Famed Festival to Deliver Inspiring Jazz Performances & Programming from June 30 to July 13

Idyllwild Arts Academy announces the return of its popular annual fundraiser, Jazz In The Pines, marking its 30th and final year with an exciting lineup of live performances by famed artists and students, taking place on the art school’s 250-acre campus. Guests can purchase tickets for individual events as well as an all-access pass: https://idyllwildarts.org/jazz-in-the-pines/.

For 30 years, Idyllwild Arts has brought legendary jazz giants from across the United States to perform for eager audiences and, most recently, to work alongside the young jazz enthusiasts of the Jazz In The Pines Student Clinic. Jazz In The Pines began in 1994 and this final Jazz in the Pines will be dedicated to the memory of jazz guitar giant Bob Boss.

Jazz In The Pines is curated by festival co-founder Dr. Marshall Hawkins – the legendary bassist and beloved teacher – along with revered New York Times-featured jazz vocalist Rose Colella. The life and career of Dr. Marshall Hawkins – who has played with jazz giants from Miles Davis to Shirley Horn and Roberta Flack – has been and continues to be a cornerstone for jazz at Idyllwild Arts from founding the Academy’s Jazz Program in 1986 to curating performances that have attracted thousands of music lovers to the mountain town over the years.

“The 30th anniversary will mark the conclusion of the festival but we pass the torch on to the educators and performers of the Jazz In The Pines Student Clinic as they continue,” says Pamela Jordan, President of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation. “We are forever indebted to the talented Dr. Hawkins for his vision, his love for his students, and his generosity to our community.”

The two-week festival will include a headlining performance by the legendary John Daversa and his Big Band featuring the Grammy Award-nominated album “Kaleidoscope Eyes: Music of the Beatles,” Dr. Marshall Hawkins Seahawk MoJO: “A Tribute to Bob Boss,” Harry Pickens, Euphoria Brass Band, The Rose Colella Quartet, the Idyllwild Arts Jazz Faculty Big Band, Idyllwild Arts All-Star Student Jazz Combo, and more.

Performances will occur on concert stages on The Idyllwild Arts campus, including William M. Lowman Hall, Holmes Amphitheatre, and Stephens Recital Hall. Two special events will be featured off the mountain at The Merc in Temecula.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, Idyllwild Arts hopes guests will also consider a donation during the final festival year to support student scholarships. Dr. Marshall Hawkins continues to play a vital role in securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to support deserving and talented young jazz musicians from around the world.


Six Surprising Ways the Sun Can Affect Your Skin

Six Surprising Ways the Sun Can Affect Your Skin

6 Surprising Ways the Sun Can Affect Your Skin — and What to Do About It

Do you slather on sunscreen each day? You should, for more reasons than reducing your cancer risk. The sun can affect your skin in surprising ways. Fortunately, protecting yourself is as simple as covering up and choosing the right SPF. Why should you bother? Here are six reasons you should treat safeguarding your skin from the sun seriously.

1. Photoaging and Premature Aging

It’s no secret that too much time in the sun can result in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and an uneven complexion. The term “photoaging” refers to the cumulative effects of radiation from the sun or artificial ultraviolet (UV) sources. It results in collagen breakdown, which causes deep wrinkles, sagging skin, “hollow” cheeks and other signs of aging older individuals experience.

2. Hyperpigmentation and Other Skin Conditions

Hyperpigmentation refers to the appearance of blotchy or mottled skin with alternating patches of light and dark. This condition can have various causes, and sun damage is one of the most common — hyperpigmentation spots are also sometimes called “sun spots.”

Aside from hyperpigmentation, sun exposure and excessive sun damage can lead to vitiligo and mole growth.

3. Eye Damage

You should wear sunglasses as well as sunscreen when in the sun. The skin around your eyes is more prone to damage, and UV light exposure can also damage your vision. For example, women account for 63% of age-related macular degeneration cases, and failing to protect your eyes is one of the biggest and most preventable risk factors.

4. Sunburn

Sunburn doesn’t feel good and spurs premature aging, photoaging and hyperpigmentation while upping your chances of disease. Having five or more severe sunburns throughout your life doubles your skin cancer risk.

Keep yourself safe by slathering on sunscreen and pay attention to the type and when you apply it. Sunscreen can take up to 15 minutes to absorb into the skin, so make sure you apply it a bit before you head out for the day.

5. Skin Dehydration

Dehydrated skin looks flaky and ashy, making you look older and more tired. Furthermore, you sweat more in the sun, accelerating moisture loss.

Keeping yourself hydrated is key. While the general rule is to divide your weight in half and consume that many ounces of water per day, you may need more if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

6. Heat Rash

Those little angry red bumps on your chin might not be pimples. Heat rash occurs when your eccrine glands, which let sweat escape from your skin’s surface, become blocked. The result is tiny, red, inflamed bumps that can itch like crazy.

Treatment includes cooling yourself down in a shower or pool and applying topical anti-itch creams. As heat rash often occurs where fabric meets your skin, opt for breathable cotton over synthetics that prevent airflow.

Is the Sun Ever Good for Your Skin?

In some cases, the sun can be good for your skin. For example, mild exposure prompts your body to produce natural vitamin D, which boosts your mood and improves immune function.

Furthermore, some people with autoimmune diseases do better with mild sun exposure. The trick is finding the right amount of exposure to improve symptoms without prompting a severe flare-up.

How the Sun Affects Your Skin

The sun affects your skin in multiple ways. Understanding the risks prompts you to take simple proactive steps, such as applying sunscreen and wearing other forms of sun gear. Protect yourself before you venture out and enjoy a healthier, more glowing complexion for life.

Cover Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Inside photo by Lukas Rychvalsky

A Little-Known Florida Destination is Calling Californians this Summer

A Little-Known Florida Destination is Calling Californians this Summer

Cowritten by Anthony C. Stafford

How would you complete the following statement? “California has Catalina Island, while Florida has…”

If you thought “The Keys,” you’re not necessarily wrong, but The Keys are more well known than where we’re going. Rather, our area of focus is one that even Florida natives can go years without ever knowing. This area, called Bradenton — and its Anna Maria Island — is truly speaking to Californians as the most desired destination for vacation, and for many other great reasons.

Photo Credit: Bradenton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Bradenton Area Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (BACVB) market research shows proof that residents of California – and Los Angeles and San Francisco specifically – are highly interested in planning vacations to the Bradenton Area. Recently, BACVB was in town to highlight the destination, delivering incredible eats featuring the day’s Gulf Coast catch, discussing what makes the area so special, and how they stack up to California’s food scene. The flavorful educational experience took place at Cabra, the rooftop restaurant at The Hoxton in DTLA. The event had themed splashes of color reminiscent of the Sunshine State’s famous waters and beloved fruit, essentially bringing a tiny piece of some of the very best of Florida right here to California.

The extravagant dinner was created by Top Chef winner and Food Network star Stephanie Izard, featuring a unique sample of Cortez, Florida’s premium bottarga, gulf shrimp and more, whipped into “Flo-ribbean” dishes that are hard to come by outside of the state. And with all of its uniqueness, we learned many amazing ways that the peninsula state and this highlight region is much like our own, complete with the arts, activities and experiences, a deep history, and nature that captivates hearts.

History, Location, and A Natural Beauty

While our own Catalina Island may not be known for beaches, it does share quite a few similarities to this East Coast magnet.

Located just south of Tampa along Florida’s Gulf Coast lies Anna Maria Island, a picturesque destination now more accessible thanks to the Gulf Islands Ferry. The island boasts 16 miles of pristine, white sand and sparkling turquoise waters, where visitors can enjoy serene beaches with calm waters, often accompanied by delightful offerings from Gulf Shore Charcuterie. When the sand never gets too-hot to walk on, you know it’s a special place.

Beyond its natural beauty, Anna Maria Island offers numerous family-friendly attractions, from The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, to AMI Dolphin Tours. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is home to rescued manatees, providing an educational and engaging experience, while AMI Dolphin Tours offer memorable encounters with marine life. In addition, the recently renovated, ADA-accessible Bradenton Riverwalk invites leisurely strolls along the water, perfect for any time of day.

For those seeking cultural enrichment, the Village of the Arts hosts monthly artwalk events, showcasing local creativity and fostering community engagement. Nature enthusiasts will find the 487-acre Robinson Preserve a haven, featuring mangroves, native birds, and diverse wildlife, all freely accessible year-round, setting the stage for incredible sighting opportunities as wildlife migrates to the region.

All of this natural beauty needs balance, protection, and care, so it’s only fitting that there is a program in place to do each of those things. Embracing the “Love it Like a Local” initiative, the Bradenton Area is committed to preserving its unique charm for future generations. This also means understanding the deep history behind the region as well, such as the Historic Cortez Fishing Village — one of the oldest fishing distributors. The “Love it Like a Local” initiative is also the first in Florida to partner with the national non-profit Leave No Trace, highlighting its dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This commitment ensures that the area’s natural beauty and local heritage remain intact for all to enjoy.

