Chris Hemsworth Kicks Off 2022 With Massive Centr Giveaway

Chris Hemsworth Kicks Off 2022 With Massive Centr Giveaway

Whether you’re starting the year with a new resolution or not, there’s a certain someone out there who wants to help you feel, look, and be your best self! We all could use a little help from time to time to make that happen, and who better to set us up for success than Chris Hemsworth?

If you’re looking to prioritize yourself in the New Year, everyone’s favorite superhero, Chris Hemsworth, is giving 1,000 individuals around the world a FREE lifetime membership to Centr – the holistic health and wellness app – through the app’s NEW competition to kick off 2022.

Though it started on January 1, 2022, this special opportunity ends January 14, 2022, and nonmembers can enter the competition by signing up for a FREE four-week trial, here. Members can also enter to win by completing a quick workout with Chris and his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi. Designed to create sustainable and healthy habits for a lifetime, Chris encourages everyone to enter, noting “This is the team that helps me live the way I want to live, and be the best I can be. With Centr, I’m able to share that with people all over the world. And now, we’re sharing that for a lifetime. This is about living healthier and happier for the long-term.”

Notable for his incredible physique, and for recognizing and educating others about the importance of their mental & physical health and fitness, Chris states “I spend a lot of my life working with incredible experts in the fields of health, nutrition, mindfulness and training, so I thought, ‘Why not share that?’ That’s why we created Centr. And that’s why we’re giving you the chance to spend a lifetime with this amazing team behind you every step of the way.”

Competition winners will not only receive access to Chris’ elite team of experts, but will also unlock exclusive perks, such as: three Zoom sessions with Centr experts; early access to new workouts, recipes and meditations; a priority support team for their lifetime journey. Additional details on the competition can be found here.

The Benefits of Kori Krill Oil This Winter

The Benefits of Kori Krill Oil This Winter

A new year, a new E. coli outbreak, a new variant, and now “flu-rona”? If you’ve been following along with the latest developments, there’s a lot going on in the world of health and it begs the question of when it will all stop. But one thing that should never stop is you taking care of yourself, and giving your body the nutrients and boosts it needs to help fight against any foreign body that doesn’t belong.

It’s time to get familiar with one of the best immune – and overall wellness boosting supplements out there: Kori Krill Oil. Sustainably sourced from the antarctic, Kori is an Omega-3-rich superfood, befitting eye, brain, joint, immune, heart, and skin health. In addition, Kori delivers Omega-3s in a way far superior to plant, fish, algae, multivitamin, and fortified foods, by way of phospholipids – the purest and most natural form of Omega-3s. In addition, phospholipids support easy digestion and absorption. By the way, Kori has no fishy aftertaste!

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Did you know that 70 percent of the US population is deficient in Omega-3?
  • All Kori Krill Oil products provide 250mg of essential Omega-3 EPA & DHA per day in three different softgel sizes (standard, small and mini) – the same amount as consuming 2 servings of fish per week – with no fishy aftertaste.
  • Healthy Skin Barrier: Omega-3 fatty acids in Kori Krill Oil help to make the skin feel smoother and softer by helping to keep it hydrated.

  • Improved Brain Function: Omega-3 EPA & DHA play vital roles in the health, structure and function of brain cell membranes. Phospholipids in Kori Krill Oil helps Omega-3 DHA transfer across the blood brain barrier.

  • Heart Health Support: Omega-3 EPA & DHA and choline in Kori Krill Oil combined with an overall healthy lifestyle help keep our hearts healthy.

  • Mood Booster: Omega-3 fatty acids have also been proven to boost one’s mood, naturally. 

  • Antioxidant Power: Naturally contains astaxanthin – a powerful antioxidant! 

  • It’s naturally a good source of choline, an essential nutrient (also in superfoods like broccoli),

  • providing further support for your brain health.

  • It’s in the most natural omega-3 form, with phospholipids our bodies like, which means superior absorption vs fish oils.

  • Superfoods aren’t just packed with nutrients; they are clean by nature. For us – that means our Krill Oil is naturally non-gmo and we have no artificial flavors, colors & preservatives needed

  • Kori Krill Oil is conveniently available at Walmart, Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Rite-Aid, and more for $21.99.

Travel Ideas For The Holidays: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Travel Ideas For The Holidays: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

It’s that time of year when the kids are out of school and families are taking a break from work to decide their holiday festivities. If you’re among them and looking for something to do, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is the perfect family activity for those who love the magic of movies and TV, from classics and nostalgia for adults, to newly launched and beloved series for kids and teens.

