Paravel Kicks Off Fourth of July Sale

Paravel Kicks Off Fourth of July Sale

Summer is upon us, and so is everyone’s urge to travel after hunkering down throughout 2020. If there’s any brand who wants to help celebrate the occasion, Paravel is doing just that as they kick off their 15% off Fourth of July Sale! The summer sale kicks off today, 6/30, and ends on Monday, July 5th. There’s only disclaimer: get the brand’s beloved and sustainable travel accessories before they’re sold out! 

Shoppers can take 15% off* orders of $100+ using the code TAKEOFF15. (*Sale Excludes: Cabana Collection, Konmari x Paravel, Foldup Belt Bag, Bundles, and Giftcards.) Some of the brand’s most popular products will likely disappear within hours, and for good reason. As Paravel practices sustainability, they are simultaneously tapping into the luxurious travel merchandise market – and incredibly well. Just look at those details!

Check out some of Paravel’s hot picks below to read more about their price, details, and how they’re sustainably built to last.


  • Aviator Carry-On ($255) – Meet the most sustainable carry-on you’ll ever own, with a durable recycled polycarbonate exterior; recycled zippers, a lining made from 15 up-cycled plastic water bottles; vegan leather details and wrapped steel handles; and an aircraft-grade recycled aluminum handle
  • Aviator Grand ($315) – The sustainable, timeless, quality companion for your next extended stay. With a durable recycled polycarbonate exterior; recycled zippers; a lining made from 21 up-cycled plastic water bottles; vegan leather details; and an aircraft-grade recycled aluminum handle, this check-in size suitcase is on the cutting edge of sustainable construction.
  • Packing Cubes ($65) – The Packing Cube Quad is a water-resistant, multifunctional storage system made from 16 up-cycled plastic water bottles.
  • Cabana Tote ($165) – With over 2,000 people on the wait list, the Cabana Tote is the must-have bag of the summer, perfect for a beach trip or seaside adventure. The incredibly functional tote has space for all your belongings and a durable silicone coating to protect from stains.




Paravel is the leading sustainable luggage and travel accessories brand. They announced recently that they are on track to become the first 100% sustainable travel brand in 2021. Recognizing that sustainable travel is a continual work in progress, Paravel’s founders, Indre Rockefeller and Andy Krantz, are working to reframe mindful adventuring — whether it’s pitching a tent in your backyard or a remote socially-distanced getaway — Paravel offers intentionally designed luggage that is good for the planet without sacrificing design, price, or quality.

So how is Paravel poised to achieve this lofty sustainability goal? By:

  • Upcycling plastic bottles for materials (2M bottles to be exact)

  • Planting a tree for every order placed (over 20,000 trees planted since December 2020)

  • Going carbon neutral by offsetting emissions during every step of production & delivery (30.7M lbs of C02 offset to date)

  • Going beyond delivery by offsetting each customer’s first trip 

VYBES Launches New Line of Adaptogenic Elixirs

VYBES Launches New Line of Adaptogenic Elixirs

LA-based functional wellness brand, VYBES, has officially launched a new line of Adaptogenic Elixirs! Drinks are all the rage these days as the spotlight shifts onto brands who bottle up wellness boosters, alcohol-alternatives, and health-focused concoctions. VYBES’ new line of delicious sparkling elixirs come in 3 different flavors: Apricot Lemon, Pineapple Ginger and Watermelon Lime. In addition, the elixirs feature powerful adaptogens for mood, immunity & vitality.

Each flavor includes adaptogenic elixirs that target the root causes of chronic stress, and these highly effective plant-derivatives help improve mood, mental clarity and the body’s immunity & vitality. It’s refreshingly delicious, and packs a ‘mean’ exhilarating bubble.

  • Apricot Lemon: made from Turkish apricot juice, lemon juice

  • Pineapple Ginger: made from Dole pineapple juice, lime juice, Peruvian ginger juice

  • Watermelon Lime: made from watermelon juice, lime juice, sour cherry juice

Perfect if you’re looking for a healthy swap for sodas or alcoholic beverages for all of your summer festivities — VYBES Elixirs are available for DTC shipping right to your doorstep online at, starting at $29.94 for a 6-pack.

VYBES also offers beverages made with 25mg high-quality CBD, under 30 calories, locally crafted in Los Angeles, and is vegan and organically produced!

  • BlackBear Hibiscus (Limited Edition)”: To celebrate the launch of music artist Blackbear’s latest E.P. debuted earlier this month, the wellness drink is made from freshly brewed hibiscus tea, cold-pressed blackberry juice and a touch of clove & cinnamon for a slightly tart beverage

  • Strawberry Lavender: Made from fresh squeezed strawberries, lemon juice & wild lavender. Subtly sweet and not too tart

  • Blueberry Mint: Made from organic blueberries, Meyer lemon juice and a hint of mint for a distinctly tart and subtly sweet beverage

  • Honeycrisp Apple Basil:  Made from unfiltered apple juice (unfiltered is creamier and less tart), Meyer lemon juice and a pinch of organic basil, even those who don’t like apple juice will probably love our HCAB

Put your wellness on the forefront this summer when you indulge!

