5 Lessons Every Man Should Know About Wearing Sandals

5 Lessons Every Man Should Know About Wearing Sandals

Sandals Video Screenshot

Alright fellas… Here’s the truth about guys wearing sandals. Are you ready? OK… No one wants to see our big, hairy, sweaty feet! Remember the last time a girl said to you, “Hey, you have sexy feet” or how about that one time you’re fellow bro told you “dude, those sandals are sweet!”? Of course you don’t! You know why? Because men’s feet aren’t the best thing to look at.

Unlike women’s feet, which tend to be petite, soft and well-groomed, men have big, hairy feet and that’s OK because we’re men. Even the best groomed man can’t do anything about french fry looking toes. If you can’t stand looking at another dude’s feet for a second, imagine what your girl thinks when you decide to wear flip flops all day.

So I know what you’re saying, “It’s hot. What do I wear to the beach? How can I wear sandals if I don’t want to be so casual?”. What I’m saying is: there is a way for us men to enjoy the feeling of wearing sandals and at the same time look good and stylish.

Here are 5 lessons to get you looking good in sandals:

Lesson #1: Find a pair that covers the majority of your feet

Men’s sandals with thick straps help make those anchors attached to your ankles look smaller because they cover the majority of your feet. They also help cover any “feet issues” we may be self conscious about. So you get to enjoy the feeling of wearing sandals all while keeping those paws in check.

Lesson #2: Avoid wearing flip flops

I enjoy the comfort of flip flops just like the next man but save that for home. Wearing flip flops only make your feet look bigger.

 Lesson #3: Get a Pedicure

Keep them clean gentlemen. You’re feet will be on display and people will stare. Make sure to keep your feet well groomed just like any other part of your body. You’re feet have been in hibernation all winter so you don’t want them looking like hobbit feet seeing daylight for the first time. A pedicure will get your feet ready for spring and summer.

Lesson #4: Trim Your Feet Hair

There’s just something gross about hairy feet. It’s just as bad as seeing a guy with visible nose hairs sticking out. Part of grooming your feet includes trimming or even shaving them.

Lesson #5 Moisturize

Our feet usually don’t see a lot of daylight so make sure to avoid dry, cracked skin by applying moisturizer when they do come out to play. It’s best to apply lotion right after you shower, but if you have extra dry feet, try slathering on some cream (which is heavier than lotion) before bed and sleep with your socks on. The next morning, your feet will be soft and smooth.

Here’s how I sported strappy sandals:

Steve Wearing Sandals

Shop the look:

Panama Hat: Forever 21 Men

Floral Print Shirt: Forever 21 Men

Linen Pants: H&M

Sandals: Forever 21 Men

Now go grab a pair of these sandals to complete your look!

Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandal: $99.95

Forever 21 Sandals

Forever 21 Men Faux Leather Sandals: $12.90


Adidas Adilette Slide Sandal: $29.95

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Steve A. Nuñez

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Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the Sea

Beautiful CarmelVisiting Carmel is like stepping into a fairytale land. This quaint village is neatly tucked on a wooded hillside overlooking the ocean, and populated with adorable hobbit-like cottages. Accordingly, the town center is comprised of curlicue-roofed shops and stone-paved alleyways that open into surprise courtyards. With outdoor malls, family-owned boutiques, coffee shops galore and wine tasting everywhere, give yourself ample time, because shopping in Carmel is a delight.

For those with eclectic taste, the “Heart Beat Boutique” (Ocean & Monte Verde), carries Bohemian apparel along with a bit of everything, from skulls to disco balls. Once you meet the owner, Teresa Bradford, the unconventional store makes perfect sense. Teresa is a little bit of everything herself – dabbling in photography, jewelry design and curating her store with items from people she feels a connection to. Heart Beat is the place to go treasure hunting – you never know what you’ll find.

For designer furs and luxury leathers, try Augustina’s. Priding themselves as a one-stop-shopping place, store owner Tracy Delaney Odle claims: “If you lost your suitcase we could replace everything for you; we custom design to fit anyone.” Augustina’s has designed for many celebrities, including Barbra Streisand, and they’re the only boutique in the USA that carries Paula Lishman hand knitted beaver fur. Boasting world-renowned artisans, Augustina’s is also the only certified dealer in CA that specializes in making belt buckles for the stars. They’ve made buckles for Roy Rogers, Clint Eastwood, and Gene Autry, to name a few.

