a bit of information about your backgrounds and how you got started with JETWAY?

Albert: I’ve been a musician for 20 years, playing guitar in a band called The Strokes. The short, short version is I had an experience in Milan on the way to the MotoGP race in Rimini and I fell in love with the idea of creating a new beverage. I wanted to create a modern drink for the people my age. Something that paired well with food and lifestyle but also was refreshing, tasty, and consumable.

Ben: I’ve been making wine for 20 years and was credited with making wine in a can cool by Food and Wine Magazine. I was introduced to Albert via a friend of a friend of a friend and we just started chatting about drinks in general, and the sort of drink we’d like to make and enjoy.



Q: What are a few highlights from behind the scenes that readers should know about JETWAY, and how you differ from other seltzers and/or canned wine brands?

Albert: Other seltzers are the bottom of the barrel. They are fermented sugar cane with essence. We liked the seltzers category, though, because we thought it had more to give than just being a cheap alcohol. Thought there could be an elevated version of it that could one day compete with beer.

Ben: Jetway is a gritty startup trying to rattle the seltzer industry and make a wine-based seltzer that a wine drinker would want to enjoy. Jetway is certainly premium and the rare instance when wine and other ingredients come together to create something better than the sum of its parts. I think Jetway is sessionable and much more thoughtful than the alternatives.

Q: What has the journey been like for you and your team, from the moment you envisioned JETWAY’s wine seltzers to now? 

Albert: A rollercoaster of a ride. I spent 4 years trying to do something in different places and the moment I met Ben it took off. We made the drink together. Created its uniqueness.

Ben: Ditto. A wild ride, trying to keep it all moving forward. We have a great product and that’s a good start. Finally getting some traction in S. CA and now CO.

Q: Were there any setbacks or challenges along the way, and how did you overcome them?

Albert: There are always setbacks and challenges for any company growing or established. But sometimes in those challenges, if you survive, you end up discovering new paths.

Ben: Our license to sell in CA was delayed 3 months, meaning we launched a seltzer in CA in Winter. Not ideal, but it gave us time to test the market and gear up for Spring/Summer ’22.

Q: How about the good? What are some of your proudest accomplishments with JETWAY so far?

Albert: I mean, the first batch we made for investors was an achievement on its own. I had never made a deck and I thought well I’m happy I was able to bring it this far. Then we got the investors and started getting everything in a row. When the art came together and we were doing our first canning, I thought, “Well, we made it this far.” And now launching [in] a new state and bringing in draft – the freshest and tastiest way to drink it – I feel the same.

Ben: I think seeing other people enjoy it for the first time. It’s unique and some drinkers approach seltzers thinking it’s going to be garbage, so changing their perceptions is inspiring. Albert and I were up in WA for the first canning date and we got to taste the product directly from the tank.  We basically stood around a massive stainless steel tank pulling samples from the valve and it was the most delicious thing we’d ever tried. “Tank Time,” as we coined it, is one of those great memories.

Q: In terms of flavors and ingredients, premium is clearly the standard as you go with some of the rarer (and most delicious) choices. How do you decide which ingredients should be paired and finalized for a flavor profile?

Albert: Well, with these first two SKU’s I wanted to bring a bit of my childhood and background. My mom is from Argentina, hence the [yerba] mate. I also grew up with my parents’ friends being Japanese, so yuzu and ginger were around from a young age. Besides that we really tried to bring out the flavors of the wine. Ben had learned a lot in the process of canning wine and we felt that the product we made was better than the products by themselves.

Ben: Yeah, Albert had a good idea of the ingredients; it was bringing them together to create balance that took time and plenty of bench trials and testing.

Q: It may be a bit early for this, but have you been working on any new surprising products that you can hint at?

Albert: We have some new flavors in the works. It’s a process because we are a small company. We’d also like to pair with other wineries to create limited edition versions of Jetway. Maybe for certain events or for an airline or restaurant. Jetway is more of a lifestyle than a drink so there is room to grow.