A Summer Adventure Awaits

Beyond Anna Maria Island is the whole chain of Gulf Coast Islands that all bring their own unique flair, yet some of the same natural beauty, charm, and history that can be found in the Bradenton Area. Whether a Californian traveling East, or a visitor from elsewhere, the art, history, and natural beauty of the Bradenton area and Anna Maria Island boasts excitement, curiosity, and escapism that may be hard to leave behind, as shown by BACVB’s research.

The Bradenton Area is conveniently located at just a 30-minute drive from the Sarasota-Bradenton (SRQ) airport. Visitors can choose from a range of accommodations, including vacation rentals, boutique hotels, like Mello on the Beach, and Zota Beach Resort, or the newly opened Palmetto Marriott Resort & Spa. Or, make even more of your time in the Sunshine State with a day-trip to nearby Orlando’s theme parks, Tampa, or Cape Coral. Either way, Bradenton has a promising future as the area slowly grows and becomes more popular with new residents and visitors alike.

Now you know, if it ever comes up: “California has Catalina Island, while Florida has Bradenton & Anna Maria Island.”

Inside Hyatt Regency Irvine’s $55M Transformation

Inside Hyatt Regency Irvine’s $55M Transformation

Cowritten by Anthony C. Stafford

The Hyatt Regency Irvine may be known by many for what it was previously, and that old image is also a great way to remember hotels of yesteryear. But a three-year closure has birthed what can only be described as a new hotel standard that improves upon nearly every aspect of what guests expect from their stay. From the lobby’s first impression to market experiences, Hyatt Regency Irvine brings renewed excitement to the travel experience for adults and kids alike, whether coming from nearby or afar.

Photo Credit: Logan Pratt / Hyatt Regency Irvine

Hyatt Regency Irvine General Area Manager Sid Ramani spoke with us, answered questions, and provided deep insight into what goes into a transformation of this magnitude. While it may seem a $55 million grand reveal may only truly be appreciated by those who witnessed the original look, the faces, reactions, and expressions of newcomers — ourselves includes — said otherwise. Upon entering, Hyatt Regency Irvine delivers a refreshing take on America’s hospitality sector. Pulling inspiration from regional neighbors and international highlights, the lobby wows with its vast spaciousness, high ceilings, intricate details, massive screens, and purposeful design. Surprise, awe, and excitement set in, as we likened what we saw to a luxury hotel in Tokyo. A plethora of seating options decorate the first floor to suit any lounger’s mood, whether reading, eating, waiting, watching, or chatting, there’s something for everyone. A warm, inviting lobby is surrounded by contemporary common areas, and an expansive 56,000 square feet of fresh event space to ensure a beautiful blend of urban sophistication, comfort, and functionality.

A Market For All

The Marketplace is possibly one of the only things we disagreed with during our time at the property – solely because it’s something much more than just a market! Instead, it is rather a place to get lost in for a while with its expansive, open-faced presentation. Offering a neatly stocked wall of beverages, spirits, snacks, hot, cold, healthy, and exciting food options, Hyatt Regency Irvine even pushes the envelope further and rightfully so, with numerous international snacks. For example, South Korean banana milk, and Japanese Ramune sodas make an appearance, among many more specialty items worth experiencing. Upon first glance, it strikes disbelief that a hotel could have such a wide variety of options, but it is a welcome feature that international travelers could always use more of to feel “at home” and domestic travelers for an opportunity to have a culinary escape.

From grueling business travel to exhausting vacations, sometimes guests need an “easy” option – and that easy option would be a place like the market to stash up on snacks, drinks, pastries, pizza, and more – while taking advantage of the fact that many items are also made right there in the kitchen! If you’re feeling adventurous, even the healthy dishes have great twists to them, like the veggie salads located next to the pastry window.

Of course, breakfast is also provided at The Market, with freshly made hot plates on the menu, but there’s even more. One of the highlights about The Market is that they also have featured menu items each day for breakfast and dinner, so keep an eye out for those to add some excitement to your own journey. Even more impressive is the commitment to supporting local businesses and artists, as seen through strategic and useful product placement throughout the hotel.

Designed With Purpose and Intention

The property boasts a total of 516 guest rooms and suites, each completely transformed with modern, thoughtfully designed interiors. These rooms not only feature distinct artwork, innovative light fixtures, and curated layouts tailored to accommodate various travel groups and lifestyles, but they are also designed with intention at the forefront. No corner goes forgotten, as thoughtful choices give purpose to even the most odd or small spaces.

Specialty suites include expansive hospitality suites with private kitchenettes, extended-stay suites with full kitchens, family-friendly layouts with bunk beds and adjoining rooms, and more, ensuring a comfortable and versatile stay for all guests. During our visit, we witnessed sports teams, families, and business people, check in, and after seeing each suite with details from Mr. Ramani, we couldn’t agree more that there is something for everyone. It is worth noting that the bunk bed suites are good enough to stir envy — even in us adults!

Zooming into the details, guests may notice fixtures that have a promising future – from technological installments that improve accessibility during their stay, to subtle and plentiful placements of outlets for the battery guzzlers in todays technology-plugged age. From the outside, the Hyatt Regency Irvine stands tall and distinctly, while its reimagined interior backs up its dominant posture.

Extras, Amenities, and More

For the guests who want to feel even more at home while reaping great benefits, the Hyatt Regency Irvine recently launched their new Regency Club, which grants access to exclusive amenities and private indoor/outdoor lounges. This includes fire pits, comfortable lounge seating, a sophisticated bar, and daily full-service dining.

Photo Credit: Logan Pratt / Hyatt Regency Irvine

The 24-hour gym is equipped with Peloton® Bikes, Life Fitness cardio equipment, free weights, and various weight machines. Guests can also benefit from exclusive access to private on-demand trainers through a collaboration with Future, tailored specifically for Hyatt Regency Irvine’s fitness center and equipment. Finally, located just two miles from John Wayne Airport and a short drive from major attractions like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, South Coast Plaza, and Southern California’s renowned beaches, Hyatt Regency Irvine serves as the ideal home base for exploring the area’s many offerings. It’s a great destination for those breaking away from the Disney Resort bubble and looking to achieve more exploration of the surrounding areas.

Innovation on the Horizon

Amazingly, there is even more to come as the property nears completion. A unique and elevated pool experience with dual waterslides, and an outdoor lounge space inclusive of a pool bar, cabanas, and massive LED TV screen to view sports games, movies, and more are on the way, and due to open in June. Just in time for summer, there are some great plans in store that will undoubtedly be a bow on the gift of travel for many guests.

And then there’s Warehouse 72 – a place where art and creativity are celebrated. This fine dining establishment will feature a modern bistro and bar to bring people together in a family-style atmosphere. Located on the first floor, it will ultimately enhance the openness of the property, while also breathing additional life that is sure to complement every guests first impression.

The Hyatt Regency Irvine is a marvel to appreciate in the hospitality landscape. Its reimagining is a welcome one in a world where we find ourselves plugged in more than ever, yearning to disconnect, and replug ourselves in new and different ways. In what could possibly set an example for other hotels, the property sets out to reach a new standard for guest experiences and expectations — doing so outstandingly. In a city with a massive and diverse population, plus attracting millions internationally on a yearly basis, Hyatt Regency Irvine successfully stands as a home away from home for everyone.

Grocery Shopping is More Expensive

Grocery Shopping is More Expensive

For most of the last three years, American consumers have been grappling with greater financial pressure from increased prices throughout the economy.

Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), has fallen since its June 2022 peak of 9.1%, but current levels of inflation still sit above the Fed’s preferred target rate of 2%. Additionally, CPI data released in April exceeded forecasts, showing year-over-year price increases of 3.5% and month-to-month increases of 0.4%. These figures present a challenge to the Federal Reserve’s earlier indications of potential interest rate cuts in 2024.

While several economic indicators, such as wage growth and unemployment rates, exhibit resilience, public sentiment towards the economy is significantly impacted by inflation rates. As prices escalate in key expenditure categories, Americans across the nation feel a tighter squeeze on their finances. One of the spending categories where consumers have faced the greatest pressure from price increases is groceries.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, food prices have surged at their fastest rate since the 1970s, rising by an astonishing 13.5% from August 2021 to August 2022 alone. While the pace of increase has moderated since then, grocery prices remain at historically high levels, adding considerable strain to household budgets. This upward trend in food costs is particularly concerning for families on tight budgets, as food expenses represent a non-negotiable necessity. Unlike discretionary spending, which can be trimmed in times of financial strain, expenditures on groceries are essential and cannot easily be reduced.

From March 2020 to March 2024, the CPI for food at home—a category that includes foods and nonalcoholic beverages meant for off premises consumption—has risen by 24.7%, outpacing the 20.3% increase observed across other CPI categories. This equates to a roughly 25% overall increase in the cost of grocery store items compared to just four years ago.

While grocery prices are up nearly 25% overall since the beginning of the pandemic, certain items have seen more significant upticks. Since March 2020, the cost of eggs has increased by 50%, while beef roasts, flour, and sugar have each risen by over one-third. Other items with large price increases over the same time period include carbonated beverages (up 32.1%) and canned fruits and vegetables (up +31.6%).

