Travelocity Introduces a New Trend: the “Toe-Dip Trip”

Travelocity Introduces a New Trend: the “Toe-Dip Trip”

Take a Dip

Toe-Dip Trip(noun) A shorter getaway to help rebuild confidence in traveling, before taking booking bucket-list trips.  


Travelocity —  the source for all things family travel, has been keeping an eye on how families are thinking about travel throughout the pandemic. During the summer of last year, Travelocity ignited the space with their idea of a ‘Safecation,’ and are now back with the latest trend, the ‘Toe-Dip Trip. As more and more of the world gets vaccinated, it’s important to consider the ways that travel will continue to evolve throughout the pandemic.

Recent survey data shows 60% of travelers say they’re ready to roam again and are planning a post-pandemic trip within the next 9 months. “We may be dreaming of that big bucket list trip, but what travelers are actually planning so far this year are visits to familiar destinations nearby, weekend getaways or road trips and beach trips,” says Melissa Dohmen, travel expert from Travelocity. 

Travelocity’s team of experts even created a list of the top “toe-dip” destinations for Spring Break — which for many, are just a a road trip away. Check it out:



  • Tennessee is the top family-friendly destination so far in 2021 – Home to 4 destinations in the top 20 most reserved and most loved by families so far in 2021. 

    Top TN Cities:

1. Pigeon Forge

2. Gatlinburg

3. Nashville

4. Chattanooga

Orlando and Vegas remain popular, even in pandemic times – Resorts in both locations are popular for families with extra amenities and safety built in, like free cancellations, giving travelers time to change their trips if they change their minds. 

In the West, families are road tripping for lake views and tiny mountain towns. Lake Tahoe, Big Bear Lake and Lake Havasu City are among the top road trip destinations, in addition to smaller ski towns with mountain views. 

  • Lake Destinations:

1. Lake Tahoe

2. Big Bear Lake

3. Lake Havasu City

  • Mountain Towns: 

1. Blowing Rock, NC

2. Mammoth Lakes, CA

3. Glenwood Springs, CO

Midwest cities are popular for weekend getaways. Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis are seeing the greatest demand for weekend getaways and shorter stays (2-night stays or less). Kansas City, Lincoln, NE, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and Columbus, OH are also in the top 25 most reserved by families.

Travelocity’s Top Tips

1. Change your mind, change your trip.

Shop hotels with free cancellation and flights with free
change fees on any future travel. That will make it easy for you to alter plans if you need to. Many hotels are offering free cancellation up until the week of the reservation.

If you’re flying, consider skipping basic economy fares
which often don’t come with as much flexibility right now.

2. Prioritize what makes you feel safe when traveling in the short-term.

Enhanced cleanliness filters can help you sort for hotel,
VR and resort properties going above and beyond right now.

Look for 3 things in particular:

Additional safety measures (like PPE and temperature checks)

Social distancing (such as limited use of amenities such as pools and extra vacancy time between bookings)

Cleaning practices (including use of disinfectants and hand sanitizer for guests)

3. Pack and plan with pandemic prep in mind

Cover the basics by packing clean masks and sanitizer and do your prep by
familiarizing with local guidelines at destination and when you return home.

Your 2021 Valentine’s Day Guide

Your 2021 Valentine’s Day Guide

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and some of you out there were prepared, while some others have forgotten or just waited until the last minute to get your plans together. No matter where you fall on that spectrum of readiness, it’s okay! Guides like this one were made for people who need a little help for the day of love.

Our Valentine’s Day Guide for 2021 will highlight some great offers and innovations in various markets and industries — including the useful, the fun, and the steamy. Treat yourself, and your love before it’s far too late and you’ve commited the worst, completely unforgiveable sin!

Food & Restaurants


What better way to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day than with an aphrodisiac-focused dinner? MÍRAME, the highly revered Beverly Hills restaurant, is featuring a Valentine’s Day special, priced at a cheeky $69, and the meal includes 2 dozen grilled or raw oysters with 6 mezcal dark chocolate spiced truffles.

Of course, the offering is best when enjoyed with cocktails to-go from Bar Manager Bryant Orozco, or a bottle of bubbles sourced from Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region. Available for pick-up from MÍRAME on Valentine’s Day. Pre-orders can be made here, or at the button below. Go ahead and book yours now, before the rush!

Pulp Culture & 101 Cider House

You know what else screams Valentine’s Day? Pulp Culture’s new blend called LOVE! Yearning something that screams romantic? Try their sister company, 101 Cider House’s, lovely blend called Cactus Rose.
In creating their first limited-edition blend, Pulp Culture’s goal was to bring light to love, enhancing the unrivaled feeling in the form of a guilt-free libation.
101 Cider’s Cactus Rose – bursting with sour and fruity refreshment – is a southwest style cider crafted for cocktail lovers. A mouth watering blend of California cactus pears and lemon peel, this lovely libation is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Freshly picked basil spices things up, while hibiscus adds a cooling crimson finish.

La Brea Bakery Café

What’s Valentine’s Day without strawberries and chocolate? It doesn’t exist! 

La Brea Bakery is offering a sweet deal for lovebirds: long stemmed chocolate covered roses ($3.00 each), and heart shaped sugar cookies ($3.50 each). Time ticks, and these lovely roses are only wilting, so it’s best to prolong them with the love they thrive on as soon as possible!

Beauty & Health


B GREAT is a premium, women-owned CBD wellness and skincare brand committed to quality and transparency. Tony-winning actress, singer, and entrepreneur Patina Miller, a woman of color who has appeared on Madam Secretary, Pippin, The Hunger Games, etc. joined the company last year as an investor and partner.  
Smooth, soft, ultra-moisturized skin is here just in time for Valentine’s Day – The Kissable Face Bundle contains Hemp After Shave Serum – (Unscented) 100 mg CBD per bottle, and Hemp Lip Defense – (Mint flavor) 15 mg CBD per tube. The after shave serum minimizes inflammation and irritation to protect against razor burn, creating softer, smoother skin. Perfect for that overdue quarantine shave! The Lip Defense is an intensely moisturizing balm with a blend of CBD, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter to soothe and protect lips while outdoors or in. For both men and women, there is the B GREAT Skincare Bundle, which repairs, protects and revitalizes skin using the power of CBD. This bundle includes signature anti-aging Antioxidant Cream, Relief & Recovery Cream for aches, and nourishing Lip Defense.
In addition to the skincare line, B GREAT offers passion fruit-flavored Relax Shots containing 20MG of full-spectrum hemp extract (plus melatonin, gingko biloba and lavender water), and have received rave reviews as a powerful and effective sleep aid. The brand offers 15mg CBD Focus Shots to get you moving — a cognitive-boosting caffeinated blend with energizing vitamins B6, B12, and ginseng root to help you power through a long day. Their Day & Night Starter Bundle offers anyone an introduction to these products at a low price.

Fleur Marché

  • Fleur Marché’s new Transdermal Wellness Patches are the fuel all women (and men) need to help them power through their days. Made only with clean, plant-based ingredients such as USDA-Organic Certified cannabidiol and hemp, Fleur Marché’s patches will allow customers to utilize CBD as a wellness tool and incorporate its healing properties into their daily self-care routines.

