Wow Your Valentine With A Ring Come True

Wow Your Valentine With A Ring Come True

Valentine’s Day is near, and with it comes the stress about what to get your special someone. When it comes to jewelry, though, there’s one brand shaking up the industry by kicking old taboos to the curb. Ring Come True, an ethical and sustainably sourced DTC fine jewelry brand offering luxurious and affordable diamond alternative engagement rings and jewelry!

With Valentine’s Day being the time to express and celebrate your love, there’s no better way to do so than with a gorgeous and sparkly piece of jewelry. From stunning ready-to-wear jewelry to beautiful custom made pieces, the brand is the perfect Valentine’s Day shopping destination that takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift at the fairest prices and most ethical practices.

With Ring Come True, wearers can stun in classic styles, with their dazzling studs, tennis necklace or tennis bracelets. Or, make the ultimate gesture by making her dream a reality with Ring Come True’s Signature Engagement Rings; from Round Cut – for the traditional girl; to Heart Shaped – for the romantic; and Moi e Toi – for the edgy bride. Ring Come True has a wide range of sustainable moissanite diamonds that sparkle and shine just like the girl wearing it.

Ring Come True specializes in making the finest quality, fully customizable jewelry pieces with sustainable, ethical and affordable lab grown diamond and moissanite stones. Ring Come True’s mission is simple –  give customers the confidence to break through societal barriers and empower everyone to shift the focus back to love, rather than the stress and strain of price points historically related to engagements.

Not only is the brand offering pieces at a fraction of the cost, but it’s fueling a new future for high-end jewelry with their concierge design service, which is available in-person, virtually, and online, so customers can custom-design the engagement ring and jewelry of their dreams from anywhere in the world. The best part? Founder, Shir Andrews, was actually inspired to found the company from her personal experience looking for her engagement ring!

More About Moissanite

Ring Come True, is the destination for ethical and sustainably sourced fine jewelry brand specializing in moissanite and lab grown diamonds. Once a taboo, lab grown diamond and moissanite jewelry now makes up roughly 10% (up from roughly 5% in 2020) of the market respectively. Why the sudden shift in mindset?
Millennial and Gen Z consumers are more conscious consumers who place importance on the environmental and humanitarian costs that come with mined diamonds. What’s more, they don’t want to compromise on their dream jewelry pieces – and now they don’t have to. Lab grown diamond jewelry is roughly 30% less than mined diamond pieces, while moissanite is 1/10 the cost! Can’t believe it? Ring Come True offers tennis bracelets at just $1,200 and 2 ct studs for $1,400, while the mined diamond equivalents will run you roughly $3K+.
What’s done in tradition doesn’t always mean better, and Ring Come True makes for a great case. By being an all-around better alternative than that of the traditional route, Ring Come True is a welcome gift in a world where affording nice things is just that much more of a luxury.
Delilah Rings In The New Year With Star-Studded Attendees

Delilah Rings In The New Year With Star-Studded Attendees

If you checked out our Holiday Gift & NYE Event Guide, it’s no secret that LA had plenty to do on New Year’s Eve — some of which were magnets for Hollywood’s finest.

On December 31st, Delilah, the luxury supper-club fused together exceptional service, palpable atmosphere and a little Old-Hollywood glamour for its annual New Year’s Eve soiree. To top off the celebrations in a way only The h.wood Group can do, the intimate evening included a surprise performance by R&B singer Mario who sang some of his beloved hits such as “Let Me Love You” just after the clock struck midnight.

Other VIPs in attendance included: Madison Beer, Kate Beckinsale, Erin Foster, Marsha Molinari and Brian Toll (Co-Founder & Co-President of The h.wood Group). As the night wrapped up, Sunny Vodka branded slides were handed out to bring guests from their late night to a sunny morning ahead.

Meet Fun-Infused Jewelry Brand Eriness & The Visionary Behind It

Meet Fun-Infused Jewelry Brand Eriness & The Visionary Behind It

Where Fun, Luxury, and Ingenuity Meet

Where can you find some of the boldest, most stylish, and stunningly colorful jewelry around? While that could potentially be an endless list, if you’re looking for a brand who has a unique sense of fun ingrained in the very fabric of their identity and DNA, there is only one.

Eriness, easily starts and completes that list, forming their own lane, while helmed by none other than its very own Erin Sachse. Erin and her eponymous brand launched in 2015, after spending years hand making jewelry pieces. Ingenuity would come to Erin early in life, as she took old camera parts and weaved/twisted them into chic jewelry, to later sell outside of her dorm room. In fact, her handmade items were so exquisite, that major stores started to buy them off of her body — including Fred Segal and Anthropologie — at the age of 18!

With such a powerful start, it almost sounds like a dream, but that would only be the beginning of a journey toward iconic status for a designer and brand on their way to capture eyes, minds, and hearts on an international scale.

Now, years later, Eriness is carried by luxury retailers around the world — including Goop and London Jewelers — and adorned by a loyal clientele, including Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Lupita Nyong’o and Miley Cyrus. Eriness is recognized in the industry for their cheerful mix of diamonds and gemstones, and stands out in the fine jewelry space due to how colorful yet luxurious the pieces are.

Color, Clarity, and Confidence

Color brings life and is a magnet for the eyes. This is something that Eriness understands, while combining vibrant color pops with shapes, symbols, and styles that all of us can connect with in some way. Whether that connection be sentimental or superstitious, there’s no denying “stunning” seems like an understatement for their pieces.

Even in the absence of playful colors, Eriness pieces speak volumes through their cuts and shapes while taking on more classic styles, like the recently released Art Deco Collection. Classic, yet modern – and simple, yet sophisticated.

Eriness is more than just another luxurious jewelry brand, accomplishing what one would expect – and more – by invoking a sense of confidence and beauty to the wearer, sure to be cherished for a lifetime. Even more impressive is the fact that Eriness is sure to have something for everyone with its plentiful offerings, and versatile, unisex styles from its recent collaboration with YONY.

We had the opportunity to conduct a Q&A with Erin, where we explore her creative vision, challenges, accomplishments, recent collaborations, and even plans for the future.

Learn more about Erin & Eriness below.

Q&A With Eriness Founder and Creative Director, Erin Sachse

Q: Let’s dive in with some details of your story. What did you do before Eriness, and how did you get started in the jewelry business?

E.S.: “Believe it or not, there was nothing but high school and classic teenage girl things before Eriness. I started hand-making pieces of jewelry out of passion and for fun in my dorm room at Boston University and this is really where Eriness began. After I graduated college in 2015, I reintroduced Eriness as a fine jewelry line and that’s how we find ourselves here today.”

Q: How did you try to set yourself and Eriness apart from other brands?

E.S.: “I am a firm believer in fun and that fun can be incorporated into any part of life. With that being said, it was really important to me that my company embodied a playful nature but also provided quality jewelry with a luxurious twist. I aim to have a fresh, fun and colorful approach to familiar styles and classic pieces.”

Q: What is the design and creation process like for you?

E.S.: “My process always starts with something that is meaningful to me and from there a collection is born. There is not a strict formula to how I get to drawing my pieces and creating a collection. For example, the Ladybug Collection was born after the most surreal dream about my mom whereas the Art Deco Collection was created because of my affinity for the history of the era. There is no straight line in my process of creativity and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Q: What were some of your biggest challenges to get where you are today?

E.S.: “The biggest challenge in my journey as a designer and a business owner is being both of those at the same time. It is an absolute blessing to be able to do what I love every day but it really is scary sometimes. Just like everyone else, I have my moments of fear and self doubt but I have a great team that is by my side through it all.”

Q: What would you say have been some of your most notable accomplishments to date?

E.S.: “The first thing that comes to mind would have to be the Resist Collection. As a young female in this wild world it was really important to me to use my voice and stand up for what I think is right. It was one of my most vulnerable collections and it was really amazing to see how well received it was.”

Q: Personally, what is one of your favorite Eriness pieces?

E.S.: I’m sure it won’t surprise you when I say my favorite piece from my collection is the Diamond Crawling Ladybug Bracelet. The ladybug is an everyday reminder that wherever I go, my mom is always with me. The collection was made in honor of my mother – my biggest inspiration, best friend and muse. The best part of the collection is that it not only meant everything to me but I quickly learned how much the symbol of a ladybug meant to so many other people. It is so unbelievable the amazing stories that have been shared with me and the personal connections based on this one collection.”

Q: Can you tell us about the recent Art Deco Collection and what went into it? What inspired the collection, and what did you want the wearer to feel from it?

E.S.: “Like all my designs, I wanted to create something simple but impactful, elevated but wearable. This collection blurs the line between the past and present and takes inspiration from the simple elegance, sleek designs and geometric shapes of the early 20th century. This collection is not only an ode to the brand’s evolution but to my own!”

Q: What is the significance of the new collaboration with YONY? Please share some details about what makes this collaboration special, and what consumers can look forward to.

E.S. “Johnny (the founder of YONY) has been a longtime friend of mine for 17 years! We have been talking about collaborating for a while, and were so excited to finally bring our dream to life. While so many of my current pieces skew feminine, I wanted to create something with Johnny that was more unisex and versatile for Eriness. We created two unisex chains – one in sterling silver at a more contemporary price point, along with a 14K gold chain. We want our consumers to rock these chains no matter who they are and look forward to seeing how they’re styled – they are perfect stacked or worn solo.”

Q: 2022 is coming to an end. What have been some of your biggest lessons and accomplishments this year?

E.S. “My biggest lesson is navigating an ever changing retail landscape. How to successfully reach our potential clients and give them pieces they actually want to wear. It is always my goal to stay true to what I want to design regardless of the current trends.”

The expansion of my company as a whole is one of my biggest accomplishments! This year the Eriness team has grown, we have started working with some amazing boutiques and really honing in on who the Eriness client is. 

Q: Here’s a moment for a brief preview: Is there anything in the works that you can share with readers to look forward to in 2023?

E.S. “I don’t want to give too much away but we do have two new collections in the works for 2023. Here’s a little hint- there are LOTS of diamonds.”

Q: What are some goals you’d like to achieve with Eriness in the next 5 years?

E.S. “In the next five years I want to continue to grow the Eriness world and reach new clientele by expanding our offerings. It means everything to be able to continue to create meaningful jewelry that connects people from all over the world. I am so excited for the future of Eriness.”

Dewey Crush Introduces New Skinny Orange Crush

Dewey Crush Introduces New Skinny Orange Crush

If you’re looking to bring some better-for-you booze to your Thanksgiving feast, Dewey Crush, the original craft vodka and crushed fruit cocktail brand, has just launched a Skinny version of its beloved canned cocktail – Skinny Orange Crush!