Why You Should Add Sonoma County’s Inman Family Wines to Your Bucket List

Why You Should Add Sonoma County’s Inman Family Wines to Your Bucket List

Summer is officially here, as the weather screams lately with temperatures soaring across the state. On April 28, Avelo debuted its nonstop flight from Hollywood Burbank to Charles Schulz Airport in Santa Rosa, and starting June 1, Alaska Air will do the same. In just 90 minutes, travelers can trade the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles for the peaceful, pastoral paradise that is Sonoma County — all while skipping the slow-going gridlock conditions associated with LAX and the roads to Sonoma from the central Bay Area.

If that doesn’t scream “vacation” we don’t know what does! A huge part of the appeal for Sonoma County lies in the regions incredulous wineries, with numerous tasting rooms located just minutes away.

Located just five miles from the tarmac at Charles Schulz — and a 10 minute drive — Inman Family Wines is a must visit. Visitors to Inman’s intimate tasting room, located on the organically and sustainably-farmed estate Olivet Grange Vineyard (OGV), are treated to a unique tasting experience that  in a space made almost entirely from post-consumer recycled materials – a perfect manifestation of owner and winemaker Kathleen Inman’s “eco-ethics” philosophy. Often, visitors are likely to have their tasting hosted by the winemaker herself! 

When asked about how wildfires have effected the winery in the past and how they prepare for drought-induced heightened fire risk, Katheleen goes into detail, stating:

“Drought and wildfire are part of California’s history. They are not something new. But increasing periods of drought, changes in weather patterns bringing dry winds and more people building in the wild areas of Sonoma county have increased the threat of wildfires has become a tangible reality for Northern California wine country. Last year the LNU Complex Fire, which began in August and the Glass Fire which began the following month, both lasted into October. Although they’re a few miles from our winery and vineyard, [they] had significant impact on the three vineyards that I purchase fruit from each year — all of which had to be rejected. I have had to evacuate my home multiple times this past vintage, but 2020 was the first time I rejected fruit for smoke taint. Our Olivet Grange Estate Vineyard was fine, but the 2020 vintage will be smaller than usual by case volume due to the loss of the other vineyards I work with. We are very meticulous about how we test our fruit for any evidence of smoke taint, and will not produce anything less than perfect.

Even in years without fire, climate change poses an existential threat to every winery. I am very passionate about working with rather than against the environment and take every possible step to do my part in employing what I like to call “eco-ethics”- sensitive, organic, and sustainable practices. Vineyards are essentially fire breaks, with the drought it means that there is the possibility of increased fire risk since dry grasses and trees fuel the fires. I reprocess all my wastewater so I have 16,000 gallons of wastewater storage on site to fight fires. Ultimately, the increased presence of fires signal that efforts to combat climate change cannot come fast enough, we all have to come together to employ more environmentally friendly practices in order to stave off future issues. I do not specially take any different defense measures as keeping tall grass down around my winery, home and vineyards is normal for Inman Family Wines. Moreover, we store our gray water after processing it which means we have 16,000 gallons of water on site that can be used for irrigation in times of drought or for fire protection.

Wildfires have also deterred people from taking vacations to wine country. It is important for people to understand that one of the special things about Sonoma County is that only 6% of our land use is vineyard, but over 40% is forest. Having been born in the Napa Valley, and living in Sonoma County for over 20 years, I can tell you there’s never been a better time to visit. It’s every bit as beautiful as it was before, and home to a wide variety of family-owned wineries and world-class restaurants. Now that Santa Rosa Airport is opening up to new markets, including Burbank, it is more accessible than ever before.”

Other nearby recommended tasting rooms include Benovia Winery, Donelan Family Wines, and DeLoach Vineyards. With the existing threat of climate change, it should be all the more reason for vacationers to visit California’s wineries as they fight an uphill battle for survival.

The Driving Force of Salt & Lime Media, Dana Michell

The Driving Force of Salt & Lime Media, Dana Michell

Over the course of more than two decades, Dana Michell has constructed a flourishing, illustrious career by capturing the beauty of everyday life and sharing that magic with consumers around the world. Armed with more than 15 years of experience in television production, Michell’s natural aptitude for identifying noteworthy narratives that highlight the compelling stories of average but extraordinary people has led lead her to develop Salt & Lime Media, a worldwide enterprise that specializes in casting, content creation, and talent management. As the agency’s CEO, Account Director and Executive Producer, she works with international clients  including Facebook, Instagram and production companies producing popular shows on Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, E and Netflix to make their trendsetting products both appealing and accessible to the 21st century consumer. Her innovative approach to turning life’s defining moments into marketing & memorable gold remains timeless and has shaped Salt & Lime Media into one of the most unique and globally successful companies operating in this space today.


We love featuring exciting innovators. Can you share what Salt & Lime does with our readers?

Salt & Lime is a real people casting and content curation agency.

We are all ex-TV Producers, Reality Directors, Journalists and Researchers who swapped the typical travel-for-work life for work-from-home to source, pitch & present to the rest of the world all sorts of amazing stories featuring everyday folks doing unique, inspiring and interesting things.

We celebrate authentic characters. We nurture the special ones that could never be scripted and we don’t care if they come with no prior on camera experience. We know how to treat people right. We train them, interview them, direct them and for the most part nowadays, help ensure they can make their own selfie style content for use in some of the biggest media productions in the world.

We put these stories front and center of big brands and show business types making content for networks like Facebook, Instagram, Fox, Netflix, Youtube, Disney etc. We pitch them, book them and most importantly, compensate them for their involvement in anything and everything from an Oprah Special to a Superbowl commercial.

