Hold On To Summer with FUNBOY Fine Art Prints

Hold On To Summer with FUNBOY Fine Art Prints

Summer is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto the warmer moods throughout the Fall and Winter months. With Winter just around the corner — and with travel plans on hiatus, we’re all yearning for a little piece of paradise. That’s why FUNBOY is launching its first-ever line of Fine Art Prints, designed to bring the joy of summer directly to your walls! This limited-edition photography collection will transport you to a happy place, bring travel and adventure into the comfort of your own home.


The upscale collection was created in partnership with the up and coming photographer, Brecht Van’t Hoff, as well as Max Samis — the creator of House of Spoils. House of Spoils, located walking distance from FUNBOY’s Venice, CA headquarters, supports a collective of emerging artists to bring their works to life. Both brands believe in elevating the community and bringing fun and art to everyone’s home — whether floating in your pool or hanging out indoors. 


Each museum-quality art print is available in 5 sizes and 3 free frame options, starting at $165. All orders are shipped straight to your home with everything you need to seamlessly hang on your walls and transport your spirit this winter. Expertly printed and framed in the USA, all artwork is made to order just for you! Go ahead and hang on to Summer!

Pulp Culture Wants You to Have the Better-For-You Booze

Pulp Culture Wants You to Have the Better-For-You Booze

Summer is over, but that doesnt mean booze is over! And with Mercury entering retrograde (again) until November 3rd, we’re going to need to keep the booze chilled and ready to go. That’s why it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about a new company who puts the “B” in “booze,” where “B” means “best!” This past Spring, Pulp Culture launched the healthiest booze on the planet. Seriously!
Boasting four function-first blends — THINK, HUSTLE, RESTORE, and RELAX — Pulp Culture was designed by high performers, for high performers, to enhance our everyday lives and take the edge off with a health-conscious alcohol. Not only is Pulp Culture not bad for you — it’s actually good for you — packed with probiotics, adaptogens, immune boosters, and all ingredients transparently listed on the front of the can. Pulp Culture’s “hard pressed juice” features a wide array of fruity flavors, like guava, passionfruit, and strawberry, backed by nature’s health food warriors, including turmeric, milk thistle, and even superfood mushrooms! Each flavorful blend suits any of your life’s needs, whether you’re knocking out that after-work report, or setting the mood for that long overdue vacation… but there’s something else.


Yeah, yeah, those are all great, but what about the mushy stuff? Well, that fiery, can’t-stop-won’t-stop feeling (and flavor) is here too. Besides, what’s anything without a little love thrown in? During these trying times, love is what fuels our fire, along with love for ourselves, each other, and our environment. In creating their first limited-edition blend, Pulp Culture’s goal was to bring light to love, enhancing the unrivaled feeling in the form of a guilt-free libation. 
Mark McTavish, CEO & Co-Founder says, “A true labor of love, this is a seasonal release with serious superfood sex appeal! When adding a new function-based formulation to our lineup, we felt it was appropriate to bring the world something that we could all use more of… LOVE. Juicy pineapple and pomegranate bring pleasure to your palate, while maca and damiana will leave you feeling frisky. Last but not least, cordyceps is a powerful adaptogenic aphrodisiac that boosts stamina and vitality.” 

Pulp Culture’s LOVE blend launched on September 8th, and won’t be around too long, so indulge while you can!

Better For You Facts to Take Away:

  • ALL ingredients on the front of the can
  • Immunity boosting
  • Botanical adaptogens
  • 6 billion CFUs probiotics/can
  • Zero sugar
  • 99 calories
  • Full spectrum fermentation – 100% mother nature
  • 4.9% ABV
  • 4-packs available at Pulp Culture for $14.99

About Pulp Culture

Pulp Culture is the epitome of a “better for you” beverage. Pulp Culture uses fresh, source-verified ingredients, resulting in a zero sugar, low calorie, “better for you” alcohol. Every blend contains only the ingredients seen on the front label of the can. It is naturally fermented, raw pressed juice that’s sourced from local farms, and fermented for three months, yielding a naturally alcoholic and certified probiotic beverage. This drink ensures you are getting all of the benefits that Mother Nature intended: billions of live probiotic cultures, and a vast array of beneficial vitamins and nutrients found in the plants used for fermentation. Cold-pressed juice just got healthier and hangovers have officially left the building. Enjoy a drink with mother nature and get to know her wild side.

About Mark McTavish (CEO & Co-Founder):

Raised in the apple growing region of southwest Ontario, Mark began his career in the craft beverage industry at the age of 19. Soon after earning his Bachelor of Commerce at Canada’s top beverage management school, Mark established his foothold in the marketplace by opening one of the first craft bars in Canada in 2003.

After helping to pioneer the craft beer industry in Canada, Mark followed his other passion and built a successful career in the commercial fitness business.  With a focus on product design and brand development, Mark spent nearly a decade working with fitness professionals across North America. Mark’s career path came full circle when he realized his dream to craft the healthiest alcoholic beverages on the planet; a convergence of two industries that had previously seemed to be an impossible pairing.