The revamped Studio Tour features an all-new Welcome Center, a Studio Store with exclusive merch, expanded Central Perk Café and Friends Boutique, a new Storytellers Showcase, and an interactive grand finale with major highlights from the DC Universe and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts. The Studio Tour is also constantly introducing new and exciting elements and has just recently added the Batmobile to the tour. Southern California residents can purchase tickets online at a discounted rate of $57 for weekday and weekend visits through December 24.

Additionally, the new Studio Store at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood offers the only in-person shopping experience with exclusive merchandise from legendary Warner Bros. films and TV shows. Those who can’t make it to the store in-person can now also purchase the exclusive merchandise on the tour’s website –

Myodetox Opens New Location in Studio City

Myodetox Opens New Location in Studio City

Here we are at the end of another year, and you’re probably feeling your age right about now. Lucky for you, Myodetox, the boutique physical therapy clinic opened their latest location in Studio City, last month!

Fittingly located in the new Sportsmen’s Lodge complex, Myodetox joins a group of sought after health/wellness-driven retailers — including Next Health, Vuori, Free People Movement, and Erewhon. The new Studio City opening marks Myodetox’s 3rd US location, following West Hollywood and Brentwood. 

The modern, sleek, spa-like clinic offers a fresh approach to physical therapy built on the belief that physical therapy should be a preventative (rather than reactive) part of your wellness routine. Why wait until something is wrong to seek relief?

Myodetox is making optimizing your physical health an integral part of your journey, and they start by looking at the global picture of how your body is ordered and balanced, how your body moves, and how one issue can lead to problems elsewhere. Everything is connected! Looking strategically at the root cause of any pain or dysfunction — and not just treating the pain, but “future-proofing” your body — Myodetox wants to help you move better to make sure this pain never comes back. 

About Myodetox

When you experience an injury or pain or want to move better, it’s not easy to understand who you should see. Vinh Pham, a physical therapist, and Scott Marcaccio, his patient, understood this frustration many people shared. Knowing there was a better alternative, they started Myodetox in 2015 – a clinic with a team of expert therapists that provide hands-on therapy and corrective exercises to help people get out of pain and keep the pain away longer so you can squeeze as much from life as possible. Myodetox now has 12 locations throughout Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and is leading today’s conversation on why taking care of your body is essential to your daily life.

Myodetox is a leading provider of cutting-edge, hands-on therapy for people looking to get the most from their body. Provided by Doctors of Physical Therapy and Doctors of Chiropractic, Myodetox helps you get out of pain, recover from injuries faster and keep the pain away longer so you can squeeze as much from life as possible.

About Vinh Pham

Vinh Pham has been a licensed physical therapist for over a decade, graduating from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Vinh is the Founder of Myodetox, a group of design-forward manual therapy clinics reimagining the traditional therapy and rehab experience.  His unique hands-on therapy approach is widely viewed as an effective solution to get you moving and feeling better. Throughout the years, his style of therapy has attracted athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry-leading health and wellness brands.  He has one of the largest Instagram followings in the healthcare space on his @vinnierehab account. He posts daily educational videos to over half a million followers on effectively taking care of their bodies.

About Scott Marcaccio

Scott Marcaccio is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Myodetox, a lifestyle physical therapy brand operating multiple locations across Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. Through the power of their brand-first approach and industry-leading social media strategy, Scott has led Myodetox to forge ongoing partnerships with global brands, including Nike, Equinox, and Lululemon.

Before joining Myodetox, Scott was an International Correspondent working for the South China Morning Post, tasked with creating macroeconomic reports on key European trading partners in Asia. He later joined Baltronic Group, a Scandinavian telecommunications company, to successfully lead their business into the Canadian market in a Director of Sales role.

Scott graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, employee engagement, branding and company culture.

Sugar Taco Partners with Outstanding Foods to Launch Limited Time Meal

Sugar Taco Partners with Outstanding Foods to Launch Limited Time Meal

Updated: 12/16/2021 – We had the opportunity to visit the Sherman Oaks location and try out The Outstanding Tostada, along with additional menu items. We have provided insight into our experience at the restaurant, along with the other menu items.
[Contributing Writer: Anthony C. Stafford]

Holiday food bogging you down? Why not treat yourself to something a little less…festive?

