Smallhold Launches First West Coast Mushroom Farm in Los Angeles

Smallhold Launches First West Coast Mushroom Farm in Los Angeles

The mushroom market continues to grow at a rapid rate, with the realization of just how much of a superfood fungi can be. In even greater news, access to some of the most nutritious and beneficial fungi is about to get a lot easier!

In early May, Smallhold began delivering locally grown, USDA Certified Organic specialty mushrooms to Southern California. This West Coast expansion, alongside existing farms in Brooklyn and Austin, furthers the five-year-old company’s mission to build a hyper-local solution to a broken global food supply chain.

Smallhold enters the Southern California market by profoundly launching in over 90 stores, including Whole Foods, Erewhon, and Lassen’s. Southern California customers will also be able to order Smallhold mushrooms online via e-commerce suppliers. like Good Eggs, and Imperfect Foods, while acclaimed restaurant Kismet, known for celebrating fresh and vegetable-based Mediterranean-inspired dishes, is officially Smallhold’s first culinary partner in Los Angeles. Amazingly, when COVID first took hold of the country in 2020, Smallhold was on the shelf in a single grocery store in Brooklyn, NY. Now, Smallhold can be found in approximately 400 retailers and restaurants.

The new farm opens in Vernon, California, less than a mile outside of DTLA, bringing increased choice to consumers by growing harder to find mushroom varieties, including organic Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, Yellow Oyster, King Oyster, and more. In addition, Smallhold’s regional retail partnerships continue to grow with partners, like Erewhon, Lassens, Good Eggs and Imperfect Foods, along with an expansion of their existing partnership with Whole Foods Market in their 60-store South-Pacific region.

According to Smallhold, the average US mushroom case is dominated by button, crimini and portobellos — completely ignoring an entire kingdom (literally, fungi is a kingdom!) of texture, flavor, and nutrition.

Building a case for sustainability, Smallhold is committed to building hyper-urban farms in key regions and exclusively using compostable cardboard packaging, while it reduces food miles traveled, improves mushroom quality, extends shelf life, and drastically reduces carbon footprint, food waste, and plastic usage. This scalable approach to local, organic farming allows a wide array of specialty mushrooms to be grown, harvested and sold in meaningful quantities directly where consumers live. By comparison, 68% of mushrooms consumed in the US are grown and shipped from Pennsylvania, while Shiitake mushrooms are almost all grown completely off logs originating outside of the US.

“Educating and sparking curiosity about mushrooms is an integral part of our mission,” said Andrew Carter, CEO and Co-founder. “We want people to ask where their food comes from, think about their diet, and reconnect with the planet. This means installing our Minifarms in unexpected places like The Standard Hotel, or having Smallhold mushrooms on the menu at places like Eleven Madison Park—all while concurrently placing locally grown packaged mushrooms in grocery stores across the nation.”

Furthermore, in Los Angeles County, Smallhold continues its practice of hiring locally, always paying above the living wage and partnering with regional non-profits and groups; while also being a trailblazer in the industry, creating an effective circular model for sustainable mushroom farming that relies on and gives back to the very soil their mushrooms grow from.

Ritual Opens Flagship Retail Store

Ritual Opens Flagship Retail Store

Known for their modern take on health and wellness supplements, Ritual, the beloved health-meets-technology company with an emphasis on traceability and sustainability, opened their flagship retail store on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles on May 10th! This retail launch marks the evolution of Ritual, as the brand continues an incredible trajectory of growth, adding more product categories, and investing in human to human interaction.

Just like the company’s product packaging and presentation, the store was creatively designed by the firm Mythology, who have brought the Warby Parker, Away, and Allbirds stores to Abbot Kinney as well. The new Ritual store is divided into spaces to create a sense of discovery as you move through it. There are storytelling and educational moments throughout the space, and a wall devoted to technology, a wall about Ritual’s mission and how habits become rituals, a wall on traceability, and even a giant, life sized capsule created by Warner Bros!