    In terms of benefits and uses, Fleur Marché’s line of Transdermal Wellness Patches include:


    • Energy, Plz. Wake up, get focused, or turn it up a notch! 
      • Ingredients: B12 (for a natural energy boost) + CBD (for balance) = the perfect coffee replacement! 
    • Sex, Plz. Get in the mood to get frisky! 
      • Ingredients: L-Arginine (for increased blood flow) + Maca (for arousal) + Tribulus (for stimulation) + CBD (for relaxation) = a truly amazing release
    • Relief, Plz. Rebound from a tough workout, a night of drinking or daily wear and tear.
      • Ingredients: Peppermint with menthol (for topical relief) + CBD (for full body support) = relief for wherever it hurts
    • Sleep, Plz. Hit the pillow (hard) and stay horizontal longer
      • Ingredients: Melatonin (for sleep) + CBD (to quell your worries and calm the mind) = a perfect night’s rest, finally.


    Fleur Marché’s Transdermal Wellness Patches are available to order via its website for $6 per patch, or with the shop button below. Patches will also be available in variety multi-packs containing 4 patches (1 of each) priced at $22.

J.R. Watkins

Nothing says R&R (rest and relaxation for the workaholics) like J.R. Watkins newest line that envelops you + your partner with all those lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey feelings. New to launch, the Love Line is crafted with a unique combination of natural aphrodisiac extracts to induce a state of sexual desire. Products include our fan favorite and award winning Aromatherapy In-Shower mists, Body Wash, Bath Elixir and Body Oil Mist! This collection is guaranteed to surround you and your love with those warm and fuzzies.
  • LOVE Bath Elixir ($14.99): A naturally derived, liquid bath soak infused with a powerful blend of natural pink peppercorn, guarana, and chamomile extracts to promote sexual wellness.

  • LOVE Body Oil Mist ($14.99): A naturally derived, body oil mist infused with a powerful blend of natural pink peppercorn, guarana, and sunflower seed oil extracts to promote sexual wellness.

  • LOVE Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist ($14.99): A naturally derived, in-shower spa mist crafted to transform your shower experience.

  • LOVE Creamy Body Wash ($14.99): A naturally derived, creamy body wash infused with a powerful blend of natural extracts, crafted to induce a state of sexual desire.

And More…

Kiva Confections

2021 definitely needs to be the year of less stress and more sex. To help with that, the leading cannabis confections brand, Kiva Confections, wants to bring its illustrious out of body experience to an on the body experience. 

For a Valentine’s Day that is sure to bring sugar, spice and everything nice, Kiva Confections is launching their first ever cannabis infused body chocolate – Love Sauce. This delectable and oh so lickable dark chocolate sauce has 10mg THC per serving and makes for the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day. So skip the spoon, add some sauce, and spread the love this year. 

Kiva Confections is no stranger to bringing THC to any situations in need of a little TLC. Kiva’s Love Sauce is the brand’s next venture into unexpected cannabis-infused confections following the buzz of Kiva’s award-winning infused Turkey Gravy

Lost Farm by Kiva Confections

Lost Farm by Kiva Confections launched Lost Farm Chews on February 2nd.

Chews are the second product to join the growing Lost Farm brand portfolio, following the wildly successful October 2020 launch of Lost Farm Gummies.

Like Gummies, Lost Farm Chews (a new form of edible in the cannabis space) are infused with 100% live resin, contain 10MG THC per serving, and are specifically geared towards experienced cannabis consumers. In addition their unique format, Chews offer the kind of full-spectrum cannabis experience usually exclusively available to smokers. The effects from Lost Farm edibles feel distinctively richer, brighter, and more complex in comparison to traditional edibles that utilize standard infusion methods.

Chews will be available at dispensaries throughout CA, and available for purchase directly to your doorstep via Kiva‘s newly launched online store, Kiva Direct.


They just released a limited-edition Piña Daydream 2:1 all-in-one vaporizer – a collaborative launch supporting criminal justice reform nonprofit, Last Prisoner Project to supporting its ongoing work to bring justice to those who have been incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses. To honor their partnership, LEUNE has developed the Piña Daydream all-in-one as an ode to its ever-popular 3:1 sister SKU, Piña Dream.

The Piña Daydream all-in-one boasts a 2:1 ratio of THC:CBD, but with the same juicy flavor profile consumers love. Utilizing cannabinoid rich cannabis oil, this all-in-one vaporizer delivers potent fresh pineapple notes, balanced by aromatic herbs for a soft, serene high. For those always on-the-go, the Piña Daydream all-in-one comes packaged in a recyclable tin case for easy enjoyment.

Piña Daydream will be available in select dispensaries throughout California via and is available for on-demand delivery through Eaze.

PAIR Eyewear

Kids need love too!

That’s why PAIR Eyewear is introducing their new Valentine’s Day Collection — the perfect gift and accessory to celebrate the day. With their easy-to-remove magnetic toppers, these adorable glasses (available both in blue light and prescription lenses) are easy to match to family outfits, and are festive for the day!

The new collection designs are the perfect way to say “You Are My Valentine” with more than just sweets this year.

Price: $25 each

Say Hello to Domain Makeovers: Introducing .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, & .Makeup

Say Hello to Domain Makeovers: Introducing .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, & .Makeup

Forget beauty makeovers — it’s 2021! What’s in now is the domain makeover. That’s right, the XYZ Registry, owner of leading new top-level domain (nTLD) .xyz , has announced the launch of new domain extensions specifically for the beauty industry: .Beauty; .Hair; .Skin; and .Makeup. These new domain names will become available to the general public on March 2, 2021. While trademark holders have had the opportunity to claim “first dibs,” a buying frenzy could be on the way!

.Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup are the first new TLDs made to serve the booming beauty industry. The global cosmetic products market was valued at $532 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach a market size of $805 billion by 2023. This explosive growth is thanks in large part to online connectivity and the rise of beauty influencers promoting makeup, hair care, and skincare products on social media, with beauty related content reaching over 169 billion views on YouTube in 2018. The best part is that beauty retailers aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from these new domains. There are 1.3 million hair stylists, barbers, and other hair care professionals in the United States alone, who can claim the appropriate domain and apply it.

This affordable and unrestricted lineup of new domains is open to anyone looking for a head-turning brand presence. With an expected MSRP of $15-20/year, a beauty brand can utilize .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup to attract niche and mass markets with modern, industry-specific domain names. Independent beauty professionals and social media influencers can establish themselves as makeup and hair authorities with polished .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup URLs.

Beauty fans can share cult-favorite products, makeup tutorials, and hair care tips and tricks on .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup blogs and online publications. “We are excited to launch these beautiful domain extensions to help small businesses and entrepreneurs tap the global beauty market,” says XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. “These extensions will give millions of beauty brands and professionals the chance to get a modern, memorable, industry-specific domain name.”

Photo by Kvalifik on Unsplash

The launch phases and pricing of .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup show the XYZ Registry’s commitment to making the new domain endings accessible to a wide audience while helping businesses protect their brands. Once .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup officially launch into General Availability on March 2, 2021, most domains will be available for only $15-20/year MSRP (depending on the retailer). While businesses who have trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse got first access to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup for an additional application fee, the general public first gets the opportunity to register their most desired domain names during the “Early Access Period,” where application fees start high on the first day and decrease over time until the domains go into General Availability.

As if that weren’t enough, XYZ Registry is launching .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup alongside .Quest , the domain that proves to your audience that you will lead them to the destination they’re seeking. Made for gurus, experts, and authorities in any field, .Quest follows the same launch phases with trademark holder availability already underway, and General Availability beginning in early March.

You can learn more information about trademark protection at Go.Beauty, in addition to claiming your desired domain before its swept away by someone else out there in the world. For questions, reach out to


Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Get in the Spirit

For many of us, it’s been hard to get what we really want out of life this year. Remember that list of New Year’s Resolutions you placed on an indefinite hold as the pandemic unfolded? Yeah. That’s why this holiday season should be about going all out.