More recently, beef products have witnessed considerable price hikes, claiming the top three spots in year-over-year increases. Since last March, the cost of beef roasts has risen by 11.2%, steaks by 7.2%, and ground beef by 6.2%. Notably, sugar, carbonated beverages, and canned produce, which saw significant price increases since 2020, are also among the items with the largest year-over-year price hikes.

to read the full report: https://www.traceone.com/resources/plm-compliance-blog/grocery-store-items-that-have-increased-most-in-price

A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family

Sam Rubin,  a notable figure in the world of entertainment journalism, particularly recognized for his long-standing role as an entertainment reporter for KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles has died. His career, which spanned several decades, made him a familiar face to anyone keen on Hollywood news and celebrity interviews.

His expertise was in in his deep understanding of the entertainment industry and his ability to engage with celebrities in a manner that elicited both informative and personal responses. His interviews would often go beyond the surface, exploring the nuances of an actor’s experience on set or the creative process behind a musician’s latest album.

What set Sam Rubin apart was his genuine enthusiasm for the arts, which was evident in his lively and insightful discussions. Known for his professionalism and his respectful approach to journalism, traits that have earned him the trust and respect of many in Hollywood. Rubin’s work not only informed his audience about the latest in entertainment but also enriched their understanding of the artistry involved in creating film, television, and music.

A fixture at local news channel KTLA 5, he was the kind of personality that you took for granted—he was always there—jovial, fun and indeed completely in the moment with his guests, he sudden death of a heart attack at 64 came as shock to the community.


The Ultimate Summer 2024 Holiday and Event Guide

The Ultimate Summer 2024 Holiday and Event Guide

Cowritten by Anthony C. Stafford

Bugs and flowers aren’t the only things coming out now that the weather is warming up. That’s right, people are hitting the trails, roads, shops, and finest dining establishments as we march forward and eventually reach the Summer months. With so much happening across the region, we thought it might be helpful to see a roundup of all the activities, events, offers, and more happening during this season. Whether it’s brunch and drinks to take advantage of the nice weather, celebrating PRIDE, or solid plans to impress Mom and Dad for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s all here. All you have to do is make a move!

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day


Meteora (Father’s Day – June 16th)

The holistic, live-fire, and multi-sensory restaurant by chef Jordan Kahn – of the two-Michelin-starred Vespertine – will be offering a 5 course pre-fixe menu with the addition of a few special meat-focused menu items and a special beverage for that special figure in your life. Known for their artful (and decadent) culinary offerings, it’s a treat that everyone will remember.

Reservations are available at OpenTable.


Crustacean Beverly Hills: Father’d Day Brunch & Dinner Menu (June 15 – Father’s Day, June 16)

The beloved Crustacean is helping celebrate Father’s Day with an a couple of incredible weekend offers: Brunch and Dinner Specials! From Saturday, June 15th through Sunday, June 16th, guests can look forward to highlight dishes, like Tamarind Glazed Spare Ribs, 8 oz. Rime Ribeye, Prime Tomahawk Steak, and Golden Watermelon “Pizza.”

Credit: Crustacean Beverly Hills

Crustacean, known for their famed Garlic Noodles, will limit this special Father’s Day Menu to just two days, so RSVP while you can!


La Dolce Vita (Father’s Day – June 16th, 5 pm – 10 pm)

Since opening last year, La Dolce Vita has been one of the hottest reservations in Beverly Hills and will be serving their Sunday-only dinner menu, along with a special dish in honor of Father’s Day. The menu will include dishes like Arancino, Linguini, Steak Pizzaola, and Tiramisu –plus an opportunity to enjoy the recently launched new beverage menu from bar lead Blake Antrobus (Bicyclette, Otium) – giving the classic Italian-American cocktail menu an innovative refresh with chic Italian cocktails, Amaro-spiked spritzes, vintage cocktails, and more.

Reservations are available via Resy.


Coucou (Father’s Day – June 16th, 3:30 pm – 9:30 pm)

Treat your dad to Steak Frites and the L’haute Dog at West Hollywood’s newest French-ish bistro Coucou! Enjoy perfectly prepared martinis and cocktails with freshly shucked oysters at a handsome marble-topped bar and wood-fired French favorites on a sun-dappled, jasmine-lined patio. Not only is it the perfect way celebrate Father’s Day, but it’s also the perfect place to kick off Summer!

Reservations are available at Resy.


Emyla Tequila (Father’s Day)

If Dad appreciates fine spirits, it’s a gift he can enjoy over time, adding a bit of pleasure into his everyday life, not just on celebratory occasions.

This year, gift him the thoughtful luxury of an exceptional, aged tequila. Emyla Tequila’s new premium añejo is crafted with care and precision, stunningly designed, and the high quality Dad deserves. A small batch, limited product made with 100% Blue Weber agave sourced from both the Highlands and the Lowlands of Jalisco and aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, Emyla creates a one-of-a-kind smooth taste and superior flavor profile.

Credit: Emyla Tequila

Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or in Dad’s favorite cocktail, every sip of Emyla is an experience to be savored. Available for $130 in-store and online.


Thumb United

Thumb United is a mission-driven lifestyle apparel brand that advocates for mindful living in a digitally distracted world. The company specializes in designing clothing with unique inside pocket features for storing phones and other essentials, promoting a less distracted lifestyle.

This Father’s Day, gift dad one of Thumb United’s premium jackets. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, Thumb United’s pieces exemplify exceptional quality and attention to detail. The multiple inside pockets provide a convenient and comfortable way to stow smartphones, meeting the practical needs of their audience.

Some perfect-for-dad pieces include:

The Franklin Hoodie:
One outing wearing our signature men’s Franklin hoodie will change your fashion game forever. Whether pairing this with sweats, denim, or a dressier pant, you can wear this super comfortable hoodie sweatshirt pretty much anywhere and still be the most comfortable, yet stylish guy in the room. Equipped with multiple inside pockets to store your phone on the move.

Courtesy: Thumb United

and The Truman Fleece:
This versatile men’s fleece jacket effortlessly takes you from the office, to the gym, and out to your dinner meeting in style. The phone safe inside pocket was designed to stash your smart phone without creating a bulk in the pocket, and provides a convenient earphone cord port so you can simply plug in and go (hands-free of course) * slightly fitted by design.

Courtesy: Thumb United

In collaboration with organizations addressing social media and phone addiction, Thumb United donates 10% of its net profits to raise awareness about these critical issues. Their core message is simple: “Hold a hand, not a phone.”



The perfect game for summer — and the “most exciting sitting game ever”!

LazySaxs combines all of your favorite backyard, beach, party, picnic and tailgating games with the incredible benefit of sitting down. You simply set up the game and chairs (not supplied) and toss four sacks at the LazySaxs game while following the supplied point rules (if you feel like it). Your goal is to toss the sack into the funnel — the first player to reach 15 points wins.

LazySaxs is available online.


Play Henry Pickle Ball Paddles

Has pickleball become mom and/or dad’s new obsession? Meet Play Henry, where aesthetic meets athletics. It’s for the pickleball player who wants a competitive game but loves the social aspect of playing. They go from court to drinks and want a paddle that does the same. Play Henry paddles look fabulous yet are for serious play.

Credit: Play Henry

Play Henry features a sand-blasted fiberglass paddle with an elongated handle, which offers comfortable maneuverability and facilitates a seamless two-handed backhand. Custom options are also available, with a minimum order number of five.


Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers recently collaborated with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley at Brother’s Bond to create a limited-run “Sippin’ Rules” expansion pack inspired by their exceptional whiskeys! Play golf with a fun twist! Add some spice to your next round with Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers. It’s the perfect addition for the golf dads out there.

Courtesy: Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers

This 107-card deck is full of challenges and fun cheat codes to ensure you and your friends have an unforgettable round. Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers includes five categories of cards, each containing a special prompt, action, or rule that creates a unique challenge (or a helpful leg up) at each hole.

“Sucks 4 U” cards will make the hole more challenging. “Attack” cards allow you to assign a challenge to another player. “Hell Yeah” cards are helpful. “Party” cards are good and bad and affect the entire group. “Hold On” cards are helpful cards that you can play throughout the round as needed. More than 25,000 games have been sold to golfers in over 14 different countries. Available at Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers and Amazon.



Need to lay the bottle on its side in your fridge? No problem! You no longer have to worry about your Champagne leaking, or worse: exploding all over the inside of your fridge with Kloveo. Chrome-plated stainless steel body and hinge construction make this the most durable sparkling wine stopper on the market.

This Father’s Day, give the gift of elegance and practicality. The Kloveo stopper is perfect for dads who appreciate a good bottle of bubbly. Its sleek design and robust construction ensure that your dad’s favorite sparkling wine stays fresh and secure. Plus, it’s a thoughtful addition to any home bar, making every celebration a little more special. Clove is available on Amazon.


The Now Massage (Father’s Day)

After the hustle and bustle of a long day on the court, why not treat dad to a rejuvenating massage experience? Los Angeles wellness oasis, The NOW Massage, is offering gift cards and products for dad to experience the healing benefits of massage.