This delicious spirit-based cocktail is blended with Vodka & Triple Sec, Lemon-Lime Soda, and all natural, freshly crushed orange juice. Made with the same ingredients beloved by Dewey Crush fans already, Skinny cans are lower in calories (130 to be exact), lower in sugar, and contain 4.5% alcohol, which makes for an ideally blended & balanced cocktail to sip on as we head into the busy holiday season.

Dewey Crush’s flavor-filled lineup includes Lemon, Grapefruit, Watermelon.

Whether its Thanksgiving or Christmas, Dewey Crush is available DTC in 32 states including California and in select stores along the East Coast.

About Dewey Crush

“Those legendary days spent hanging out on the beach with your crew, or taking in some live music at the bars. And of course, those epic nights spent reveling with friends at The Starboard – the source of our inspiration. When the concept of Dewey Crush was just a twinkle in our eye, it was the vibe, atmosphere, and energy of The Starboard that gave us the motivation to fully hatch our canned cocktail plan.

We wanted to make something that captured the essence of East Coast summers. Something that you could take home that’d spark an amazing memory from an unforgettable summer. A drink that you could share with friends and family to make new moments.
Ever wanted to bottle a moment? Well, we did the next best thing and canned it. So you can enjoy the taste of summer wherever you are.”
Thanksgiving Meals & Deals for 2022

Thanksgiving Meals & Deals for 2022

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and it’s possible that many still have their plans up in the air. Most importantly, there are some people out there who are still planning out who’s doing the cooking! Isn’t it convenient that some of our favorite SoCal restaurants have released Holiday Menus to make life a bit easier (and delicious)? From mediterranean classics, to Mexican flair, Thanksgiving 2022 has a whole host of options that solid competition to even Grandma’s traditional feast.

If you’re in the market for Thanksgiving meal planning, or even-postThanksgiving meals (because who wants leftovers?), consider this a one-stop shop full of some of the best offers you can find.

Beauty & Essex

If something more traditional is your speed, Beauty & Essex doesn’t disappoint, elevating the Thanksgiving experience, as one could only imagine they would. Guests can expect Beauty & Essex dinner staples like the famous grilled cheese and tomato soup dumplings, and the half roasted chicken – along with special Thanksgiving offerings like a roasted free range turkey with stuffing, pan gravy, and cranberry sauce, and a green bean casserole with creamed mushrooms and crispy onions.

Some of there other offerings include a double cut 20oz pork tomahawk, aged cheddar mac & cheese, and blueberry cobbler and pumpkin pie desserts. Make your reservation now!

Hours: 3:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Address: 1615 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


The convenience of having specialized chefs take on the challenge of preparing Thanksgiving dinner is unparalleled. And that’s something that the Delilah team hopes will keep you coming back year after year.

Serving 4-6 people at just $300, Delilah is preparing some household favorites with their own twist, like candied yams with caramelized marshmallows, roasted Brussels sprouts, and roasted turkey breast with confit turkey legs sage and black pepper gravy. Additional options include endive and gem lettuce salad roasted fingerling potatoes, wild mushroom stuffing, cranberry sauce, completed by pumpkin pie or pecan pie for dessert.

Preorders must be in by 19th, while pickup is available at Delilah on November 23rd, from 11 am – 3 pm.
Order here!

Lavo Ristorante

If you’re someone who scoffs at tradition, perhaps going the Italian route is what you’re looking for. LAVO Ristorante is shaking things up with their own special menu tacked with seasonal options that are sure to bring on an evening snooze.

Guests can celebrate Thanksgiving at LAVO Ristorante’s gorgeous al-fresco dining room with dinner staples like the famous 1-pound wagyu meatball and cacio e pepe pizza, alongside a special seasonal specials like the cannelloni al forno with fresh ricotta, fontina cheese, pomodoro, and the zucca al forno with  farro, dried cherries, and a pomegranate vinaigrette. Make your reservation here!

Hours: 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Address: 9201 Sunset Blvd Suite 100, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Sometimes you need to step outside of the box, and who better than Mírame for trying new things? Full of Mexican flair, stepping up the Thanksgiving game this year sounds more delicious than ever at Mírame, where there’s a variety of everything for everyone.

The Beverly Hills modern Mexican restaurant’s menu provides a creative take of the holiday classics and is priced at $450 for 6-8 people. The Thanksgiving feast includes: a Pipian Brined Organic Smoked Whole Diestel TurkeyFall Caesar Salad with little gems, roasted kabocha, cotija, chicharron, pomegranate, pepitas and sourdough croutons, Mayacoba Charros made with Sonoran white heirloom beans with smoked short rib and pickled chilies, Mushroom and Pine Nut Bread Pudding with setas mushrooms and porcini and Pumpkin Pie with a masa crust and hoja santa meringue to complete the meal. Orders can be placed here for pickup on November 24th.


Another solid choice for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, SLAB isn’t holding back when it comes to your family’s dinner. From crowd pleasers like sweet candied yams, roasted turkey legs and turkey gravy complete with SLAB’s signature BBQ sauce, you’ll want to leave the cooking to the h.wood pros year after year.

Coming in at just $275, this feast will serve 4, and comes complete with a whole smoked turkey, an optional 2 pounds of brisket (additional $75), turkey gravy and SLAB BBQ sauce, cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, collard greens, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, and pumpkin or pecan pie. There’s a whole lot here, and if you’re yearning that southern comfort touch, SLAB’s got you covered.

Preorders must be in by 19th, while pickup is available at SLAB on November 23rd and 24th, from 11 am – 3 pm.
Order here!

Nossa Caipirinha

Thanksgiving is the start of this month, but some people don’t enjoy the constant focus on the holiday’s main course — let alone eating leftovers for days. Let’s change that with some options throughout November, and even into December!

Nossa Caipirinha Bar, which the Last Word Hospitality team rebranded and reopened with partners John Borghetti of Farfalla and Xandre Borghetti (Nopa, Blue Hill) this past summer, draws inspiration from the neighborhood bars in the Borghetti’s native Brazil.

Running Nossa Caipirinha Bar are partners Executive Chef Rory Cameron (Found Oyster) and bar leads Shannon Inouye (Imperial Western Beer Co.) and Steven Zakarian (All Season Brewing Co.) who are serving bracing variations of the bar’s namesake cocktail alongside classic Brazilian bar snacks like pão de queijo (cheese bread), xixo (grilled skewers) and coxinhas (croquettes) in addition to salads and larger dishes like a traditional prawn moqueca baiana (seafood stew).

The bar has been building a very fun Brazilian vinyl night on Wednesdays (including infectious Brazilian funk, jazz, tropicalia and more) and is super excited to share that KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole is taking over the turntables to spin his personal collection of Brazilian vinyl from 7-11pm. Upcoming residency dates are December 7 and December 14.

Nossa Caipirinha Bar:
1966 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Wednesday – Monday
4pm – 11pm (until midnight Friday and Saturday)
Walk-ins only; indoor and outdoor seating available


Lemonadea California-based modern cafeteria serving colorful, seasonal and healthy fare is now offering beautifully prepared salads, signature grain bowls, hearty braised proteins, flavor-packed sandwiches and of course, trademark handcrafted lemonades as part of their seasonal menu options. The renewed menu features an updated Build-Your-Own Protein Plate, two new Chef’s Bowls, two new hot sides and a new vegan handcrafted sandwich. The lineup also includes a seasonal Raspberry Mint Lemonade.

The full list of Lemonade’s new seasonal items follow below:

  • Sustainable Salmon Bowl – sustainable Atlantic salmon, roasted veggies, crispy onions, lemon herb chimichurri, rosemary sweet potato hash ($15.95) 
  • Comfort Bowl – choice of overnight braised Angus beef or slow roasted pork shoulder, creamy mashed potatoes, crispy onions, au jus, roasted veggies ($14.95) 
  • Brussels Sprouts, Dates & Parmesan Marketplace Side – shaved Brussels sprouts, Medjool dates, parmesan cheese, sage white balsamic vinaigrette ($3.95) 
  • Rosemary Sweet Potato Hash roasted sweet potatoes, roasted bell peppers, red onions, fresh rosemary ($4.95)
  • Roasted Veggies cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, cherry tomatoes, red onions, red & yellow bell peppers ($4.95) 
  • Golden Cauliflower Sandwich – roasted cauliflower, beefsteak tomato, pickled onions, arugula, almonds, golden raisins, vegan curry aioli, Rockenwagner ciabatta ($10.95)
  • Raspberry Mint Lemonade – Lemon juice, water, cane sugar, muddled raspberries, mint, lemon ($3.95)
  • Updated Build-Your-Protein Plate that features seven new proteins and six new sauces to pick from for a fully customizable guest experience.

With just under 20 locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, Lemonade is sure to be there for you when the leftovers are no longer desirable, or when you just want to change up the Thanksgiving game, You can find Lemonade’s exact locations here:


Dessert is just as important as the main course, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably on a diet. Bring something to Thanksgiving dinner that will end the feast with a bang!

A powerful new collaboration, LA’s ever-popular Konbi and Bay Area-based artisanal Japanese inspired chocolatier Deux Cranes are teaming up for the month of November. The two collaborated to create a Hōjicha Caramel Chocolate Bar. The one-of-a-kind bar inspired by Konbi’s iconic hōjicha latte, which features beautiful tea from Kettl and creates a rich, deeply aromatic roasted green tea flavor profile. Deux Cranes Owner and Chocolatier Michiko Marron-Kibbey worked with Konbi Owners Nick Montgomery and Akira Akuto to draw on the hōjicha latte’s palate while adding caramel notes throughout the bar, creating a rich, crunchy and cocoa-intensive experience to be savored.

The bar retails for $15 and is sold at Konbi as well as at the Deux Cranes storefront in Los Gatos, CA. It can also be purchased online at  Additionally, Deux Cranes will be popping up outside the new Konbi location in Culver City this Saturday, November 12th from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. sampling the limited edition bars. Purchase a few and be the dessert hero no one knew they needed!

And More…

Sometimes you don’t need the meal or the dessert, but some of the things in-between that bridge it all together. Here’s a brief list of offers that can help complete your holiday gatherings.

Non-alcoholic drinks: Embracing the non-alcoholic wave? The PNW-based non-alcohol botanical distillate, Wilderton Botanical Spirit, is offering a special trio bundle of their three expressions (including the brand new Bittersweet Aperitivo) for $88.99!

Spirits: Francis Ford Coppola Winery just added two new Italian sparkling wines to their award-winning Diamond Collection portfolio: Diamond Collection Prosecco DOC and Diamond Collection Prosecco Rosé DOC, in time for New Year’s Eve toasts, holiday celebrations and gifting. Both are extra dry, and are ideally sipped on their own, with a meal or as an aperitif. You can order each here and here.