Burns Cowboy ShopIf country western is your style, stop in at “Burns Cowboy Shop”, a family owned business since 1876. This store has all things cowboy: boots, rhinestones, tassels, leather jackets, Stetsons, and surprisingly pink shirts – who knew Cowboys wore pink? The Wild West experience is complete with country music. playing and animal hides decorating the walls.

Meander down the alley alongside Pat Areias Jewelers, and tucked behind you’ll find the Thomas Kinkade Garden Studio that resembles an actual Thomas Kinkade portrait. Around the corner is the Galante Vineyard wine tasting studio – stop in for a quick sip. Then peruse the art gallery of George Rodrigue. Here you’ll find paintings of the famous blue dog (whose real name was Tiffany). A large painting of this abstract pop art (which is based on a Cajun legend) sells for a whopping $220k.
Need a festive raincoat? Try Fashion Street Boutique. Want Frida Kala socks? Try the Sock Shop (they also have magic socks that need to be dipped in water to “grow” to full size).

For food lovers, step into Kurtz Culinary to sample award-winning gourmet foods, including farm-fresh jams, artisanal tapenades, wine jellies, and other specialty foods. And for those with children, try “Starchild” – a nicely displayed high-end store for kids ages 0 to 14.

Of course, Carmel also offers the fashion staples of Coach, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Tommy Bahama, Tiffany & Co, and plenty of luxurious shops and gourmet dining. Plus, romantic places to stay.

Mission RanchThe Mission Ranch comes highly recommended. An 1800’s ranch preserved and restored by former Carmel Mayor (and longtime Carmel resident), Clint Eastwood. Eastwood rescued this landmark resort from condo developers, and renovated the entire property to provide a unique resort experience. The historic Mission Ranch sits on 22 acres with spectacular views and sheep grazing in the fields – it’s like being a painting.

Photos by Peter Novak







Hair Colors Gone Wild

Hair Colors Gone Wild


Jack Win

Jack Winn

Jack WinnColoring your hair can be daunting. We asked Jack Winn, Founder and CEO of Jack Winn Color for his recommendations and insights on how to not damage your hair. Jack Winn Color produces high quality professional hair color, and shares the profits with the hard-working stylists who deserve it. Having been a hairdresser, educator and salon owner for fifteen years, Winn wants everyone to…wait for it…win.

With the help of Toni Rose Larson, hair designer/salon owner at Hairitage Salon in Carlsbad, our models received a colorful infusion.

SCM: Is dyeing your hair bad for the health of your hair, especially if ammonia is used to bleach when you change your color.

JW: The great thing about direct dye colors like Jack Winn Color Ignite is they can be changed often without continued degradation of the hair because they are depositing. Going to a professional hairdresser, and using a lightener (what most people call bleach), you will find that if you want yellow, you have to lighten the hair to a certain degree. If you want orange or red, you don’t have to lighten the hair as much. But if you want blue or pink you’ll have to take the hair all the way to white. Lightening the hair will always damage it. You’re removing something from the hair – pigment. For that reason using a lightener that works quickly and gives even results like our Brilliant Lightener will leave the hair as healthy as possible.


Onch hairSCM: Is it better to go to a salon or can home bought hair treatments be as effective?

JW: It is always better to go to the salon. When a hairdresser uses their expert training and experience to determine what is best for the hair, you will get a better result. They have product knowledge that will create the underlying canvas for the best condition to hold color. Toni Rose Larson (@colordollzbytoni on Instagram) says “I need to get my hands into their hair before I know what is going to work best.” A hairdresser is concerned with how the color will hold and how it will fade – and they can make the best assessment when you come in with damaged or pre-processed hair.

SCM:  Can you swim in a pool after dyeing your hair?