With a range of gift cards from $50 to $500, it the ultimate treat so that they can unwind and recharge at their leisure, through the healing benefits of The NOW. In addition, The NOW is offering Hemp Calm Balm that is not only nourishing, but also a multi-tasking muscle rub perfect for treating tired, tight muscles.

Let dad bring the joys of massage home with him this Father’s Day!


MON AMI (Mother’s Day)

MON AMI just celebrated their 1st-year anniversary, complete with a special event on Cinco de Mayo to toast their first year of memories. Nestled along the picturesque Ocean Avenue strip in Santa Monica, MON AMI presents a captivating fusion of Mediterranean flavors and ambiance.

Credit: Jakob Layman

With Mother’s Day around the corner, MON AMI makes a great destination, and if you’re one to beat the crowds – or wait until they’ve left – Mon Ami is always looking at ways to up the ante and immerse its guests with unforgettable and unique culinary immersions. On Sunday, May 12, MON AMI will hold a Mother’s Day pop-up brunch, making it a hot destination to deliver only the best for mom.


The Viv Hotel, Top of the V Mother’s Day Brunch: May 12, 10 am – 4 pm (Mother’s Day)

Celebrate the extraordinary women in your life with a special Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet at Top of the V Rooftop Restaurant!

Courtesy of Top of the V

Menu items feature a Smoked Salmon Platter, Torrijas Spanish Style French Toast, Seafood Paella, a Dessert Station, among other delicious offerings. Buffet Price of $75 per person and Bottomless Mimosas and Sangria, paid at restaurant. Guests can add a floral bouquet to their reservation for an additional $50.

Reserve your table here.


Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows (Mother’s Day)

Afternoon High Tea
For those looking to celebrate their mother in style, the hotel will be offering two specialty Mother’s Day tea services on Sunday, May 12 at 12pm and 3:30pm in on the enchanting outdoor Ocean Terrace. Spend the afternoon sipping and swirling via the whimsical three-course menu, featuring an elegant spread of sumptuous scones, exquisite pastries, and finger sandwiches designed to pair with a vast selection of freshly brewed Lot 35 loose-leaf teas from Fairmont Miramar’s exclusive luxury tea collection, served on brand-new garden-inspired Bernardaud porcelain. A complimentary glass of champagne & a special chef dessert are also included. Tickets ($120 per person) are required and can be purchased via Resy.

Photo Credit: Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows

FIG Restaurant
Helmed by Executive Chef Damon Gordon, FIG Restaurant’s ultra-seasonal and locally sourced ingredient-driven restaurant featuring heritage-inspired dishes will offer regular weekend brunch from 11:30am-3:00pm, in addition to new seasonally-driven specials including:

      • Caramelized French Toast with passion fruit curd, warm vanilla orange syrup ($26)
      • King Crab Avocado Toast with charred shishito peppers, furikake ($36)
      • Wood-Fired Roasted King Salmon with spiced edamame hummus, preserved lemon gremolata ($46)
      • Local Berry Pavlova soft meringue, crème Chantilly ($18)

 Reservations can be made via Resy.


Transportive Italian Experience at L’antica Pizzeria da Michele, Hollywood and Long Beach (Mother’s Day)

For an immersive brunch experience, L’antica Pizzeria da Michele will transport diners tastebuds straight to Naples, Italy. Largely recognized as the pizzeria from the cult classic ‘Eat Pray Love’, the 3,000 square foot Hollywood location—the first of four U.S. outposts—has two large patios and a secret garden where patrons can enjoy Italian classics and handcrafted cocktails, such as their iconic Italian Omelette ($23) made with eggs, Italian ham, sausage, Guanciale, burrata, tomato and onion, paired with the refreshing LA Sunset ($18)featuring watermelon and basil infused Grey Goose Vodka, lime, and watermelon juice.

Photo Credit: L’antica

Honoring age-old cooking traditions & techniques with their use of imported Italian ingredients, diners can expect an array of special Mother’s Day Italian brunch items with highlights including:

  • Risotto Alla Barbabietola with red beet risotto, peas, asparagus, spinach, tomino piesmontese cheese
  • Pizza Puttanesca with tomato sauce, fior di latte, basil, anchovies, olives, capers, stracciatella
  • Halibut con Polenta e Funghi with Alaskan Halibut, crispy white polenta, fume’ broth, mixed mushroom tempura


Family-Friendly New England Haven, Connie and Ted’s (Mother’s Day)

With an expansive outdoor patio, Connie and Ted’s has been the go-to spot for hearty New England-inspired seafood perfect for families and larger groups for over a decade. Inspired by Michelin-Starred chef-owner, Michael Cimarusti’s cherished memories of his beloved grandparents, Connie and Ted, the restaurant pays homage to their story, love of family, and the good times spent fishing and preparing the day’s catch together.

Photo Credit: Robiee Ziegler

The robust flavor-packed daytime menu includes comfort classics with an East Coast spin such as the Shrimp Chilaquiles ($24), Crab & Lobster Omelette ($35), and the ultimate hangover cure – a killer Maine Lobster Croque “Connie” ($38) made with gruyere, figaro sauce, and a sunny side up egg. For those wanting to start their morning on the sweeter side, Pastry Chef Daphane DeLone is baking up her beloved Monkey Bread ($12), featuring sweet and sticky cinnamon bread and cream cheese icing all made in-house from scratch.

Angelenos can revel in one of the city’s best seafood-centric brunch contenders from 11:30am – 3:00pm, in addition to a selection of Mother’s Day specialties:

  • “Sweet Escape” Cocktail – Strawberry Lemon Bellini ($15)
  • “Sunday PTO” Cocktail – Sotal Hibiscus Cocktail ($15)
  • ½ dozen Chefs Choice Oysters & a glass of Prosecco ($18)
  • Lobster Risotto – aged carnaroli rice, lemon, chives (Market Price)
  • Strawberries and Cream Cookie sandwich – FREE for Moms with entrée purchase

Reservations can be made via OpenTable.

Temecula Valley Wineries (Mother’s Day)

The headline above pretty much says all you need to know, right? Treat mom to all of her wine-loving desires with this assortment of options from Temecula Valley Wineries. From yoga to buffets, there are more than enough options to make mom’s day, or her entire weekend.
Akash Winery
Mother’s Day Yoga on the Vineyard Patio – Sunday, May 12, 9 a.m.
Session includes yoga + one glass of wine | Reserve your mat space here!
Mother’s Day Floral Design Atelier – Sunday, May 12, 12 – 2 p.m.
Settle into the private vineyard patio and enjoy a hands-on floral design class from Light & Well. You’ll be greeted with a glass of sparkling wine, and light charcuterie, then dive into a world of flowers and greens | One additional glass of wine is also included in your ticket. Purchase your seat here.
Cougar Vineyards & Winery
Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet – Sunday, May 12 | Seatings at 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Guests can enjoy a pasta bar with spring vegetable medly, along with a ham entree, assorted bread and biscotti, ceaser salad, and so much more. The dessert station will also include Carter Estate’s famous Estate Lemon loaf with lemon glaze.
$69.95, $59.95 members, $19.95 12-under | Add bottomless blood orange or regular orange mimosas for $15pp
A full menu and tickets are available to purchase at: www.cougarwinery.com.
Masia de la Vinya Winery
Bubbles and Bows Mother’s Day Soirée – Saturday, May 11, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Indulge in a luxurious picnic arranged by Temecula Picnic Company with a sparkling wine greeting, artisanal charcuterie boxes, wine specials, and picturesque flower wall to capture your most precious memories.
$75 member, $95 non-member
Miramonte Winery
Bites & Delights: A Mother’s Day Charcuterie Workshop – Sunday, May 12, 11 a.m.
Join us and our friends at Grazing Theory to craft your very own personalized charcuterie board. The experience includes a fresh handcrafted mimosa, guided charcuterie workshop, and all charcuterie supplies, along with meats, cheeses, fruits, Belgian Pearl waffles, and freshly baked mini-croissants
$100 member, $110 non-member
For more information visit: https://www.miramontewinery.com.
South Coast Winery & Resort
Mother’s Day Buffet at The Vineyard Rose Restaurant – Sunday May 12, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Enjoy an assortment of delicious appetizer displays, refreshing salads, delectable entreés like eggs benedict, french toast, an omelette station, alongside a mouthwatering carving station, a decedent dessert display and so much more! $75 adults, $35 children
For reservations and more information:  https://www.southcoastwinery.com/dining/vineyard-rose



This Mother’s Day, celebrate the extraordinary woman in your life with a sophisticated gift from Zippo. Whether she’s swapped out the wine for cannabis, or is simply a candle lover, Zippo has you covered with their range of products sure to make sparks fly in her heart.

For the “Canna-mom”
In an era where more mothers are swapping wine for cannabis, Zippo’s 20th of April Collection stands as a sophisticated companion for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. As revealed by a survey from Eaze, one in five self-identified marijuana users are parents. Furthermore, according to insights shared on SheKnows, an impressive 67% of parental cannabis users attest that incorporating weed into their lives has enhanced their parenting journey. Choose from four refined styles, each set in lustrous High Polish Brass, available here.

Courtesy: Zippo

For the Candle Aficionado
Elevate the art of candle lighting with Zippo’s chic Rechargeable Candle Lighter. Its flexible neck ensures a hassle-free experience, delivering the perfect touch of ambiance every time.