Enjoy our helpful Holiday Guide, where you’ll find the innovative, the useful, the fun, and some of our favorite brands and products of 2020. Treat yourself, and your loved ones who probably haven’t seen you in months, or won’t be seeing you for the holidays. From mom and dad, to the kids and grandparents, there’s a little something for everyone in this handy guide!

Health & Wellness


Give the gift of foundational health this holiday season with Ritual, the cult-favorite vitamin brand designed like no other before it, delivering key nutrients and fill any gaps in your diet. Unlike most other multivitamins that contain 20+ ingredients that you already get enough of from food, Ritual is made with 9 essential ingredients including Omega-3, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12 and more.

Their team of scientists has done extensive research to create a vitamin that only includes what you need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use. Additionally, their products all have a no-nausea capsule design and are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and made without colorants or synthetic fillers.

Shop for the whole family with their Essential Men, Women, Teens, and NEW Kids collections!



Spore, a new consumer wellness supplement company that is transforming health with functional mushrooms, will help people regain control of their health from the inside, out with their breakthrough line of science-based nutritional supplements. Spore’s supplements effectively improve immunity, increase energy, balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and improve sleep. Spore is ideal for individuals who want to gain lasting control over their overall quality of life.


Better & Better

Delightfully designed, innovative and earth-friendly toothpaste system. The white, squeezable so toothpaste pouch shell, high-shine chrome plated cap, and base—eliminate the crumpled, rumpled, gunk-ied tubes oen hidden away from view. And the elegant 2-minute hourglass helps achieve a better brushing routine.


  • 1 Toothpaste Shell: White and with a transparent rear window—it’s satisfying to squeeze and reduces toothpaste waste.

  • 1 Cap: Polished to a high-shine, the chrome plated cap adds a touch of elegance. It secures the toothpaste pouch inside the shell and the shell inside the base.

  • 1 Base: Designed to display your toothpaste upright and seal the cap.

  • 1 2-minute Hourglass with base: Filled with black sand—it keeps your brushing routine on track for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes.


Founded by Chris Hemsworth, holistic health app, Centr, provides access to Chris’s team of world-class health and fitness experts on demand — anytime, anywhere. In one easy to use app, users are able to train, live, and eat better through Centr’s:

  • Personalized Training Planner: consisting of over 230 workouts including Boxing, Yoga, Functional Training, Pilates and more for all fitness levels.

  • Daily Meal Plan: Composed of 500+ unique recipes created by dieticians and world-class celebrity chefs with options for all dietary preferences from no limitations to vegan.

  • Time To Breathe: Compiles hundreds of new meditations and sleep visualizations, including the latest kid’s meditations narrated by Chris Hemsworth & Taika Waititi.


  • 12 month subscription – $10/month

J.R. Watkins

Treat yourself to peace, restoration, and relaxation. J.R. Watkins product line includes sets available in three different categories: AWAKEN, DETOX, and SLEEP.


Each line includes four incredible products made with a powerful blend of natural extracts to serve a different purpose:

  • AWAKEN: designed to stimulate and awaken the senses

  • DETOX: clears the mind and the body and washes away impurities
  • SLEEP: crafted to calm the mind, relax the body, and encourage a restful night’s sleep

Each line features a Bath Elixir, Creamy Body Wash, Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist and Sugar Body Polish:

      • Bath Elixir: A naturally derived, liquid bath soak made with a proprietary blend of relaxing natural extracts for a luxurious alternative to salt soaks and bath bombs.

      • Creamy Body Wash: Gently cleanses the skin and is made with a proprietary blend of soothing calendula and relaxing natural extracts to cleanse skin without stripping it of protective surface oils.

      • Aromatherapy In-Shower Mist: A naturally derived, in-shower spa mist crafted to transform your shower experience.

      • Sugar Body Polish: Made with fine sugar crystals to gently exfoliate skin, the Sugar Body Polish is skin-softening lathers into a foaming cleanser that ensures no oily residue is left behind. 


Natreve is a fresh, modern approach to premium wellness that offers sustainably sourced products that are backed by science and packed with purpose. Natreve’s selection of protein powders include highly efficacious non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and probiotic ingredients to fit every lifestyle.

Their Whey Series, Vegan Series, and Keto Collagen Series, come in both neutral and decadent flavors such as strawberry shortcake, french vanilla, fudge brownie and more. The newest addition to the Natreve family, the Wellness Series, is perfect for wellbeing on-the-go and can be added to your favorite smoothie, breakfast snack or hot beverage for an immune-boost, stress relief, or sleep support.

Natreve cultivates a community rooted in diversity, equality and acceptance, and they champion a passion towards better health and a better planet – they are the world’s first plastic and carbon neutral wellness company.

Beauty & Fashion


Glamnetic is an LA-based beauty brand that is committed to providing the highest quality products and experience to customers and finding ways to continually make your beauty routine easier! Glamnetic believes that their magnetic lashes and liners are going to be a game-changing experience, which will allow all women (and men) to finally be able to put on the lashes that they’ve always struggled with but dreamed of. Their goal is to share this with the world and build a community that shares a common passion for transformation and putting their baddest self out there, so that all women (and men) may feel their best everyday.


The Clear Cut

DTC NY-based company that specializes in all things engagement rings and fine jewelry. They create timeless pieces and have go-to styles that make the perfect gift that will last a lifetime.


Cult Gaia

Created in 2012 by Jasmin Larian, Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom pieces that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of Cult Gaia’s DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d’ Art that make you look twice. Since its inception, the company has grown from accessories into a full-fledged lifestyle brand, selling everything from ready-to-wear to shoes, a world of Gaia. Cult Gaia is inspired by nature and women. This is where the brand’s name comes from. Great brands are cult-like, uniting like-minded people in their aesthetic ideals. Gaia is the goddess of Mother Earth and the daughter of chaos, the most creative force there is.



Flare was built on the story of #survivors. Technology enabled safety jewelry that comes in multiple styles, Flare is a discreet, easy to use and stylish product that empowers wearers to get out of uncomfortable situations at the push of a button. With Flare you can take control, get help, or exit situations before they become dangerous. A hidden button on the jewelry connected to your phone through an iOS app provides three options for you to discreetly take action and control the outcome.


Kids, Family & Home


These transforming stuffed animal to jacket lovables, are the perfect gift for kids this holiday season. A one-of-a-kind travel buddy, Cubcoats encourages kids to unfold their adventures as they sport their plush friend.

Featuring renowned characters from Paw Patrol, Winnie The Pooh, Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, Minnie & Mickey Mouse and the brand’s own cuddly critters, there is a perfect style for every cub. Protect any little one with their range of masks from standard, to transforming and reversible — and explore their new head-to-toe character outfits!

PRICE: $35-50
SIZE: 2T – 10T

PAIR Eyewear

PAIR Eyewear, the first direct-to-consumer, customizable children’s eyewear brand reimagining the consumer experience for kids with glasses, allows children to quickly and easily customize the look of their glasses anytime, anywhere. PAIR delivers their glasses to families with an engaging digital experience for just $60.00 per pair – well below the $300.00 average price point for a pair of kids’ prescription glasses. 

The brand’s large and expanding selection of over 300 combinations of base frames and customizable tops includes limited edition monthly drops and licensed designs for optical glasses, sunglasses, and blue light glasses, all available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. Since launching in October 2018, PAIR has helped provide over 5,000 children in need with vision care through their PAIR for a PAIR donation program with The EYELLIANCE. To learn more about PAIR, visit:


  • Holiday Toppers

  • Harry Potter Toppers



JIGGY is a female-founded puzzle company that’s reinventing the humble jigsaw puzzle. Featuring art by emerging female artists, sustainable and elevated packaging, and specially formulated puzzle glue, JIGGY puzzles are art – in pieces.