A long way from the days of just offering a daily multivitamin for men and women of different age groups, Ritual has expanded to offering multi vitamins for teens and kids, as well as prenatal, gut health, and protein supplements. With a clean and simple style, Ritual’s supplements are not only eye-catching for their futuristic appearance, but they’re also grabbing the attention of customers who find the products to be incredibly beneficial to their overall wellbeing.

For the first 8 weeks, the brand will be hosting a speaker series on parenthood. The speaker series will delve deep into everything — from registry must–haves, to feeding tips, to sleep training, to maintaining your identity, and everything in between.

Where to find Ritual’s Flagship Store:

1114 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90291 

World-Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Ernst von Schwarz Hosts Two Book Events

World-Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Ernst von Schwarz Hosts Two Book Events

Discussing Future of Medicine with Stem Cell Therapies

If you’re looking for something to do next week, here’s a great opportunity! To educate the public and discuss the future of stem cells with the media, Professor Ernst von Schwarz, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI, a world-renowned cardiologist and stem cell research pioneer, will host an event surrounding the release of his new book, The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy: What YOU Need to Know About the Health, Beauty, and Anti-Aging Breakthrough on May 18th in Newport Beach, California.

The first event took place on May 11th in Los Angeles at the acclaimed American Horror Story mansion, also known as the Rosenheim Mansion, where guests enjoyed appetizers and refreshments. Dr. von Schwarz gave a tour of the home and led a discussion about the promising future of stem cell therapy. He also answered questions about scientific achievements, challenges, public opinion, and other important issues in the world of stem cell therapy. The house was featured in the first season of AHS and is known to fans as the “Murder House.” Although believed to be haunted, the owner spent a full year writing his new book in the basement. Dr. Ernst von Schwarz remarks, “the secrets of the fountain of youth were developed within the walls of the church of the real-life haunted Murder house.” The house itself, which was designed by architect Alfred Rosenheim, was originally built in 1902 and contains details including Tiffany stained glass and Italian brickwork.

What can you expect for the second event?

An open invitation for Dr. Ernst von Schwarz’s book launch party and red-carpet event, also serving as a fundraiser for aid to Ukraine, this star-studded event will feature a red-carpet welcome, a book signing and Q&A, and speeches from several acclaimed doctors in the rejuvenated medicine world with details on the future of stem cell therapies. In addition, celebrities like Josie Davis, Drea De Matteo, Frank Stallone, and Angela Oakenfold are expected to be in attendance. The speaking schedule is as follows:

6:00pm: Welcome Address – Discovering a Cure for Aging with Dr. Paul Bogaardt, MBA, MSC, PhD, HeartStem

6:15pm: Nitric Oxide in Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Nathan Bryan, PhD, University of Texas-Houston

6:30pm: The Ukrainian Medical Mission with Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, MD, Medical News Expert, NY.

6:45pm: The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Ernst von Schwarz, MD, PHD

7:00pm: Reception and Cocktails

8:00pm: Book Signing and Q&A with Dr. von Schwarz

May 18, 2022, 5:00—9:00pm
The Lido Lawn, 3300 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

 About the Book

The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy: What YOU Need to Know About the Health, Beauty, and Anti-Aging Breakthrough
Trade Paperback: May 17, 2022, $17.95 ISBN: 9781631957079
5.5 X 8.5 X 0.45 inches | 0.57 pounds
Digital Edition (eBook): February 1, 2022, $8.49 ISBN:9781631957079
Deluxe hardcover: TBD
English; 220 Pages

According to world-renowned cardiologist and stem cell research pioneer Professor Ernst von Schwarz, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI, who is also the author of the new book, The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy: What YOU Need to Know About the Health, Beauty, and Anti-Aging Breakthrough, “Stem cell therapy is considered to be the most important discovery in modern medicine, likely bigger than the discovery of penicillin or the detection of the tuberculous bacteria. It is the path to rethinking the traditional dogmas of several pathophysiologic concepts. It has also made us reconsider the definitions and meaning of cell death, processes of aging and degeneration, and the natural course of diseases.”

