Kroma Launches New Super Ramen

Kroma Launches New Super Ramen

Kroma, the brand dedicated to revitalizing mind, body and spirit through transformative Resets and Daily Essentials, has launched a new product that falls right in line!

The company, whose lineup includes meticulously selected ingredients from superfoods around the world to create nourishing, and healing functional foods and beverages, has marked their first product launch since inception in 2021, and it is available as of today, April 4th (National Ramen Day!), via

A fitting follow up to their selection, Kroma has offered a range of products, from meal-replacing broths to snacks and lattes, while keeping the following standards:
  • Curate for Quality: They have scanned the world to find the most nutrient-dense, high-integrity, sustainably sourced superfood ingredients available.
  • Healthy Must Taste Amazing: Healthy and delicious can and should co-exist. All of their food and beverage products are culinary-inspired, masterfully marrying function and flavor.
  • Be Pure: No cane sugar. No fillers. No dairy. No gluten. No GMOs. No shortcuts or gimmicks. Their intentions are pure and so are their products.
  • Live Super Empowered: They have collaborated with some of the top nutritionists, herbalists, chefs, and wellness gurus to ensure all of their products adapt to the body’s chemistry and empower inner awesomeness.
  • Keep It Simple: Their instant, superfood-centric products were made to simplify their life while keeping them nourished, sustained, and thriving. Just add water or non-dairy milk. Simple.

Courtesy: Kroma

While their previous broths have left room for customization and creativity – yet still maintaining a delicious and nutritious goal – Kroma’s Super Ramen ups the ante, promising the world’s first gluten-free bone broth ramen:

  • Enhanced with superfoods and adaptogens, providing added health benefits beyond traditional convenient noodle options.
  • Quick and convenient— ready in just 5 minutes, Kroma’s ramen is perfect for those seeking a quick, nourishing meal on the go, whether you’re at the office, dorm, or traveling.
  • And made with:
    • Gluten-Free Mung-Bean Noodles: Featuring gluten-free mung-bean noodles, Super Ramen offers a lower glycemic index and fewer carbs, catering to dietary preferences and health-conscious individuals.
    • Slow-Cooked Bone Broth: Super Ramen features slow-cooked chicken bone broth, lending a homemade taste and quality that sets it apart from other instant ramen options. It includes essential nutrients like collagen, amino acids, and minerals that support gut health, joint function, and overall well-being.
    • Bovine Collagen: Supporting hair, skin, and nails and joints.
    • Dehydrated Vegetable Blend: Provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall health and optimal nutrition.
    • Coconut Milk: Adds creaminess and richness to the broth, while also providing healthy fats that support brain function and satiety.
    • Turmeric: Offering anti-inflammatory properties, supports immune function and aids digestion.
    • Adaptogenic Reishi: Helping the body adapt to stress, supports immune function, promotes relaxation, and enhances overall vitality.
    • Nutritious and Balanced with 15g of protein and only 210 calories per serving.
    • Free of non-GMO ingredients, preservatives; and made with simple, whole ingredients.

You can purchase Kroma Super Ramen online, along with their other range of products, including favorites like:

Kroma 5-day Reset: Designed to kickstart healthy habits and combat issues like fatigue, bloating, brain fog, weight gain, and more. You won’t be hungry, tired or bored, and you will see and feel a difference in as little as 5 days. Their Reset is fully customizable, portable, nonperishable and abundant— making it easy to forget everything you know and fear about cleansing.

Kroma Daily Essentials: Packed with premium superfoods, The Kroma Daily Essentials are an effortless way to level up your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and give your body the essential nutrition for daily performance and long-term whole-body health.

Spring Menu Launches at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Spring Menu Launches at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Following a limited-time run of their St. Patrick’s Day themed Minty Matcha Ice Blended® drink, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is gearing up for another seasonal offering. While the Minty Matcha Ice Blended® drink had a refreshing twist on CBTL’s classic Matcha topped with handcrafted mint whipped cream, the cafe will tap into a cultural favorite for some classic flair.

The deliciously sweet taste of Mexico will be arriving at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf this spring!