A devout vegan since the age of 14, Brendan is the formulator and cofounder of Vega (an industry leader in plant based nutrition). He is also the bestselling author of the Thrive book series, as well as  Editor-in-Chief of Alive Magazine. As a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon champion, Brendan is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on plant-based performance nutrition.

Brendan invests in and works with socially responsible food and tech companies, whose mandate is to fix our food system and reduce the environmental strain of food production. As of July 2018, Brendan had not enjoyed an alcoholic beverage in 14 years. This all changed when he discovered 101 Cider House at his local Whole Foods Market, learned about the unrivaled production process, and felt motivated to join the team.

Spore Launches to Deliver Health-Boosting Mushroom Supplements

Spore Launches to Deliver Health-Boosting Mushroom Supplements

These days, our health and wellbeing is more thought about probably ever before. The good thing is you can never take too many measures to protect yourself from illness — including the current pandemic we’re all facing right now. With perfect timing, Spore has entered the scene! This new consumer wellness supplement company just launched in September, and they aim to transform our health through the use of functional mushrooms. Spore separates itself from competitors by pioneering a holistic approach to modern medicine with the use of mushrooms, its unique founder story, and helping people regain control of their health from the inside out with their breakthrough line of science-based nutritional supplements. We know, you’re probably thinking, “What’s so special about mushrooms?” Well, it turns out a whole lot! We’re happy to fill you in on what could be the next big health trend with a special Q&A with Spore’s co-founder, Michael Zavet.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), Michael was determined to find a holistic and all-natural solution, which led him to discover that functional mushrooms are a potent and effective treatment. In conjunction with their launch, Spore is committed to partnering with and donating a percentage of all revenues to organizations that are dedicated to researching and discovering transformative treatments for MS. Spore’s supplements effectively improve immunity, increase energy, balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and improve sleep and are ideal for those who want to gain lasting control over their overall quality of life.

Spore is available in five different powerful varieties:

  • Mike’s Mushroom Mix – Looking for an everyday, well-rounded mushroom blend that gives your body the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to support your overall health? Mike’s got you covered. This powerful blend of 10 functional mushrooms will keep your body balanced and optimized to perform all day, every day. This blend is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and keeps harmful pathogens in check and your body in an optimal state of balance. Take this daily to feel the lasting effects and benefits. 

  • Chill Out – Combines the power of the Reishi mushroom with natural herbs like Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Valerian Root. Enjoy this blend in the evening and flood your body with tranquility to enjoy deep, restorative sleep every night.

  • Protect + Defend – Mix of Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms designed for supercharged immune function and longevity. Take it daily to support your overall health and keep your body’s defense operating at its full capacity.

  • Energy Performance – Powered by the Cordyceps and maitake mushrooms and enhanced with a potent mix of all-natural energy-boosting ingredients. This blend provides you with increased endurance and energy whenever you need it.

  • Focus Performance – Combines the cognitive boosting power of Lion’s Mane, the sustained energy from Cordyceps, and supported by Ashwagandhaand Gingko Biloba to provide increased cognitive enhancement and a mood-stabilizing effect. Helps to improve memory, expand creativity, and complete support for your brain’s neurological functioning.

Spore’s proprietary blends are sold for $49.99 for a monthly subscription at  SporeLifeSciences.com, and on Amazon beginning this month. Read on below for our Q&A where we get answers to burning questions, and learn some of the science behind Spore’s supplements.


Q & A With Spore Co-Founder, Michael Zavet

Q: Hi, Michael, and congratulations on the launch of Spore! I hear that you have a very unique story that helped contribute to the creation of Spore — and I’m sure it’s undoubtedly the core of why you do what you do. Can you tell us about your experience with MS, and how it helped to make Spore what it is today?

A: I think, like many people eventually diagnosed with the disease, MS had begun to affect me long before my diagnosis. I experienced chronic fatigue and illness, muscle soreness and stiffness, lack of focus or brain fog, and trouble sleeping. These symptoms are what drove me to look for a solution. I wanted to avoid the world of pharmaceuticals and find something all-natural. This is what ultimately led to my research, discovering functional mushrooms, and the creation and foundation of Spore.

Q: MS is an immense challenge on its own, and quite possibly the largest one you faced. With that said, what are some of the other uphill battles you and your team faced while breathing life into Spore?

Starting any business is an immense challenge, as any entrepreneur will tell you. I mean, everything from financing to creating formulations, down to logistics, needed to be aligned and thought out, and nothing ever goes as you planned. But arguably the most important and biggest challenge has been creating and continuing to build a brand that people can relate to and trust. I hope we’ve done a good job at that so far, and we will continue to refine and improve things as we get more feedback from our customers, partners and advisors.

Q: I’ve heard of a company that uses mushrooms to make elixirs and teas — essentially being pushed as a healthy replacement for coffee and soda due to its health benefits. The mushrooms-for-health market is one that has yet to really turn into a trend, and it’s only a matter of time before it does catch popularity. Can you explain to readers what Spore is, and what the many benefits are to taking your supplements?