The options are limitless, but the perfect opportunity exists, and it’s meat-free! Plant-based food company, Outstanding Foods, has teamed up with Los Angeles-based vegan Mexican restaurant, Sugar Taco, to create a limited-edition menu item! Feast your eyes on this: 

Throughout the month of December, Sugar Taco’s menu will have a new plant-based dish highlighting Outstanding Foods’ versatility and flavor profile: 

  • The Outstanding Tostada: a crisp corn tortilla topped with guacamole, chicharrones in salsa verde made with Outstanding Foods PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds & plant-based crema. 

Co-founded and created by Dave Anderson (the genius behind Beyond Burger) and Bill Glaser, Outstanding Foods is revolutionizing the plant-based food space and innovating familiar classics. Their products are flavorful, high in protein and nutrients, sustainable, cruelty-free, and always plant-based!

Better for you, animals, and the world! Name a better combo. In fact, there are some combos completely on par with The Outstanding Tostada, and they’re offered by none other than Sugar Taco!

A Sugar Taco Feast

We had the opportunity to stop by Sugar Taco’s Sherman Oaks location where we were greeted and treated with warm and festive hospitality and cheer from not just the restaurant staff, but also other patrons who stopped by to give the small restaurant a try. This vegan Mexican hot spot features bright, vibrant and alluring colors with a classic street feel. Chalkboard menus pop off the walls and grab the attention of visitors with their hand-drawn art and ordering options.

With its warm feel, we were seemingly transported to a street scene as we took our seats and noticed a string of lights zig-zagging across the ceiling — accompanied by hanging potted plants, wall planter boxes, and painted cans of colorful flowers beautifying the dining area. The vibrant pops of color continue as a theme throughout the restaurant, and there is even a play area for kids in a corner. The kind owner and chef, Alan, got busy almost immediately after our arrival, creating masterful meals that we were soon to enjoy.

No more than 5 to 10 minutes after taking a seat, we were surprised with the most deceiving quesadilla in existence — tortillas glued together by an ooey, gooey, flavorful cheese made from what’s possibly the least expected food out there: chickpeas. Better than a dairy-based quesadilla, this fan favorite comes with house-made creamy (and smoky) chipotle sauce, a peppery red salsa, and a soothing guacamole. What quickly followed this introduction was a plate covered in ten tacos – two of every type – a heaping pile of nachos, and the star of this story, a couple of Outstanding Tostadas!

What do you get when you combine a mountain of chips, meat-less meat, vegan nacho cheese, crema, black beans, and salsa? A full stomach that still has to try out other dishes. All of the dishes following the quesadillas differed in intricate ways, but those were only ways that made each dish shine in its own light. Sure a lot of Mexican cuisine may share the same ingredients, making it incredibly versatile (and similar), but Sugar Taco goes the extra mile so that their tacos and nachos have completely separate flavor profiles and textures.

Each taco allowed its meat-less meat to be the star, whether it was the barbecue-esque pulled pork flavor and texture of the jackfruit taco, or the crispy fried fish appeal of the fried tofu taco. All the while, each star was backed by its toppings, varying from lettuce and tomato to cilantro and house-made sauces. Each offering felt so oddly familiar, yet so different — and in a good way! Finally, the Outstanding Tostada set a stage for both Outstanding Foods and Sugar Taco to put on an incredible tastebud show. Pops of flavor from pig-less chicharrones provided a dynamism that we never thought a tostada needed, and it was a perfect pairing with not just a tortilla delivering the role of crunch and structure.

Smoky, chewy, spicy, or crunchy, Sugar Taco has achieved what some popular high-end vegan restaurants around LA are known for, but at a fraction of the cost for the diner. The best part being that the meals are all vegan, nut-free, and bringing a wide variety of gluten-free options. Stop in while you can, as the collaborative beauty that is the Outstanding Tostada will only be available through the month of December, and we’re already halfway done!

About Sugar Taco

At Sugar Taco, we believe great food and great ethics go hand in hand. Our menu stays true to authentic Mexican flavours without any of the icky stuff that comes from animal products (like the deforestation, the heart disease, the killing animals, you know). We are proud tree huggers and we source our produce from local organic farmers.

Sherman Oaks Location:
15025 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

West Hollywood Location:
7257 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

About Outstanding Foods

People want to eat mindfully but without sacrificing taste or texture. That’s why Chef Dave carefully crafts our foods to give you the flavor and crunch you crave, but with tons of nutrition and no animal ingredients! We believe in creating food that is just plain delicious — whether you love “traditional” pork rinds or have never tried them, we know you’ll find our PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds to be tasty as hell!