Credit: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

On March 20, the iconic Southern California favorite, serving premium coffee and tea for the past 60 years, will launch its spring seasonal menu with festive beverages that include the Horchata Latte (hot or iced), Horchata Ice Blended® drink, Horchata Cold Brew and the Horchata Cream Cold Brew.

The beverages are inspired by Mexican Horchata flavors of rice milk and cinnamon and are blended with the iconic cafés new Single Origin Mexico Organic espresso or cold brew for a premium elevated taste experience. The Single Origin Mexico Organic features a dark roast, originating from a single estate in Mexico’s Sierra Madre range near Puerto Vallarta. These Arabica bourbon beans certified organic by OCIA and USDA, yield a robust flavor and fragrant aroma. Often compare to the milk leftover from a bowl of cinnamon cereal, horchata is beloved favorite, and a welcome addition to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Credit: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Even more, there’ a new bakery item to pair with the popular, refreshing, and creamy beverage: the Concha! Conchas are a soft and sweet Mexican pastry with a cookie-topped bread that resembles a seashell, and is a symbol of comfort and community.

These new seasonal and festive items are available for a limited time so get them while you can!

Magic Mind Becomes Top-Selling Nootropic Shot at Sprouts

Magic Mind Becomes Top-Selling Nootropic Shot at Sprouts

It wasn’t long ago that Magic Mind announced their expansion with Sprouts nationwide. And already, the nootropic shot brand has reached new milestones.

Just this past January, Magic Mind, a mental performance shot engineered with nootropics, adaptogens, antioxidants, and vitamins, announced that their product was launching nationally at all Sprouts Farmers Market locations across the United States. In the matter of a few months, Magic Mind is now one of Sprout’s top selling shots available at all their locations across the country. 

In more retail partner news, the brand is just getting started at Erewhon, becoming their #1 selling shot across all Erewhon locations – performing two times more than the second ranked item – Vive Organics! They’re ranked the #4 item in the entire Refrigerated Beverage Set, outselling Blue Bottle RTD Coffee.
In addition, Magic Mind has also hit 15K in DTC/ecommerce subscribers, growing 2.5x YoY ever since launching in 2020.

Credit: Magic Mind

With distractions being a greater part of our lives than ever, it’s no wonder how Magic Mind has gone to become a leading top seller. In one shot, Magic Mind is scientifically designed to boost energy, enhance focus, create a sense of calm alertness, and increase overall productivity. Magic Mind will not only enhance your daily routine but also provide sustained energy, preventing those energy spikes and crashes, keeping you energized throughout the day – while also suitable for taking at any time of day.A matcha-based swig, Magic Mind shots are jam-packed and infused with nootropics and adaptogens from:

  • organic lion’s mane mushrooms
  • organic cordyceps mushrooms
  • organic ashwaganda
  • bacopa monnieri
  • vitamin C
  • turmeric
  • phosphatetidylserine
  • rhodiola rosea
  • vitamin D3
  • vitamin B complex
  • choline
  • organic agave

Keto, paleo, and vegan-friendly, plus nut, gluten, and BPA-free, this concoction won’t encourage addiction, but will help provide up to 7+ hours of energy, focus, and stress management. The next best part of Magic Mind is its taste, which is a smooth and sweet mix with a barely bitter aftertaste. Easy to down, and small enough to go anywhere, Magic Mind is one of our favorite morning boosts that last through the day.

Shop Magic Mind, here, and out Sprouts locations nationwide – plus Erewhon!


About Magic Mind

In one shot, Magic Mind is scientifically designed to improve cognition, enhance focus, create a sense of calm alertness, and increase overall productivity. Magic Mind enhances your daily routine by providing sustained clarity, focus and energy, throughout the day without anxiety, spikes or crashes.

Top of The V Plans Two Events for March: Whiskey Dinner Pairing + Easter Buffet

Top of The V Plans Two Events for March: Whiskey Dinner Pairing + Easter Buffet

The Viv Hotel and Top of The V are an irresistible magnet for those who crave luxurious, resort-style living and dining, while not far from some of Anaheim’s most popular venues and attractions. If you’ve seen our recent rundown on what’s in store for your stay at The Viv, then you’ll be intrigued to know that the hotel’s crown restaurant has two special events planned for the month of March!