A: Spore, at its root, is a wellness company focused on intelligent-thought out-functional mushroom-based formulations. We source and use over 10 species of functional mushrooms and combine them with proven all-natural supporting ingredients to give our customers the best desired effect. The end result was five all-natural formulations, powered by functional mushrooms, that aim to tackle everyday issues we and the broader population face. Whether it’s a supplement for overall health, a natural sleep aid, a clean energy boost, a way to improve cognitive function, or a functional mushroom supplement to strengthen your immune system, Spore has you covered.

Q: Is it possible that mushrooms are a superfood that have been sitting in front of us all along?

A: It is not only possible, it is a fact. People are sort of just waking up to all the benefits mushrooms can offer us, but mushrooms have been used as medicine and superfoods for literally millennia. They have been in a staple in both traditional and modern medicine. In fact, penicillin was derived from mushrooms. As was rapamycin which allowed for doctors to perform organ transplants.

Q: We live in an increasingly eco-conscious world. Where and how are your mushrooms and herbs sourced, and does Spore have a sustainable practice?

A: In order to get the best quality ingredients, Spore sources from all over the world, from the mountains of Tibet to the interior woods of the pacific northwest and everywhere in between.  Our chaga is Scandinavian, our Maitake is from maple trees in Japan, and so on. We ensure all of our ingredients are carefully selected from our trusted partners, that meet the highest quality standards like cGMP, etc. All Spore ingredients are eco-friendly and ethically sourced from our specialized partners. Going “green” in all aspects of our business is extremely important to our team.

Q: Mushrooms come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and apparently flavors! Can you provide just a little insight into a couple of lesser-known mushrooms and herbs that go into your products, and why people should be consuming them more often? (What is Turkey Tail?!)

A: Absolutely. Turkey Tail is a common species found throughout the world. It grows on logs or decaying trees. The reason you haven’t heard of it is because it is not prized for its flavor or texture, but rather its potent immune boosting properties. Another more obscure species is Agarikon, a fairly rare fungus that only grows in the wild and has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, you may or may not be familiar with Antrodia, also known as the fungus of fortune – prized for its hepaprotective qualities – or in other words, it’s known to support blood and liver health.

Q: What are your dreams for where you’d like to take Spore in the next year or two? Do you plan on remaining a supplemental company, or possibly venturing into the food market?

A: I think the biggest dream for Spore is to provide a supplement that genuinely helps people with ailments that affect everyone. We’ve all experienced that lack of focus or the mid-day crash and the hope is that with Spore, we may be able to curb or beat these challenges with an all-natural supplement. Further to that, we will be looking to expand our product line. Look out for our Vegan functional mushroom and adaptogen infused Protein powders early 2021.

Q: Some people are picky eaters, and refuse to eat mushrooms. Spore is a great alternative for anyone who may want the health benefits without having to chew on the beneficial fungi. Do you recommend a mix of a few different blend varieties, or is just sticking to one good enough?

A: Spore products can be taken in conjunction with each other, and I’d definitely recommend it. I’d start with Mike’s mix, since it provides a great base with 10 different functional mushroom ingredients, then I’d layer in some energy and focus performance to get through a busy day. Chill out is a perfect nighttime supplement to help you do just that, unwind after a long day and ease into a restful night of sleep. And protect and defend speaks for itself in these uncertain times where strengthening your immune system and general health are top of mind.

Q: Finally, you told us what the benefits are to taking Spore supplements, but are there any indirect or unintended advantages, like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) relief or stopping migraines? Is it safe to say that taking your supplements is comparable to just eating well on a daily basis, leading to overall wellness?

A: Definitely. Beyond achieving the desired effects of each product, functional mushrooms are nutrient dense, packed with antioxidants, improve gut health and liver function, have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, and support immune health, they’re a super food, and pair perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. The way we approach our products is that eating well is a great start to overall wellness, but it’s often tough for most to cover every segment of the food chain in their day-to-day diet with a hectic life or work schedule. That’s why the ease of a supplement like ours is really a helpful way to aid someone in going from a good to great diet as they strive for overall wellness.

Sweet Reason Launches with a Sweet Reason to Ditch Alcohol

Sweet Reason Launches with a Sweet Reason to Ditch Alcohol

What a year it’s been — and if all that’s happened has been enough for you to exclaim, “I need a drink,” then it’s a great time to explore the alcohol alternatives. Apparently Mercury is once again going into retrograde (whatever that means in 2020), so we’re in for some even wilder news this week. Just in time to get us through, beloved beverage brand Sweet Reason (with fans of everyone from Erin Foster to Jen Atkin) is introducing one of the highest CBD beverages on the market with an all-natural powerful combo of soothing herbs, adaptogens and 30 mg of CBD. 

Officially launched TODAY, October 13th, their Evening Blend encourages people to take that extra edge off naturally, after a long day — and in 2020 let’s admit it — we’re all having a lot of those days. Best experienced at night, Evening Blend is a powerful blend of calming herbs including ashwagandha, ginseng, l-theanine, chamomile, sceletium, lemon balm and limonene, all in effective, therapeutic dosages. Adaptogens, plus 30mg of broad spectrum hemp extract make this concoction the perfect antidote to your nightly glass (or bottle) of wine for when you need a break.