“Cann in a Bottle” Launches Ahead of the Holidays

“Cann in a Bottle” Launches Ahead of the Holidays

2021 has been the year of Cann, and in their own classic style, the company is ending this year with a bang!
Along with their recently released limited-edition winter flavor, Cranberry Sage, Cann has now done the unthinkable. As of December 6th, Cann has introduced their first ever “Cann in a Bottle” — a hefty 750ML — complete with 30 servings and 60mg THC & 120mg CBD. Think wine in a can, but instead, this is Cann in a wine bottle (aka the key to making you the hit of any holiday gathering)!

With all the buzz they’ve had this year, if you haven’t heard, here’s the deal:

Cann’s social tonics gained traction not only from their extensive list of celebrity fans, but also for their buzzy, better-for-you benefits. Not a stoner? Neither is Cann.

These social tonics were specifically designed to deliver a refreshing, energetic feeling that will allow you to socialize freely without ever losing control— and since Cann is a beverage, your body absorbs the cannabis right away (much faster than solid edibles) and the effects subside in about an hour. No more uncontrollable holiday parties!

At $60, this “Cann in a Bottle” is poised to set a new standard for holiday drinking and makes a great gift for any canna-curious friends or family on your gifting list this year. If interested, get first dibs when the bottle goes live by joining the waitlist!

MONOGRAM Shop Opens In West Hollywood

MONOGRAM Shop Opens In West Hollywood

If you’re keeping up with the latest cannabis news, you’d be delighted to know that MONOGRAM Shop at Calma Dispensary in West Hollywood is now open! The display is MONOGRAM’s largest brick & mortar retail footprint to-date and will feature three MONOGRAM strains: the No.01, the No.03, and the just-released No.08 (the brand’s first-ever light strain). These options are available in a variety of formats, including loosies, hand-rolls and 2g & 4g flowers.

MONOGRAM is the first cannabis line introduced by Shawn ‘JAY-Z’ Carter, seeking to redefine what cannabis means to consumers today. To celebrate the opening, visitors sat with DeAndre ‘De’ Watson for a special desk-side rolling session. Through its individualized approach and dedicated to quality, Monogram creates products with the consumer in mind. Calma is open from 10 am – 10 pm and located at 1155 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038.

About MONOGRAM Products

MONOGRAM flower is grown in small batches to maintain control and quality. Each flower is hand-selected and hand-finished by MONOGRAM experts to ensure a premium experience from grow to smoke. The bold packaging for MONOGRAM 2g and 4g Flower provides a showcase piece, while keeping the cannabis fresh and protected from UV light. Each LOOSIES PREROLL PACK contains four 0.4g prerolls that have been individually wrapped to make a statement and reflect the magic held within: bold, convenient, top-shelf quality – wherever, whenever.

About DeAndre ‘De’ Watson

DeAndre ‘De’ Watson serves as Culture & Cultivation Ambassador for Shawn ‘JAY-Z’ Carter’s maiden cannabis brand, MONOGRAM. Leveraging over 25 years of experience working in the cannabis space, Mr. Watson guides MONOGRAM’s expert growers in ensuring each plant receives personalized attention through a program of extended humidity control, post-harvest care, trimming, and flushing. Operating out of San Jose, California, he and the cultivation team work daily to guarantee that MONOGRAM’s finished flower reaches its fullest potential.

About Calma Dispensary

Calma’s immersive atmosphere allows you to experience cannabis in a new way. Our West Hollywood dispensary is dedicated to bringing the elevated calmness of a pleasurable high into the spatial dimension. Explore our amazing products in a rejuvenating space, learn more about particular strains and their effects, and find your perfect high. At Calma, we’re about more than just great cannabis products. We aim to build community and enable change.

For Your Holiday Wishlist: SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs

For Your Holiday Wishlist: SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs

For many, Fall and Winter mean it’s the season to get fit. Whether you resort to apps, gym programs, personal trainers, or just some good old self-discipline, there’s a company out there that wants to help you achieve whatever your fitness goals may be. Meet SAGA Fitness, and their new, innovative BFR Cuffs.

Confused? Here’s an explanation: BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction, and it promotes getting more done with less while you’re working out. Once a niche method used by individuals looking to get back into their training routines after injuries, BFR is now being embraced by celebrities, professional athletes and people who are working out from home more efficiently.