The Citizenry

The Citizenry is an ethically-crafted, hand-made home design company – specializing in a combination of smart design, premium quality, and true international style from around the world. Every collection from The Citizenry is made in different countries with limited quantities. The Citizenry products create fair wages and sustainable economic growth for artisans around the world, consciously crafted with the environment in mind.



Influenced by the beauty around us. Wakeheart’s passion for fragrances is driven by the people, places, and memorable moments that we experience daily. As we wander through life, we often fail to pause and appreciate the beauty around us. At Wakeheart, our goal is to discover, capture, and then convey this beauty through distinguished scents that encourage the confidence to be free.


  • Clarity Crystal Candle – Amethyst clears your mind and removes cloudy perception. This crystal will help you focus, minimize indecisiveness, clear confusion, and allow you to have clarity and inner peace in your life. Notes: Beach air, jasmine, and salted cedarwood.

  • Self Love Crystal Candle – The Rose Quartz crystal inspires us to find love within, and guides us to accept and be true to ourselves. This crystal is warm, nurturing and loving. Notes: Rose, peony petals, and pears.

  • Positivity Crystal Candle – The Citrine crystal resembles sunlight, bringing you positivity and happiness. It helps you remain optimistic in difficult times, and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Notes: Fresh strawberries, vanilla, and crystallized sugar.

  • Courage Crystal Candle – The Tiger’s Eye crystal brings you the courage to achieve anything you set your mind to. It gives you strength and determination to go after your dreams. Notes: Sandalwood, iris, and cedar.

  • Relax Crystal Candle – The Amazonite crystal is warm and comforting — Pure bliss. In times of stress, this crystal helps you decompress, relax and find balance. Notes: Lavender, chamomile, and apple blossoms.

  • Healing Crystal Candle – The Clear Quartz crystal is known for being the universal healer. This crystal protects against any negativity and helps you restart, re-energize, and seize the day. Notes: Lush evergreens, iced citrus, and mountain air.



FUNBOY is a California-based luxury purveyor of original summer essentials. Founded in 2015 by a family creative design house, FUNBOY launched with an exclusive collection of fancy floats for adults who refuse to grow-up. Since then, FUNBOY’s limited edition floats and forward design have garnered a global following of like-minded individuals, taste-makers and adventurers who collectively live life FUNBOY.

FUNBOY has changed the game when it comes to pool parties and with their latest winter collection, they’re taking winter sports and FUN to the next level. A retro-inspired, apres chic collection of essential snow accessories, the line is the perfect supplement to any winter get-away. Launching in October 2020, the collection includes:

  • The world’s best inflatable snowmobile – made for two & can hold up to 250 lbs!

  • An inflatable shotski you can (and should) take everywhere – 4 shot glasses included!

  • Alpine Winter Sleigh – made for two with dual handles for easy downhill grip

  • Oversized snow tubes – two designs, in both snowflake and retro plaid

  • The ultimate inflatable toboggans – designed for up to 1 adult and 1 child, 2 SKUs in winter bloom and retro plaid

Cannabis & Spirits

Off Hours

Off Hours is authentically crafted for today’s modern bourbon drinker. It’s made for the moments in between. Crafted with aromas of creamy vanilla, hints of nutmeg and a silky finish of lingering honey, Off Hours bourbon is meant to engage our senses and change perceptions. This is bourbon for creating memories, for celebrating each other, and for building real-life connections. It’s not about preconceived notions of artisanal cocktails and dimly lit bars. It’s for everyone, everywhere. Founded by Jake Ireland and launched in 2020, Off Hours is aged in American white oak barrels for over four years at MGP Distillery in Lawrenceburg, IN.


  • Off Hours Bourbon: Smooth and balanced with aromas of creamy vanilla, hints of nutmeg and toasted pecans, rich notes of cinnamon and a silky finish of lingering honey.

  • The Off Hours Trio: 3 bottles of Off Hours Bourbon bundled together for 10% off

  • The Perfect Gift: The Off Hours YETI Lowball and Two Bottles of Off Hours Bourbon


Juneshine grew out of a frustration by the lack of honest transparent alcohol brands catering to a healthy, active lifestyle so they decided to start their own. They created a team of adventurers, artists, and creatives who share their passion and wanted to leave a positive impact on the environment. They fell in love with the refreshingly smooth taste of jun kombucha and made it their mission to brew the highest quality and healthiest jun kombucha. Their initial brew of organic green tea, honey, and JuneShine’s symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) produces an unbelievably smooth and delicate kombucha, and after many interesting test batches they found the perfect recipe to elevate the alcohol.

They introduce organic cane sugar and brewers yeast for a secondary fermentation. Once complete, they add organic juices, spices, and cane sugar to taste, creating unique and refreshingly smooth flavors without the junk found in other mass produced alcoholic beverages. No artificial coloring, GMOs, pesticides, or processed corn or rice syrup. This makes JuneShine less toxic for both your body and the environment. Juneshine kombucha contains probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and of course, a good time for an alcohol you can feel good about drinking.


Sweet Reason

Evening Blend, a collection of high dose CBD sparkling beverages created for the nights when you need to take the edge off naturally.

Sweet Reason’s Evening Blend is a powerful blend of calming herbs including ashwagandha, ginseng, l-theanine, chamomile, sceletium, lemon balm and limonene, all in effective, therapeutic dosages, adaptogens + 30mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, making it one of the highest dosed CBD beverages on the market.

Evening Blend is available in three flavors – Plum Blush, Peach Jasmine and Citrus Spice.


PRICE: $45.99 per 6-pack, or $7.50 per bottle, also available in 12- and 24-packs. Same day delivery is available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and LA


    Cann is a Los Angeles-based purveyor of CBD and THC-infused intoxicants founded by two former Bain consultants. They are the latest to take on the growing market for non-alcoholic intoxicants that use a combination of chemicals traditionally found in the marijuana plant to make their drinks.

    The beverages come with a 2 milligram dose of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD per can. Unlike other brands that are going for more fruity flavored beverages, they chose more herbaceous and floral flavors for their drinks – grapefruit & rosemary, lemon & lavender, and blood orange & cardamom.


    • Grapefruit & Rosemary

    • Pineapple Jalapeno

    • Lemon & Lavender

    • Blood Orange & Cardamom

    Kiva Confections

    Kiva Confections creates cannabis infused confections and is one of the most recognized cannabis companies in California. The company was born out of a need for an edible product that was potent, consistent, and enjoyable to consume. In early 2010 the cannabis edible market was desperately underserved; the products available were untested, unlabeled, and inconsistent in potency. Kiva’s gummies pair custom combinations of THC, CBD, and a range of carefully curated terpenes to produce a tailored cannabis experience like no other, and transport you to a “California State of Mind.


        • CBN Midnight Blueberry Camino Gummy

        • Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummy

        • Churro Milk Chocolate Bar

        • Espresso Dark Chocolate Terra Bites

    Fleur Marché

    Fleur Marché is for everyone out there who is curious about cannabis, but not sure where to start. The Sephora of cannabis, Fleur Marche is a beautifully-designed e-commerce platform that curates only the most premium CBD products and provides an experience that is intuitive, delightful, and easy for beginners.

    Created by former goop directors who have a history of building wellness experiences for women both on and offline, Fleur Marché is the intersection of exceptional CBD products, education, and community in one trusted space.