We’re all looking for calm, these days, and not much else sounds more promising than this alternative to alcohol. When life gets rough, you’ve now got a way to indulge without all the negative effects of alcohol.

Sweet Reason’s Evening Blend collection is available in three unique flavors: Citrus Spice, Plum Blush, and Peach Jasmine. How delectable!

Sweet Blend can be purchased for $45.99 per 6-pack, or $7.50 per bottle, and is also available in 12 and 24-packs. The cherry on top? Same day delivery is available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and LA! 

Intelligentsia Coffee Celebrates Their 25 Year Anniversary

Intelligentsia Coffee Celebrates Their 25 Year Anniversary

It’s Fall, and you know what that means: hot cocoa, pumpkin spice everything, apple cider, and most importantly, hot coffee! This mood is just in time, too, as it’s the 25th anniversary of Intelligentsia Coffee! It’s a notable anniversary for third wave coffee as a whole, as the Chicago-based Intelligentsia is the first of the “big four” specialty coffee pioneers to reach a quarter century, and definitely a marking moment for Los Angeles’ coffee scene with their Silver Lake location back in 2007. 

In the years since they became part of the city, the influence they have had on LA coffee can be seen through an impressive “family tree” of folks who have passed through Intelligentsia and played a role in defining LA’s specialty coffee culture as one of the top/most unique in the world. To name a few — Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville of Go Get Em’ Tiger, Tony Konecny of YesPLZdotcoffee, Michael Phillips of Blue Bottle Coffee (former co-founder of Handsome Coffee) and Tyler Wells of Nice Coffee (former co-founder of Handsome Coffee) have all indulged. 
Intelligentsia is doing several things to help celebrate with their customers. From October 2nd through October 8th, they will host an online warehouse sale, selling merchandise, one-off collaboration items and brewing equipment from their training labs. This includes, bikes from Heritage Bicycles, holiday sweaters, logo tees, Bonavita brewers, and LA-specific items like the Silver Lake 10-year anniversary t-shirt, and the Hollywood coffeebar mug.

On their actual anniversary — Friday, October 9th — they will sell a $25 coffee and mug bundle online and at their Silver Lake and Pasadena coffeebar locations. While only available on that day, both the mug and coffee bag will feature a limited-edition design that showcases old iterations of the Intelligentsia logo and hand drawn sketches from old Intelligentsia advertisements. Limited amounts are available, so get them while you can! Finally, Intelligentsia will also be giving away a free year of coffee; and, customers can enter to win at any Intelligentsia coffeebar on Oct. 9th! What a way to celebrate the cooler weather and holiday vibes!

Orbitz Teams Up with LGBTQIA+ Influencers & Stars to Highlight Top Queer-Friendly Destinations In Their Hometowns

Orbitz Teams Up with LGBTQIA+ Influencers & Stars to Highlight Top Queer-Friendly Destinations In Their Hometowns

This year has been a whirlwind, with many of the things we’re used to being cancelled, delayed, and still up in the air as we move nearer to a year since the pandemic began. One of the big yearly in-person events that many people in Los Angeles look forward to every June, PRIDE, never really happened this year. Thankfully, in honor of October’s LGBTQIA+ History Month, Orbitz alongside leading LGBTQIA+ Influencers, including Lance Bass, Todrick Hall, and 5 others — are highlighting the best queer-friendly destinations and businesses in their hometowns via Orbitz’s new LGBTQIA Microsite. Unlocking hidden hometown gems, these creators take us on a journey from boutique hotels to LGBTQ+-friendly churches, and everywhere in between. 

While we are still at home, navigating travel’s new normal, these local tours will inspire new places to fall in love with in your backyard, and help support LGBTQIA-friendly business. Finding new ways to celebrate this community during the month and throughout the year, Orbtiz’s #HappyPlace works to transport people to destinations, businesses and important points of interest that rally the community and remind us what’s at stake this year.

Feeling inspired? In honor of customers who refer a friend to book future travel on Orbitz during the month of October, Orbitz will make a donation of $5,000 to support The Trevor Project’s life-saving work. “There’s something really uplifting in sharing your ‘happy place’ with the world and reminding us all what’s at stake this year – now more than ever,” says Marketing Director, Carey Malloy. “Despite these unsettling times, Orbitz remains committed to finding new ways to celebrate this community, during LGBTQ History month and throughout the year.”

Below, are some of the most unique LGBTQIA+ favorites from Orbitz’s partners’ must-visit lists, to check off your bucket list. For Orbitz’s and their partners’ full lists and city itineraries, visit Orbitz’s new LGBTQIA Microsite!

Must-Visit List

  • Lance Bass, Los Angeles, California

    • Vanderpump Dogs –  There is nothing that I love more than dogs. My favorite place to get my puppy fix is at Vanderpump Dogs. They have rescued well over 1,000 dogs including my own two Chip and Dale!