Trusted by performance specialists, elite athletes and professional thrill-seekers, SAGA’s BFR Cuffs are an official partner of the UFC Performance Institute, and also the world’s first wireless, automated training cuffs that can easily be added to any workout.  What can SAGA’s BFR Cuffs do for you? Here’s a brief list of highlights:

  • Completely Wireless: SAGA’s BFR Cuffs are the first of its kind as they are completely wireless and controlled via your mobile device using 4.0 Bluetooth.

  • Personalized Calibration: These BFR Cuffs calibrate your body’s unique limb occlusion pressure, providing you with optimal pressure zones that will help you to amplify your workout.

  • Automatic Inflation: The intelligent tools will inflate to your optimum pressure with one touch, no need for a tedious manual pump! 

  • Mobile App: Paired with an easy to use mobile app, you can easily control your devices and access information on BFR including training tips and video demonstrations for different fitness goals.

If it’s for you, or even for a loved one for the holidays, SAGA Fitness’ BFR Cuffs might be a perfect fit to knockout those health and fitness goals. Learn more at their website, here.

About SAGA Fitness

SAGA was founded in December 2020 by VALD.

VALD is a global leader in human measurement technologies that provide powerful and objective data to elite sports teams, defence departments, and allied health organisations.

As more technologies continue to proliferate the market and people’s demand for data increases, VALD saw an emerging opportunity for scientifically engineered technologies, that were tested and proven to improve human performance. As such VALD took a decisive step and created SAGA, disrupting the smart technology movement and making world-class tools accessible for all, not just elite athletes.

Green Wednesday Deal: One Cent TSUMo

Green Wednesday Deal: One Cent TSUMo

On this upcoming Green Wednesday, dispensaries will be faced with waves of consumers, and they’ll likely indulge in sweet treats. However, there’s a new cannabis-infused salty & savory snack brand that wants to grab their attention with an irresistible offer. TSUMo, who launched on November 3rd, is offering a bag of either Classic Cheese Puffs or Fiery Hot Crunchers for just $.01 with any total purchase $25 or over on GrassDoor! How can you pass that kind of offer up?

Low dosed at 10mg of THC per bag (perfect for new users and connoisseurs!) TSUMo infuses familiar snacking flavors & form factors with premium THC, bringing consumers a unique and elevated snacking experience. Forget about the super sweet edibles you’re used to, and dive into the future with flavors such as: 

  • Classic Cheese Puffs: the go-to snack to satisfy any cheese craving

  • Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchers: this one’s jalapeño taste buds will spice up your snacking

  • Zesty Ranch: the chip that boldly goes where no ranch has gone before

  • Hint of Lime: these chips packs a punch of lime zest and citrus

  • Salsa Verde Mini Tortilla Rounds: packed with the perfect amount of spice and south-of-the-border zing

At $5 per unit, this is a deal you can’t miss. TSUMo’s snack portfolio fills a large void in the current sweet-centric edibles market and features low-dose, nostalgic-themed products in flavors that consumers have historically loved. In addition to delicious snacks, TSUMo also offers fashionable merchandise to really get in style while you snack. For more information, visit

Introducing Midheaven: Denim & RTW + Q&A with the Founder

Introducing Midheaven: Denim & RTW + Q&A with the Founder

Midheaven, formerly Midheaven Denim and a brand specifically for tall women, is relaunching with a chic collection of denim & RTW for all women – not just the long-legged ones. The young company was launched not long before the pandemic hit, yet it’s taken off with huge demand.

Midheaven’s Founder, Kathryn Brolin, recently launched a chic capsule of limited edition robes in collaboration with renown interior designers, Louise Pierce & Emily Ward ( ), in addition to a larger selection of lounge. The trio have dreamed up the gorgeous robes made with 100% European-imported silk, and have produced everything in the US for a one size fits all robe perfect for at-home lounging or pairing with jeans. Additionally, Midheaven debuted their second collaboration with Cynthia Rowley at her show this past NYFW as well.

Sustainability is of the utmost importance to the brand – fabric used is produced in the world’s greenest and most sustainable denim mill, with valuable measures taken to reduce waste and promote environmentally-healthy production tactics. We conducted a brief Q&A with Kathryn, where she gave us even more insight into Midheaven’s creation, and their sustainability efforts. Read on below.