Sauces: Why not try the incredible new LA-based sauce line, Our Pantry, founded by Carolyna De Laurentiis and made by chefs using high quality, traceable ingredients? Our pantry is sold online and at McCall’s Meat & Fish Co., Gjusta Grocer and more in LA.

Cann and Kiva Team Up for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Starter Pack

Cann and Kiva Team Up for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Starter Pack

Some things go together like peanut butter and jelly, while some others come together in way that no one could’ve ever imagined — like peanut butter and jelly burgers. Either way, two cannabis leaders coming together for the ultimate Thanksgiving collaboration is both unexpected, and perfection as we start thinking about the big feast due later this month.

That’s right, California cannabis favorites Cann and Kiva have partnered and launched the ultimate THC-infused Thanksgiving starter pack: 2 packs of Kiva’s THC-infused gravy and a 6-pack of Cann’s seasonal favorite Cranberry Sage.

Coming fresh off of midterms and all else that has us stressing, it’s the perfect addition for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, sure to keep everyone chill — before getting to the dinner table, and after! Cann’s low-dose THC social tonic innovates the future of non-alcoholic social drinking. Designed to give you a similar buzz without any hangover the next morning, each Cann is formulated with 2 mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, and includes only four other ingredients – sparkling water, citrus juice, all-natural herbal flavor, and a touch of agave.

Since Cann provides a micro-dose of cannabis, it is designed for you to easily consume more than one without hitting that ‘too high’ feeling you may get with smoking pure flower or consuming an edible. No more uncomfortable experiences, electrolyte depletions, poor sleep, or headaches — just a controlled buzz.

On the other hand, Kiva Confections officially brought back their limited edition cannabis infused ‘Kiva Turkey Gravy’ for the second year, ahead of the holiday season! Just in time to take your festivities to a higher level, this cheeky take on a normally mundane holiday staple is back after its explosively viral debut in 2019.

Consider this the ultimate checkmate for all the stigmas against cannabis.

The Cann x Kiva Thanksgiving Starter Pack is available for $34, and Includes:

Cann’s Cranberry Sage: Sweet and a touch savory, this winter seasonal flavor was crafted to give you the warm and fuzzies all winter long. With no hangover, all-natural ingredients, and only 35 calories per can, Cranberry Sage will comfort you through the cold(er) winter months. Infused with 2mg THC & 4mg CBD.

Kiva Gravy: Kiva’s single-serve gravy pairs turkey stock, salt, onion and garlic with 10mg of THC for an elevated take on a Thanksgiving classic. Awkward family dinner conversation? Sit back, relax, and let the holiday cheer wash over you.

Things to Do This Weekend (And Next) in LA

Things to Do This Weekend (And Next) in LA

It’s chilly in LA this week, and the forecast calls for even more cool weather next week. That can only mean one thing: time to go out and enjoy it! If you’re looking for something to get your hands (or your kids’ hands) into, there’s so much in store, and you can find a few special events right here for your convenience.

Play-Doh Pop-Up at Westfield Century City

We meant it when we said, “Something to get your hands or your kids’ hands into.” This coming Sunday, November 6th, the beloved childhood brand, Play-Doh, is celebrating the release of their newest competition show: Play-Doh Squished at Westfield Century City!

Families are invited to join the brand for an afternoon filled with themed interactive Play-Doh stations, photo booths, treats,  and a live display with master Play-Doh builder Jason Loik. It’s the ultimate Play-Doh paradise that kids of previous generations could only dream of — so why not get your hands dirty, too?

The show, hosted by Sarah Hyland, features three teams of fun-loving adults and kids going toe-to-toe in ultimate Play-Doh competitions. In the end, only one team will win a grand prize, while the other teams’ creations will get SQUISHED! Dust off those old Play-doh creativity skills!

Date: Sunday, November 6th
Time: 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM PST
Location: The Atrium at Westfield Century City (Level 1, near Lululemon and Tesla)

East Fork Pottery x P.F. Candle Co. Pop Up Launch Party

If you’re into home goods and smell goods, this one is for you! Whether it’s just to get prepped for the season, or to knockout some holiday shopping, this event will get you started off on the right foot.

On Saturday, November 5th, from 3-6pm, P.F. Candle Co.’s Echo Park Flagship will be open for you to shop a curated selection of East Fork Pottery hosting essentials; smell the entire P.F. collection; and enjoy small bites, with wine by Vinovore, non-alcoholic spirits by Ghia, and so much more!

While supplies last, shoppers can also receive a free East Fork Pottery tote bag & P.F. Mini Candle with purchases over $75!

About the brands:
East Fork Pottery is a contemporary ceramics brand designing and manufacturing durable dinnerware out of Asheville, North Carolina. P.F. Candle Co. is a Los Angeles-based home fragrance brand specializing in candles, incense, and more in subtle scents meant to enhance the home’s atmosphere.

RSVP at Eventbrite!

Hammitt Presents Hammittland

In another opportunity to knockout holiday shopping or transitioning your wardrobe for the cooler seasons, join Hammitt as they present a selection of specially priced Retiring Styles – in a whimsically imagined Hammittland.

On Saturday, November 5th from 10 am – 1 pm, attendees can watch as Manhattan Village’s outdoor plaza transforms into a sweet shopping and entertainment destination that’s fit for handbag lovers and eager gift givers alike. In addition to the unbeatable offers, Hammittland will have special complimentary offerings and activities available for the general public, plus activities.

Whether you pick up a one-of-a-kind sample for 40% off or sip on an icy fresh frosé, there’s a bit of festive fun for the whole crew. Be sure to bring a friend!

About Hammitt:
Hammitt LA is a US-based luxury handbag company known for their unique riveted accents. You can see Hammitt handbags and accessories in-person at their South Coast Plaza and Manhattan Beach Locations. Hammitt handbags are also sold in many retailers across the US, including Von Maur. Plus, they partnered with Purse Strings for an exclusive location in Indianapolis, as well as a store in La Jolla, coming soon! Hammitt designs to surprise and delight with every innovation, staying one step ahead of their customers’ wildest wishlists.

Whether it’s an accessible cell phone pocket, laptop sleeve, six-way reversibility or straps that adjust for every height, there are nuggets of functionality in every Hammitt silhouette. Plus, every zipper and piece of hardware is covered with a lifetime promise, so the Hammitt woman can plan to pass her favorite styles down for generations to come. Hammitt bags are also available at

Grab Pizza at the Newly Opened Roberta’s Pizza Studio City

On October 21, Roberta’s Pizza announced the official opening of its second Los Angeles location in Studio City, later celebrating with a Grand Opening Party — complete with costumes, complimentary slices of pizza, and drinks! If you missed it, do yourself a favor and stop by so you don’t miss out any longer.

Roberta’s Studio City is an elevated casual evolution of its famed original restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. The restaurant at The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge highlights Roberta’s legendary pizza creations, along with a specially curated menu of signature dishes, natural wine, and craft beer.

Whether it’s the simple Margherita ,or the fan favorite Famous Original that rarely leaves the menu, pies at Roberta’s Studio City are all based on the original recipe developed in 2008, delivering a pliable, flavorful crust, a sauce that does its job exactly right, and mozzarella that is the perfect balance of creamy and salty. From the Bee Sting, to the Crispy Glover, to the Baby Sinclair, Roberta’s pizzas exhibit the stunning creativity that becomes possible when a killer foundational recipe meets culinary-genius level experimentation. If you’re looking to try something other than pizza, Roberta’s also offers veggies, salads, and sandwiches!

HBO Max Celebrates Dan Levy’s New Show, “The Big Brunch” w/ Pop-Up at Westfield Century City

Maybe you’re looking for something to do where food is involved – along with some community focus? Then here’s your match:

On Sunday, November 13, HBO Max will celebrate the debut of Dan Levy’s New Cooking Show, “The Big Brunch” with a delicious, one-day-only pop-up experience at Westfield Century City from 10 am – 7 pm. The activation will bring brunch from the screen to the streets with complimentary Brunch Bags in partnership with Homegirl Catering, coffee options courtesy of Go Get Em Tiger, and premium photo moments inspired by the show.

HBO Max will pick up the actual bill in the form of a buyout for Homegirl Catering – who provides hope, training,
and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people, allowing them to redirect their lives and
contribute to their communities. Signage featuring QR codes will prompt guests to learn more about the program,
and Homegirl Catering staff serving the food will speak more about their mission. Attendees can receive a complimentary brunch bag and coffee while supplies last.

About Big Brunch:
The Big Brunch,” hosted by Dan Levy, is the new cooking competition show which features cooking competitions
galore, and centers on “one of the most versatile, yet underrated, dining experiences.” The series’ eight-episode
first season pits 10 chefs against each other for a sizable cash price of $300,000. The Big Brunch will premiere its
first three episodes on HBO Max on November 10.

About HomeGirl Catering:
Homegirl Catering provides a supportive environment for clients to receive on-the-job training in conjunction with
Homeboy Industries’ wraparound services, empowering individuals to undertake what is often their first “real job”.
This successful program has developed into a pipeline, creating strong female leaders who, in turn, mentor others
and can confidently proclaim, “I’ve been where you are, and I know you can do it.”

About Go Get Em Tiger:
Go Get Em Tiger is an LA-based brand with cafés and roasteries all around Los Angeles.

Kiva Confections Brings Back Cannabis Infused Gravy

Kiva Confections Brings Back Cannabis Infused Gravy

It’s the most unlikely mashup you never saw coming — and it’ll be great on your mashed potatoes! Cannabis leader Kiva Confections is doing it yet again, with an unthinkable combination that will satisfy countless savory teeth and lovers of November’s big feast.

Kiva Confections is officially bringing back their limited edition cannabis infused ‘Kiva Turkey Gravy’ for the second year ahead of the holiday season! Just in time to take your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner to a higher level, this cheeky take on a normally mundane holiday staple is back after its explosively viral debut in 2019, and is available beginning today, for purchase at dispensaries across California for just $5!

With increasing social, political, and cultural divisiveness driving apart families and friends, Kiva Cannabis-Infused Gravy is back to unite us all around the dinner table. Turkey, mashed potatoes, awkward conversation – you can drown them all in the flavors of rosemary, thyme, and oregano. And thanks to 10MG of THC, your household will be back in harmony in no time – each remembering that it’s all… truly… gravy.

Kiva’s single-serve gravy uses traditional Thanksgiving ingredients like turkey stock, salt, onion and garlic, to create a familiar taste with an uncommon ingredient – cannabis. Simply whisk the gravy powder with one cup of water in a saucepan, bring to a boil, and stir occasionally to achieve the desired level of thickness.

Don’t be surprised if there are no leftovers for once!