Ben: We’ve got some good ideas around new flavors. Nothing final. Also different containers and sizes. We think it would be great in a 750ml glass bottle, served as an aperitif in a restaurant.

Q: Finally, every company hopes to evoke a feeling when their product is used or consumed. What is it that you want consumers to feel and taste when they get that first sip of JETWAY’s wine seltzers?

Albert: I wanted you to feel something from [the moment] when you saw it and held it. I think the art evokes the golden age of travel. I wanted to have a certain nostalgic feel, but be modern. I think the refreshing tastes and the sessionability allow you to keep excited about what you are doing or what you are gonna do next. I think people feel different when they are holding something that’s good. I think it transports you to where you wanna be.

Ben: The aromas and flavors are certainly thought provoking and lend themselves to food pairing. I just want them to enjoy it and be like, “Wow, this tastes frickin’ great.”

JETWAY is available for purchase here.

Things To Do: Visit Jussi Grznar’s First US Solo Exhibition – Landscape in Movement

Things To Do: Visit Jussi Grznar’s First US Solo Exhibition – Landscape in Movement

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about taking in some fine art as soon as this Thursday?

LA-based, Fine Art & Commercial Photographer Jussi Grznar will be hosting an intimate reception to debut his first US Solo Exhibition Landscape In Movement on Abbot Kinney tomorrow, June 9th, from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST.

With a passion for the exhilaration of a life lived outdoors, Grznar’s work tells the extraordinary stories of some of the world’s most diverse and remote views. Born and raised in the former Czechoslovakia, Grznar spent a lot of his early years in nature, forming a lifelong affair with a subject that he really cares about. Observing his work, viewers can find understanding in his appreciation for the natural world around us, along with the complexities that make it all possible.

Details about the exhibition are below:

  • Landscape in Movement is Grznar’s observation of permanent, yet ever changing landscapes and its relations and interactions with elements, such as temperature, gravity, wind, topography, climate and human kind.

  • The exhibition will feature 18 images, including 4 never before seen photographs, taken on location In California, Nevada, British Columbia, Japan and beyond. They will be on display during the event and through June 14.

  • Prints on display and an additional portfolio book will be available for guests to place orders during the event. Grznar’s work starts at $1,750.

  • Sponsored by hard kombucha & spirits brand Juneshine and Zinqué, cocktails and small bites will be served throughout the evening as guests mingle, enjoy the elevated ambiance infused by a live DJ and take in Grznar’s compelling imagery.

  • The launch event is open to the public, and Grznar’s work will be available for further viewing on Abbot Kinney (1306 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice) during normal gallery hours starting on June 8th – June 14th (10:00 AM – 10:00 PM PST).

More About Jussi Grznar

Jussi Grznar is an award-winning photographer whose work tells the extraordinary and ever-changing stories of some of the world’s most diverse and remote views. Teaching himself to ski at the age of three in the former Czechoslovakia Jussi’s love affair for the mountains and the exhilaration of a life lived outdoors was solidified at an early age. Jussi Grznar has a continual appreciation for the environment around him and values photography  as a means to document life.  At home in the backcountry, Jussi has been witness to our changing environment as the temperatures rise. He hopes by sharing the beauty and elegance of these places he can bring awareness to the importance of conscious environmentalism and sustainability.

His work has taken him across the globe through numerous mountain ranges, rice fields,  double-overhead barreling waves, to the Ghats of Varanasi.  These experiences have earned him a global perspective. A perspective that has earned him a multitude of accolades for his work including APA Photo of the Year Awards in “Sports/Adventure” Category, the Pro Photographer Showdown at World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Red Bull Illume. 

In addition to his Fine Art projects, Grznar has partnered with many of the world’s leading action sports and commercial brands including Redbull, Bose, Adidas,  Coors Light, Puma, Toyota, Lululemon and more. Grznar currently resides in LA and splits his time between California and British Columbia.