Q&A with Founder & Visionary Kathryn Brolin

Q: To start us off, would you mind letting us know some of your story? What led you down the path to eventually make Midheaven what it was (before dropping “Denim”), and what it is today (embracing RTW)?

Kathryn: I was living and working in the Los Angeles modeling scene, and I found myself frequently discussing with fellow tall women how difficult it was to find a good pair of jeans. I was determined to set out and find a solution and in 2018, I founded Midheaven Denim, which finally offered long-legged ladies a line of denim of timeless, beautiful silhouettes. I do not come from a fashion/retail background, but rather a film and editorial background, so this was a brand new industry for me to break into. I had some amazing mentors in the beginning who walked me through the process of making our first samples. We made four samples to start and they sold out instantly. Now, with expanding into other categories, the goal is to target all women who comprise the more ‘underserved’ categories in the marketplace. 

Q: It’s no secret that society is harsh on women when it comes to many things – but especially beauty standards. How do you hope to help change this reality for women who struggle with finding clothing they feel confident in due to their height, size, weight, or other issues?

Kathryn: I want women to know that our clothes should not hamper us, but complete us and make us feel confident and the best version of ourselves. Midheaven is expanding into petites, plus sizes and of course still our best-selling longer inseams, because I want each and every beautiful body type to feel catered to. Our height, size and weight are not “issues” but rather assets that define each woman and make her who she is. I want women to recognize that by wearing Midheaven, they can be their most authentic, comfortable and confident self.

Q: There’s always a word or two that comes to mind when you think of a brand or use their product. What is it that you want women to feel when they think of and wear Midheaven?

Kathryn: For starters, Midheaven is an astrological term that marks the highest point the sun reaches in its daily traverse across the sky. For my team and myself, it’s a personal and company-wide guiding mission to be the best, truest version of ourselves. That being said, I want my customers to feel authentic, confident and powerful when they think of the brand and wear it.

Q: Are there any struggles that you and the brand faced, and how did you overcome them?

Kathryn: Being a newer company when the pandemic hit definitely presented us with its challenges – we were just beginning to form a following/customer base, and we had also just opened a brick and mortar store in Malibu. Things obviously slowed down in the pandemic, and we were also toying with the idea of category expansions or not. We ultimately decided to push through and look ahead, which was met with the most incredible support from our customers. Online shopping has never had such momentum as it does right now. Our business felt a major energetic shift. We are now having trouble keeping our best sellers in stock and are so excited to see how much the company is growing. We felt the shift and we leaned into it, and we are so proud and happy that we did.

Q: With sustainability being a necessity for nearly every industry these days, how do you ensure that Midheaven is doing its part now and will continue to do so 10 and 20 years from now?

Kathryn: Midheaven has an ongoing commitment to sustainability and this is at the forefront of all we do. Our fabric supplier has the same ethos of wanting to produce responsibly-made products. Over half of Candiani’s materials are sourced from the Better Cotton Initiative. They recycle all of their water waste and both their company (and Midheaven) has fair wages and a healthy work environment. We plan to continue to work with Candiani into the foreseeable future due to their amazing ethos and practices.

Q: Given that “Denim” has been dropped from the brand’s name, what is your ultimate vision and goal for Midheaven?

Kathryn: We were a very young company when COVID came around and so it was a little risky for us to be pursuing a new category, but at the same time, it was just a natural next step because everybody is wearing loungewear. Moreover, the main goal is to continue to do what we do best, but also activate different audiences that wouldn’t normally be drawn to Midheaven. We really want to embrace the use of color and unique silhouettes, which some of these collaborations and category expansions are allowing us to do. So ultimately we wanted the brand name to not limit us, but rather support us in all of the categories we are passionate to explore.

Q: For women out there reading this who may be skeptical, what do you say to erase their doubt and encourage them to give Midheaven a try?

Kathryn: Midheaven’s intentional and sustainable design practices are implemented to not only show our customers how much we care, but in order to produce the most premium product for you. Our pieces are made to last a lifetime, and are the perfect, elevated basic for your daily life. There is still so much to come for Midheaven, and we are a company you can trust as we head into further expansions.

Meet Modloft’s Latest Pieces + Q&A With The Founder

Meet Modloft’s Latest Pieces + Q&A With The Founder

Modern furniture and home decor brand Modloft has just launched decor pieces perfect for getting your home holiday-ready this year. If there were ever a time to switch up your interior, this is it. Some of their latest pieces include the Lucerne Sofa ($2,600), the Park Dresser ($1,500), the Cabrini Coffee Table ($1,200), and the Andes Side Table ($695). Not only are these pieces modern and oozing luxury feels, but keeping true to their style, Modloft continues to offer fast and free white-glove delivery service, as well as free color swatches and a 30-day risk free try-at-home period to ensure you’re satisfied with your new purchase. 