Podwall Entertainment’s Star-Studded Annual Halloween Party Returns

Podwall Entertainment’s Star-Studded Annual Halloween Party Returns

In the name of good old spooky fun, Podwall Entertainment is bringing back its annual “The Halloween Party” for the 11th year! Hosted at The Peppermint Club and sponsored by Remy Martin, Trip CBD, and Avión Tequila, the event takes place on Thursday, October 27th, making its highly anticipated return to LA’s nightlife scene to deliver the most sought-after, costume-clad event of the season.

An iconic evening that – over its 10-year tenure – has become synonymous with its equally iconic guest list, will be an exclusive, invite-only affair featuring a signature performance by Café Wha House Band. Flying in every year from Greenwich Village’s Swingingest Coffee House, Café Wha has historically housed some of the worlds greatest musical talent at the onset of their careers, including the likes of: Woody Allen, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and more.

Since its inception, special guests (such as Matthew Morrison, Adam Lambert, Nathan Sykes, Darren Criss, Lucas Grabeel and Kevin McHale) have also jumped on stage with the band to perform during the party.  Other VIPs who have historically attended include Chace Crawford, Paris Hilton, Taylor Lautner, Nina Dobrev, Lucy Hale, Colton Haynes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Niall Horn, Tyler Hoechlin, Joey Fatone and beyond.

It will be yet another night to remember, complete with thrills and chills just before Halloween weekend kicks off.

Roberta’s Pizza Expands West to Studio City

Roberta’s Pizza Expands West to Studio City

If you’re looking for a place to knock out hunger pangs while also taking in this season’s spooky vibes, there’s something new to put on your radar.

On October 21, Roberta’s announced the official opening of its second Los Angeles location in Studio City, with the news of their “Opening Fright” Grand Opening Party on Thursday, October 27 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. With costumes encouraged, and complimentary food and drinks being served, it’s a deliciously spooky kick off for the iconic Brooklyn brand.

Roberta’s Studio City is an elevated casual evolution of its famed original restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. The restaurant at The Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge highlights Roberta’s legendary pizza creations, along with a specially curated menu of signature dishes, natural wine, and craft beer.

Whether it’s the simple Margherita (tomato, mozzarella, basil, evoo) or the fan favorite Famous Original (tomato, mozzarella, parmigiano, caciocavallo, oregano, chili) that rarely leaves the menu, pies at Roberta’s Studio City are all based on the original recipe developed in 2008, delivering a pliable, flavorful crust, a sauce that does its job exactly right, and mozzarella that is the perfect balance of creamy and salty. From the Bee Sting (tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, basil, chili, honey) to the Crispy Glover (tomato, taleggio, guanciale, red onion, garlic, breadcrumb, chili) to the Baby Sinclair (dinosaur kale, maitake mushroom, caciocavallo, parmigiano, Calabrian chili), Roberta’s pizzas exhibit the stunning creativity that becomes possible when a killer foundational recipe meets culinary-genius level experimentation.

Guests of Roberta’s Studio City order at the counter, with food delivered to their tables. In addition to pizza, the tightly edited menu offers veggies in the form of Smashed Cucumbers (roasted garlic, Calabrian chili, mixed seeds and market herbs) and Green Lettuces (soft herbs, pumpkin seed, sea lettuce vinaigrette, caper breadcrumb, fiore sardo), sandwiches including Italian Comboand Peppered Roast Beef & Horseradish, along with an assortment of other signature items including House Made Stracciatella, Buttered Radishes, and Giardiniera. A curated menu of natural wines, craft beers, and non-alcoholic beverages are available to enjoy for a quick bite or over a long leisurely meal.

While certainly inspired by Italian tradition, the Roberta’s wood-fired crust is sturdy and chewy, able to withstand eating with one’s hands while being perfectly suited for the locally sourced, inspired topping combinations for which Roberta’s has become world famous. Each 12” pie is considered an individual serving size; buy one for yourself or a few to share with friends. The entire menu can be enjoyed at the restaurant or ordered to go.

Roberta’s Locations:

Studio City
Quick & Casual
Open 7 days a week, 12 pm – 9 pm
4220 Coldwater Canyon, Studio City, CA

Culver City
Open 7 days a week, 12 pm – 10 pm M-F/11 am – 10 pm S/S
8810 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA

About Roberta’s

Roberta’s fanatical following and enduring acclaim belie its humble beginnings in a cinderblock warehouse with no heat or gas in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Celebrating its 15-year anniversary in 2023, the restaurant has become a neighborhood institution, an international culinary destination, and a model of accessible excellence. Today, Roberta’s has spawned a global empire with a variety of full-service and elevated casual concepts all built on Roberta’s three principles of “good”: using only good quality ingredients, providing good value, and most importantly, delivering a good time with every experience. Roberta’s wood-fired pizzas, made with locally sourced ingredients, are also available frozen online along with a curated selection of food items, cookbooks, and an ever-rotating offering of exclusive merchandise.

For more, please visit or @robertaspizza on Instagram and @robertasrestaurant on Facebook.

Fall & Winter Must Haves (and Dos) for 2022

Fall & Winter Must Haves (and Dos) for 2022

Contributions by Anthony C. Stafford
UPDATED Oct. 25, 6:30 pm. (More Brands and Events added.)

Cozy Weather, Crunchy Leaves, Crispy Air – Fall is Here

Summer 2022 has come and gone, hopefully leaving lasting memories and callbacks to a more “normal” time in our lives. It won’t be long before the Summer-esque heat waves take a break and, with that break, we all begin to seek the utmost comfort and activities to get us into the seasonal mood.

Whether you’re making sure you’re all set for the cooler weather, or you’re beginning to knock out your holiday shopping early, below you’ll find a variety of innovative, useful, chic, fun, and noteworthy favorites, brands, products, and activities & events to secure this Fall & Winter season.

Blue Kazoo

Just picture it: you and your family sitting by the fireplace this holiday season, sipping eggnog, nibbling gingerbread people, and putting together a beautiful puzzles that doubles as a work of art for your home. It can’t get any better than that right?

No matter the occasion, Blue Kazoo is a premium jigsaw puzzle company that creates artfully designed and consciously crafted puzzles for everyone to enjoy! Blue Kazoo creates artfully imagined jigsaw puzzles and focuses on a few 1,000-piece puzzles at a time to ensure they are beautifully and conscientiously crafted.

Whether you’re looking for a very difficult puzzle for a challenge, or a puzzle that can double as a work of art for your home once you’ve completed it, Blue Kazoo has something for everyone.

Chamberlain Coffee

A coffee fix never waits — even in Fall and Winter! For a brief period of time (Oct. 28 – 30), Emma Chamberlain’s coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, is taking over Los Angeles hotspot Carrera Cafe, where attendees will be in for a truly spooky treat.

Throughout the spooky Halloween weekend, Carrera Cafe will serve a variety of Chamberlain Coffee’s delicious blends, such as their Social Dog Blend and Sneaky Bat Pumpkin Spice blends, along with Carrera Cafe’s delicious signature Matcha. They will also be selling some of Chamberlain’s Tote Bags, Double Walled Mugs, Mason Jars and Transparent Tumblers on-site for customers to purchase.

Carrera Cafe is located at: 8251 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Cha Cha Matcha

Sometimes, you just need that special drink to match the season and complete you. If PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) aren’t your thing, how about matcha!?

Back in August, cult-loved matcha cafe, Cha Cha Matcha, officially opened the doors to their third Los Angeles location at Westfield Century City to fulfill all the growing matcha cravings! Located on the center’s first floor between Scotch & Soda and Kiehl’s, the gorgeously green storefront is as delicious to drink as it is to look at.

Featuring the brand’s quintessential pink and green color scheme matching the beverages it serves, the store is the perfect mix of style and substance for Angelenos and tourists alike to get their caffeine fix. Even better, their menu items include toasts, sandwiches, their delicious soft serve, and of course, their famous matcha drinks.

Big Little Bar

What do you call a little bar with big nutrition? Big Little Bar!

Big Little Bar is a new revolutionary daily wellness bar that works for your body from the inside out. Until now, the only way for women to get all the essential nutrients they needed was to either eat a meticulously crafted and large nutrient-dense diet, or take supplements that don’t absorb as well as nutrients through food. Big Little Bar tackled this challenge head-on through its unique approach to combining essential nutrients and clean ingredients in an easy-to-eat, easy-to-love bar.

The delicious, and benefit-focused, bars have 100% of your daily essential vitamins and Omega-3s and pack a burst of flavors including chocolate, cranberry and lemon.  Whether you’re rushing out the door for a meeting, or dropping the kids at soccer practice, Big Little Bar makes it easy to give your body the nutrients it needs while on the go. Big Little Bar is available here.

NEW: Phyll

With the start of cold and flu season — including the rise in COVID infections — it’s best to make sure our bodies our suited up for a fight. And with holidays on the horizon when we’ll be in close contact with others, it only makes sense to take the best care of ourselves with something that isn’t just healthy, but also tasty! The simple convenience of Phyll is here to help us do just that!

Complete with 15 grams of plant-based protein, 3 grams of dietary fiber and 0 grams of added sugar, Phyll is packed with everything you’ll need to maintain your health, energy and your relentless drive throughout the day. The clean-pressed smoothie, which is available in Greenfest, Mixed Berry and Chocolate, does not need to be refrigerated, so you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing the taste if you have it in your bag for a few hours while out and about. 


If health and wellness is on your list of priorities this Fall and Winter, ONRU is perfect for cold weather and flu season! LA based wellness brand, ONRŪ formulates supplements to ensure nutritional efficacy in one single dose, to boost all aspects of the immune system for real life moments — including travel, low-quality sleep, stress, vitamin deficiency, diet, and the environment.

Their Travel Bundle ($120) is great for total support, keeping you safe and worry-free with Travel Immunity, which provides potent anti-viral properties, stress relieving adaptogens, digestive enzymes to mitigate digestive issues and immunity support. Fight jetlag, insomnia, or uncomfortable hotel beds with Sleep + Immunity to ensure a quality night’s sleep wherever you are.

The Day & Night Bundle ($120) is designed to provide 24-hour support. The Day & Night bundle includes Essential Immunity which provides daily immune support and essential vitamins for wellbeing, and Sleep + Immunity which helps provide a quality night’s sleep, while also containing immune boosting ingredients. Stay supported and feel your best, day & night.

NEW: Hammitt Presents Hammittland

Consider this your invitation to an iconic event! If you’re looking to start holiday shopping for yourself or friends and family, join Hammitt as they present a selection of specially priced Retiring Styles – in a whimsically imagined Hammittland. Watch as Manhattan Village’s outdoor plaza transforms into a sweet shopping and entertainment destination that’s fit for handbag lovers and eager gift givers alike. In addition to the unbeatable offers, Hammittland will have special complimentary offerings and activities available for the general public, plus activities.