    PRICE: $15-$180



      1906 is named for the year the Wiley Act (also known as the Pure Food and Drug Act) was voted in, effectively starting the era of cannabis prohibition.

      Their mission is to bring cannabis back to its pre-prohibition status as a mainstream, widely used medicine for the greater good (and the greater fun). They’ve created six highly functional formulations that combine socially-dosed cannabis with targeted plant medicines.

      Each experience is thoughtfully engineered to help you do all the life stuff better—whether that’s improving energy levels, relaxation, focus, mood, sex, or sleep.


        MÍRAME Cooks Up Exclusive Thanksgiving Takeout for Los Angeles

        MÍRAME Cooks Up Exclusive Thanksgiving Takeout for Los Angeles

        Thanksgiving is nearly here and many of us are still scrambling to figure out exactly how the holiday should work this year. No matter what happens, there is one thing that remains mostly reliable: food delivery and takeout. As most of us have grown accustomed to, food takeout options have prevailed, and will likely be used more than ever for the upcoming holiday season.

        If you’re looking to count on reliability, as well as something a little different (and delicious!), MÍRAME, the new Mexican inspired restaurant in Beverly Hills has your holiday needs covered. 

        Created by Chef Josh Gil, MÍRAME, have prepared a Pre-Hispanic Thanksgiving Feast available for takeout only, just for Angelenos and their families to enjoy from the comfort of home. Priced at $375, the meal feeds 6-8 people, and can be ordered in advance via OpenTable or Tock.


        Additionally, meals can be picked up on Thanksgiving Day at the restaurant, located at:
        419 North Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

        More information can be found on or by calling 310-230-5035.

        Highlights of the meal include: 
        • Organic heirloom pasture raised Diestel turkey with chile chilaca adobo 
        • Kamote – roasted sweet potato, hoja santa and brown butter 
        • Green Dent Corn Grits with butternut squash and pine nuts 
        • Pumpkin Pie with masa crust and toasted malva marshmallow 
        It’s not long until Thanksgiving is here, so get your orders in while you can — no matter what size your festivities.


        The Habit Burger Grill Gives Away 1 MILLION Charburgers

        The Habit Burger Grill Gives Away 1 MILLION Charburgers

        The Habit Burger Grill
        wants you (and everyone else you know, literally — everyone) to get a FREE Charburger with The Habit’s most exciting challenge to date, and how you tell your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues is entirely up to you!


        The fan-favorite restaurant known as California’s best-kept-secret, wants to give back to its devoted fans, by giving away 1 MILLION Charburgers to each mobile app user. The only “catch” is that the mobile app must hit 1 million downloads by 12 pm PST on December 16, 2020. The good news? They’re already more than halfway there! 


        Additionally, beginning this Wednesday, November 18th, Habit Fans who download and register on the app now, will be able to get a free Charburger with purchase of a regular beverage INSTANTLY and then will be able to redeem another Charburger in December. It’s a win-win: you get a Charburger now, and one for later (if the 1 Million Downloads goal is reached)!

        In case you aren’t familiar, the mouth-watering Charburger is made with 100% fresh ground beef, chargrilled over an open flame, and topped with cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, fresh tomato slices, crisp lettuce and mayo served on a toasted bun.

        The Habit Mobile App is a virtual reflection of The Habit’s renown service and exceptional hospitality, with its user-friendly interface and unparalleled level of convenience.


        The clock is ticking! Download The Habit Mobile App today via Apple or Google Play, and don’t forget to Tweet, stand on the sidewalk with a megaphone, or rent an airplane banner to get everyone you know to enjoy chargrilled goodness for FREE.
        Brightline Health Launches COBI to Give Kids and Families Mental Ease

        Brightline Health Launches COBI to Give Kids and Families Mental Ease

        Life may be rough, but to be fair, 2020 feels like it’s been an entire lifetime of rough! We’re all going through something, especially with the pandemic caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Where is your sanity level at these days — including your family, and kids? Even more importantly, how can parents know what effects these troubling times are having on their kids?

        We’re happy to introduce you to COVID-19 Behavioral Health Indicator (COBI) from Brightline Health, a free online tool that just launched to help indicate the pandemic’s impact on kids’ mental health. The best part: This tool can help the whole family!

        The initiative comes at a time when one in three children living under Covid-19 lockdowns are dealing with feelings of loneliness, nervousness, and irritability (
        United Nations). A recent study by Save The Children found that fifty percent of children say they were worried, and more than sixty five percent struggled with boredom or feelings of isolation. Brightline Health CEO and Co-founder, 
        Naomi Allen, says, “As a mom of three young kids, these past months there have been so many times I have wondered if my kids are weathering this pandemic okay. We wanted families everywhere to have a way to learn about their children’s well-being and have practical tools to help if their kids are being impacted by all the stressors surrounding Covid-19.” COBI is not only just a tool for the moment, either. In the below Q&A with Allen, the CEO breaks down how future-proof the free tool is, the ways that it can help strengthen the family bond, and what their coming goals are.

        A Q&A With Brightline Health CEO & Co-founder Naomi Allen

        Q: What sparked the idea for Brightline Health, and how does it operate?

        A: I’m the mom of three young kids, five-year-old twins and an eight year-old. A few years ago, we noticed things my oldest son was experiencing that concerned us—for example, he wasn’t tracking against a number of dimensions, like handwriting or ability to hold utensils, and he was developing strong sensitivities to things he perceived as scary. My husband and I kept asking ourselves, “Is this normal?” As a mom, I felt terrified and lost. Consequently, I then started a time-consuming and expensive journey to get him support, full of dead-ends, disorganization, lack of resources, and a whole lot of frustration.

        These are just a few of the immense barriers that parents across the country face when they’re worried about their child’s emotional and behavioral health or their developmental progress. It simply isn’t acceptable, not for parents, and not for our society as a whole. We started Brightline to change all of this, to build the first technology-enabled behavioral health home where children, teens, and their families have the support of collaborative care teams, virtual care that supports the kids and their parents, and a radically great experience of care for the whole family.  

        Q: This year’s pandemic is undoubtedly stressful for everyone, and the contributing factors to that stress in this new way of life will likely last beyond just this year. What does Brightline intend to do, and is this goal time-proof — effectively helping families for a long-term benefit? 

        A: Even before the pandemic, we were in the middle of a behavioral health crisis in this country. One in five kids have a diagnosed behavioral health condition, yet 80% don’t get the care they need (CDC). Now, with Covid-19, we’re seeing a tsunami of need—76% of parents are worried about their kids’ mental health (The New York Times), and half of kids say they feel worried (Save the Children). 

        The way we’ve always done things—private practice, wait lists, parents running around to multiple appointments—it doesn’t support how much and how fast families need support. And it certainly doesn’t give them all the support they need when they’re still dealing with distance learning, staying home, not seeing friends, and everything else that’s weird and difficult about this year. 

        What we’re doing is sustainable because we’re building both the technology and the family systems approach that is needed to support the already overwhelming (and now growing) need. We’re using evidence-based programs, we’re giving parents coaching and additional support like group classes, we’re tracking progress together—it’s all so that we can move kids forward and help the whole family thrive. We’re also launching timely initiatives to tackle what’s actually affecting families in real-time—for example, we built the first-ever tool, called the Covid-19 Behavioral Health Indicator or “COBI,” to help parents learn about the potential impact of the pandemic on kids’ mental health.

        Q: What about being situation-proof? In other words, COVID-19 has been devastating for so many, but this will eventually pass. Can Brightline provide the same help and support tool for families impacted by gun violence, natural disasters, poverty, and other hardships or tragic events we face in more normal times?