And to elaborate even more on all things incredible at the company, the Founder and Chief Visionary, Ted Toledano answered a few questions from us for some insight into his role at Modloft, their upcoming plans, and more. Read on for more.

A Q&A With Founder & Chief Visionary, Ted Toledano

Q: Hi Ted, thank you for taking the time to give us insight into Modloft! Let’s get started with some information about you. What is your background, and how did you come up with the furniture dreaminess that is Modloft?

Ted: [I was] raised in Miami, a city that celebrates beautiful people, places, and things. No doubt that sparked my sensitivities towards style and design. I began my entrepreneurial career in the late 90s, among the first generation of tech companies. In 2005, I saw an opportunity to combine my two passions – tech and design – to answer a frequent complaint among informed furniture shoppers: Why is great design so unaffordable? It shouldn’t be, I declared, and so I set out to humbly disrupt a protected industry that hadn’t changed in 100 years. was launched and a new era in design-on-demand was born.

Q: What was it like when you first got started, and how does operating the company compare to now?

Ted: Well, as one can imagine, disrupting an industry that hadn’t changed in 100 years isn’t as simple as writing a mission statement. In our first year, the objective was to simply deliver furniture safely and efficiently across the country. Repeatedly. Over and over again, until we developed a process we could scale. In our second year, we turned our attention to product development. Can we design and manufacture exquisite furniture at a price that will surprise people? We were going to find out. Today, we can deliver an entire home of luxury furniture anywhere in the US in four weeks or less. At the intersection of Design and Accessibility, we have earned a reputation as a best-in-class brand for the modern home.

Q: In every art form, there exists classic and timeless work. While contemporary, Modloft seems to offer timelessness in each piece. What is the design process like for your team, and how do you ensure that your products stand the test of trends and time?

Ted: Classic and timeless design is in our DNA. Yes, contemporary design is our niche, but within the genre, each product must stand the test of time. My core objective is to make anyone capable of designing their home with perfect balance and harmony, without professional help. That’s made possible by creating a product line “on a string”, where every item shares common design elements and color palettes. This enables shoppers to choose their favorite items free of any fear they do not match or play well together.

Q: Did you face any major obstacles while getting Modloft up and running? If so, what were they?

Ted: The immense complexities of starting a vertically integrated, digitally native furniture brand are for a future book I hope to, one day, pen. If I had to pick just one obstacle that required deft strategy and execution, I would point to the challenge of convincing a sophisticated public that buying luxury furniture online, site unseen, is a great idea they wouldn’t regret.

Q: Chic is a word that comes to mind after seeing what Modloft has to offer. What are some other words that you want customers to think or feel when they see and think of Modloft?

Ted: Inspiring Design. We believe when you surround yourself with beautiful and intentional design, you create a beautiful and intentional life.

Q: Finally, what is a goal that you’d like to achieve in the coming years?

Ted: Broadly speaking, we work tirelessly to become an authority in modern design. In the near future, we plan to open concept stores in key markets to support our online efforts, making it easier for people to engage our products in person. We believe once someone interacts with our products, they have instantly found their favorite chair, sofa, table, bed – because our clients appreciate the same things I do: Uncompromised quality, attention to detail, and unique design.

About Modloft

Modloft was built on the core belief that when you surround yourself with beautiful and intentional things, you create a beautiful and intentional life. And we think that is pretty darn important. So, we made creating that life more attainable and accessible. This accessibility to luxury in price, online and in home delivery, was a first in the high-end furniture world. In this way, and others, Modloft re-imagined, and continues to re- imagine, the industry in a lasting and, in our opinion, long overdue ways.

“At Modloft it all begins and ends with great design. But the innovation that happens in between is what allows us to succeed. We work tirelessly to find ways to keep fair pricing and the quality completely un-compromised. Then we made these luxury pieces available online and ready to deliver all over the world.” shares Modloft Founder and Chief Visionary, Ted Toledano. “This access transformed the way that consumers interact with luxury furniture. In the end, our customers get quality pieces at a price and on a timeline that seems almost too good to be true… but it is. It’s that simple and that significant.”