Timeless Elegance
Express your affection with Zippo’s exquisite high polish rose gold, graceful wavy flower design, or classic matte pink lighters. Explore their full range of options here.



Activities and Events

Celebrate World Yoga Day @ Andaz West Hollywood: June 21

Equinox is partnering with Andaz West Hollywood to host a morning yoga session on the hotel’s stunning sundeck, amidst panoramic city views. From 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM, this revitalizing experience will be followed by refreshing juices and fresh smoothies. For Angelenos looking to start their summer day off with balance, sunlight, and gorgeous views, this event will be the perfect kickoff.

The event will consist of guided stretching and breathwork from an expert Equinox instructor, and is open to the public for a $20 admission fee – a discounted rate compared to typical Equinox fitness offerings. The class will be complimentary for hotel guests.

Purchase your ticket here!


Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows: Lobby Lounge Live

Starting Friday, May 17 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Santa Monica’s iconic Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows invites locals and guests alike to experience the debut of Lobby Lounge Live, where the heart of the hotel will come alive every Friday evening with unparalleled enchantment with renowned master pianist Jason Pelsey taking center stage, captivating audiences of all stripes with brilliant melodies in an unrivaled ambiance.

Courtesy: Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows

From hits to timeless classics, musically inclined guests can be a part of the show, joining Pelsey at the piano, transforming their evening into a symphony of shared melodies and unforgettable moments paired best with hand-crafted cocktails & delectable bites.

The newest tradition at Fairmont Miramar is available for walk-ins only on a first come, first serve basis, available every Friday from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.


Coming This Summer @ MON AMI: First Class Dinner Series

This summer, guests can enjoy the launch of MON AMI’s new First Class Dinner series, with a “visit” to Barcelona being the kick off. When it takes place, the first of this evening series will star a four-course Spanish meal with two curated cocktails, live Catalan music, and Flamenco dancers, while guests can frequent Jamon and Sangria stations. And to make the experience all the more memorable, guests will leave with a “passport” to commemorate their “trip.”

The inaugural dinner event, is priced at $189 per person, and attendees can anticipate indulging in a meticulously crafted four-course meal complemented by two expertly concocted craft cocktails. Mon Ami’s chefs have designed the menu to highlight the diverse flavors and rich culinary traditions of the region, ensuring a culinary journey like no other. Each month for one night only, MON AMI will offer an experience centered around a city in Europe, from the food and cocktails to live music and activations. Guests can expect “passports” for every “trip” this summer.

Learn more about MON AMI here, and book reservations at Resy.

Matcha Madness @ Parakeet Cafe: Through May 31

Parakeet Cafe — home of an incredibly elevated cafe experience — is celebrating Matcha this May with Matcha Madness! All you have to do is post a Parakeet Matcha, and you’ll get a Matcha free! The perfect Spring drink to celebrate one of life’s simplest pleasures, Parakeet Cafe crafts their menu with locally sourced, organic and whole ingredients — and like their Lattes, these Matchas are big on flavor. For instructions on how to enter for a free matcha drink, check the flyer below:

Credit: Parakeet Cafe

Matchas include:

  • Cold Cream Vanilla Matcha
  • Ceremonial Matcha Tea
  • Lavender Matcha Latte
  • Iced Mint Matcha Latte

Matcha Madness ends on Friday, May 31st, and is available at the Beverly Hills and Brentwood locations:

Beverly Hills
206 S Beverly Drive,
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

13050 San Vicente Boulevard, suite 112,
Los Angeles, CA 90049


Horse Soldier Whiskey & War Stories Dinner at Top of The V: May 21, 6-10 p.m.

In honor of Memorial Day, U.S. Army Retired Sergeant Major & Horse Soldier Partner, Vince Makela will lead a whiskey tasting with Horse Soldier Whiskey paired with a three-course dinner. Hear firsthand accounts from brave soldiers while enjoying a gourmet dinner in a stunning setting at the rooftop restaurant at The Viv Hotel.

Courtesy of Top of the V

In honor of Memorial Day, 10% of every ticket sold and any bottles purchased this evening to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation which was founded in honor of firefighter Steven Gerard Siller who raced through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on foot in full gear to the twin towers on 9/11 where he gave up his life saving others. To learn more about this wonderful charity please visit: Tunnel to Towers Foundation. $200 ticket price is inclusive of the dinner/pairing price of $157 plus tax and 18% gratuity. Purchase tickets here.


Little Dom’s Seafood: Summer BBQ Series

Little Dom’s Seafood, a top locally-sourced seafood destination in Carpinteria, will bring back its annual Summer BBQ Series on Saturday, June 8 from 12 pm – 4 pm.

Throughout the series, Little Dom’s Seafood’s co-owner, executive chef and grill expert, Brandon Boudet, pays homage to the regional culinary tradition of Santa Maria-style barbecue with a menu of locally sourced seafood, meat, and veggie dishes, including:

  • BBQ Oysters ($5 each)
  • 1/2 Grilled Artichoke ($7)
  • Roasted Corn w/ Basil and Parmesan ($7)
  • Calabrese Chicken Wings ($14)
  • Tri Tip Sandwich w/ shredded cabbage, pickled green tomato & Saba BBQ Sauce ($17)
  • Maine Lobster Roll w/ Butter on Brioche & Salsa Verde($27)

Taking place in our breezy outdoor parking lot lined with picnic tables, this series gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant’s special BBQ menu alongside a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails for a quintessential California BBQ experience, all summer long.

Little Dom’s Seafood’s Summer BBQ Series will take place the second Saturday of each month from Saturday, June 8 through Labor Day weekend (June 8, July 13, August 10, and September 14).


Celebrate National Martini Day (June 19)

Whether dirty or espresso, come together to celebrate a day dedicated to the cocktails that so many love: martinis. Beverly Bar, Crustacean, Videre LA, and Prima Donna are all joining in on the fun with specialty cocktails, and unbeatable happy hours to celebrate the national day! Check out the Martini Day offerings below, and their brunch specials just after!

Crustacean Beverly Hills
Crustacean Beverly Hills is kicking off their new Martini & Oyster Hour on National Martini Day! Angelenos can enjoy $10 Martinis and $2 Oysters at the glamorous Anna May Bar. Talented mixologists will be shaking and stirring Haku Vodka and Roku Gin martinis, available dirty or dry, with a lemon twist or olives, or pomegranate flavored. This irresistible Happy Hour special is available Tuesday through Friday all summer long, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Credit: Carl Larsen / Crustacean Beverly Hills

In addition, Crustacean is launching a new Martini & Oyster Happy Hour, with $10 Martinis and $2 Oysters available at the glamorous Anna May Bar every Tuesday through Friday, from 4:30 to 6:30pm, from June 19th (National Martini Day) through the rest of Summer. Master Chef Helene An and Chef Tony Nguyen will be carefully sourcing the freshest, most succulent oysters from sustainable fisheries, then serving the delicacies alongside an Asian fusion spin on cocktail sauce, citrus, and Thai basil. The delicate rice-based Haku vodka and floral Roku gin both contain exotic notes of Yuzu and Sansho Pepper, which elevate Crustacean’s oysters to a new realm. The martinis will be available in classic variations: dirty or dry, with a lemon twist or olives, or pomegranate flavored. No reservations are necessary to take advantage of this offer!

Beverly Bar
Beverly Bar, a nostalgic cocktail lounge in Beverly Hills, is offering their Martini Monday specials all-day long! Guests can sip 8 variations of handcrafted martinis for $12, and take advantage of happy hour snacks like avo hummus, burrata, and shrimp tacos. Those looking to truly indulge this holiday can try the $49 Mr. Beverly Martini with 24k Gold and Saffron-Infused Vodka.

Prima Donna
Prima Donna, a hot new Sicilian spot in Culver City, is celebrating National Martini Day at their bar. From 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., guests can enjoy a gin martini, vodka martini, or vesper with a side of fries for $15. Prima Donna is also teaming up with Optimist NA spirits to offer a non-alcoholic martini for $13. Their Prosciutto-Stuffed Fried Green Olives are a highly suggested pairing.

Videre LA
Videre LA’s rooftop bar is serving up two special martinis to celebrate: the video game-inspired Super Espresso Martini Bros, made with mushroom coffee and a grating of parmesan cheese, as well as a frozen Espresso Martini slushie! Guests can lounge by the pool and take in stunning views of the city while sipping on their caffeinated delights and munching on bites like truffle fries and almond hummus with crudite.

LA’s Hottest Brunch Bunch

It wouldn’t be LA without brunch (or booze)! Below our some of the hottest destinations to get your boozy brunch on, and just in time as the weather heats up. These three top-notch restaurants promise to elevate the brunch game with irresistible cocktails and vibrant atmospheres.

Videre LA
Perched within the city skyline, Videre LA offers brunch with a view at their stunning rooftop, poolside restaurant & bar. Their build-your-own Bloody Mary cart sets them apart fromany other rooftop in the city. For just $20, guests can unleash their creativity and concoct the perfect Bloody Mary, tailored to their taste buds. With an array of premium spirits, house-made mixers, and a variety of garnishes, the possibilities are endless at Videre. Order the house French Toast with local berries to go with it.