Whether you pick up a one-of-a-kind sample for 40% off or sip on an icy fresh frosé, there’s a bit of festive fun for the whole crew. Be sure to bring a friend, as this is set to be a record-breaking party.

Location: Hammitt LA is located at 3200 North Sepulveda Boulevard Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

About Hammitt

Hammitt LA is a US-based luxury handbag company known for their unique riveted accents. You can see Hammitt handbags and accessories in-person at their South Coast Plaza and Manhattan Beach Locations. Hammitt handbags are also sold in many retailers across the US, including Von Maur. Plus, they partnered with Purse Strings for an exclusive location in Indianapolis, as well as a store in La Jolla, coming soon! Hammitt designs to surprise and delight with every innovation, staying one step ahead of their customers’ wildest wishlists.

Whether it’s an accessible cell phone pocket, laptop sleeve, six-way reversibility or straps that adjust for every height, there are nuggets of functionality in every Hammitt silhouette. Plus, every zipper and piece of hardware is covered with a lifetime promise, so the Hammitt woman can plan to pass her favorite styles down for generations to come. Hammitt bags are also available at

American Cancer Society Annual Walk

On Saturday (10/15), American Cancer Society is holding its annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Grand Park in Los Angeles to celebrate the survivors and thrivers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The 5k walk will begin at promptly 9am with registration starting at 8:30am and will feature a DJ and special programming. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a movement to support the funding of breakthrough research, provide 24/7 support for breast cancer patients, and access to lifesaving screenings. For individuals unable to attend the celebration, they can still donate at

This year, American Cancer Society estimates that 31,720 California women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and 4,690 will die from the disease. Not to mention, racial disparities and access to cancer care can severely impact a patient’s survivor rate. Black women face a higher death rate compared to white woman, even though Black women have lower breast cancer incidence rates according to a new report from ACS.

The death rate from breast cancer dropped by 42% from 1989 to 2019 as a result of earlier detection through increased awareness and mammography screening, as well as advances in treatments. Yet, about 43,250 women will die from the disease in 2022. ACS estimates that 31,720 California women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and 4,690 will die from the disease. Arecent ACS studyshowed in 2020, during the first year of the COVID pandemic, there was asix percent dropin the number of women who reported having breast cancer screening within the past year compared to 2018. This amounts to more thantwo million fewer womenscreened across the U.S. in 2020.

  • Date & Time: Saturday, October 15, 2022 | 8:30 AM Registration | 9:00 AM Walk Start
  • Address: Grand Park, 200 N. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA
  • Wear: A sea of pink envelopes the neighborhood as teams of walkers come together to celebrate survivorship and honor loved ones lost to the disease. Many teams attend dressed in costume and themes.

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital’s Party on the Pier

The events continue, with UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital’s annual Party on the Pier back in-person for the first time since the pandemic. They’ll be returning to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier on November 6th from 10AM to 2PM with a variety of fun experiences for all guests to enjoy, including:

  • Carnival games with Mattel toys as prizes
  • Celebrity appearances and photo booths
  • Meal vouchers and carnival treats
  • Creative crafts and activities in the Power of Play Kids Activity Tent
  • VIP tent access for sponsors with lunch by Wolfgang Puck Catering
  • UCLA Health People-Animal Connection therapy dogs

Proceeds from the event provide unrestricted funding to launch high-priority programs that benefit children being treated at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and around the world. For tickets and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

LOCATION: Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier
WHEN: Sunday, November 6 from 10AM to 2PM

*Tickets for carnival games and experiences sold separately. Credit card payment only – no cash accepted.*

About UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital:

As a vital part of UCLA Health, UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital has the unique ability to care for children of all ages, from newborns to young adults. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to serve the most critically ill with sophisticated, compassionate pediatric care in an environment that is both welcoming and healing to children and their families. General pediatricians work alongside leading specialists and subspecialists, and our physician-scientists discover new treatments and innovations that transform pediatric health care. The vision of this extraordinary team and the generosity of our dedicated philanthropic partners help ensure a brighter tomorrow for all children.


It’s spooky season! Through Halloween, the first SHAQTOBERFEST  is taking place in LA, and it’s already become a hit! The interactive experience is the ultimate Halloween destination for family-friendly trick-or-treating, ghoulish games, delicious treats, specialty libations, frightfully fun nighttime haunted trails and exciting live entertainment that encapsulates O’Neal’s playful personality.

15-time All-Star and basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and ABG Entertainment began the partnership with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the producers of world-class live events and location-based entertainment experiences including LA’s own Haunted Hayride.

Each afternoon will provide family fun trick-or-treat offerings and entertainment for children of all ages who are encouraged to dress in their favorite Halloween costumes. Come nighttime, the energetic lights and music turn on as the witching hour begins, unleashing O’Neal’s ghoulish minions into the haunted trails and midways as the spirits of SHAQTOBERFEST are brought to life. “We are incredibly excited to launch the first-ever Shaqtoberfest,” said Matt Goldstein, SVP, Entertainment and Special Projects at ABG Entertainment. “Fans of all ages are going to have the time of their lives celebrating Halloween with Shaq.”

For more information and to stay up to date on ticket information, activations and location announcements visit and follow on Instagram at @Shaqtoberfest.

NEW: Trick or Treating @ Westfield Century City + Topanga

Looking for alternatives to traditional neighborhood trick-or-treating in LA this Halloween? Enter Westfield Century City and Westfield Topanga! Whether your neighborhood isn’t trick-or-treat friendly or you don’t feel like going door-to-door, participating retailers at both centers will be handing out candy to shoppers – costumes encouraged!

Regardless of if you’re in the Valley or in the city, Westfield has an evening of spooky, family-friendly fun awaiting:

Westfield Topanga

Trick-Or-Treating at The Village | October 31 | 5-7 PM – In addition to “window to window” trick or treating, the center will also be offering arts, crafts, games, music, face painting, and more!

 Westfield Century City 

Trick-or-Treating at Century City | October 31 | 5-7 PM – Families are invited to celebrate Halloween at LA’s chicest mall where little ones can enjoy a safe, fun, and festive trick-or-treating experience.

With locations in both LA and the Valley, Westfield Century City and Westfield Topanga are premier destinations for shopping, entertainment, dining, and now spooky szn festivities! This Halloween, make sure to stop by either location and participate in everyone’s favorite Halloween tradition – trick-or-treating.

Haunted Hayride x Hulu

There’s a lot of scary fun to go around this year, and even Hulu is throwing their hat into the mix in collaboration with an old LA Classic: Haunted Hayride! On Wednesday, October 26th from 8-9 pm, Hulu will be hosting an exclusive drag show at Haunted Hayride, featuring some of the world’s most iconic drag queens, including Jackie Beat, Monét X Change, Lady Bunny, and Manilla Luzon.

In addition, the show will take place between Monte Revolta’s sets for a musical and surely comical, frightening time!


Holiday parties are on the horizon, and if you hate them there’s an even better reason to throw your own group party this Fall and Winter! Bowlero Corp., the world’s leader in bowling entertainment, is making it easy (and fun) to gather up a group of your favorite people and celebrate with over 300 locations across the nation.

This end-of-year and holiday season, Bowlero is offering a variety of promotions that take into account the things everyone loves: drinks, desserts, and gifts! The holiday party promotions and information about planning your next party at Bowlero can be found at

In addition, Bowlero offers speciality packages and the ability to customize any event with one-on-one personal planners to assist. Sounds like a strike! Holiday Parties must be held between 11/28/22-1/15/23 to receive the offers above.


Bev, the cult favorite canned wine changing drinking culture for good, has officially launched their new Tasting Room in the heart of Venice, CA! Located across the street from Winston House and next door to the cult favorite Belles Beach House, this is an immersive destination serving as a discovery hub for female founded brands, local new music acts, and of course – a place to sip on the brand’s cult favorite, 0 sugar a canned wine.

Designed as an extension of their headquarters, the experiential destination is intended to highlight up and coming female businesses and creators. The tasting room has opened after the success of their Rosè Garden, which served as an outdoor destination for consumers during COVID.

When you need a little sippy pick-me-up, Bev’s the guilt-free go-to — now with an in-person experience!

Lo-Fi Aperitifs

If you’re looking to hold on to Summer just bit longer, or even if you’re only hoping to spritz up the Fall and Winter seasons a bit, Lo-Fi Aperitifs wants you to feel reassured that they’ve got you covered — recipes included!

From impressing friends and family, to just indulging for ourselves, there’s a Spritz for everyone, starting with the Amaro, or a Napa Negroni —  with both tapping into the Sweet Vermouth and Gentian Amaro. Lo-Fi has recipes covered for all types of drink preferences.Lo-Fi Aperitifs is made up of a team of spirits experts who have worked at iconic establishments, such as New York’s award-winning Italian café Dante and San Francisco’s beloved 15 Romolo.

CAMP @ Westfield Century City

CAMP, the immersive experience designed to help you and your family create playful and meaningful memories together! 

CAMP’s Magic Door is your family’s personal gateway to fun, creativity, and adventure! Known for its unique shop/play hybrid experience, CAMP offers rotating themed experiences all year long, ensuring that there is something new and different each time you visit. Each 45-minute immersive experience is family-friendly, however, CAMP also offers experiences tailored to specific age groups including kids ages 3 and up to tweens. There is something for everyone to enjoy at CAMP, so come zoom down the slides, explore cool toys and ways to play, dance in a disco cabin, or make some crafts!

If you’re looking to feast on something new at the hot spot, there’s a notable newcomer present!

Ardi’s Organics, the fast food restaurant that prioritizes organic ingredients, is now open at Westfield Century City to curb all your fast food cravings. With no GMO’s hormones, soy, fillers or artificial ingredients, everything on the menu at Ardi’s will leave you feeling replenished, nourished and satisfied.

Founded by Ardi Entezam, a previous fine dining restaurateur, Ardi’s Organics was born out of his passion for food and desire to provide healthy fast food as a yummy alternative to local Angelenos. All burgers are made with organic grass fed beef, and gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options are all available. A few of Ardi’s best sellers include the Nacho Cheese Burger, Turkey Club Salad, Fresh Cut Fry’s, and Turkey Nuggets! Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, and Ardi’s has delicious guilt-free desserts including chocolate chip cookies made with avocado oil, dark chocolate sun butter cups, and charcoal blast Ardi-o’s (Ardi’s take on the Oreo).

Restaurants @ Westfield Topanga & The Village

There’s a reason why Katsu-ya’s 25 restaurants are sold out pretty much every night. Known for their one-of-a-kind rolls, exquisite cocktails, and spectacular sushi, Katsu-ya is a dream destination for your next splurge-worthy date night! Sushi lovers, trust me, you will not be disappointed! 