Our consciously designed and priced, statement-making pieces combine with a dynamic business model that includes free-shipping, a 30-day-in-home trial and more. It’s no surprise that Modloft has been recognized as a leader in product innovation, distribution intelligence, and customer satisfaction. Our pieces can be found in the lobbies and suites of the finest hotels, condominiums, celebrity homes, and in our curated showrooms.

Canada Goose Opens at South Coast Plaza

Canada Goose Opens at South Coast Plaza

There are few things that enhance the appeal of fashion, but cold and snow are two things that make it all the more fun. Over at Canada Goose, who opened their first permanent California retail store on October 29, functionality meets attractive practicality as they show just how fun luxury arctic apparel can be. Located at South Coast Plaza, and featuring its first-ever Snow Room in the United States, Canada Goose is on a mission and they’re ready to show you the proof in the pudding. The Snow Room, the next generation of our award-winning Cold Room, simulates a snowstorm daily with temperatures reaching as low as -10°F. This innovation replicates various conditions for visitors to experience Canada Goose’s functionality and performance, inviting them to put their products to the ultimate test.

The Snow Room’s environment is inspired by the climate of Churchill, Manitoba, best known as the Polar Bear capital of the world, and home to longstanding Canada Goose partner, Polar Bears International (PBI), the non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy and the worldwide conservation of polar bears and their habitats.

Known around the world as a performance luxury essential, Canada Goose can be seen on city streets, mountain peaks and film sets, alike, with a variety of ideal products for the West Coast lifestyle. The brand’s lightweight down jackets are made for every day, perfect for chasing sunsets in Malibu and hiking in Griffith Park. The newest line of lightweight down jackets, puffers and vests, called the Cypress and Crofton collections, are made with the brand’s Recycled Feather-Light Ripstop Fabric, which is 100% Recycled Nylon and includes a water-repellent finish. The HyBridge® collection provides lightweight warmth that is designed to move with you, perfect for active use, layering and on-the-go adventures. Packable and portable, these styles are also the perfect travel companion. The selection of knit sweaters, hoodies and zip-ups, made with Merino Wool and Organic Cotton, are fit for a casual, laid back look. Thermal Mapping® technology is incorporated in the knit styles to maximize warmth and breathability with strategically placed down-filled panels and a more open knit construction in areas that are prone to overheating. 

Canada Goose’s HUMANATURE platform is the driving force of its purpose to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. HUMANATURE unites the brand’s sustainability and values-based initiatives, including its Sustainable Impact Strategy, philanthropic work and dedication to culture through the arts. HUMANATURE is brought to life in the South Coast Plaza store through the Northern Art Program, which celebrates Northern Canadian artists. For this location, the brand partnered with artist, Winnie Truong. Truong’s artwork for the space, titled Zephyr, is a stop-motion animation work created entirely with cut paper that guests can experience in the Snow Room. Zephyr is inspired by the idea of the invisible made visible, with impressions of flora and landscapes of the Los Angeles area and beyond – across San Bernardino Forest, and towards Joshua Tree. Guests will be treated to an entrancing animation of beautiful scenes that rise and fall with the introduction of new environments. Additional illustrations and sculptures by Inuit artisans are showcased throughout the store, all embodying the symbiotic relationship between people and the planet.

On November 12, Canada Goose’s brand-new Footwear collection will be available in-store. The collection complements and completes the Canada Goose lifestyle. The collection features two styles: the Snow Mantra Boots and Journey Boots. The Snow Mantra Boots are born from the brand’s Snow Mantra Parka, renowned as the warmest coat on Earth and designed with functional intention. The Journey Boots are expertly crafted in Italy and built for the demands of the everyday. Designed with an iconic squared off-toe, The Journey was inspired by classic Hiker boots worn in the Alps.

About Canada Goose

Founded in 1957 in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada, Canada Goose (NYSE:GOOS, TSX:GOOS) is a lifestyle brand and a leading manufacturer of performance luxury apparel. Every collection is informed by the rugged demands of the Arctic, ensuring a legacy of functionality is embedded in every product from parkas and rainwear to apparel and accessories. Canada Goose is inspired by relentless innovation and uncompromised craftsmanship, recognized as a leader for its Made in Canada commitment. In 2020, Canada Goose announced HUMANATURE, its purpose platform that unites its sustainability and values-based initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. Canada Goose also owns Baffin, a Canadian designer and manufacturer of performance outdoor and industrial footwear. Visit for more information.