Dr. Schwarz’s new book highlights the scientific data about the benefits of stem cell therapy and also shines a light on unapproved therapies that lack scientific data but are touted on any Google search. In The Secret World of Stem Cell Therapy, Dr. Schwarz discusses how there are tons of scientific data published about the benefits of stem cell therapy; however, its widespread practical use is intentionally prohibited by government regulators like the FDA to protect patients from unapproved therapies with a lack of large-scale clinical and scientific data.

The Habit Burger Releases Limited-Time Cubano Char

The Habit Burger Releases Limited-Time Cubano Char

The Habit Burger Grill, known for their delicious burgers and other menu offerings, has launched a new, tasty limited-time offer: The Cubano Char. In classic Habit form, they’ve put together a combo of incredulous flavor that was at some point in time, probably unthinkable! 

Debuting April 20th for a limited time, The Habit’s Cubano Char will take your taste buds on an adventure of the Caribbean’s most mouthwatering sandwich. 

True to The Habit’s creative culinary culture, the Cubano Charburger features a crave-worthy mix of classic chargrilled flavor with flavorful Cuban-inspired additions. Handcrafted between a toasted Brioche bun, the Cubano Charburger is layered with mustard-grilled honey ham, two slices of melty cheese and zesty mustard atop The Habit’s signature seasoned chargrilled patty, giving guests a unique blend of flavors and textures all in one satisfying bite.

The deliciousness of a Cubano on its own is enough to bring you tears, as with a Charburger. To see them combine into one item may just break your tastebuds into bliss. Get it while you can!

DONNI Opens Pop-Up Shop at Platform LA

DONNI Opens Pop-Up Shop at Platform LA

Platform LA, known for their phenomenal pop-ups from beloved brands, has a new guest who deserves all of the attention! LA-based, cult-favorite brand DONNI, opened their pop-up shop at the colorful market in Culver City, on Friday, April 15th!

DONNI at Platform marks the brand’s first in-person retail experience since 2019, and will be open to the public through May 15th. With “The last two years have been huge for DONNI’s growth, as the pandemic’s work-from-home and comfort-forward culture led people to organically discover our brand, and ultimately identify us as one that puts comfort first, while still allowing you to feel put together. We’re excited to continue that growth into 2022, kicking off our first in-person retail experience (since 2019!) with a pop-up at Platform in Culver City, that will also showcase DONNI’s ongoing evolution into more tailored, ready-to-wear pieces,” says Alyssa Wasko, Founder & Designer of DONNI. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, DONNI makes a great gift choice with their wide-ranging selection.

As a very locally-oriented brand, with the entirety of their product line designed and produced in Los Angeles, DONNI has always placed an added emphasis on cultivating their LA community and connecting in as many ways as possible. With the shifting social climate and return of in-person retail following COVID-19 shutdowns, DONNI is eager to engage their customers in a fully branded environment, allowing them to experience the brand’s new collection beyond a digital or social media experience.

Featuring their first-ever line of basics, as well as freshly elevated and tailored styles that will launch DONNI outside of their usual loungewear space and into more ready-to-wear territory, Wasko feels it’s incredibly important to provide their community with the opportunity to touch, feel and try-on the brand’s new SS22 Collection in-person. A fabric-focused and comfort-driven brand, DONNI is thrilled to offer a physical retail space where customers can truly understand the fit and overall style of each piece.

Limited Time Only: Lost Farm by Kiva x SAINt JHN

Limited Time Only: Lost Farm by Kiva x SAINt JHN

4/20 may have come and gone, but cannabis edibles leader Kiva Confections aren’t done with the hits yet! Continuing to expand their lineup of guilt-free, feel-good deliciousness, Lost Farm by Kiva has partnered up with music artist and 2x Grammy winner, SAINt JHN to create a limited-time, can’t-miss collaborative edible.