Credit: Videre LA

Prima Donna
Groups of friends can head to Prima Donna for a brunch experience like no other. Indulge in their delightful mimosa package, in which a bottle of top-shelf Prosecco paired with a selection of fresh juices is served table side for $60. Whether guests prefer classic orange juice or adventurous flavors like blood orange or passion fruit, Prima Donna has something to please every palate. Toast to friendship and fun with this picture-perfect brunch option, which pairs perfectly with their cacio de pepe eggs.

Credit: Prima Donna

Tatel Beverly Hills
Tatel Beverly Hills is serving up authentic bottomless sangria from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday for $23. Sip and savor this refreshing Spanish libation while soaking up the elegant ambiance of Tatel’s chic Beverly Hills location. With its upscale vibe and irresistible flavors, Tatel promises a brunch experience that’s both sophisticated and satisfying. The foot-long Jamon & Manchego sandwich compliments the wine effortlessly.

Credit: Patel Beverly Hills


Beverly Bar
Sometimes you just have to add a little razzle-dazzle to your outings in order to impress friends, strangers, or only yourself! Beverly Bar is able to help do just that with their new Brunch menu, Bar Menu, and $49 Mr. Beverly’s Martini! This one-of-a-kind martini is made with saffron infused Grey Goose and 24k gold. Perfect for those glitzy brunches, right?

Celebrating its first anniversary, Beverly Bar has unveiled an enticing new brunch menu featuring an array of sweet and savory dishes alongside seasonal craft cocktails. Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills on North Canon Drive, this chic bar, known for its romantic nostalgia, is excited to extend its offerings to daytime visitors, complementing its existing dinner and happy hour menus.

The brunch menu at Beverly Bar puts luxurious, playful twists on classic breakfast dishes. Their Chicken & Waffles are made with a sweet and spicy twist, featuring a thick sriracha honey-glazed breading. The Chef’s Lox Pizza reimagines a bagel favorite with an everything-seasoned crust topped with cream cheese, cucumber, smoked lox, capers, and arugula, while the Avocado Toast is elevated with perfectly seared bread in olive oil, adorned with pomegranate seeds, toasted pepitas, and flavorful aioli. For those seeking indulgence, the caviar platter is a must-try.

To complement these delectable dishes, Beverly Bar offers an impressive selection of brunch cocktails. Highlights include the Light Drizzle, made with Sauvignon Blanc, apricot brandy, orange juice, and Blanc de blancs; a tequila and La Colombe coffee Espresso Martini; and a make-your-own mimosa kit.

Guests can enjoy their brunch experience in style with both indoor seating in charming leather booths and outdoor seating, perfect for people-watching on the streets of Beverly Hills. Beverly Bar’s brunch is available from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations can be made on Resy, though walk-ins are also welcome.


Catch Lemon Perfect’s Hydration Tour Featuring Rivian

Lemon Perfect, the beloved flavored lemon water brand, is making their way across the country this summer! The brand recently announced their Hydration Tour where their fleet of branded Rivians will be making stops at some of the country’s biggest cities this summer to hydrate thousands each day and beat the summer heat!

Credit: Lemon Perfect

Throughout the next couple of months, Lemon Perfect’s Rivians will be making stops in states including Texas, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Florida and more. To find out where the Rivian will be stopping next, follow Lemon Perfect’s Instagram and other social pages to get the exact addresses of where they can be found.


Raid the SmartSweets Candy Stash: June 21 – June 30

Got a sweet tooth? On a diet? Maybe you can appeal to both of those needs! SmartSweets are setting out on their first-ever Mobile Candy Shop on Friday, 6/21 from 10AM – 5PM. You’re invited to check out the favorite low-sugar candy brand and try their latest innovations and new & improved recipe — with no more candy getting stuck in your teeth!

The mobile candy shop will be full of candy-fied games, exclusive merch drops, nostalgic activations, content worthy gifting & a sweet tooth playlist. SmartSweets candies have up to 92% less sugar than traditional candy favorites, plus a whole lot less calories and more fiber than the other brands. Whether you consider it “adult candy” or heathy candy, there are multiple opportunities to get your share and join in on the fun:

  • Friday, June 21st (10AM – 5PM)
    • The Brig | Abbot Kinney
  • Saturday, June 22nd
    • Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • Sunday, June 23rd
    • Westfield Topanga Festival
  • Wednesday, June 26th (To Be Confirmed)
    • Target | 3535 S La Cienega Blvd
  • Thursday, June 27th
    • Main Street Santa Monica
  • Friday, June 28th
    • Manhattan Village
  • Saturday, June 29th
    • 3rd Street Promenade
  • Sunday, June 30th (To Be Confirmed)
    • Target | 2626 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock


Cutwater’s Tasting Room: Agave Season Experience: May 16, May 23

If you’re looking to up your booze game ahead of summer, Cutwater’s got just the activity for you to hone in on your bartending skills.

Credit: Cutwater

Cutwater Tequila Cocktail Class ($35)
Join Beverage Ambassador Laura Price as she teaches you how to perfect a classic Margarita, and guides you through how you can then personalize it to your own taste. Inclusive of specialty cocktails, education, tasting, and Cantarito Cutwater mug. Enroll here.

Cutwater Mezcal Cocktail Class ($35)
Join Cutwater Bartender Hayley Wilcox, as she guides you through how to create a signature Cutwater Mezcal cocktail. Inclusive of specialty cocktails, education, tasting, and Cantarito Cutwater mug. Sign up for this lesson here.


Archer Pilates’ New Class Combining Pickleball and Pilates: Tuesdays @ 1:30 pm

Summer is coming and getting your body right is about to become a little easier. In a city where fitness trends emerge as quickly as the setting sun, Archer Pilates is leading the charge by merging two of LA’s most popular activities into one dynamic class. Taking place each Tuesday at 1:30 pm, Archer Pilates’ exclusive “Pilates for Pickleballers” reformer class offers one-on-one training with an instructor to enhance the performance and longevity of pickleball enthusiasts through specialized stretching, alignment, and strength training.

“Pilates and pickleball go hand-in-hand,” says Melanie Archer, certified Pilates instructor and owner of Archer Pilates. “As an avid pickleball enthusiast myself, I have tailored this new class to specifically complement pickleball players’ training and injury prevention routines.”

Unlike the typical multi-chain Pilates studios that dot the Los Angeles landscape, Archer Pilates prides itself on its private ownership and expert management, promising a unique, personalized fitness journey. Their new offering taps into the growing trend of pickleball, combining it with the transformative power of Pilates. This class is designed to help athletes of all levels improve their game by focusing on core strength, flexibility, and overall physical alignment — essential components for mastering the sport of pickleball.

Tighten up your pickleball game each Tuesday at 1:30pm with the expert instructors at Archer Pilates. Experience firsthand why combining Pilates with pickleball is not just a workout — it’s a transformative practice that heals, tones, and strengthens one client at a time.


FREE PickleBall Clinics, Courtesy of Nature Made and Pickle Pop

Nature Made is hosting FREE pickleball clinics throughout the month of May to spread the love of pickleball to people of all ages in LA!

Nature Made is partnering with Pickle Pop, a fun facility on the Santa Monica Promenade to teach you to play America’s fastest-growing sport! You also may go home with FREE products! As the Official Vitamin of USA Pickleball, Nature Made aims to provide simple ways for consumers to support their everyday wellness journeys- through pickleball and taking vitamins!

FREE Clinic dates/times available:

Sat 5/4 10am – 12pm
Sat 5/11 10am – 12pm
Sat 5/25 10am – 12pm
Sat 6/1 10am – 12pm

Sign up, here. For additional details, visit NatureMade.com.


Pick Up a Bowlero Season Pass

Maybe Pickleball is a bit too involved for your activity requirements. If so, bowling is also on the table! Bowlero is offering a summer season pass this year. Guests can choose between the basic and premium pass offerings outlined below. Plus, save 10% with pre-sale purchases made before May 15th. Passes can be purchased here.
  1. Basic Summer Season Pass: Includes 2 games of bowling and shoe rental per day. Valid only at the center of purchase.
  2. Premium Summer Season Pass: Includes 2 games of bowling and shoe rental per day, a $5 Arcade Card reload per day, 15% off food and beverage per transaction, and use at any participating center.

Learn more about Bowlero’s season passes here.


Visit Westfield Topanga’s Summer Social: June 21 – June 23

Westfield Topanga is kicking off their Summer Social with food trucks, live music, & amazing deals to start the season right! Celebrate with the entire family all weekend long & enjoy free samples, tastings from Topanga Social’s best eateries (including the just-opened SLAB BBQ), specialty cocktails, live bands & DJs, and prizes from JINYA, Shake Shack, Topanga Social, North Italia, Kiehl’s & so many more! Those who know, know, and those who don’t are missing out, as Westfield’s Topanga Social is home to come of the most delicious and visually stunning food and drinks around.

Stop by each day Friday, June 21 – Sunday, June 23 from 2PM – 7PM daily. RSVP for free here!