Date night doesn’t have to mean fancy outfits and a prestigious restaurant, sometimes a casual outfit with delicious food can do the trick! If this sounds up your alley, be sure to check out Westfield Topanga’s Fresh Italian Kitchen. With everything from Ceasar salad to chicken Parmesan, Fresh Italian Kitchen’s simple, delicious meals are sure to leave you and your partner walking out happy.

If you’re looking for a spot to celebrate life’s special moments, Larsen’s Steakhouse is the place for you. Specializing in highly marbled, prime grade meat, and a unique, diligent method of preparation, Larsen’s makes sure guests are treated to the best steak they’ve ever eaten! This, combined with their charming, romantic atmosphere, makes this spot the perfect place for you and your partner to celebrate a romantic night out.

Popular East Coast bakery Modern Bread & Bagel, has just opened its first West Coast location at Westfield Topanga & The Village! Modern Bread & Bagel is home of the famous hand rolled, kettle boiled, freshly baked gluten-free bread. From donuts and cupcakes to sandwiches and salads, Modern Bread & Bagel prides itself on being 100% kosher and gluten-free so that everyone can enjoy their favorite foods… without a stomach ache.

Head baker, Orly, developed Modern Bread & Bagel while she was catering to her husband’s celiac disease with a goal to recreate his favorite foods without compromising taste. After dedicating herself to years of school and research, Orly perfected her specialty gluten-free flour blend and mastered the craft of delicious GF baked goods, breads, and pastries. Shortly after, the first Modern Bread & Bagel opened in New York and was a huge hit among all foodies, even those who weren’t gluten-free!

With more than 50 restaurants to choose from, Westfield Topanga & The Village is the place to be for your next date night. And if coffee and snacks are more your thing, see their extensive list of available options here:

Genghis Cohen

Happy hour anyone? The nearly 40-year-old, New York-style Chinese restaurant Genghis Cohen from Marc Rose and Med Abrous of Call Mom is launching an incredible happy hour beginning Tuesday, October 18th. Guests can enjoy $8 cocktails and more at this iconic Fairfax District institution.

Every Tuesday through Thursday from 3pm-7pm, guests can enjoy $8 Szechuan Margaritas, Old School Mai Tais, Bloody Marys (add an egg roll garnish for $1) alongside $8 glasses of sparkling, white and red wine and $5 Tsing Tao beer. Additionally, the team has created a special menu of happy hour snacks like egg rolls, fried & steam dumplings, fried butterfly shrimp and cold sesame noodles (all $5).

It’s the perfect spot to wait out rush hour for a drink and a bite at their newly-opened patio or to meet up with friends before catching a comedy show or musical act at Genghis Cohen’s adjoined venue.

Happening @ Beauty & Essex

Whether it’s a date night or catching up with friends and family, Beauty & Essex is great for all occasions! The month of October brings some delicious menu options to the restaurant, as Dine LA begins, and as they do their part for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out the details below:

Dine LA: 
From October 14th- 27th, Beauty & Essex will be offering their $65 (per person) prix-fixe menu for Dine LA. Guests can expect fan-favorites from Chef Chris Santos like the grilled cheese and tomato soup dumplings, half roasted chicken with a charred green onion chimichurri, and a boozy milkshake shot for dessert.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 
For the month of October, Beauty & Essex LA will have a Pink Wonder Wheel dessert special and will be donating $1 per select desserts and $100 per select beverage packages throughout the month of October to the American Cancer Society.

NEW: Kite Beauty

Holiday season for many means travel season, and at this time of year, convenience wins. Kite Beauty gets that and has come up with the perfect solution with a new TSA-friendly, go anywhere glow-up travel essential: On the Glow Concealer!

Kite Beauty is here with the perfect stocking stuffer to make sure you and your loved ones look their best and travel lighter this holiday season! AAPI female founded by Nina Liu, Kite’s goal is to become the ultimate convenience beauty company by taking the stress and hassle out of beauty for those with busy lifestyles and tiny purses.

Kite is dedicated to making the lives easier of busy people everywhere – to the tired moms, stressed students, weekend warriors, boss ladies, and everyone in between. The super cute, business card-sized box with 6 pods of formula is specifically designed for optimized portability and formulated to build and blend seamlessly into bare skin or existing makeup. Smooth the appearance of worry lines, dark circles, and surprise pimples that arise throughout the travel day with the versatile product that can also be used as contour or highlighter in a pinch!

Whether a pre-holiday purchase, or a gift for yourself and those you know, Kite Beauty has you covered – literally!

Seratopical Revolution

Created by a female development team with all ages and skin types in mind, Seratopical Revolution’s skincare products were created to produce results without the need for surgery or botox. Seratopical Revolution’s serums & topicals will keep your skin illuminating all year long, making them the perfect gift for the women in your life.

Below are some of the best beauty favorites:

Emberela AURA Light Therapy Mask

Our skin can be fickle, and with the changing seasons and weather, it helps to have a little something around to help keep you in order. Meet Emberela AURA Light Therapy Mask — a mask that addresses different skin types and issues.
With five combinations of lights ( Red, Blue, Yellow and Multi-color), it’s a must-have mask for anyone that is trying to improve their skin tone, texture, acne issues, wrinkles, pigmentation and much more.
The Red Light has – 620nm
The Blue Light has – 460nm
The Yellow Light has – 590nm
The Multi-Color light has – 425nm
Lightweight, soft and flexible — unlike many hard, heavy, and stiff competitors — the Emberela AURA Light Therapy Mask is changing the skincare and beauty space by including built-in eye protection, and is made of food grade silicone which makes it easy to clean. This makes it easy to multitask, doing things like reading, watching tv, or cooking while enjoying your at-home therapy session. Another benefit the mask includes is it’s the only one that comes with a customized stand for applying the mask to your hands — which is one of the first places that aging shows. The AURA mask is available here for $119


Sweaty season doesn’t end with Summer for everyone! OH.SO is a small California-created self-care essentials brand that harnesses the awesome power of colloidal silver. The brand uses only the highest-quality, Mother Nature-inspired ingredients and contain no chemicals, cruelty, gluten, or GMOs. PITS & PARTS enables you to refresh your sweaty zones throughout the day without chemicals and with colloidal silver. Cedarwood + Vetiver has a unisex scent that works for everyone, and other options include Grapefruit + Orange, Coconut + Mint, Geranium + Lavender, and more. Certified USDA organic for your health. Break a sweat with confidence!


Kindly is on a mission to make the world a kinder place by designing products that are kind to your body, kind to your wallet, and kind to the planet. Incredibly convenient, Kindly has partnered with Walmart to bring you the first-ever plant-based bra cup made from sugarcane, and a collection of intimates sourced from recycled materials. The brand can be found exclusively on, in over 3,000 Walmart locations nationwide and through Walmart’s affiliate program. With prices ranging from $10 – $20, you will never have to choose between function, planet, or price – and that’s a pretty kind thing to do!


Idyl’s lab-grown diamonds include a modular design, meaning just one diamond stud (from $275) can be inserted into a variety of Idyl’s earrings and necklaces. Worn by Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Nina Agdal, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, and more, they’ve become a celeb-loved classic. Diamonds and sustainability can exist together.


Erin Sachse and her eponymous brand launched  in 2015, after spending years hand making jewelry pieces. Erin would take old camera parts and weave/twist them into chic jewelry, and when she was young, would sell them outside of her dorm room. Her handmade items were so exquisite, that major stores started to buy them off of her body including Fred Segal and Anthropologie at the age of 18!
Now, years later, Eriness is carried by luxury retailers around the world including Goop and London Jewelers and adorned by a loyal clientele including Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, Lupita Nyong’o and Miley Cyrus. Eriness is recognized in the industry for their cheerful mix of diamonds and gemstones, and stands out in the fine jewelry space due to how colorful yet luxurious the pieces are.


Zany&Shy’s mission is to empower women to step into their femininity and desire to do good in the world without sacrificing luxury. With 18k solid gold, hand-made offerings include bespoke yet dainty rings, necklaces, and bracelets such as their Arielle Necklace ($1,348), Belle Hoops ($4,121), Emily Hoops ($2,662), Giselle Bracelet ($2,233), and much more.

SET Active

Honing in on the “Anywhere” element of the brand philosophy (intended to keep you SET for anything, anytime, anywhere), SET Active has introduced limited edition drops throughout 2022 inspired by a different location, allowing shoppers to experience these uniquely special places through the SET lens, no matter where they are in the world.

In August, The Miami Collection delivered the ultimate taste of The 305 with 6 brand new color ways, including Flamingo, Little Havana, Basel, Sunshine, Vice and Heat — plus a limited edition style, The Sporty Skirt: Just-mini-enough to take you from workout to night out.

Their most recent drop, The New York City Collection only continues the trend of turning up the heat and looks! Known for drops that sell out within hours, this capsule will be no exception. SET Active Collections can be purchased at 


No matter the season, it’s nice to get out to the beach, lake, river, or whatever body of water you enjoy. But once you’ve finished splashing around for a bit, you’re bound to need three things: warmth, dryness, and a change of clothes. dryrobe’s got you covered — literally!

dryrobe created the first weather-proof, versatile changing robe to make changing outside warm and easy. And even when you’re not changing, it makes for the perfect toasty overcoat in between your bouts in the water. If you’re feeling more daring and bold, be like Rita Ora and make a fashion statement, because there is no wrong way or time to stay warm! dryrobe helps to maintain your core temperature, and also wicks water away from your skin in order to dry you quicker after any water activity. It’s the ultimate all-season, multi-functioning coverall!

And that’s not all! dryrobe’s additional benefits include:

  • Waterproof and windproof outer shell fabric made from 100% recycled nylon
  • Super-warm synthetic lambswool lining made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Tailored, fitted sleeves with hook and loop fasteners at the wrist
  • Treated with eco-friendly BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water-repellent technology
  • Full length 2-way reversible YKK® zip
  • Minimal sealed seam construction
  • Deep, fleece-lined external zip pockets
  • Huge ‘A4’ size internal, soft-lined ‘poacher’ pocket
  • Internal waterproof zip entry pocket – ideal for phone/wallet
  • Super light construction – approx 1.3kg (dependant on size)

Rebecca Crews

With the holiday season slowly approaching us, it’s always important to show your loved ones how much they mean to you! If you’re stumped over what to give the women in your life that likes the finer things, look no further than to Rebecca Crews!

With prices starting as low as $40 for lipsticks and up to $22k for a crocodile duffle bag, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces for those with luxe, exquisite taste. From a wide range of bold colored lipsticks to exotic snakeskin accessories, leather pants and trench coats, Rebecca Crews has extraordinary gifts for the woman worth the splurge!


DRIVEWAY PARADISE is the sports-meets-streetwear lifestyle brand redefining “athleisure” through environmentally conscious, performance technology and a nostalgic aesthetic.