Flavored and dosed to provide a mouth watering and tropical punch, the live resin edibles, as found under the Kiva’s Live Resin product line, lives up to the standard of being a vegan and live resin edible for the seasoned cannabis consumer.

Since launching in 2020, Kiva’s Live Resin Lost Farm products have been a staple in SAINt JHN’s bag, playing a major role in his creative process, whether it be listening to the music he just made, creating in the studio, or winding down after a live show. He even has his day to day team keep extra on them just in case he leaves his at home! So, for the brand, bringing on SAINt JHN as a partner was a no brainer.  

The first release, Dragon Fruit x Grape Pie Cookies Lost Farm Gummies, is layered with natural flavors of dragon fruit and infused with the heavenly strain of Grape Pie Cookies. SAINt JHN handpicked the Indica-dominant strain known for its irresistible aroma, reminiscent of freshly baked goods. The flavors of bright, juicy, dragon fruit and sweet pomegranate are underscored with mild, gassy Grape Pie Cookies’ notes, bookending the gummy bite dosed at 10mg of THC per gummy piece, with a total of 100 mg per container.  

The playful pairing is boldly matched with complimentary fruit flavors, resulting in a dynamic live resin-infused edible bursting with a full-bodied flavor and full-bodied high. The Dragon Fruit x Grape Pie Cookies Gummy will be available in select California dispensaries and Kiva Direct on April 25th while supplies last. 

Daring Foods Teams Up with Ronnie’s Kitchen

Daring Foods Teams Up with Ronnie’s Kitchen

April is a loaded month, and Daring Foods have partnered with Ronnie’s Kitchen to pack it up even more! From 4/20 to Coachella, and everything else in-between, here’s what foodies have to look for in this vegan chicken-alternative collaboration.

Ronnie’s Kitchen + Cocktails is the neighborhood’s new all-American comfort food hangout. This brick-and-mortar Hollywood restaurant, in the former Delancey space, at 5936 Sunset Boulevard brings together everything we love about a night out with friends. The everyday New American gastropub’s menu includes the chef’s cult-favorite Kickin’ spicy fried chicken, as well as a slate of gourmet chain restaurant classics.
Ronnie’s is partnering with Daring, the plant chicken with a simple ingredient list and perfect flavor and texture, to create 3 plant-based creations that vegans and carnivores alike will love.
Those menu items include:Daring Foods “Sweet Chick” SandwichDaring Plant Chicken on a vegan potato bun dressed with an agave Buffalo sauce made in house and topped with house-made ranch and dill pickles.Daring Foods Chicken SandwichDaring Plant Chicken on a vegan potato bun with cilantro slaw, spiced mayonnaise, and dill pickles.Daring Foods Loaded FriesDaring Plant Chicken Pieces, french fries, house-made pickles, coleslaw
Cann Launches Blue Rhuberry Ahead of 4/20

Cann Launches Blue Rhuberry Ahead of 4/20

Continuing the limited-edition releases for 4/20, everyone’s favorite cannabis-infused social tonic, Cann, has released a new special flavor: Blue Rhuberry. Cann has tapped into none other than actor and celebrity investor Adam Devine for a special collaboration!

With rhubarb, raspberry, and butterfly pea tea, this limited-edition flavor offers the delicious, elevated version of the nostalgic Blue Razz flavor with 5mg of THC. Never had butterfly pea tea? It’s a magical liquid steeped from butterfly pea flowers, full of nutritional and health benefits, while also taking on a magical and unforgettable blue hue. If you ever doubted it before, Cann cares!

With a microdose of cannabis (2mg THC and 4mg CBD), Cann is the perfect product for any cannabis novices looking to celebrate the ‘high holiday.’ Not sold yet?