What we dig the most is that we have built a company that values treating real people cast with respect from first contact, through filming and way beyond the broadcast. We consider our cast our new friends and want them to think “Heck Yeah! Salt & Lime is a good time!”

Why did you start Salt & Lime? Do you have teams in Los Angeles working on content?

I started Salt & Lime with an old Marketing girlfriend of mine back in 2017. I was working on a Netflix Reality Competition Show in Los Angeles and she had just moved to Napa to work for wine brands. We were both moonlighting between freelance gigs casting for social media campaigns. I could see that the time had come where TV, marketing and tech media worlds had collided when it came to casting. We were all wanting the same thing: impactful stories told by the real people behind them. Audiences were now embracing brands and platforms where genuine users could speak for themselves. Representing your own community and sharing your own experiences became relatable. No actor or model can beat authenticity anymore. Viewers can see straight through it or even worse, these days, scroll right past it.

What is your background?

Over the last 20 years I have worked in business marketing, media, TV production and even corporate tech PR. I have lived & worked in Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand, UK, Europe, Canada, the US and Latin America. Living the freelancer life has given me so many rich experiences, but it also allowed me to build an incredible network of friends and colleagues around the world.. I feel these experiences and contacts transcend borders both geographically and professionally, and have naturally led me to this latest evolution of running my own global casting and content curation agency.

What kind of campaigns does Salt & Lime create?

Since COVID, most of our campaigns have been centered around how we can all survive lockdown or show support for our fellow communities in need. Most of the media campaigns we have had the good fortune to work on globally, have been about showing solidarity for minorities or supporting small businesses and for the most part ensuring that we protect our most vulnerable.

In such an uncertain world for all of us, it’s actually been really encouraging to see a lot of brands and creative agencies caring so deeply about finding the right real cast and using their authentic content to shape these messages. It’s been more about substance than style in these times.

Who are your clients?

We work with all sorts of brands and networks but also like to take on indy unpaid projects. Most well known would definitely be for big networks like Facebook, Netflix, Fox, etc. For these bigger brands, we work with their incredible creative teams right around the world on sometimes up to 20 active campaigns a week! The work they do is always so beautiful. I honestly get excited every single time we get the call to start the next one. The creative teams care so much about their work and message; and everything they put out is top notch.

We have also worked for most of the big networks in town via their production companies who put out programs on their platform like “Dancing with the Stars”, “The Voice”, “Big Brother” – the list goes on! Most recently I was the Supervising Producer on a show called “Ultimate Tag” on Fox, produced by Znak & Co and hosted by NFL’s the Watts Brothers. That was an absolute hoot working from the world famous WB Burbank lot. And then COVID came along..

We are also enjoying doing little development deals with independent producers on the side – up and coming talents that we think are doing incredible things. I’m loving one of our Latin American ideas we are finessing – it features one very famous and fabulous drag queen. That’s all I can say for now!

Which campaign are you most proud of?

I am proud of all the campaigns we do so the latest one is always the most memorable when you see it go to air. We recently worked on a campaign around Asian American Heritage Month. We spoke to so many incredible API cast and it was so tough for the Director to pick a top ten. Creating content for Pride is also going to be impressive. Our diverse producers find so much gold out there at the end of the casting rainbow!

How do you put together your team when you create campaigns?

When it comes to marketing and media productions, I think diversity is KEY if you want to attract the biggest audience! And to find the best stories, then representation on my story team is KEY! I think the special sauce that makes Salt & Lime so damn tasty is that I always make sure that every campaign has the most relatable, relevant and really good crew I can find working on it. If the team feels invested in what they are making beyond just a paycheck, the results will always surpass expectations.

What about SoCal inspires you be it landmarks, food, music etc.?

I have been coming and going from SoCal for 20 years and you know what brings me back every time? Diversity! Nowhere celebrates diversity like SoCal. Everywhere you look there’s something unique to see or do. Whether it’s in the landscape, the music, the food, the art, the fashion, design, SoCal has something for everyone. I also think that only in California can you go from zero to hero in the space of a few short years. You can be unique and be embraced for it. You can be a trailblazer and feel confident about rocking it. You can be from somewhere else and totally fit in on your own. I have seen this happen time and time again for friends and colleagues – everyone’s got the side hustle going on here. Fingers in many pies to see what sticks and I love it.

Anything else you want our readers to know about your plans for Salt & Lime? What’s next?

I’d like readers to know that Salt & Lime prides itself on being a good time. Whether you work for us or partner with us on productions, we value being reliable and relatable. Next up for me personally is the Olympics. I’ve done a few as a freelancer but now with cabin fever after 18 months of COVID, I’m going to base myself in Bali for a bit and do some good old fashioned athlete storytelling, albeit on a much better time zone for my clients. But I’ll be back in SoCal for the winter – if you can call it that. How GOOD is a SoCal winter!?

Find Salt & Lime Media online:

About Salt & Lime Media:

Salt & Lime Media is a global partner agency of Facebook’s providing their marketing and social creative teams worldwide with real people stories & their self made content. Salt & Lime media specializes in casting real people, producing real people and creating and managing content on a worldwide scale that is viewed by millions of consumers daily.