    • Mondrian Los Angeles –  It has been my go-to place to host friends and family that visit for years. My husband Michael and I are regulars at the open air SkyBar which has the most amazing views of the city. If you need an oasis in this big city, this is definitely it.

    • Rocco’s WeHoRocco’s WeHo is the newest and most popular edition to the neighborhood. What I love about it is the most inclusive bar and restaurant on the planet!

  • Toddrick Hall, Dallas, Texas

    • Cathedral of Hope – A vibrant, inclusive and progressive congregation, it is the largest predominantly LGBTQ church in the world. Everyone is welcomed and greeted with warmth and acceptance. 

    • Round Up Saloon – Round up saloon is the epitome of Texas and was the first place I saw gay men line dancing. 

    • Pink Dolphin Monument – Located in R.A. Apffel Park/East Beach on Galveston Island, Pink Dolphin Monument is dedicated to celebrating gender and sexuality minority communities. 

  • Chris Rhodes, Austin, Texas

    • Austin Motel – Queer-woman owned, this is a super cute boutique hotel with rainbow photo-ops at their shop, neon lights in the carport driveway area, iconic signs and a retro pool area. 

    • Cheer Up Charlies – Cheer Up is not located off of 4th street, but it’s still one of the most fun and most queer spaces in town. If you ever happen to be in Austin on a night that they’re having their Neon Rainbows event run by DJ Boi Orbison (a local queer/trans DJ), you are in for a 90’s country night you didn’t know you always needed. 

    • Pennybacker Bridge (360 Bridge) – Also known as the 360 bridge, this landmark is located atop a short hike with an overlook that is breathtaking. This is a very Austin-y place to get outdoors, take your pup, and snag a photo to show all your friends the endless Texas skies. 

  • Allie + Sam, Miami. Florida 

    • A Drag Show at The PalaceA Drag Show at the Palace is a must-see! You’ll be laughing until you cry! We loved going for dinner, too.

    • Biscayne Bay – There’s nothing like sailing along the waters, cruising by all the fancy homes, and sipping on some rosé at sunset! The perfect activity to relax and get a totally unique view of Miami. 

    • Holi Vegan Kitchen – This is a must-stop spot for any plant based travellers out there! Get ready to have the best lunch ever that could fool any meat-eater; I wish we could have ordered one of everything on the menu.

PAIR Eyewear Launches New Looks For Halloween + MARVEL Collaboration

PAIR Eyewear Launches New Looks For Halloween + MARVEL Collaboration


PAIR Eyewear keeps the designs rolling! In their biggest scoop of news yet, the company has released new designs for their MARVEL collaboration, as well new Halloween designs! All around, these new looks are great for pairing with your kids’ Halloween costumes — whether celebrating at home, or while safely trick-or-treating. To make matters even better, kids’ eye health has received new focus, as PAIR now offers blue light glasses, protecting the eye from longterm harmful effects of cell phone and computer usage.

Did you know that The American Psychological Association reports that approximately 53% of children (ages 8-12) have their own cell phone? Moreover, a recent study by OnePoll found that more than half of Americans are suffering from “screen fatigue” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, the average American was getting about four hours of screen time per day. That number has since jumped up to more than six hours. 

Here to save the day just in time for the added effects of virtual schooling across the country is the latest collaboration between PAIR Eyewear – the first DTC customizable kids’ eyewear brand – and Marvel. As many schools nationwide are not opening this year, this collaboration helps kiddos who are spending double (if not triple) the amount of time on screens with prescription and blue light glasses.

PAIR’s MARVEL COLLECTION is the answer to parents’ concerns about their children’s eye health. With toppers to fit all five frame shapes featuring icons like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther, each pair allows for blue light lenses with prescription lenses, a common pain point among other brands offering only one or the other.  Spider-Man and Hulk styles will be released first, followed by some other favorite heroes. The collection will be available exclusively on PAIREyewear.com.

Founded on the pillars that eyeglasses should be a fun experience for kiddos while being accessible to all, PAIR launched the Pair For A Pair Program. In a partnership with The Eyelliance, this program provides glasses to children in-need in the developing world, and highlights the importance of eye health. For every pair sold, a pair is donated.

Marvel Collection

  • Spider-Man + Hulk: 10/5

  • Captain America + Captain Marvel: 10/7

  • Black Panther + Iron Man: 10/9


  • Spider-Man

  • Hulk

  • Captain America

  • Captain Marvel

  • Black Panther 

  • Iron Man


Say Hello to Halloween designs

While this year might look a little different, it also gives us the time to take our kiddos’ costumes to the next level. Get into the spooky spirit and help complete their costume this year with a little help from PAIR Eyewear – the only customizable children’s glasses brand with options for every occasion

PAIR Eyewear has hundreds of toppers for glasses that will match every character; whether they want to dress up as an underwater creature, their favorite NBA star, or someone totally groovy. Base frames start at $60 and come with interchangeable toppers that start at $25 each! With PAIR, not only are your kids in control, but they have endless options to satisfy even the pickiest fashionista. PAIR can also double as the blue light glasses your children need to protect their eyes from the endless screen time thanks to the new virtual school year. 