        A: Yes, absolutely! This is one of the great and important reasons we’re using evidence-based programs, like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), that have been proven to move kids forward across many different concerns—be that anxiety, depression, and trauma, including around the events you mention like natural disasters. 

        We’re working with kids to build skills and coping tools that they can use well beyond initial treatment, even into their adult life (seriously, many of us adults are using CBT techniques to get through all that this year has thrown our way, it works!). It’s all about forward motion, giving kids and their parents tools to continue this at home and in their lives beyond Brightline.

        Q: How can Brightline help strengthen the family bond? 

        A: We’re the only company with a full family support system in how we deliver care. So while the child or teen is in care with us, we’re also supporting the parents or caregivers along the way. That includes pairing them with a designated coach to help them navigate care, parent training tools, group classes, app-based treatment exercises they can use with their kids between appointments, and progress tracking so they know how their child is actually doing over time.

        By engaging parents in their child’s care, we’re able to bridge the divide that can often come up when families are dealing with this tough stuff. Our supportive system is really aimed at providing a positive experience for the child and the parents, so we can foster communication and growth at home.   

        Q: While mental health has long carried a stigma with nearly any supportive tool or help-seeking person, in the U.S., there is a shift happening. How does Brightline’s tool differ from going to see a therapist or counselor, and does it work in conjunction with other ways that families may receive mental help?

        A: These are really common challenges that families face—and we provide uncommon solutions, if you will, to support them in getting to a better place. In addition to the evidence-based programs, technology, and family-focused approach, one of the differences is our collaborative care teams. We bring together care for a range of needs that typically happens in a really disconnected way—behavior therapy, evaluation and medication support when needed, speech and occupational therapy to support overall developmental health and well-being. 

        Until now, parents would have to run all over town, juggling many different providers and appointments and trying to make sense of it all. I’ve been there, and it’s a mess. With us, families have the support they need all in one place, with one team, working together towards shared goals for their child. And by providing a really warm and inclusive experience for families—including opening up conversations about these challenges, bringing together the community in group classes, celebrating progress and wins together—we really aim to to eliminate the scary factor and celebrate therapy instead. 

        Q: In terms of Brightline’s goals, where do you hope to see the company in 5 to 10 years?

        A: There is a need for this kind of care everywhere—parents in every corner of this country are facing limited options, wait lists, and the many other barriers we’ve discussed. We aim to reach and support as many kids, teens and adolescents, and their families as we can—and we’re building in a way that will allow us to do so in creative and effective ways. For example, we’ll explore different levels of care for different conditions or symptom acuity. We’ll continue to build partnerships with health plans and national employers so we can increase both access and affordability. We’ll continue to build on our technology product to extend care across the country and reach families where they are. We’re building fast, but in the right and sustainable ways, so that we can bring exceptional support to families across the country.


        La Brea Bakery Café Gets Festive For Halloween and Holidays with Special Offers

        La Brea Bakery Café Gets Festive For Halloween and Holidays with Special Offers

        Just in time for spooky season, Los Angeles favorite, La Brea Bakery Café is offering a sweet, limited time only, offer for Halloween — a perfect treat for kids and adults, alike! If you needed a place to pick up some decadent sweets, then here’s the perfect spot!

        The artisan bakery will be selling Halloween-themed cookies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 31st. The cookies, decorated as pumpkins and ghosts, are available at La Brea Bakery’s flagship location on S. La Brea Avenue for $3.50 each. No tricks — all treats!


        And that’s not all: Following Halloween, La Brea Bakery Café will continue to sell special holiday cookies each weekend, through the holiday season. Now itsn’t that the perfect way to transition the holidays and get into the festive spirit?

        Del Taco Enlists CRYS///P TYGER For Their Limited-Time Cholula Menu

        Del Taco Enlists CRYS///P TYGER For Their Limited-Time Cholula Menu

        Del Taco Rocks Your World with New Cholula® Hot Sauce Crispy Chicken Tacos

        & Burritos, Loaded Fries & Breakfast Rollers

        Lake Forest, CA – October 6, 2020 – The heat is on! Earlier this month, Del Taco Restaurants, Inc. (NASDAQ: TACO), the nation’s second largest Mexican quick service restaurant*, introduced a slate of new menu items featuring Cholula® Hot Sauce — one of America’s most popular and authentic hot sauce brands. Taking the main stage is the cost-effective $1 Crispy Chicken Cholula Taco and the $5 Epic Cholula Crispy Chicken Burrito, with both building on Del Taco’s successful crispy chicken items launched earlier this year.

        To promote the new Cholula menu items, Del Taco enlisted the hair metal band they discovered with enough passion for hairspray, leopard print spandex and Cholula Crispy Chicken Tacos to fuel its rise to stardom, CRYS///P TYGER. Though they made their debut on debut Monday, October 12, their presence will be felt long after! You can follow Del Taco on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for some spicy guitar licks from the band to promote the new Cholula menu items.

        “We’ve received an incredible response and strong customer demand for our Crispy Chicken since introducing it to our permanent menu this summer. We want to build on that momentum by giving our fans even more crave-worthy flavor options, and what better way to do so than with an iconic hot sauce brand collaboration,” said Tim Hackbardt, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Cholula and tacos are made for each other, but it is amazing poured on just about everything else and that’s why we have it in a burrito, on loaded fries, and in our breakfast rollers with eggs and cheese.”

        Known for its bottle with the iconic wooden cap, representing the craftsmanship behind the product, Cholula is among the most loved and fastest growing hot sauce brands in the U.S. Each of the Del Taco menu items incorporates Cholula to complement the flavor profiles, ranging from Crispy Chicken to loaded crinkle cut fries to the egg and cheese roller. Del Taco is offering multiple options to treat Cholula fans during different eating occasions.

        “We are excited to add Cholula’s unique spices and flavor to Del Taco’s successful Crispy Chicken lineup!” said Miguel Leal, Cholula Food Company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Del Taco’s fantastic new menu items are a perfect extension of the Cholula flavor that our loyal consumers have come to know and love.”

        The new Del Taco Cholula menu is available at participating locations starting October 8, and includes the following items — two of which are on Del’s Dollar Deals value menu:

        • Cholula Crispy Chicken Taco: Crispy chicken strip, crisp lettuce, freshly grated cheddar cheese, spicy Cholula Original Hot Sauce, in a warm flour tortilla.
        • Epic Cholula Crispy Chicken Burrito: Loaded with crispy chicken strips, fresh romaine and iceberg lettuce blend, sour cream, fresh diced tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips, and spicy Cholula Original Hot Sauce wrapped in a warm, oversized flour tortilla.
        • Cholula Loaded Fries: Crinkle-Cut Fries topped with spicy Cholula Original Hot Sauce, seasoned beef, freshly hand-grated cheese, sour cream, diced onions, and chopped cilantro.
        • Cholula Egg & Cheese Breakfast Roller: Scrambled eggs, freshly grated cheddar cheese, spicy Cholula Original Hot Sauce, in a warm flour tortilla.
        • Cholula Chorizo Breakfast Roller: Scrambled eggs, freshly grated cheddar cheese, spicy Cholula Original Hot Sauce and chorizo sausage, in a warm flour tortilla.
        • Cholula Bacon Breakfast Roller: Scrambled eggs, freshly grated cheddar cheese, spicy Cholula Original Hot Sauce and crispy bacon, in a warm flour tortilla.