Activities for the Family at Westfield Topanga

if you’re looking for some kid-friendly entertainment this summer (while keeping mom & dad out of the heat), Westfield Topanga has you covered – check out the list below for a few ideas that’ll keep the whole family happy! Check out the points below for some fun options:

  • Pinstripes Kids Club:

    • The Pinstripes Kids Club is the deal of the summer! For just $20, enjoy a monthly kids activity and get a $10 off food & beverage voucher for the same day. Reserve your spot HERE!

      • July 6th: Kids Musicians

      • August 3rd: Cookie Decorating

  • Wanderlust Creamery at Topanga Social:

    • Cool down at Wanderlust inside the Topanga Social food hall! Wanderlust Creamery is renowned for its “ice cream inspired by travel”, making non-traditional ice cream flavors inspired by global cuisine. For adult treats, parents can grab a frozen cocktail at the Margarita Garden!

  • Fun Factory Arcade:

    • Too hot for a day at Six Flags? Head to this classic arcade featuring video and amusement games (skeeball, basketball shooting, air hockey, & more), and kiddie rides. Play games, win tickets and get cool prizes!

Audition & Couple Up at Westfield Century City: June 14

Westfield Century City is bringing the hit cultural phenomena, Love Island USA, to the Los Angeles Area for fans to see if they have what it takes to be the next bombshell. To celebrate the upcoming sixth season, the center joined forces with Peacock to have fans audition for the next season of the popular television series – live & in person at the popular Century City hotspot this Friday, June 14th.

The pop up takes place from 2 pm to 7 pm PT, at Westfield Century City:
Westfield Century City – The Atrium
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Join Alicia Silverstone at Westfield Topanga for Top Sustainability Tips: May 18 @ 3 pm

On Saturday, May 18, at 3pm, head to Westfield Topanga to catch a talk with Clueless star Alicia Silverstone as she dives into integrating sustainable practices into your daily life, consumption, healthy habits, shopping routine & much more. Stop by and join the ultimate shopping icon to revisit 90s mall culture and get a chance to ask her questions – whether you’re looking for Cher-esque fashion advice or tips on being more green!

From fashion and beauty to protecting the planet, Alicia is on a journey to share her expertise and constant learning to create a more sustainable future. VIP ticket sales ($25) will be donated to RE-volv to support clean energy, or you can reserve General Admission for free, here! The event is a part of Westfield’s Good Festival – the annual event taking place across Westfield Centers that brings together retailers, partner brands, and local stakeholders who are making positive steps towards the environment.


Garfield Movie Mural x Popchips: May 3 – May 26

Starting May 3 and leading up to the premiere of The Garfield Movie, Angelenos can get in on the fun by viewing the larger-than-life orange Popchips wall located at 8201 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. The bold mural wall features a hungry Garfield with a knife and fork peering over a colossal Popchips Nacho bag, ready to dig in. Orange paw prints on the sidewalk lead viewers to the purr-fect spot to strike a pose alongside the mural.

Credit: Popchips / fmarin

Plus, don’t miss out on LTO Nacho Popchips, swag, and more, courtesy of the Popchips street team on May 4, 5, 11, and 12! For an extra treat, scan the QR code on the mural to transport into the Popchips chip bag to become Garfield’s favorite snack via an augmented reality filter on Instagram.

The Popchips x Garfield mural will be live from 5/3 – 5/26.


PRIDE & Travel

Pride Month Deals from Hotels Across the U.S. and Mexico

Culver City: The Shay Hotel
The Shay invites guests to celebrate pride during the month of June. Guests will receive 15% off their stay when they use the code PRIDE on the website when booking between now through the end of June. Enjoy the laid-back poolside ambiance overlooking the city at Canopy Club or savor culinary delights downstairs at the newly opened Prima Donna. Adjacent to Ivy Station, this transit-oriented development offers additional dining and shopping options in a vibrant urban oasis–only 7 miles away from the beach. Strategically located, The Shay provides effortless access to Culver City’s dynamic cultural scene. Explore local art galleries, indulge in vibrant nightlife, and take leisurely strolls through the contemporary neighborhood. With Ivy Station’s transit hub, Culver City becomes a perfect walkable haven, eliminating the need for a car and ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable Spring Break experience in the heart of this dynamic urban landscape. For booking, visit here.

Credit: The Shay Hotel

WeHo: Andaz West Hollywood
With it’s robust LGBTQ+ community, West Hollywood is known as the heart of Pride celebrations in Los Angeles and as the first hotel on the iconic Sunset Strip, Andaz West Hollywood will be celebrating all month long! From May 30th to June 30th, Andaz West Hollywood will have a bookable Pride Package with complimentary welcome drinks, access to Pride-themed pool parties on the hotel’s rooftop pool, late check out and up to two drink tickets (one per guest). Additionally, during West Hollywood Pride Weekend May 31st to June 2nd and Los Angeles Pride Weekend from June 7th to June 9th, the hotel will have a rainbow cake for sale at its Riot House Restaurant and an Absolut Vodka Pride drink and dessert available for purchase. Guests looking to celebrate can do so without even having to leave the property. On West Hollywood Pride weekend, Andaz West Hollywood will be hosting a Pride Happy Hour at Riot House Restaurant from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on May 31st and a Rooftop Pool Party on June 1st. On Los Angeles Pride weekend, the hotel will be hosting a Master Beat Party with DJ Jace M on June 8th and a Reverb DayClub Pool Party with sounds by DJ Matt Suave on June 9th.

Even more festivities on the way:
Andaz West Hollywood is offering a month-long Pride Package — bookable with the code PRIDE now for those staying May 31 – June 2 (West Hollywood Pride Weekend) and June 7-9 (Los Angeles Pride Weekend). The package comes with complimentary welcome drinks, access to Pride-themed pool parties on the hotel’s rooftop, late check-out, and up to two drink tickets (one per guest).

The hotel will be hosting a Rooftop Pool Party on June 1, with free entry for guests ($20 for non-guests). Taking place during West Hollywood Pride Weekend (May 31 – June 2), visitors will be able to celebrate Pride in style — with epic views of the festivities, and mixed drinks in hand.

For those visiting after the June 1 Rooftop Pool Party, Andaz West Hollywood will host two more blowouts during West Hollywood Pride Weekend: a Master Beat Party with DJ Jace M on June 8 and a Reverb DayClub Pool Party with sounds by DJ Matt Suave on June 9.

For booking, visit here.

Credit: Andaz West Hollywood

San Francisco: Hyatt Regency San Francisco
San Francisco’s Pride Parade is known for its massive celebration of love, equality, and expression. This year, Grammy, Emmy, and two-time Tony Award winner Billy Porter will be hosting the festivities that are set to take place on June 30. For those looking to stay waterside in the iconic Embarcadero District where the parade starts and partake in the exciting season, Hyatt Regency San Francisco will be providing 10% off room bookings for the month of June with the code PRIDE. With its newly launched happy hour and the recently announced rotation of the property’s Regency Club for World of Hyatt members and guests who book the Regency Club package, there is no better place to celebrate love in the city than at Hyatt Regency San Francisco.  For booking, visit here.

Credit: Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Chicago: Hotel Zachary
Celebrate Pride Month at Alma, nestled within Chicago’s Hotel Zachary, with their exclusive Pride cocktail, the “Stonewall Sour.” Crafted with bourbon, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white, garnished with Tiki Bitters, this delightful concoction is served in a stylish coup glass for $16. Throughout June, 25% of the proceeds from each Stonewall Sour will be donated to Center on Halsted, supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Alma, now boasting enhanced seating, a dedicated DJ booth, and modern décor beckons guests into its inviting space reminiscent of Chicago’s golden era. With its Terrace offering unparalleled views of Wrigley Field and Gallagher Way, Alma provides the perfect setting to celebrate pride, enjoy refreshing libations, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Lakeview. For an even more immersive experience, consider opting for an overnight stay at Hotel Zachary, conveniently located steps away from the Chicago Pride Festival. Book a reservation at Alma here and a stay at Hotel Zachary here.

Credit: Hotel Zachary

Atlanta: Grand Hyatt Atlanta
Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead celebrates Pride this June and beyond by offering guests a special offer. Guests will receive 20% off their stay when they use the code PRIDE when used on the website to book. Making Grand Hyatt Atlanta the perfect place to book while enjoying Pride in Atlanta. Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead is at the heart of the neighborhood and situated closet the best restaurants and shopping in the city to enjoy the start of the summer and Pride month. The hotel is home to 439 plush luxury guest rooms and 21 suites, with two fine dining restaurants, room-service, a coffee bar, an outdoor pool and peaceful Japanese Zen Garden to enjoy during your stay. For booking, visit here.