Dana Michell founded Salt & Lime in Los Angeles, California in 2017 and expanded to Miami in 2020. She now has teams globally working across 8 countries and various time zones (UK, Europe, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the US.) She makes hiring a diverse team to help showcase a variety of stories the agency’s top priority.

Dana’s background as a TV reporter in Australia, then reality show producer in AU, Asia, UK & US is what gave her the initial love of sharing universal stories featuring real people.

Interview with Founder & CEO of Kurvana, Mehran Moghaddam 

Interview with Founder & CEO of Kurvana, Mehran Moghaddam 


Founder & CEO of Kurvana, Mehran Moghaddam, has more than twenty years of combined experience in biotech, life sciences, and nutraceuticals, focusing on his longstanding passion for health and wellness. Mehran holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and Exercise Science, as well as an MBA, from the University of California, Davis.

Mehran founded Kurvana in 2014 to address the urgent need for professional operators to bring higher quality and safety standards to the research, development, and manufacturing of cannabis and hemp product. Under Mehran’s leadership, Kurvana has established its reputation as a pioneer in the vape space.

Furthermore, Mehran is an advocate in the broader cannabis community. He is an active member on the Advisory Board for the University of California, Irvine’s Center for the Study of Cannabis, which is one of the first multi-disciplinary centers for Cannabis studies. He also maintains active memberships with the National Cannabis Industry Association, the California Cannabis Industry Association, the American Chemical Society, and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

  1. We love featuring brands here in SoCal. Can you share what makes Kurvana special with our readers? 

Kurvana is the nation’s leading premium vape pen and cannabis lifestyle brand. Our focus is to deliver a high-end, quality product to cannabis consumers. We are the leader in high-potency, pure cannabis, and at Kurvana, we define quality as everyone’s responsibility in order to deliver the most natural and safe products that exceed regulatory standards and consumer expectations.

2.     Why did you get involved in the cannabis industry? 

I have been involved in the industry for over 15 years. I founded Kurvana in 2014.

When I got started in the industry, I realized that it had an urgent need for professional biotech operators to bring higher quality safety standards to the research, development, and manufacturing of medical cannabis, so I decided to make my own brand.

I made it my mission to bring transparency, accountability, and professionalism to the cannabis industry.

3.     What is your background? 

I come from a background in science and business. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry and Exercise Science as well as an MBA. My passions have always been health, wellness, and science, and I love combining them in the work I do with Kurvana.

4.     What kind of products does Kurvana offer?

We remain authentic to being known as a premium vape brand. We currently offer four distinct THC and cannabinoid vape lines, a tincture line, and an assortment of custom vape batteries and hardware.

ASCND is our high-cannabinoid, full-spectrum, single-origin extract line and is available in 16 different strains. These strains are available in half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges, and our brand-new All-in-One ready to use devices.

We just launched our terpene and cannaflavin rich Originals line, which includes 7 classic OG strains. These are available in half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges, and  All-in-One ready to use devices.

Kurvana also has revamped our CBD vape collection, which includes 3 strains with natural botanical ingredients paired with various cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG for the ultimate wellness and therapeutic benefits. These are currently available in our All-in-One ready to use devices; our 510 cartridges will be launched this summer.

Carbon21 is Kurvana’s pinnacle vape line and has carefully curated raw concentrates in our latest vape hardware. We currently offer these small batch creations in 3 strains, available in half-gram cartridges, full-gram cartridges and our All-in-One ready to use devices.

Our Botanicals Tinctures Collection features 4 unique tinctures, utilizing 100% full-spectrum cannabis oils pairing key nootropics, adaptogens, and cannabinoids. Each tincture has specific wellness benefits and may be applied topically or ingested.

To go with our premium vape cartridges, Kurvana also carries custom button and buttonless batteries in a variety of beautiful metallic and soft-touch finishes.

5.     What are the benefits of CBD?

Through the vast endocannabinoid system, CBD has many different benefits to suit a variety of consumer needs. It can be used to help with sleep, reduces pain and inflammation, alleviates anxiety, elevates mood and energy levels, and may even help with appetite stimulation. It has also been found to support the body’s immunity and natural defenses. The way I see it, there’s really something for everyone to be found in CBD.

6.     Why did you choose to start your brand in Los Angeles? 

I started the brand in Orange County where a lot of great original brands started. The area has a lot of cannabis startups and emerging brands so it is an inspirational area to be in as an entrepreneur. Overall, California was the natural choice since it has the best quality of cannabis in the world.

7.     Are your products available in other states?

Our THC products may be purchased through licensed retail stores in California, but we do sell our hemp (non-THC products) online to markets that allow it. Those can be purchased at, as well as select retailers throughout the country. Those locations can also be found on our website.

8.     What about SoCal inspires you be it landmarks, food, music etc.?

I think SoCal has an energy about it that’s unlike any other place that I’ve ever been. Especially in the cannabis industry, it’s really become a space of open-mindedness and innovation, and arguably some of the worlds best cannabis. I’m definitely inspired by the creativity I have experienced here as well as the comradery I have found with other leaders in the industry here. It’s an amazing community, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.

9.     Anything else you want our readers to know about your plans for Kurvana in SoCal? What’s next?

Kurvana is always at the forefront of innovation, and we are constantly striving to find the next best thing for cannabis, hemp, and other natural products. We are currently working on expanding our vape line using the latest in technology, genetics, and the introduction of novel ingredients spanning from mushrooms and adaptogens to many other medicinal plant ingredients.