JW: As a hairdresser, I think beautiful hair color is a joy that I can create for you, but I never want to be the hairdresser who takes the joy away from people who like swimming in a pool or the ocean. So to me the key is to teach them tricks. One of these tricks is (and you can quote me on this) is to wet your hair with non-chlorinated, or non-oceanic water before you have your swim. Hair is like a sponge. When a sponge is dry, it will absorb the first thing it comes into contact with. If you fill that sponge with something else – in this case, clean water – it will help to keep the pool or ocean water off the hair. Or you can put it in a braid (still wet). People who are really committed to keeping their vivid color fresh, wash with a sulfate-free shampoo around twice a week (and use dry shampoo in between). Or use a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo. Using water that is as cold as possible is a key tactic in reducing fade, as well.

SCM:  Any preferred shampoos for dyed hair?

JW: I love the Diamond Dust shampoo and conditioner from Label M.hair dye

SCM:  Anything else that our readers should know?

JW: Ultimately people who love vivid colors also like changing their hair color regularly. “Embrace the fade” has become a mantra. A hairdresser that can create a look for you that gracefully fades – and looks good while it fades – is part of the vivid color experience. The key is listening to the conversation you have with your hairdresser. They will share with you how soon you need to come back and what your fade is going to look like. I love when a color gets softened over time. Because Jack Winn Color Ignite derives its pigments from the best places around the globe, we have pigments of many sizes in every color. So the larger pigments in the top layer that fall out first will expose something beautiful and similar in the medium-sized pigments in the middle. And as they fall out, you’ll be left with the smaller pigments inside the hair, all part of what makes Ignite so special.
Color me Wild -Raina




Photography by Courtney Dailey

Colorist: Toni Rose Larson

Makeup: Whitney Gregory & Sandy Goldstein

Hair Stylist: Lucy Gedjeyan

Models Raina, Ebonique & Onch

Taste of the Eastside

The 6tTaste of the Eastsideh annual Taste of the Eastside – May 1, 2016.


Los Angeles River Center and Gardens
570 W Ave 26
Los Angeles, CA 90065


Taste of the EastsideTaste of the Eastside is a food & drink festival that showcases the ever evolving, diverse food scene of the eastside neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Los Feliz, Atwater and beyond.

Local restaurants/food vendors/chefs showcase a signature dish, or create something unique specifically for the event.

Last year, Bon Vivant presented their Oaxacan Razorblade cocktail – prepare for another kickass cocktail this time around. Other vendors include: Silverlake Wine, Donut Farm, Kitchen Mouse, Wax Paper, Momed, Barcito, Mohawk Blend, Lemon Poppy Kitchen, Eagle Rock Brewery, and many more.

Plus the historic venue is definitely worth a look-see. Comprised of beautiful mission-style grounds, the Los Angeles River Center is a hidden jewel, sequestered behind thick, ivy covered walls, with fountains, flowers and serenity inside. The Center serves as a focal point for the renewal of the Los Angeles and offers a vision for the LA River’s future.

To top it off there will be live music and KCRW DJs  taste of the eastside

Charlie Overbey & the Broken Arrows

Garth Trinidad

Anthony Valadez

DJ Aire

General Admission:
$40 pre-sale
$50 day of event
Unlimited food tastes
Wine, beer and spirits available for purchase

$70 pre-sale
$80 day of event
Includes unlimited food tastes, 3 drink tickets, VIP demos, early entry to event at 3 pm, exclusive VIP gift bag, front row demo seating, priority parking (2:45-4 pm)

Kids under 2: Free

Kids 2 – 12:
$8 Includes face painting with Macaroni Kid and a Tinkergarten art project

Taste of the Eastside is a rain or shine event!  Tickets are non-refundable/non-returnable.   BUY TICKETS 

Don’t miss this fabulous, fun-filled, tasty event! For more information visit Taste of the Eastside

The Art of Wearing

The Art of Wearing

Salvador Dali famously said “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” Therefore we must concede that everything new is inspired by works of the past; and who better than to inspire these images than Mr. Dali himself.
Fringing on the border of dreaming and reality was what surrealists like Dali were all about. Surrealists allowed the unconscious to express itself through their art; nowadays we express ourselves with Fashion.
Graphic prints, textures and tones unleash the creative subconscious within and exhibit wearable art.
– Carmine BicchettiAOC3