For the first time, Cann is launching a cannabis free, “Dry Boy” version (no THC)  that will be available for purchase nationwide. So whether you dabble in cannabis or not, you can enjoy the refreshing, unique flavor.

Cann is the #1 fastest growing THC-infused beverage to date, as well as the drink of choice among many other A-list celebs including Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, and more (who have all invested in the brand). Not a stoner? Neither is Cann – each beverage is designed to deliver an uplifting, social buzz without ever taking you over the edge. One of the best qualities behind the social tonic is that unlike chewable consumable cannabis products, Cann sets in within minutes, and subsides much cleaner than its alcohol-based opponents.

Cann can be enjoyed back-to-back with no hangover, making everyone happy! Buy your limited-edition Blue Rhuberry Canns while you… can.

Carter’s Launches New ‘Es Para Ti’ Campaign

Carter’s Launches New ‘Es Para Ti’ Campaign

Community and representation mean everything, and Carter’s is no stranger to that.

In 2020, Carter’s commissioned a multi-phase research program with a goal of developing relatable messaging to speak to each of its consumer audiences. At the time, the company’s emphasis was on product promotions and it wanted to connect more emotionally with customers. This led to thorough segmentation work that began early last year, which helped to inform recent multicultural campaigns, including ‘Fun is back in style’ last summer – and now, this new campaign. 


‘Es Para Ti’ (‘It’s For You’) speaks to the Latinx or Latiné community’s experience and belief in family coming first, with family at the center of the most meaningful moments in our lives. The upbeat ad captures the energy of a large multigenerational family gathering celebrating multiple kids’ birthdays. ‘It’s for partying, it’s for playing, it’s for being with family. Most of all, it’s made for you. Es para ti.’

The creative will appear on display, OLV and CTV and will run for 6 weeks in :30 and :15 formats. Sample Spanish language publishers that will run the creative include People en Español,, and Telemundo, with English language publishers running the creative too. You can learn more at Carter’s Es Para Ti landing page.

Dine LA + Autism Awareness Month: What’s Happening?

Dine LA + Autism Awareness Month: What’s Happening?

April brings more than showers! Okay, maybe not necessarily for SoCal, but there are two incredible reasons to dine out this month. This April kicked off Autism Awareness Month and Dine LA, supporting the local restaurant community. What can you get into?

From April 1st – 15th, TAO LA and Beauty and Essex Los Angeles are participating in DineLA, offering $65 (per person) three-course prix fixe menus, including some of TAO LA and Beauty & Essex’s most popular dishes:

Beauty and Essex Los Angeles will be serving fan-favorite dishes including the Little French Dips with horseradish aioli, gruyere, and au jus, as well as the Half Roasted Chicken with a spiced carrot purée, crispy kale, and a green onion chimichurri. For dessert, guests can choose between the White Chocolate Pot de Crème with a strawberry compote. Reservations can be made here.

On the other hand, TAO LA will be offering diners popular dishes like the Spicy Tuna Tartare on Crispy Rice to start, as well as the Honey Glazed Salmon as an entree, and the Bread Pudding Doughnuts as a dessert. Make your reservations here.

Tao Group Hospitality restaurants across the country will also honor Autism Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month by offering menu specials and making an $80,000 donation to local and national autism spectrum disorder-focused charities. 

Led by Chief Culinary Officer Chef Ralph Scamardella, for the seventh year the group will turn their most popular desserts — including Beauty & Essex’s ‘Signature Dessert Wonder Wheel’ — blue (the color of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) awareness), in addition to creating unique savory menu specials such as Seared A5 Miyazaki Wagyu with truffle chimichurri, at TAO LA.

Tao Group Hospitality has long been a supporter of Autism awareness and recently became the first international restaurant group to become sensory inclusive. This initiative in partnership with KultureCity has made all US and UK-based TGH restaurants more accommodating for all guests with sensory issues including individuals with autism, anxiety, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, this year Chef Ralph Scamardella was honored by Autism Speaks for his leadership, partnership and philanthropy in support of the autism community.