Find Kurvana and Mehran Moghaddam online:


About Kurvana:

Kurvana is the nation’s leading premium vape pen and cannabis lifestyle brand. Kurvana continually transforms the industry with innovative, high quality products.

Founded in 2014 by Mehran Moghaddam, who has over twenty years of combined experience in biotech, life sciences, and nutraceuticals, focusing on health and wellness.  Under Mehran’s leadership, Kurvana has established its reputation as a pioneer in the vape space. Mehran is the rare executive in the cannabis space who has a background in business as well as biochemistry, making him an expert on the science behind the cannabis plant and a thought leader in the industry.

Outdoor Concerts and Films in OC

Outdoor Concerts and Films in OC


Sick of being cooped up? Then come celebrate summertime outdoors with 10 free concerts + 13 free movie screenings at OC Parks June 18 – September 10

June & July bands and film titles announced, August & September details to be announced soon

(Orange County, Calif.) – The County of Orange and OC Parks are pleased to present the 2021 OC Parks Summer Concert Series and Sunset Cinema film series and announce details for the June and July dates. Details for the August and September dates will be announced soon. All events will include free parking with food and drink available for purchase. Spend summer evenings in a family-friendly environment with free live music and movie screenings at parks across Orange County.

OC Parks Summer Concert Series returns with free outdoor concerts on Thursday evenings beginning June 24 from 5 – 8 p.m. Enjoy live music under the summer sky at Craig Regional Park, Mason Regional Park and Irvine Regional Park.

The concert series kicks off with Flashback Heart Attack on June 24 at Craig Regional Park in Fullerton, followed by fan favorite local artists including Uptown Funk, Surf’s Up, The Fenians, Queen Nation, and Tijuana Dogs.

Additional concert event details for August 5 and 12 at Mile Square Regional Park and August 19 and 26 at Bluff Park at Salt Creek Beach will be announced soon.

OC Parks Sunset Cinema film series brings family-friendly movies to the big screen at your favorite regional parks on Friday nights starting June 18. Grab a drink and a snack and get cozy for a screening under the stars at Craig Regional Park, Carbon Canyon Regional Park, Yorba Regional Park and Mason Regional Park. Guests of all ages are invited to enjoy recent favorites and popular classics throughout the summer. Event site opens at 6 p.m. and movie begins at approximately 8 p.m. after sundown.

Friday night films kick off on Friday, June 18 and include The NeverEnding Story (1984), How to Train Your Dragon (2010), Independence Day (1996), Dolittle (2020), The Sandlot (1993), Toy Story 4 (2019), and Willow (1988).

Additional movie night event details for August 6 and 13 at Irvine Regional Park, August 20 and 27 at Laguna Niguel Regional Park and September 3 and 10 at Bluff Park at Salt Creek Beach will be announced soon.

“The County of Orange and OC Parks are thrilled to present outdoor events to the community once again,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. “Enjoying a free concert or movie with friends and family is a wonderful way to celebrate the summer and enjoy our parks across the County.”

OC Parks Summer Concert Series and OC Parks Sunset Cinema film series are entirely outdoors and will be held in accordance with the most current guidance from State and local health agencies. All events are open to the public of all ages and free to attend with free parking. Food trucks and booths will be available for delicious bites and beverages. Gather friends and family and enjoy free concerts and movie screenings this summer with OC Parks.

OC Parks Summer Concert Series

Thursday nights, 5 p.m. (Event starts at 5 p.m., live music begins at 6 p.m.)

Date: June 24

Concert: Flashback Heart Attack @ Craig Regional Park

Date: July 1

Concert: Uptown Funk @ Craig Regional Park

Date: July 8

Concert: Surf’s Up @ Mason Regional Park

Date: July 15

Concert: The Fenians @ Mason Regional Park

Date: July 22

Concert: Queen Nation @ Irvine Regional Park

Date: July 29

Concert: Tijuana Dogs @ Irvine Regional Park

August event details to be announced soon.

OC Parks Sunset Cinema Movie Series

Friday nights, 6 p.m. (Event starts at 6 p.m., movie begins at sunset)

Date: June 18

Movie: The NeverEnding Story (1984) @ Craig Regional Park

Date: June 25

Movie: How to Train Your Dragon (2010) @ Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Date: July 2

Movie: Independence Day (1996) @ Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Date: July 9

Movie: Dolittle (2020) @ Yorba Regional Park

Date: July 16

Movie: The Sandlot (1993) @ Yorba Regional Park

Date: July 23

Movie: Toy Story 4 (2019) @ Mason Regional Park

Date: July 30

Movie: Willow (1988) @ Mason Regional Park

August and September event details to be announced soon.

Lung Experts Reveal A Dying Trend Among Millennials: Dusting

Lung Experts Reveal A Dying Trend Among Millennials: Dusting

A long controversial topic, it’s been argued for years now that Millennials are in charge for killing off a number of seemingly trivial practices, like using fabric softener. However, this one seems to be one of the more consequential practices dying off – whether purposefully or not – that could also help resolve mysterious underlying health issues.

In April, Swiffer and the American Lung Association (ALA) – the champions of lung health – joined forces to release the “Dust & Indoor Air Quality Briefing.” This educational resource details the importance of the quality of the air we breathe indoors, with formal recommendations from the ALA on how to easily improve indoor air quality in your home.