Plant-Powered Bodewell Is Here to Help You Bode Your Skin Problems Farewell

Plant-Powered Bodewell Is Here to Help You Bode Your Skin Problems Farewell


Skin. It’s something that comes in seemingly infinite shades, colors, types, and textures, while also subject to so much criticism, manipulation, and abuse. It’s also no surprise that the human body’s largest organ (of the integumentary system) falls victim to a wide spectrum of naturally occurring problems, like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Thankfully, Bodewell is now around to help treat a few of those problem areas that some of us deal with from birth — or occasionally throughout life. No matter how severe, Bodewell is here to help ease the woes of eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin. (And this company couldn’t have a more sincere name.)

Bodewell is plant-based, so unlike topical steroids, you won’t bear the brunt of skin thinning side effects. As if that weren’t enough, Bodewell’s website features a skin quiz to help identify what you’re suffering from, and how to treat it with what’s best from their line of products. They’re truly there to hold your hand along the way, and if you aren’t happy, rest assured that they’ll give you your money back.

We had the incredible opportunity to ask Bodewell’s co-founder, Jamie Duff, questions about the company’s journey, his own experience with eczema, how effective the products are, and what’s on the horizon as the company grows. Read on to learn more about how Bodewell can help you bid farewell to your skin problems. Take it from him, someone who’s dealt with eczema all his life! Get informed below:


Q & A With Bodewell Co-Founder, Jamie Duff 

Amazing things typically happen when a problem exists and someone wants to solve it. When it comes to Bodewell, the problem was one that many of us face in our everyday lives, and it dealt with the largest organ on the human body. Jamie, can you describe the severity of your own personal skin story, and what led to the creation of Bodewell? Danny, what is your background, and have you also struggled with some type of skin problem?

I’ve suffered from eczema since I was a baby.  It was severe when I was young then dissipated, until I hit university (worst timing!).  From University until present day, it has been a constant feature of daily life – comes and goes.   It reached very severe levels on two occasions: once in 2002, when I lived in London, and then again in 2016 when I was living in NYC.  In both cases I had to go to hospital for two days and be treated due to infection.   On both occasions, I was also prescribed strong topicals steroid, and in 2016 I was also prescribed a powerful immunosuppressant, Cyclosporine.   The Cyclosporine worked wonders but the side effects were such that I lost two teeth. 
Danny is lucky – he has no skin conditions! 

We both have significant start-up experience, and because of that were lucky to be introduced to each other to go on to form the Bodewell team.

How did it feel to finally overcome your own eczema challenges, and did you immediately know that it was the solution the world needed?

The thing is, one doesn’t really overcome eczema totally.   For me, it was a combination of a few things: diet, stress reduction, mind & body work and topical treatments.

To now not be not affected with eczema head-to-toe, like I was, is really amazing.   I have to remind myself every day how bad it was at times, and that spurs me on to help people via Bodewell.  Because, skin conditions can really hold us back as humans.

What were some of the difficulties your team faced while developing Bodewell and its products? Did you have any advantages that were beneficial to the company?

We have a huge advantage in that we work with P&G (one of the biggest CPG companies in the world) as our main strategic partner and investor. . P&G had spent years developing the plant technology that Bodewell uses in its Core Treatments.
In terms of difficulties, we had many and it’s most of the same stuff that all start-ups face. 

How long did it take before you found something that actually worked and showed promising results?

As mentioned, P&G had been testing the core technology for a number of years. So we knew immediately the great potential.

What goes into Bodewell products, and how do they differ when compared to other OTC creams and ointments?

Bodwell’s Core Treatments
secret sauce is a patented plant technology, Bw24.  Bw24 has been tested in multiple patient clinical trials, and in-vitro lab tests.   It has been very effective in reducing the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin and we believe that the action is that of a powerful anti-inflammatory.  In some cases during our clinical trials, patients had experienced pharmaceutical level results.

So, not many other OTC creams and ointments do this.  I’ve road tested Bodewell Core Treatments for six months and my skin has totally changed, for the better. The redness has dramatically decreased, and the wounds I had from eczema are gone. My skin ‘fine lines’ have also been smoothed significantly.  We knew this from testing, but it was important for me to know first-hand.

Are there any unintended benefits to using Bodewell products, like the clearing of breakouts in acne-prone skin? Are other underlying skin issues considered when developing products, to avoid irritating those preexisting conditions?

We don’t have any clinical testing outside of eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin to validate anything.  But anecdotally from customers, yes – the biggest unintended benefit has been with people who also suffer from facial acne.  Our Light Serum has significantly reduced inflammation caused by acne for a few of our customers.


Skin comes with so many varying degrees of ailments, traits, troubles, and quirks, but it really does feel like there are two types of people in this world — as the Bodewell website mentions: “Those with perfect, clear skin – and then there’s the rest of us.” Are there plans to expand Bodewell beyond the problems of eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin? For example, developing products exclusive to acne and scarring?

