A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family

Sam Rubin,  a notable figure in the world of entertainment journalism, particularly recognized for his long-standing role as an entertainment reporter for KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles has died. His career, which spanned several decades, made him a familiar face to anyone keen on Hollywood news and celebrity interviews.

His expertise was in in his deep understanding of the entertainment industry and his ability to engage with celebrities in a manner that elicited both informative and personal responses. His interviews would often go beyond the surface, exploring the nuances of an actor’s experience on set or the creative process behind a musician’s latest album.

What set Sam Rubin apart was his genuine enthusiasm for the arts, which was evident in his lively and insightful discussions. Known for his professionalism and his respectful approach to journalism, traits that have earned him the trust and respect of many in Hollywood. Rubin’s work not only informed his audience about the latest in entertainment but also enriched their understanding of the artistry involved in creating film, television, and music.

A fixture at local news channel KTLA 5, he was the kind of personality that you took for granted—he was always there—jovial, fun and indeed completely in the moment with his guests, he sudden death of a heart attack at 64 came as shock to the community.