Officially launched on Friday, September 30th, DRIVEWAY PARADISE’s first Fall 2022 Capsule Collection features two new product categories that fuse the brand’s latest plant-based fabric innovations with an irreverently cool, retro-athletic vibe. Made from a proprietary blend of cotton, Isatis Root, and spandex, this collection will include a vintage-inspired, hybrid sports polo-meets-soccer kit and a turbo-juiced pair of athletic shorts designed to be worn in, worn out, and worn everywhere.

Istasis Root – traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties in Eastern medicine – contains the naturally antimicrobial extract of radix isatidis, which allows the fabric to maintain an always fresh look and feel – no matter how often you get your sweat on. During the plant-based fabric creation process, the use of a special technology distributes the extract of radix isatidis evenly to fibers promoting durability and product lifespan.

Istasis root also contains various amino acids and protein-polysaccharide, delivering a breathable, nourishing effect on the skin.
Built with speed, performance and comfort in mind, DRIVEWAY PARADISE promises to deliver the ultimate semi-performance essentials perfect for lounging, hitting the back nine, sneaking in a quick tennis match, and beyond.

The DRIVEWAY PARADISE Fall 2022 Capsule is available for purchase on


Whether you want to give a gift for an expecting mom to practice some TLC like loungewear, a skin-to-skin top for a new parent to hold their new baby,  a mommy & me matching outfit, or an adjustable Sleepsuit, look no further than to Kate-Middleton approved maternity label Seraphine. Seraphine offers clothing & accessories for new & expecting parents across categories ranging from intimates to outerwear to baby-wearing clothing. You can learn more about Seraphine and see more of their offerings at their website.

Lisa Todd

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there is no shortage of initiatives benefitting the cause. Throughout the entire month of October, Lisa Todd will donate 25% of net proceeds to The Pink Agenda from their top 3 Iconic heart sweaters of the season (Love Lines, Ice Breaker and Love is Back).

The brand, known for their mission to “create a line of decidedly ‘anti-basic’ basics,” brings together a seamless beauty throughout their pieces, complete with coziness, timelessness, and a confidence-boosting affect.


If you’ve got golf on the books this season, then how about minding your posture? Forme technology is embedded into each of their posture correcting wearables, whether it’s the athletic Ace Tee, the extra cushioned Arch Booster Socks, the eco-friendly Core Tee, or the Ace Polo.

Pro golfers and caddies alike love Forme’s wearable tech that improves their performance on and off the course, from active time to downtime.

The science lies in Forme’s ability to engage muscle memory, improving posture and reducing related musculoskeletal pain for better performance and faster recovery. Their performance wearables are perfect for daily wear, training, competition, travel, sleep, and general back care, and are the perfect device to stay injury free for more play and better play. All of Forme’s products are FDA registered and made in the USA.

Find more benefits for golfers below:

  • Correct alignment, naturally and sustainably

  • Increase rotation and mobility

  • Open up chest and hips

  • Decrease neck, shoulder, and back pain

Stratosphere 41

For some people, health and fitness never stop — even when it gets a little chilly out. Luckily, there is always a way to make things better, and with Stratosphere 41 Yoga Towels, they’ve done just that. Strosphere41 yoga towels launched earlier this year by Lauran Grant with the goal of enticing yogi’s to roll out their mats and get sweating! The mats feature incredible perks that you can’t find just anywhere, and are perfect for individuals that love fitness, yoga or pilates. Stratosphere 41’s Yoga Towels are available for $38.

What makes these towels so hot:

  • SUPER absorbent for your Hot Yoga or Pilates Sessions
  • Made out of microfiber – they dry in half the time of a cotton towel
  • Bright, stylish pattern to match your outfit! (no more boring, neutral yoga towels!)
  • Bring them to every workout!
  • Measurements: 24″ x 72″


SHALAJ recently gathered numerous people who adore street culture and dressed in SHALAJ’s MOMENTS and DECEPTION collections to takeover Times Square. They created a unique experience presented to those passing by on the busy New York streets viewing SHALAJ’s collections with their bare eyes. A powerful scene was was on display, showing the core of the street culture using SHALAJ’s garments harmoniously with the powerful identity that the city of New York brings out.

Aligning with the value that the brand withholds from using the human figure as blank canvas, to perform their fine art on top of the canvas of New York City, SHALAJ created their own gallery in the middle of Time Square. You can shop their latest collection here.

SHALAJ is creating their paths rather than following the footsteps of others by persevering their very own attitude and creating moments to grab the eyes of people who have a love of street culture and art.


Women’s shapewear is one of the biggest trending markets these last couple of years, and this train won’t be stopping anytime soon! Pinsy’s mission is to create Shapewear that can be worn as outerwear, allowing women to “have it all: Style, Comfort, Support and Function.” With the goal of empowering women to love their bodies and ditch the idea that shapewear has to be hidden and embarrassing, Pinsy is innovative and size-inclusive, making them a great fit for holiday gifts or seasonal transition pieces.


Daniel Patrick

Australian-founded luxury streetwear brand, Daniel Patrick is here to make a statement!

Founder, Daniel Patrick moved to the US in 2011 and launched his first line with his wife Jenny in 2012. At a young age, Daniel was fascinated by clothes as early as the age of four and he only became more intrigued by age. From following his father’s footsteps and playing rugby he eventually made the switch to pursue fashion. Daniel pulls inspiration from his favorite cities, LA and NY, his love of hip hop music, while also combining his athletic background with a minimal and militant appeal, each collection unfolds. His pieces are now loved by NBA players and continues to expand. From RTW, to shoes and accessories – Daniel is taking luxury streetstyle to the next level.

All pieces are unisex and available on starting at $45.

The Sunday Collective

The Sunday Collective is a NYC-based label that offers sustainably made clothing for ages 3-12. Their gender-neutral designs are made for growing children and incorporate adjustable straps, cuffed sleeves, and flexible waistbands for their perfect fit. Everything is made with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and can be passed down between children or amongst friends. The brand uses ethical production practices that utilize organic and post-consumer recycled materials and 100% recyclable tape, tissue paper, and packaging for all their items.

Their FW22 Collection is a must-have and the collection ranges in price $22-$180 and is available on their website

Robert Barakett

Robert Barakett just launched their Fall ’22 collection, which is now available on their site. With the SoCal weather finally cooling down, it’s about time  to make the seasonal wardrobe transition. The newest pieces from Robert Barakett are not only sleek and elegant, but they will give your wardrobe versatility. From sophisticated designs to the subtlety of the refined fabrics, the brand’s garments always combine beautiful form with comfort.

The Robert Barakett team takes pride in their factories’ superior workmanship and attention to excellence from design to finish.

Franco Sarto: FLEXA Collection

Franco Sarto, a brand born of Italian shoemakers and rooted in artistry and craft, is raising the bar on footwear innovation with the FLEXA Collection: boots with contour, form, and flexibility like never before.

Inspired by historic shoemaking techniques originating from Bologna, the Franco Sarto design team takes flex technology to new levels with an ultra-light, ultra-flexible shankless shoe construction with 7mm of luxurious handstitched foam for cloud-like cushioning and a contoured, glove-like fit unlike any other. The result: sleek, high-heeled styles with a destructed feel and tangibly increased comfort and flexibility like never before.

“Our vision for FLEXA was to craft the most comfortable boots we’ve ever made, looking to the heritage of Italian craftsmanship for inspiration,” says Creative Director Gionata Pagni. “With FLEXA, women can feel both beautiful and free to move in their own artful, inspiring ways.”

Comprised of three essential fall styles, the FLEXA collection features a tall boot (FLEXA Tall), mid-calf bootie (FLEXA Bootie), and square-toe slide (FLEXA Slide), crafted in stunning flexible leather with rich, fall-inspired hues. FLEXA styles are now available starting at $160.00 on and select retail partners.

To embody the flexibility and contour of the FLEXA collection, we commissioned world-renowned Physical Poetry artist Erika Lemay in a gravity-defying performance, combining aerial artistry and awe- inspiring movement to put our FLEXA boots to the true test.

“Ultimately, details don’t lie. I thought performing in high-heeled boots would be challenging. When I tried on the FLEXA boots and started moving, they felt like a second skin. They are so flexible and allow for full ankle movement. My foot felt supported even when suspended by one foot,” shared Lemay.

Amani Saab

This season, some unexpected material trends have been seen on runways and walking SoHo’s streets. From sheer maxis to feather-overload and elevated sportswear, the trend is the reinvigoration of sequin-mania. Adding a light-catching sparkle to dress up any casual daytime fit has been an unexpected styling trick walking the streets of Fashion Week.

“With mindful design at the core of the brand’s values, Amani Saab releases exclusive capsule collections on a made-to-order basis to avoid over production. A refined selection of materials are carefully sourced, ranging from new, eco-friendly and surplus designer fabrics to create responsible, unique pieces.”

Trina Turk

Sequins, metallics, feathers, and fringes are just a few highlights from Trina Turk’s Fall ’22 collection. On the cutting edge of the next big fashion trends, Trina Turk encompasses all things luxury and fashion.

The brand is, “inspired by the multicultural mix, creativity, craftsmanship, architecture, and landscape of California – a synergy that permeates the contemporary, colorful aesthetic of her women’s clothing line. Bold signature prints and dynamic hues add playful character to dresses, tops, bottoms, suiting, sets, and swimwear. Trina Turk style incorporates beautiful fabrications and impeccable quality for effortless élan and carefree glamour, ready for your next vacation, weekend brunch, or any event on your calendar.”

Trina Turk has partnered with BedHead PJs to launch her first-ever sleepwear collection! The capsule is a combination of Trina Turk’s iconic prints and BedHead PJs bestselling fabrics and silhouettes.  This chic collection features beautiful styles for women, men, and even your pup! Ideal for gifting your loved ones, your furry friends – and of course, yourself!

This new sleepwear collection features over a dozen key pieces, including sleepwear sets, caftans, chemises – and matching prints for your furry friends – in BedHead PJs luxe jersey and poplin fabrications, made with organically grown cotton and 100% silk charmeuse. Women’s sleepwear styles areavailable in sizes XS-XL, ranging from $98 – $248; men’s styles in sizes XS-XXL, ranging from $98 – $120; and we can’t forget nightwear for the pups – available in sizes XS-XL, at $30.


Elizée delivers exquisitely designed heels, featuring buttery soft Italian leathers and a unique insole engineered to provide an ultra-wearable luxury experience. The brand’s signature Plush Contour insole, developed in collaboration with podiatrists, combines layers of memory foam and responsive gel cushioning to reduce pressure in the forefoot, absorb impact, and provide maximum cushion and stability.