No – we’ll stick with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin for the foreseeable future. There are so many people to help.  As we say, it’s 50% of Americans (the ‘
rest of us’).

I recently discovered a community platform for migraine education and relief embedded into a migraine tracking app. The feeling of finding a place to discuss, relate, and journey with others is incredibly empowering. Can you give some insight into the skin health platform you’re developing, and what people can expect when they join?

That’s a great product that you mention. We are developing similar tools.  But first, we need to develop a deep customer relationship and work out how we can most help our consumers, outside of pure physical products.  We only launched in May.
But yes, we are developing digital tools that will help people develop habits that will also hopefully help then on their skin journey.

Can you break down exactly how the quiz on the Bodewell website works to determine what’s best for the user?

The Quiz is really simple.  We have a few objectives:

– Take the pressure off the consumer and let us do the work with product suggestions
– Make sure Bodewell products are the right products for each customer – it’s more important to us than simply selling a product to every customer
– We also have tools in the quiz that enable us to ascertain if a customer might be better served to see a doctor/dermatologist – again, it’s not just about selling a product. When we do NOT sell a Bodwell product is just as important as when we DO.

Imagine for a second, the year is 2030. What do you hope for Bodewell to achieve and become by then?

We’ll be too old by then!  Maybe we’ll need an anti-aging product at that stage.

I’d like to think that by then, we will have helped a significant number of people live a fulfilling life, that otherwise might not have been possible due to being held back by eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin issues. 

Q: What do you say to the people out there struggling with skin problems, who are hesitant to jump onboard?

Come and test our products.  We offer something new and that can really work, if you also commit to using them.   We are committed to our customers, as we have been there with the same issues.

If Bodewell doesn’t work, we’ll refund you – simple, as that.  We will also show you some tips and tricks along the way that will be free, and that will also benefit you 100%.  

The h.wood Group is Bringing the Heat — Redbird is Bringing the Booze!

The h.wood Group is Bringing the Heat — Redbird is Bringing the Booze!

If our time during the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that many of us have had to adjust to how we “dine out.” There are many success stories, and many failures, yet the h.wood Group just seems to knock it out of the park! With delivery and takeout being an area of focus pre-COVID, it’s safe to say they’ve taken this new way of operating in stride, plus their new concepts below will soon be joining the one and only Mama’s Guy! Furthermore, RedBird has found a creative way to give back during one of the hardest periods of many of our lifetimes. Check out the two latest h.wood Group concepts that you can grub on today, and Redbirds special boozy collaboration below.


The h.wood Group and their burgeoning roster of delivery-only concepts here in LA is a runaway hit, as many of us are looking for something safe and close to home. In good fashion, they opened Lilah’s, their second ghost kitchen concept inspired by West Hollywood hotspot, Delilah! At Lilah’s, Chef Antonio Domingo is leaning hard into classic diner favorites, like chili cheese burgers, crispy onion rings, Cobb salad, and Delilah’s infamous chicken tenders. They kicked off their launch with a pop-up drive thru, and socially distant picnic table with Beyond Meat during the July 4th weekend.

Ela Ela

From The h.wood Group co-owners, John Terzian and Brian Toll, and Culinary Director, Michael Teich comes Ela Ela — the group’s newest ghost kitchen (delivery only) concept.

Ela Ela delivers the Mediterranean dishes you love, made with California-grown, organic ingredients. Packed with fresh, bold flavors, the menu centers about its Mediterranean Meals where you can customize your meal by choosing between Falafel, Roasted Eggplant, Chicken or Beef Kabab, which also includes yogurt, tahini, Israeli salad and pickled onions and a choice of pita or basmati bice bowl. Don’t sleep on ordering the perfectly cooked Roast Chicken, available in quarter, half or whole sizes, and a Roast Chicken Combo with a choice of two sides, pickles & pita. Salads, sides and sweets like Baklava and Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies round-out Ela Ela’s menu. Whether you’re entertaining at home or just grabbing a quick bite, Ela Ela’s is sure to please.

Redbird x Director Paul Feig

Artingstall’s Brilliant London Dry Gin and its founder Paul Feig, the award-winning director and producer behind Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters, Freaks & Geeks and The Office, have teamed up with Redbird’s Bar Director Tobin Shea to create a limited-time bottled cocktail, The Squeaky Door, from Paul’s cocktail recipe archives with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Redbird scholarship fund with C-CAP for Black students.

The Squeaky Door features Artingstall’s Gin expertly mixed with cherry liqueur, elderflower liqueur, orange Curaçao and lemon and served sparkling in a ready-to-enjoy bottle.

The bottled gin cocktail launched on July 9th, but will only be available while supplies last for takeout, delivery or to take home after dining al fresco at Redbird. Additionally,  Artingstall’s Gin will be available by the bottle for purchase and mixes great with Tobin’s housemade tonic.

The Squeaky Door is $20, serves two, and can be ordered at: https://www.exploretock.com/redbirdla/

Cubcoats Takes Part in Amazon’s BIG STYLE Sale!

Cubcoats Takes Part in Amazon’s BIG STYLE Sale!