New Harris Poll data reveals that nearly 62% of Millennials do not consider dusting a priority – making dusting yet another thing that Millennials have “killed.” With people’s own dead skin cells being a main component of dust, along with dust mite droppings and body fragments, increased time at home during the pandemic meant that people may be inadvertently contributing to dust levels in their homes.

We conducted a Q&A with the American Lung Association’s Volunteer Medical Spokesperson, Dr. Payel Gupta, MD, FCAAI, to find out more about how everyone could benefit from regular dusting, and exactly how it impacts our lives. She provides surprising details below about the types of environments dust mites thrive in, and methods that can help keep dust levels low in your home.

Q&A with Dr. Payel Gupta

Q: Let’s start at the very beginning. Most people just see dust as a nuisance and nothing more. However, when you put a microscope over it, what is dust mostly comprised of?

A: You’re absolutely right. Many people don’t realize that dust is mostly comprised of dead skin cells, dust mite droppings and dust mite body fragments. 

Q: Is it believed that by helping people understand exactly what’s in the dust they’re letting accumulate — and how it impacts their health — that they’d be more eager to get rid of it. What are the health effects of living in a dusty home, and spending extended time in one?

A: With dead skin cells being a key component of dust, increased time spent indoors (especially over the past year) may actually contribute to an increase of dust in people’s homes. As dust accumulates, it becomes more visible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there the entire time.

When people are allergic to dust mites, they are actually allergic to dust mite droppings. And when exposed to dust mite droppings, we can have symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, itchy watery eyes, rashes, coughing, wheezing and even shortness of breath. Once people are aware of the impact dust can have on their health and indoor air quality, we’re finding that they’re more inclined to pick up a dusting habit in their own homes.

Q: What are some steps that people can take to protect themselves and their families at home, other than just dusting? What products do you recommend for effective cleaning?

A: Aside from dusting regularly, it’s essential that people think beyond traditional cleaning methods like dry brooms or feather dusters. To effectively dust, I suggest using a damp mop, damp cloth or a duster that can trap and lock dust to reduce the amount that is stirred up when cleaning. Locate the areas around your home that accumulate dust frequently, such as baseboards, molding, blinds and shelves, which are key dust hot spots for many!

Q: In a time when cleaning is only becoming more passive, what are your thoughts on air purifiers? Are they effective at helping keep spaces free of dust, or at reduced dust levels?

A: I have had many patients feel that an air purifier has been helpful. However, there is not strong studies or data that states they make a big difference. Though, using an air purifier is not harmful and may help in some cases. 

Q: Are some environments more prone to an excess of dust than others? For example, does humidity and heat play a role? How about a home with 5 family members and pets, versus a home with 2 family members and no pets?

A: Dust mites live off of the humidity in the air. So, the more humid an environment is the more dust mites. Keeping humidity levels below 50% is ideal. Also, dust mites feed on dead human skin cells that are found in dust. Because human skin flakes tend to accumulate in mattresses, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture, blankets, clothes, stuffed toys and other fabric-covered items, those are the places dust mites tend to live. So yes, the more people in a home, the more dead human skin cells dust mites have to live off of.

Chérie Gleams Onto Fine Jewelry Market with DTC Advantage

Chérie Gleams Onto Fine Jewelry Market with DTC Advantage

Last year, the world faced unprecedented changes to a plethora of markets, from food and hospitality, to service providers across the spectrum. There was one market, however, that may have had the most unexpected changes yet: the jewelry market. As retail jewelry sales drastically declined this past year, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) jewelry market thrived, giving way to incredibly notable trendsetters, like Chérie.

What are the benefits of DTC fine jewelry lines, and what are the factors driving the uptick in fine jewelry sales made online?

One benefit Chérie’s strategy is that their pieces are made-to-order. Overproduction, also known as “retail’s dirty little secret,” is one of the fashion industry’s biggest sustainability issues, and one that made-to-order practices help to tackle. One of the most substantial advantages of made-to-order jewelry is waste minimization, which is top-of-mind for today’s conscious consumer.

Another key highlight for Chérie is that they create what are known as “investment pieces.” Put simply, most DTC jewelry brands, including Chérie, design fine collections with longevity in mind — offering timeless, trend-resistant pieces that are investments that won’t depreciate in value (unlike say, a really nice pair of shoes or jeans). By selling directly to the customer and cutting out the middleman, brands are able to offer higher quality pieces for less. 

Some of the Chérie’s most popular fine pieces include: 

  • The Double Diamond Loop Earrings. ($2,100)
    The perfect investment piece, due to the detachable bottom hoop, which lets you easily change up the look. A timeless, versatile piece that no jewelry collection is complete without.

  • Spiral Pendant Necklace ($1,100)
    Made to be noticed, gemstones add a flare of whimsy and joy to any outfit, like the
    Spiral Pendant Necklace featuring gorgeous blue sapphires.

  • Diamond Circular Ring ($810)
    It’s true, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and this ring
     will without a doubt last the test of time.

Awestruck by the beauty? Can’t say we blame you. Read below to learn more about not just Chérie, but the brand’s creator, Sharon Reuben, who shares her story, and more on what makes this jewelry brand stand out from others.