Credit: Grand Hyatt Atlanta

Mexico: Fairmont Mayakoba – Riviera Maya  

What better way to celebrate Pride month than in the lush, gated community of Mayakoba in Riviera Maya. Fairmont Mayakoba, a AAA Five Diamond resort set on 45 acres within a private, luxury community, is throwing an exclusive Pride in Paradise party on Saturday, June 15, featuring performances by Turbulence and Burrita Burrona, two iconic drag queens from Mexico. The resort will offer special Pride month amenities for guests to enjoy, along with this unique beachfront celebration. Check out their All-Inclusive Package for the best value and convenience with unlimited dining and premium beverage services throughout the property for a Pride getaway unlike any other. Even more, Fairmont Mayakoba’s Pride festivities can be enjoyed by the whole family, with special summer programming for kids to enjoy while adults celebrate love and inclusivity in paradise. For booking, visit here.

Credit: Fairmont Mayakoba


Rosewood Sand Hill

Perfectly timed to the Spring and Summer, Rosewood Sand Hill has launched both their Cycling Concierge Program and Summer Pool Menu in partnership with award-winning Chef, Ravi Kapur. Check out what’s in store below:

Summer Pool Menu
In partnership with award-winning Chef, Ravi Kapur, Rosewood Sand Hill has launched the resort’s highly anticipated summer poolside menu, available exclusively at the property’s pool from April until October. A nod to the hotel’s sister property, Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort, the pool menu will offer Hawaiian-inspired fare accompanied by a selection of refreshing signature cocktails, both crafted by Ravi himself.

Drawing from Ravi’s Hawaiian heritage and the property’s sustainable culinary ethos, the poolside menu will feature a variety of mouthwatering dishes including hiramasa ceviche, coconut turmeric crispy chicken bites, crushed avocado, and chili crisp dip all complemented by refreshing cocktails with highlights such as the Pickled Mango Margarita and the Lihing Paloma.

Cycling Concierge Program
The property has also launched their Cycling Concierge program, designed to immerse guests into the destination’s well known cycling routes. Tapping into the expertise of cycling enthusiast and Managing Director, Philip Meyer, the Cycling Concierge program offers guests both personalized route planning, local insights on scenic locales and expert recommendations for hidden gems along the way, coupled with bike rental information, local bike shop recommendations, secret water stops, an on-site mobile bike service option, local group ride insights and nutrition advice from the property’s Culinary Director, Chef Seamus Mullen.

Meet MON AMI: A 1-Year Old Mediterranean Treasure Trove in Santa Monica

Meet MON AMI: A 1-Year Old Mediterranean Treasure Trove in Santa Monica

Los Angeles has its sights, sounds, and tastes with so many top locations and scenes to choose from peppered across the region. However, there is one fairly recent addition located near one of the most famous icons of this sprawling city, and it happens to be a thriving venue for Mediterranean classics, favorites, and unique twists.

MON AMI just celebrated their 1st-year anniversary, complete with a special event on Cinco de Mayo to toast their first year of memories. Nestled along the picturesque Ocean Avenue strip in Santa Monica, MON AMI presents a captivating fusion of Mediterranean flavors and ambiance. Stepping through its doors, guests are greeted with the French phrase “mon ami,” setting the tone for an enchanting journey reminiscent of the cobblestone streets and sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean region.

Under the guidance of Nas Negahban from Pacific Coast Group (PCG), a seasoned traveler with a passion for authentic culinary experiences, MON AMI strives to mirror the richness of Mediterranean cultures in every aspect. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Nas is committed to elevating his hometown’s hospitality scene to reflect the sophistication of beachside cities he has encountered abroad. This is present in every aspect of MON AMI’s ambiance, from its lush indoor-outdoor seating surrounded by greenery, to its late-night live entertainment and picture-perfect cocktails. MON AMI is meticulously curated to enchant and immerse guests.

Speaking on his inspiration and MON AMI’s concept, Nas explains, “I’ve always had a passion for building new concepts and brands across various industries. We currently have a few restaurants in Spain and other countries but Santa Monica is home. If you go to any other city in the world or even just the United States, the epicenter of hospitality is by the water – PCH Group’s goal is to do the same with Santa Monica here in Los Angeles.”

In addition to its ambiance and mesmerizing live entertainment, the culinary escape offers impeccable cocktails and dishes from its kitchen helmed by Chef Daniel Ulrich. The kitchen sources fresh, local ingredients from farmers’ markets to infuse traditional Mediterranean recipes with a touch of California flair. Chef Daniel, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, credits Wally’s Beverly Hills for his experience, and his dedication to understanding the cultural and geographical significance of each ingredient ensures an authentic culinary experience.

Guests are encouraged to begin their meal with a customizable mezze platter, a modern take on charcuterie featuring options like Prosciutto Wrapped Tomatoes and Whipped Feta with house-made flatbread. For mains, dishes like the 7 Spice Jidori Chicken and saffron-infused Lobster pasta offer generous portions meant for sharing, while being irresistible enough to enjoy solo. Complementing the culinary offerings, MON AMI’s experienced bartending team crafts cocktails that are nothing short of extraordinary. Each drink is a carefully balanced masterpiece, showcasing innovative combinations and premium ingredients. From the refreshing El Rey to the intriguing Caprese-inspired concoction, MON AMI’s cocktail menu promises an unforgettable experience for discerning palates.

You’re Invited: First Class Dinner Series

With Mother’s Day around the corner, MON AMI makes a great destination, and if you’re one to beat the crowds – or wait until they’ve left – MON AMI is always looking at ways to up the ante and immerse its guests with unforgettable and unique culinary immersions. On Sunday, May 12, MON AMI will hold a Mother’s Day pop-up brunch, making it a hot destination to deliver only the best for mom.

Then, on Friday, May 17, guests can enjoy the beginning of MON AMI’s new First Class Dinner series with a “visit” to Barcelona. The evening will star a four-course Spanish meal with two curated cocktails, live Catalan music, and Flamenco dancers, while guests can frequent Jamon and Sangria stations. And to make the experience all the more memorable, guests will leave with a “passport” to commemorate their “trip.”

Credit: MON AMI

Providing some background on the idea behind the First Class Series and future occasions, Nas hints, “We are doing some pretty cool activations and partnerships for the Summer that we are very excited about. We are also launching our First Class Series – which is an immersive, experiential dining experience that I’ve only really seen in Europe. We think this will bring a lot of eyes and allure to Mon Ami this summer.”  This surely makes it an exciting time to stop in, whether you’re a local, or just visiting from out of town!

With its evocative ambiance, delectable cuisine, and exceptional hospitality, MON AMI invites guests to embark on a sensory voyage through the Mediterranean without ever leaving the magnetic shores of Santa Monica. Learn more about MON AMI here, and book reservations at Resy. Follow MON AMI on Instagram, here.



The Highly Anticipated, Quintessential LA Event Kicks Off on May 31

Barnsdall Art Park Foundation is excited to announce the return of its popular fundraiser, Barnsdall Fridays Wine Tasting, which after a hiatus since 2019, is back in full swing for 2024. The event, which has always attracted sell-out crowds, takes place on the West Lawn of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, Los Angeles’ only UNESCO World Heritage site, every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day (May 31 to August 30) from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The opening event is already selling out quickly, and guests are encouraged to bring blankets for maximum comfort!

Marking its 15th season, the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation’s signature fundraising event supports the Park, its arts programing and landscaping, which includes the recent restoration of the historic Olive Grove, which dates back to the 1890s. With green spaces being more important than ever, Barnsdall Park welcomes all Angelenos to the Park. For wine tastings, the gated area on the West Lawn will be designated to those 21 years and older to sip wine, picnic, enjoy panoramic views, and watch the sunset for another not-to-be-missed season at this iconic cultural destination, which features Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, a world-class art gallery, art center, and theater on its campus.

Ongoing partner Silverlake Wine will curate their fine selection of boutique artisanal wines and rotating food trucks will be on offer from popular LA haunts, including Triple Beam Pizza and Ardi’s Eats & Sweets. Popular DJs will feature over the course of the series, including DJ edma2z and Dougee Dimensional, a founding member and vocalist of electronic lounge group, The Gentle People. Through July 20, guests can also visit the COLA exhibition on view at DCA’s Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), which is the culminating presentation of the recipients of the City of Los Angeles Independent Master Artist Project grant program for visual arts and design.

As part of the series, a limited number of tours of the interior of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House will be available for a premium ticket price throughout the evening.

Guests who book the tours will get to view Ravi GuneWardena: Ikebana for Hollyhock House. The installation, which runs through fall, features striking new ikebana by GuneWardena, which reanimate the interiors of the Frank Lloyd Wright-described “garden house” through the Japanese art of flower arranging, further showcasing the influence of Japanese art and design on the site — built simultaneously with Wright’s Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), in collaboration with the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation (BAPF) and the Los Angeles Parks Foundation (LAPF) recently installed showcase native plantings at Hollyhock House, which wine tasting guests will see onsite. The new native gardens designed by landscape-design studio TERREMOTO celebrate the beauty and sustainability of native plants, featuring nearly 500 native plants.

Wine-tasting tickets cost $45 and $70 with a guided tour of Hollyhock House. Designated Driver tickets available for $15 with entry only and wine tasting not included. Purchase tickets to be a part of this unforgettable comeback celebration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/barnsdall-art-park-foundation-presents-friday-night-wine-tasting-21-tickets-59078739099

The Park is located at 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Parking is very limited; rideshare and public transportation are highly encouraged. Please tag us at #BarnsdallFridays.