        About Cholula Hot Sauce

        Cholula Hot Sauce is the delicious result of a recipe using a blend of arbol and piquin peppers along with a creative mix of spices and inspired by its rich Mexican heritage. The iconic wooden cap represents the true commitment to craftsmanship behind every product. In addition to the Original recipe, the product line includes five additional varieties – Chipotle, Green Pepper, Chili Garlic, Chili Lime and Sweet Habanero, which can be found at retail and in food service establishments nationwide. For more information about Cholula Hot Sauce, check out 


        About Del Taco Restaurants, Inc.

        Del Taco (NASDAQ: TACO) offers a unique variety of both Mexican and American favorites such as burritos and fries, prepared fresh in every restaurant’s working kitchen with the value and convenience of a drive-thru. Del Taco’s menu items taste better because they are made with quality ingredients like fresh grilled chicken and carne asada steak, sliced avocado, freshly grated cheddar cheese, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, and creamy Queso Blanco.

        Founded in 1964, today Del Taco serves more than three million guests each week at its approximately 600 restaurants across 15 states. Del Taco’s commitment to providing guests with the best quality and value for their money originates from cooking, chopping, shredding and grilling menu items from scratch. For more information, visit

        *By number of units

        Hold On To Summer with FUNBOY Fine Art Prints

        Hold On To Summer with FUNBOY Fine Art Prints

        Summer is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto the warmer moods throughout the Fall and Winter months. With Winter just around the corner — and with travel plans on hiatus, we’re all yearning for a little piece of paradise. That’s why FUNBOY is launching its first-ever line of Fine Art Prints, designed to bring the joy of summer directly to your walls! This limited-edition photography collection will transport you to a happy place, bring travel and adventure into the comfort of your own home.


        The upscale collection was created in partnership with the up and coming photographer, Brecht Van’t Hoff, as well as Max Samis — the creator of House of Spoils. House of Spoils, located walking distance from FUNBOY’s Venice, CA headquarters, supports a collective of emerging artists to bring their works to life. Both brands believe in elevating the community and bringing fun and art to everyone’s home — whether floating in your pool or hanging out indoors. 


        Each museum-quality art print is available in 5 sizes and 3 free frame options, starting at $165. All orders are shipped straight to your home with everything you need to seamlessly hang on your walls and transport your spirit this winter. Expertly printed and framed in the USA, all artwork is made to order just for you! Go ahead and hang on to Summer!

        Pulp Culture Wants You to Have the Better-For-You Booze

        Pulp Culture Wants You to Have the Better-For-You Booze

        Summer is over, but that doesnt mean booze is over! And with Mercury entering retrograde (again) until November 3rd, we’re going to need to keep the booze chilled and ready to go. That’s why it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about a new company who puts the “B” in “booze,” where “B” means “best!” This past Spring, Pulp Culture launched the healthiest booze on the planet. Seriously!
        Boasting four function-first blends — THINK, HUSTLE, RESTORE, and RELAX — Pulp Culture was designed by high performers, for high performers, to enhance our everyday lives and take the edge off with a health-conscious alcohol. Not only is Pulp Culture not bad for you — it’s actually good for you — packed with probiotics, adaptogens, immune boosters, and all ingredients transparently listed on the front of the can. Pulp Culture’s “hard pressed juice” features a wide array of fruity flavors, like guava, passionfruit, and strawberry, backed by nature’s health food warriors, including turmeric, milk thistle, and even superfood mushrooms! Each flavorful blend suits any of your life’s needs, whether you’re knocking out that after-work report, or setting the mood for that long overdue vacation… but there’s something else.

        THINK, HUSTLE, RESTORE, AND RELAX… But what about LOVE?

        Yeah, yeah, those are all great, but what about the mushy stuff? Well, that fiery, can’t-stop-won’t-stop feeling (and flavor) is here too. Besides, what’s anything without a little love thrown in? During these trying times, love is what fuels our fire, along with love for ourselves, each other, and our environment. In creating their first limited-edition blend, Pulp Culture’s goal was to bring light to love, enhancing the unrivaled feeling in the form of a guilt-free libation. 
        Mark McTavish, CEO & Co-Founder says, “A true labor of love, this is a seasonal release with serious superfood sex appeal! When adding a new function-based formulation to our lineup, we felt it was appropriate to bring the world something that we could all use more of… LOVE. Juicy pineapple and pomegranate bring pleasure to your palate, while maca and damiana will leave you feeling frisky. Last but not least, cordyceps is a powerful adaptogenic aphrodisiac that boosts stamina and vitality.” 

        Pulp Culture’s LOVE blend launched on September 8th, and won’t be around too long, so indulge while you can!

        Better For You Facts to Take Away:

        • ALL ingredients on the front of the can
        • Immunity boosting
        • Botanical adaptogens
        • 6 billion CFUs probiotics/can
        • Zero sugar
        • 99 calories
        • Full spectrum fermentation – 100% mother nature
        • 4.9% ABV
        • 4-packs available at Pulp Culture for $14.99

        About Pulp Culture

        Pulp Culture is the epitome of a “better for you” beverage. Pulp Culture uses fresh, source-verified ingredients, resulting in a zero sugar, low calorie, “better for you” alcohol. Every blend contains only the ingredients seen on the front label of the can. It is naturally fermented, raw pressed juice that’s sourced from local farms, and fermented for three months, yielding a naturally alcoholic and certified probiotic beverage. This drink ensures you are getting all of the benefits that Mother Nature intended: billions of live probiotic cultures, and a vast array of beneficial vitamins and nutrients found in the plants used for fermentation. Cold-pressed juice just got healthier and hangovers have officially left the building. Enjoy a drink with mother nature and get to know her wild side.

        About Mark McTavish (CEO & Co-Founder):

        Raised in the apple growing region of southwest Ontario, Mark began his career in the craft beverage industry at the age of 19. Soon after earning his Bachelor of Commerce at Canada’s top beverage management school, Mark established his foothold in the marketplace by opening one of the first craft bars in Canada in 2003.

        After helping to pioneer the craft beer industry in Canada, Mark followed his other passion and built a successful career in the commercial fitness business.  With a focus on product design and brand development, Mark spent nearly a decade working with fitness professionals across North America. Mark’s career path came full circle when he realized his dream to craft the healthiest alcoholic beverages on the planet; a convergence of two industries that had previously seemed to be an impossible pairing.


        A devout vegan since the age of 14, Brendan is the formulator and cofounder of Vega (an industry leader in plant based nutrition). He is also the bestselling author of the Thrive book series, as well as  Editor-in-Chief of Alive Magazine. As a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon champion, Brendan is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on plant-based performance nutrition.

        Brendan invests in and works with socially responsible food and tech companies, whose mandate is to fix our food system and reduce the environmental strain of food production. As of July 2018, Brendan had not enjoyed an alcoholic beverage in 14 years. This all changed when he discovered 101 Cider House at his local Whole Foods Market, learned about the unrivaled production process, and felt motivated to join the team.

        Spore Launches to Deliver Health-Boosting Mushroom Supplements

        Spore Launches to Deliver Health-Boosting Mushroom Supplements

        These days, our health and wellbeing is more thought about probably ever before. The good thing is you can never take too many measures to protect yourself from illness — including the current pandemic we’re all facing right now. With perfect timing, Spore has entered the scene! This new consumer wellness supplement company just launched in September, and they aim to transform our health through the use of functional mushrooms. Spore separates itself from competitors by pioneering a holistic approach to modern medicine with the use of mushrooms, its unique founder story, and helping people regain control of their health from the inside out with their breakthrough line of science-based nutritional supplements. We know, you’re probably thinking, “What’s so special about mushrooms?” Well, it turns out a whole lot! We’re happy to fill you in on what could be the next big health trend with a special Q&A with Spore’s co-founder, Michael Zavet.