A Q&A with Chérie’s Founder, Sharon Reuben

Q: Hi Sharon! Let’s dive right in with some of your story. How did you get started in the jewelry business?

I originally went to school for Physical Therapy and did that for years. Upon realizing I wanted to be in a creative field, I then left my job as a Physical Therapist and became an in-house stylist at Theory and later Zadig and Voltaire. I always had trouble finding high-quality and affordable jewelry to complete my clients’ looks and found that the jewelry pieces I wanted, both for everyday and for something special, were missing from the marketplace. I was motivated to design a jewelry line to solve the problem I had as a stylist and created Chérie -a line that offers a balance between high and low jewelry.


Q: How did you try to set yourself and Chérie apart from other jewelry brands, and was DTC something you intended to do from the very beginning?

Chérie is set apart from other brands because we make two different lines. We have a fine jewelry line, made to order in Los Angeles, and a contemporary jewelry line, made overseas. What sets us apart is the fact that these two lines are meant to be worn together. We offer a mix of high-low to complete a variety of looks, specific to each unique individual. DTC was definitely what I wanted to do from the beginning to keep it affordable for my customer, while still launching wearable and unique styles they would love. 


Q: Do you find that by being a made-to-order business, that you have some advantages over traditional brands?

Yes, for sure. Since our fine pieces are made-to-order, we’re able to keep our costs down by not having excessive inventory and not having the crazy markups associated with most jewelry brands on the market.


Q: What were some of your biggest challenges to get where you are today?

We actually just launched Chérie during the first COVID-19 quarantine. It’s been a challenge not being able to introduce people to Chérie in-person. It’s been more difficult to connect and share my story virtually.


Q: Personally, what is one of your favorite Chérie pieces?

The Shields of Protection Choker is my all time favorite. It’s the perfect piece for both day and night. It’s classy, sexy, and cool and can also be wrapped on your wrist to wear as a bracelet. 

Q: What is the design and creation process like for you and your team?

It usually starts with a shape that I’ve found unique or intriguing. From there, I’m motivated to dive into the history of the form and find its universal or larger meaning. If I feel there is a lack of representation in the industry, I implement it into my designs. 


Q: What are some goals you’d like to achieve with Chérie in the next 5 years, and what are some things that consumers can expect to see by the end of 2021? Men’s jewelry, perhaps!?

In the next 5 years, I want to be an aspirational jewelry brand that other new designers look to for inspiration. I want to be able to walk down the street and see people wearing my pieces on every corner. I’m currently working on 3 more collections that should be out by the end of the year! We’re adding in new shapes, like hexagons and baguettes. We’re also excited to launch two-sided jewelry this year. I’d love to get into kids jewelry eventually but, no men’s on the horizon… yet!

Never-Before-Exhibited Collection of Rare Warhol Photographs

Never-Before-Exhibited Collection of Rare Warhol Photographs

9 Foods That Are Great for Your Skin

9 Foods That Are Great for Your Skin

Skincare is all the rage right now, and whether you’re brand new to caring for your skin or you’ve had a routine for quite some time, there are so many ways to care for your skin, even beyond the products you use on your face. Namely, the food you eat and the fuel you put into your body can impact your skin’s health and appearance. While, of course, everyone is different and each person’s skin has unique needs, there are certain foods that can brighten, clear up and bring some bounce into your skin.

Self care is highly important, and taking care of your face and body is a part of the act of self care. If you’re thinking about which foods will be best for you to try out, it’s all a matter of your body and how your system reacts. It might take a bit of time to figure out the very best foods for you, especially if you have unique skin concerns and change up your routine frequently. But regardless of your skincare journey, these nine foods each have their own way to help you glow to the heavens. Here are just a few of the foods you can try out for better skin.


Okay, technically this one isn’t a food, but it must be said. Making sure you drink enough water on a daily basis is one of the easiest and most effective ways to care for your skin through your diet. While drinking water alone won’t clear up acne or give you a dewy glow, the hydration can increase elasticity and moisture so you can heal faster and have more even skin.


Avocados are a great source of healthy fats and vitamin E, which can be great for skin elasticity, moisture and clarity — not to mention the anti-aging properties. Many people put avocado and avocado oil directly in skincare products, but eating it can also lead to benefits.

Bell Peppers

Specifically, red and yellow bell peppers can be fantastic for skin elasticity and anti-aging, as well as combating dryness. They come with lots of beta carotene, which converts into vitamin A within the body. They’re also full of vitamin C, which can help your body process collagen.


Seafood and fish are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help with skin elasticity and healing. Not only can this offer hydration and anti-aging properties, but eating fish can even help protect against UV rays from the sun! Of course, you should always wear an SPF when going outside during the day, but a little extra protection can never hurt.

Green Tea

Green tea can help protect your skin from damage and aging. Similar to fish, the antioxidants in green tea can help protect against sun damage, and the catechin compounds can help with elasticity and clarity of the skin. Just make sure to avoid drinking it with milk, which can cause inflammation and lower the beneficial effects of the tea.

Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and other lettuces can be great sources of beta carotene, which can help repair damaged skin and protect skin by converting into vitamin A within the body. They’re also full of antioxidants and hydration.


Speaking of antioxidants, berries like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries can be great for protecting your skin and offering nutrients. Blueberries can be particularly beneficial for people with dry skin, sensitive skin and redness, as they’re vascular constrictors, which work to combat those symptoms.