Capturing the attention of celebrities, stylists and editors with its unparalleled beauty and comfort, Elizée was founded by its CEO and Creative Director, Erika Carrero who has a desire to reshape luxury footwear. Erika transitioned from the tech startup boardroom to the world of luxury fashion with a collection of exquisitely designed Italian high heels, engineered to empower the modern woman’s versatile lifestyle by delivering styles that are both gorgeous and comfortable. From heels to booties, each style is handcrafted in a family-run artisan factory outside of Milan, using breathable Italian leathers sourced from certified sustainable tanneries. All styles are available on their website, here.


Kaiyo, the leading full-service marketplace for secondhand furniture, recently announced its West Coast expansion giving second-hand furniture lovers the option to now shop and sell pre-loved furniture. Kaiyo offers an incredible selection of furniture from top brands like Restoration Hardware, Design Within Reach, West Elm, and many more at up to 90% off retail for every home decor style and location. Whether you’re looking for a beach aesthetic or a more chic look, Kaiyo has your go to pieces no matter your California residence.

  • For the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills Home:

    • Explore Kaiyo’s selection of entirely unique and luxurious pieces to complete your Beverly Hills abode, whether it’s a vintage California Bungalow or Sprawling Estate.

  • For the Santa Monica or Venice Home:

    • Kaiyo’s selection of nature-inspired beige and white tones will add the perfect touch of Coastal Grandma Aesthetic to your beach house decor.

  • For the Los Feliz/Silverlake Home:

HUF x Lost Farm by Kiva Confections

What do you get when two iconic California brands collaborate? An impeccable result! Legendary skate brand, HUF, and edibles trailblazer, Lost Farm by Kiva Confections, teamed up for HUF’s first ever cannabis collaboration. Launched October 7th, the capsule collection includes a merch collection, alongside a limited edition Chew and Gummy that uniquely blends skate & streetwear roots with the strains and cities near and dear to both brand’s hearts — SF & LA. The collection aims to further highlight the synergies between cannabis, streetwear, and skate culture.

In addition to Gummies and Chews, customers will be able to get their hands on limited edition merch including graphic tees, socks, clocks, and more. Lost Farm x HUF will be available in dispensaries across California, with merch available for purchase at HUF locations, select skate shops and Zumiez for a limited time.


With the holidays quickly approaching, beat your hangover and the post-holiday party regrets with a Cann Cranberry Sage! With a delicious mix of tart and earthy notes, this limited edition flavor will give you the uplifting buzz we all need this season without any of the alcohol induced side effects. With all-natural ingredients, a fast onset, only 35 calories per can, and the promise of no hangover, it’s perfectly crafted to be your go-to treat all winter long and the perfect beverage for your Thanksgiving spread!

Cann also recently just swept the Clio Cannabis Awards, taking home a total of 15 awards, including Brand of The Year. Since launching in 2019, the celebrity backed company has grown massively and surpassed over 10 million units in sales with support from fans and celebrity investors alike. Are you ready to ditch the eggnog and party like a true Hollywood celeb this holiday season?

Time Machine

Time Machine, the smalls brand quickly becoming known for its whopping 28-pack jar of pre-rolls, has officially introduced vaporizers into its product family. Even better, they’ve got something for everyone! With an assortment at their disposal, it’s like Halloween for adults.

Time Machine 510 vapes are currently available in 6 strains at over 400 retailers across California:

  • Mango Sunrise (Sativa): Calming & Uplifting with notes of mango, citrus, and candy

  • Banana Laffy (Sativa): Calming & Uplifting with notes of fruit and banana

  • Apple-a-Day (Hybrid): Energetic with apple, tart, and fruity notes

  • Kantaloupe Cush (Hybrid): Calming with fresh, sweet, and melon notes

  • PB&J (Indica): Peaceful & Relaxed with peanut, strawberry, and raspberry notes

  • Blueberry Puffin’ (Indica): Focused & Peaceful with blueberry, bread, and sugar notes

From the Pacific Stone family of farms, Time Machine first launched in April with a line of flower and pre-rolls. Each Time Machine product contains a QR code that directs customers to engaging graphic novel content meant to be enjoyed while smoking.


Looking for a Wyld time? This might be the one for you!

The cannabis scene continues to expand at rapid pace with new innovations, profiles, and flavors. That’s no different for this brand, whose delicious product is formulated with the same real fruit ingredients and natural flavors as the rest of their existing product portfolio. Wyld has introduced a new Sour Apple flavored gummy that is sativa-enhanced, and also includes a proprietary blend of food-grade botanical terpenes to maximize the effects of each product’s cannabinoid profile.

Don’t pass up the sweet treats this holiday! Wyld is available in OR, CA, CO, NV, AZ, MI, and WA for an MSRP of $20.

Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone released six new strains, toward the end of Summer, and they’re only got more on the way. The drop included Gelato 41, Sherbert, Sherblato, Mango Kush, Grape Pie and The MAC.

In addition Pacific Stone has been working closely with Dear Cannabis to donate over $1M in retail value to medical patients, and will be continuing its partnership for the foreseeable future.

Here are the highlights from their hybrid strains and indica strains:

  • (H) Gelato 41 is a hybrid strain that is high in THC and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind. This strain has buds that grow in an array of colors, from light green to purple, with trichomes that put out a sweet and pine aroma alongside hints of lavender. Gelato 41 is potent and the high is best reserved for those looking for a new heavy-hitter.

  • (H) Sherbert is an indica-dominant hybrid that exhibits powerful, full-body effects that are elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy and carefree state of mind. Sherbert boasts a THC level that may be overwhelming to novice cannabis consumers. The high potency of Sherbert makes it an ideal choice for those seeking relief from symptoms associated with stress, tension, and mood disorders. This strain features a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and candy. Sherbert flowers into oblong fluffy nugs with rich trichome coverage and dark amber hairs throughout light and dark green foliage.

  • (H) Sherblato is a THC powerhouse with heavy physical effects. Expect buds to be dark green in color with heavy trichome production. Flavors are freshly crushed earth and spicy, bringing about euphorically sedative effects. Lovers of couchlock strains or anyone seeking relief from anxiety should give this strain a try.

Pacific Stone New Indica Strains

  • (I) Mango Kush tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. Its frosty heavily dense buds are covered with thick shiny trichomes and bright orange pistils. This indica strain will leave you happy and giggly with a relaxing body high.

  • (I) Grape Pie looks just like a classic old school indica purp strain with terpy trichomes that offer delicious sour and sugary grape aromas. This strain gives off a high that may initially bring you up with euphoria before landing you down on the couch for munchies and the television.

  • (I) The MAC (aka Mac1) will give you an uplifting, euphoric head high that you can enjoy at any time of day accompanied by its upbeat effects. It grows into fluffy buds with milky trichomes and aromas described as buttery, and citrusy!

Lo-Fi Wants To Spritz Up Your Spirit Game

Lo-Fi Wants To Spritz Up Your Spirit Game

There are some things in life that are just perfect, and able to create an unparalleled mood you always come back to. Some of those perfect things include lo-fi music, lo-fi aesthetic, and now Lo-Fi Aperitifs! If you’re looking to hold on to Summer just bit longer, or even if you’re only hoping to spritz up the Fall and Winter seasons a bit, Lo-Fi Aperitifs wants you to feel reassured that they’ve got you covered — recipes included!

From impressing friends and family, to just indulging for ourselves, there’s a Spritz for everyone, starting with the Amaro, or a Napa Negroni —  with both tapping into the Sweet Vermouth and Gentian Amaro. Lo-Fi has recipes covered for all types of drink preferences.Lo-Fi Aperitifs is made up of a team of spirits experts who have worked at iconic establishments, such as New York’s award-winning Italian café Dante and San Francisco’s beloved 15 Romolo. In addition to recipes, they also gave us some of the best tips, advice, and insight on fortified wines, vermouths, amaros, and the Lo-Fi team. Read on for more on what makes Lo-Fi a must-buy, with commentary straight from Victoria Canty, the spirits expert behind the magical team!

What are some top must-try recipes recommended by the Lo-Fi team?

“Lo-Fi is so amazing on its own so I love to start simple. Dry Vermouth and Tonic (we call it the V+T) is such an easy refreshing way to use our Lo-Fi Dry. Botanicals like elderflower, chamomile and fennel really play well with the bittersweet elements of tonic. Two of my faves come from Fevertree. Their Mediterranean and Cucumber tonics are so crushable with the dry and it’s my favorite go-to sipper. Garnish with a lemon or get creative with herbs-you can’t go wrong! 

For the Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth, I gotta say the High Point– just that + coconut water. That’s it. There’s coconut in the vermouth and it just is shockingly good for being so simple. Do try at home. If you wanna up the ante, put it in a freshly opened coconut and live your best life! 

And for the Gentian Amaro, she is a spritz queen! That’s not the only thing Gentian shines in but it’s truly a delicious combo. A little Lo-Fi Amaro, some dry bubbly, a splash of soda and a grapefruit slice will be just the perfect combo to see how it shines. There’s a few things this expression does well. Use this to make any drink pink, anything with tequila or mezcal just gets better with it, it goes in as a replacement amaro and if you’re feeling adventurous, use it in place of anything with red (sweet) vermouth. 

Do try a Napa Negroni to have a California spin on the classic. It’s light and refreshing, a soft pink color, with a round and floral palette. The best part is it’s super easy with just equal parts Gin, Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro, and Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth all stirred together. If you like Negronis, you’ll love this CA twist.”

Where does Lo-Fi draw inspiration, and determine the best ingredients?

“I totally look at the label, all of the Lo-Fi Aperitif bottles have the ingredients on them which is so nice for both transparency and inspiration. I like to take the botanicals or the fruit elements that are on the bottle and use sodas, juices, bitters, liqueurs and garnishes that are either the same or super complimentary.  

As an example, Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth is clear, barely has sugar in it and it has all these baking spice notes, one of the main ingredients is coconut. It’s not your average sweet vermouth with caramel coloring and a lot of weight from sugar. It’s clean and delightful. So… in comes the High Point cocktail: just sweet vermouth and coconut water! It’s a sure thing if you’re into coconut.

Don’t forget to think of complimentary flavors too. The Dry Vermouth for instance, has fennel. I love fennel with strawberries so working strawberries into a dry vermouth cocktail would be a total win win and compliments so much that’s in it! Again, look at the label for inspo. I love looking at the farmers market for fresh ingredients to experiment with too and I am a total sucker for following bartenders on instagram for cocktail recipes. On the @lofiaperirifs instagram, they have been doing a thing called Mod Squad where Lo-Fi is the go-to modifier. They repost a lot of amazing recipes with all of the expressions and it’s super fun to recreate those from the best in the biz. Lo-Fi Aperitifs is so fun and easy to work with. The possibilities are nearly endless!”

You can find where to buy Lo-Fi Aperitifs here, while also keeping an eye out for any upcoming recipes and releases from the brand!