        After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), Michael was determined to find a holistic and all-natural solution, which led him to discover that functional mushrooms are a potent and effective treatment. In conjunction with their launch, Spore is committed to partnering with and donating a percentage of all revenues to organizations that are dedicated to researching and discovering transformative treatments for MS. Spore’s supplements effectively improve immunity, increase energy, balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and improve sleep and are ideal for those who want to gain lasting control over their overall quality of life.

        Spore is available in five different powerful varieties:

        • Mike’s Mushroom Mix – Looking for an everyday, well-rounded mushroom blend that gives your body the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to support your overall health? Mike’s got you covered. This powerful blend of 10 functional mushrooms will keep your body balanced and optimized to perform all day, every day. This blend is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and keeps harmful pathogens in check and your body in an optimal state of balance. Take this daily to feel the lasting effects and benefits. 

        • Chill Out – Combines the power of the Reishi mushroom with natural herbs like Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Valerian Root. Enjoy this blend in the evening and flood your body with tranquility to enjoy deep, restorative sleep every night.

        • Protect + Defend – Mix of Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms designed for supercharged immune function and longevity. Take it daily to support your overall health and keep your body’s defense operating at its full capacity.

        • Energy Performance – Powered by the Cordyceps and maitake mushrooms and enhanced with a potent mix of all-natural energy-boosting ingredients. This blend provides you with increased endurance and energy whenever you need it.

        • Focus Performance – Combines the cognitive boosting power of Lion’s Mane, the sustained energy from Cordyceps, and supported by Ashwagandhaand Gingko Biloba to provide increased cognitive enhancement and a mood-stabilizing effect. Helps to improve memory, expand creativity, and complete support for your brain’s neurological functioning.

        Spore’s proprietary blends are sold for $49.99 for a monthly subscription at, and on Amazon beginning this month. Read on below for our Q&A where we get answers to burning questions, and learn some of the science behind Spore’s supplements.


        Q & A With Spore Co-Founder, Michael Zavet

        Q: Hi, Michael, and congratulations on the launch of Spore! I hear that you have a very unique story that helped contribute to the creation of Spore — and I’m sure it’s undoubtedly the core of why you do what you do. Can you tell us about your experience with MS, and how it helped to make Spore what it is today?

        A: I think, like many people eventually diagnosed with the disease, MS had begun to affect me long before my diagnosis. I experienced chronic fatigue and illness, muscle soreness and stiffness, lack of focus or brain fog, and trouble sleeping. These symptoms are what drove me to look for a solution. I wanted to avoid the world of pharmaceuticals and find something all-natural. This is what ultimately led to my research, discovering functional mushrooms, and the creation and foundation of Spore.

        Q: MS is an immense challenge on its own, and quite possibly the largest one you faced. With that said, what are some of the other uphill battles you and your team faced while breathing life into Spore?

        Starting any business is an immense challenge, as any entrepreneur will tell you. I mean, everything from financing to creating formulations, down to logistics, needed to be aligned and thought out, and nothing ever goes as you planned. But arguably the most important and biggest challenge has been creating and continuing to build a brand that people can relate to and trust. I hope we’ve done a good job at that so far, and we will continue to refine and improve things as we get more feedback from our customers, partners and advisors.

        Q: I’ve heard of a company that uses mushrooms to make elixirs and teas — essentially being pushed as a healthy replacement for coffee and soda due to its health benefits. The mushrooms-for-health market is one that has yet to really turn into a trend, and it’s only a matter of time before it does catch popularity. Can you explain to readers what Spore is, and what the many benefits are to taking your supplements?

        A: Spore, at its root, is a wellness company focused on intelligent-thought out-functional mushroom-based formulations. We source and use over 10 species of functional mushrooms and combine them with proven all-natural supporting ingredients to give our customers the best desired effect. The end result was five all-natural formulations, powered by functional mushrooms, that aim to tackle everyday issues we and the broader population face. Whether it’s a supplement for overall health, a natural sleep aid, a clean energy boost, a way to improve cognitive function, or a functional mushroom supplement to strengthen your immune system, Spore has you covered.

        Q: Is it possible that mushrooms are a superfood that have been sitting in front of us all along?

        A: It is not only possible, it is a fact. People are sort of just waking up to all the benefits mushrooms can offer us, but mushrooms have been used as medicine and superfoods for literally millennia. They have been in a staple in both traditional and modern medicine. In fact, penicillin was derived from mushrooms. As was rapamycin which allowed for doctors to perform organ transplants.

        Q: We live in an increasingly eco-conscious world. Where and how are your mushrooms and herbs sourced, and does Spore have a sustainable practice?

        A: In order to get the best quality ingredients, Spore sources from all over the world, from the mountains of Tibet to the interior woods of the pacific northwest and everywhere in between.  Our chaga is Scandinavian, our Maitake is from maple trees in Japan, and so on. We ensure all of our ingredients are carefully selected from our trusted partners, that meet the highest quality standards like cGMP, etc. All Spore ingredients are eco-friendly and ethically sourced from our specialized partners. Going “green” in all aspects of our business is extremely important to our team.

        Q: Mushrooms come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and apparently flavors! Can you provide just a little insight into a couple of lesser-known mushrooms and herbs that go into your products, and why people should be consuming them more often? (What is Turkey Tail?!)

        A: Absolutely. Turkey Tail is a common species found throughout the world. It grows on logs or decaying trees. The reason you haven’t heard of it is because it is not prized for its flavor or texture, but rather its potent immune boosting properties. Another more obscure species is Agarikon, a fairly rare fungus that only grows in the wild and has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, you may or may not be familiar with Antrodia, also known as the fungus of fortune – prized for its hepaprotective qualities – or in other words, it’s known to support blood and liver health.

        Q: What are your dreams for where you’d like to take Spore in the next year or two? Do you plan on remaining a supplemental company, or possibly venturing into the food market?

        A: I think the biggest dream for Spore is to provide a supplement that genuinely helps people with ailments that affect everyone. We’ve all experienced that lack of focus or the mid-day crash and the hope is that with Spore, we may be able to curb or beat these challenges with an all-natural supplement. Further to that, we will be looking to expand our product line. Look out for our Vegan functional mushroom and adaptogen infused Protein powders early 2021.

        Q: Some people are picky eaters, and refuse to eat mushrooms. Spore is a great alternative for anyone who may want the health benefits without having to chew on the beneficial fungi. Do you recommend a mix of a few different blend varieties, or is just sticking to one good enough?

        A: Spore products can be taken in conjunction with each other, and I’d definitely recommend it. I’d start with Mike’s mix, since it provides a great base with 10 different functional mushroom ingredients, then I’d layer in some energy and focus performance to get through a busy day. Chill out is a perfect nighttime supplement to help you do just that, unwind after a long day and ease into a restful night of sleep. And protect and defend speaks for itself in these uncertain times where strengthening your immune system and general health are top of mind.

        Q: Finally, you told us what the benefits are to taking Spore supplements, but are there any indirect or unintended advantages, like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) relief or stopping migraines? Is it safe to say that taking your supplements is comparable to just eating well on a daily basis, leading to overall wellness?

        A: Definitely. Beyond achieving the desired effects of each product, functional mushrooms are nutrient dense, packed with antioxidants, improve gut health and liver function, have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, and support immune health, they’re a super food, and pair perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. The way we approach our products is that eating well is a great start to overall wellness, but it’s often tough for most to cover every segment of the food chain in their day-to-day diet with a hectic life or work schedule. That’s why the ease of a supplement like ours is really a helpful way to aid someone in going from a good to great diet as they strive for overall wellness.