While some people like to use tomatoes and tomato extract directly on their faces, eating tomatoes can also give you amazing benefits for your skin. Specifically, they can help to control oiliness and provide anti-aging benefits.


Oranges are high in vitamin C, which is exactly what you should be looking to add to your diet if you want to reduce wrinkles and aging — especially if you tend to have dry or combination skin. While recent skincare developments have seen an increase in direct-to-face vitamin C products like serums and face washes, getting vitamin C straight from the source is still one of the best ways to go. Other citrus fruits and juices can also be a great way to get your vitamin C in.

Foods to Feed Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of any other part of your being — and when it’s so intertwined with eating a healthy diet, why not take the plunge? While everybody has their own skin needs and sensitivities, you can find the very best foods for your face. Do you have a food you already love to keep your skin glowing?


Fred Segal Malibu Kicks Off 10-Week Restaurant Pop-Up

Fred Segal Malibu Kicks Off 10-Week Restaurant Pop-Up

[Updated on June 10: “Peace Sculpture Unveiling”]

Iconic Los Angeles retailer,
Fred Segal, recently announced a ten-week restaurant residency pop-up at its Malibu location, and so far it’s been a hit! Kicking off the brand’s 60th Anniversary “Summer of Love,” celebration, some of Los Angeles’ most sought after eateries are being featured in their own weekend-long popup in a rent-free space at Fred Segal’s Malibu Village location. 

Though it began on May 14 the special pop-ups are running through July 18 and will be open every Friday – Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., where shoppers can indulge in tasty food while they shop, See a breakdown of their first few weeks below: 

  • May 14 – Shappy’s Pretzel Co. – cult followed Philly-inspired soft pretzel company by actor Adam Shapiro 

  • May 21 –  Ggiata Delicatessepopular ghost kitchen concept known for its authentic Italian Style deli sandwiches

  • May 28 – Bridgetown Rotiran by Chef Rashida Homes specializing in Caribbean street food which pays homage to her Bajan roots

  • June 11 – Flouring LA – a charming pop-up bakery that specializes in Southern California-inspired baked goods made from only sustainable sourced, organic ingredients from local farmers and vendors.

  • June 18 (Friday and Saturday) – Sweet Vices – providing seasonal cake and fresh baked breads
  • June 25 (Saturday and Sunday) – Pop’s Bagels – known for their small-batch, hot and crispy old-fashioned bagels.
  • July 3 – Nic’s on Beverly (Friday and Saturday) – the plant based restaurant specializing in American fare.
  • July 9 – PJ Baked (Saturday and Sunday) – known for their indulgent fresh baked cookies.
  • July 16 – Little Fish (Saturday and Sunday) – Echo Park based shop known for their crispy fried fish.

For the duration of the pop-up programming, Fred Segal will donate a portion of its proceeds to Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit and advocacy group focused on making the coastal waters and watersheds in Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean.

Peace Sculpture Unveiling

Food is great and all, but sometimes our eyes need to feast, too. In addition to their ten-week pop-up, Fred Segal is partnering with Los Angeles based artist, Nathan Mabry to unveil a custom large-scale sculpture in front of the retailer’s flagship location at 8500 Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood. As part of Fred Segal’s 60th anniversary, the eight foot, bright red, Peace sculpture will be unveiled on June 11 at 1 p.m. PT.

The sculpture investigates a hand gesture known to most viewers, as the peace sign — a symbol that represents positivity, invites a response and celebrates peace. Fred Segal shoppers, Angelenos and tourists alike can view and take photos of the sculpture located outside of Fred Segal’s West Hollywood flagship location beginning on June 11.
Details for attending can be found below:
WHAT: Peace Piece sculpture unveiling ceremony
WHEN: Friday, June 11 at 1 p.m. PT
WHERE: Outside of Fred Segal flagship (8500 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069)
CheapTickets Launches Student Loan Vacation Sweepstakes

CheapTickets Launches Student Loan Vacation Sweepstakes

Last year was horrible for a lot of reason, and on another hand, it was great for many reasons. One of the biggest highlights coming from many is that they were able to save up money for a variety of reasons. And as travel restrictions are continuing to lift, people are using that money and planning their summer vacations to make up for so much time spent at home throughout the pandemic. Experts in the travel industry are referring to this surge of travel plans as Revenge Travel, but CheapTickets — everyone’s destination for budget-friendly travel — is committed to helping you travel across the world affordably to complete your revenge travel.

CheapTickets has shared a list of 10 destinations that are huge summer bargains right now to help you start planning your next affordable vacation. Destinations on the list range from New York to Los Angeles to Miami and more. Additionally, the brand provides tools like the Vacation Value Finder that gives you trip ideas based on destination preferences and the price you want to pay up front.

Timed to graduation season, CheapTickets is also announcing the launch of its “Student Loan Vacation” Sweepstakes to pay people’s student loans for a full year so they can travel more. In a recent survey, 70% of survey respondents say student loan debt has impacted how often they travel. From May 21-June 6, 2021, graduates ages 20+ have the opportunity to enter at Winners will receive $4,716 — the equivalent of 12-months worth of the average monthly loan payment, which is $393. Plus, CheapTickets is throwing in $250 in travel money to get winners started on planning their next trip. It seems like money is almost being thrown around freely these days, so why not try a turn at winning some for yourself!?