If you’re on the lookout for special deals for kiddos, Cubcoats has you covered!
Now part of Amazon’s BIG STYLE SALE, and for a limited time only — you can snag select styles and masks from
Cubcoats for up to 50% off! The sale is already underway, and ends on 6/28. Sure, it may be summer, but it doesn’t hurt to secure an early holiday or birthday present!
Featuring characters from beloved collaborations with Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel and more – these cute and cuddly transforming zip-ups have never been more accessible. Still in need of a mask for your little one? Cubcoats’ kid-friendly reusable masks are also included in the sale; a solution for making this ‘new normal’ easier than ever for reluctant cubs. Previously a #1 seller on Amazon Prime Day, select styles start at $25, and will be on sale through 6/28. Parent and kid approved, Cubcoats has options for every child looking to take playtime adventures to the next level.
Umami Burger & Ronda Rousey Collaborate on New Burger – Available Now

Umami Burger & Ronda Rousey Collaborate on New Burger – Available Now

Umami Burger has teamed up with Ronda Rousey to create what’s been deemed “The Baddest Burger on the Planet,” available for Uber Eats delivery beginning today(!), through May 31. Created by Rousey with help from Umami Burger’s Chief Culinary Officer Executive Chef Martin Heierling, the crave-worthy creation ($9.99) features a wagyu patty, smashed avocado, slab bacon lardons, grilled onions, BBQ sauce, beefsteak tomato, lettuce, dill pickles and Ooh-Mami sauce on a toasted bun.

The collaboration is part of the Burger Showdown, the largest virtual burger competition ever, brought to you by Off The Menu and Uber Eats. More than 50 celebrities teamed up with local restaurants in 10 cities across the country to create their ultimate custom burger, available for fans and burger aficionados alike to enjoy exclusively on Uber Eats from May 28-31. The burger with the most orders and votes on https://www.theburgershowdown.com/ win, and the showdown will support Frontline Foods

Celebrity Burger Showdown

Bold-faced names have been working virtually alongside chefs from top local restaurants on their recipes and inspiration to create the ultimate burger in hopes of winning the Burger Showdown. Other participants include Matthew McConaughey (Loro in Austin), Shay Mitchell (Flip Sigi in NYC), Dwyane Wade (800 Degrees in Miami and LA), Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone (The Region in Chicago), Paris Hilton (Atrium in LA), Jason Sudeikis (Emily in NYC), Kaley Cuoco (Nick’s on Beverly in LA), Max Greenfield (Lightlife Burger at Busy Burger in Chicago), Jaleel White (NFA Burger in Atlanta), Jason Priestley (RUDY in Toronto), and many more. 

Each pairing will have their own cooking video live on theburgershowdown.com where viewers can vote on their favorite burger and order on-demand from Uber Eats in their respective city. The burger with the most likes and orders will be deemed the winner, and as the Burger Showdown supports Frontline Foods, a grassroots organization that supports local restaurants while feeding frontline heroes and impacted communities, a donation will be made. Eaters can also donate directly to Frontline Foods through the website. 

Who will you be voting for? 
Cann Introduces a Clean Alcohol-Alternative

Cann Introduces a Clean Alcohol-Alternative

Along with the rising temperatures comes an increased urge for some good old-fashioned backyard barbecue vibes. But what if you’re someone who’s holding off on the alcohol? Then, we’re excited to introduce you to California-based alcohol-alternative, Cann. Cann’s low-dose THC social tonic innovates the future of non-alcoholic social drinking. Designed to give you a similar buzz without any hangover the next morning, each Cann is formulated with 2 mg of TH C and 4mg of CBD and includes only four other ingredients – sparkling water, citrus juice, all-natural herbal flavor, and a touch of agave.

Since Cann provides a micro-dose of cannabis, it is designed for you to easily consume more than one without hitting that ‘too high’ feeling you may get with smoking pure flower or consuming an edible. No more uncomfortable experiences, electrolyte depletions, poor sleep, or headaches — just a controlled buzz.

Founders, Luke Anderson and Jake Bullock, have ensured that each Cann is health-consciously produced, while also keeping a little fun in the mix. Cann’s flavors and ingredients are listed below, for your educational pleasure, but there’s only one real way to know how you’ll like it. Visit Cann for more:

  • Lemon Lavender: Lemon Lavender is the perfect balance of acidity and sweet, beginning with organic lemon juice from Sicily, all-natural lavender flavor derived from the plant, 100% organic agave nectar from Mexico and the purest California cannabis on the market.

  • Grapefruit Rosemary: Grapefruit Rosemary is bursting with aromatic confidence and an acidic wit, starting with grapefruit juice from Florida, all-natural rosemary derived from the plant, 100% organic agave nectar from Mexico and the purest California cannabis on the market.

  • Blood Orange Cardamom: Blood Orange Cardamom is a cacophony of citrus, spices and all things nice-ish, starting with organic blood orange juice from Sicily, all-natural cardamom derived from the plant, 100% organic agave nectar from Mexico and the purest California cannabis on the market.