Grillo’s and Utz Brand Launch Classic Dill Pickle Flavored Chips

Grillo’s and Utz Brand Launch Classic Dill Pickle Flavored Chips

In classic Grillo’s fashion, the collaborations just keep coming! This time around, a cult-favorite flavor for chip enthusiasts has arrived: Classic Dill Pickle flavor!

Fresh, crispy, and salty, Grillo’s Pickles announced the limited-time only snack launch on April 12th. This new collaboration gives their cult-favorite pickles a crunchier bite. Partnering with Pennsylvania’s own chip brand Utz®, the Grillo’s x Utz pickle-flavored potato chip launches as the new crave-worthy bite.

The Grillo’s Pickles x Utz limited edition chip is the first collaboration for the duo, tackling two snack groups with a loyal and devoted following. “I would eat Utz chips and a Grillo’s spear while working the pickle cart so to have two of the best snacks available collaborate is a dream come true,” says Eddie Andre, Grillo’s Director of Brand Experience.

“We are excited to work with Grillo’s Pickles,” said Bill Blubaugh, SVP Marketing & Communications, Utz Brands, Inc., “As we work to bring innovation and excitement to our brand fans, our new Utz & Grillo’s Classic Dill Pickle flavored potato chips will deliver with big and bold flavor! They are crispy,
crunchy, and delicious — fans will love them.”

The new Utz & Grillo’s Classic Dill Pickle flavored potato chips are available in leading retailers (Target, Walmart, etc.) and online for a limited-time-only, so act quickly! They are available in 2.625 oz On-the-Go and 7.75 oz Take-Home sizes and come with suggested retail prices of $2.19 and $4.29, respectively. For more information about Grillo’s visit or on Instagram at @GrillosPickles #grillospickles.

Meet dryrobe: The First Sustainable, Weather-Proof Changing Robe

Meet dryrobe: The First Sustainable, Weather-Proof Changing Robe

No matter the season, it’s nice to get out to the beach, lake, river, or whatever body of water you enjoy. But once you’ve finished splashing around for a bit, you’re bound to need three things: warmth, dryness, and a change of clothes. Meet dryrobe, the very first of its kind!

dryrobe has created the first weather-proof, versatile changing robe to make changing outside warm and easy. The brand first launched in the UK by surfer Gideon Bright, who personally had a difficult time finding durable outerwear that kept him warm and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Making their debut in the U.S. market, dryrobe is the original dressing robe that started the phenomenon for surfers, snowboarders and skiers, swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts and more!

The brand’s hero robe, the dryrobe Advance, is a unisex dressing robe for both adults and children, available in short and long sleeve lengths, and made using 100% recycled nylon. Created with athletes in mind, dryrobe Advance has been designed and tested to stand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle, cold conditions and any challenges one may face.

Helping to maintain your core temperature, it also wicks water away from your skin in order to dry you quicker after any water activity. And that’s not all! dryrobe’s additional benefits include:

  • Waterproof and windproof outer shell fabric made from 100% recycled nylon
  • Super-warm synthetic lambswool lining made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Tailored, fitted sleeves with hook and loop fasteners at the wrist
  • Treated with eco-friendly BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water-repellent technology
  • Full length 2-way reversible YKK® zip
  • Minimal sealed seam construction
  • Deep, fleece-lined external zip pockets
  • Huge ‘A4’ size internal, soft-lined ‘poacher’ pocket
  • Internal waterproof zip entry pocket – ideal for phone/wallet
  • Super light construction – approx 1.3kg (dependant on size)

It’s an all-season package that just keeps on giving. Perfect for any time of year, dryrobe is a great gift for the surfers, swimmers, and general water-lovers in your life.