Guests are invited to indulge in a 5-course Glenmorangie Whiskey Pairing Dinner from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. on March 26, followed by a family-friendly Easter Brunch Buffet on March 31 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Sip and Savor Glenmorangie Whiskies with a Five-Course Pairing Dinner – March 26

Top of The V, The Viv Hotel’s Spanish rooftop bar and restaurant in downtown Anaheim, is thrilled to host the unique flavors of Glenmorangie’s award-winning whiskies. Guests can purchase tickets for $200 per person, and will enjoy a welcome reception followed by an exclusive five-course dinner, expertly curated by Chef Nate McCoy to complement the rich flavors of Glenmorangie’s finest scotch.
Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a welcome cocktail, Basque Country pintxos, and a toast by Whiskey Ambassador Travis Tidwell. The five-course menu includes:
  • Bacalao Croqueta (fish and chips, potato-crusted salt cod, malt vinegar foam)
  • Arroz con Scallops y Morcilla (blood sausage paella, seared scallops, English peas, garlic aioli, pea tendrils)
  • Cullen Skink and Poached Halibut (fennel, creamed leeks, fish broth)
  • Carrillera, Steak and Ale Pie (beer-braised beef cheek, carrots, celery, onion, beef jus, puffed barley)
  •  Cranachan, Berries and Cream (mixed berries, honey, toasted oat crumble, Glenmorangie cream)

View the full menu and whiskey pairing options here and reserve a table here.

Celebrate Easter at Top of The V with a Special Brunch Buffet

The Viv Hotel happily invites family and friends, once again, to its rooftop restaurant and bar, Top of The V, on Sunday, March 31, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. for an Easter Brunch celebration. Here, guests can indulge in a two-hour dining experience featuring a wide array of Spanish and traditional brunch dishes at $50 per person.
Menu highlights curated by Executive Chef Nate McCoy include Torrijas French Toast, Cazuela with stone oven-baked eggs, smoked sausage Buttififara and Jidori Chicken Paella, among other mouth-watering selections. Bottomless mimosa and sangria options are available for an additional cost, and vegetarian and child-friendly options are available upon request. View the full menu here.
Reserve a table here and treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind dining experience with unmatched SoCal rooftop views and live guitar music.

About The Viv Hotel

Located close to the Disneyland® Resort and Anaheim Convention Center, The Viv Hotel creates a boutique upscale experience unique to Anaheim. The 326-room AAA Four Diamond hotel boasts a modern, stylish personality, including its signature rooftop restaurant, Top of The V with spectacular views of the Disneyland® Resort and Southern California sunsets. Whether it’s the family-friendly Oasis Pool & Cabanas or the adult-exclusive Rooftop Pool, one designs their own experiences at The Viv. For more information or to book a stay at The Viv Hotel, visit www.thevivhotelanaheim.comor call 714-408-2787. Follow along with The Viv Hotel on social at Facebook andInstagram.
An Innovative Guide to Family Activities During Spring Break 2024

An Innovative Guide to Family Activities During Spring Break 2024

As Spring Break approaches, parent, guardians, and children will all be thinking about what their plans entail. And not too long after, minds will race about Summer activities.

This is where the expertise of Camp Galileo’s parenting and education experts can come in handy, as they think outside of the box with their mindful and strategic approaches to fun and educational activities. Whether camping, or spending the break at home, there’s always plenty to do – it just takes a little imagination! If you’re looking for the right activities and strategies for a successful and happy Spring Break that everyone will enjoy, we asked Camp Galileo’s VP of Education, Pamela Briskman, some questions that are sure to point you in the right direction.

Credit: Camp Galileo

Pamela provides stellar examples and strategies that could make even adults want in on the fun! Read them below.

Q&A With Pamela Briskman, VP of Education, Camp Galileo

Q: Hi, Camp Galileo Team! Can you tell readers about Camp Galileo and what your team does?

PB: Of course! Camp Galileo is a joy-filled, imagination-sparking summer camp for rising K-10th graders that features STEAM learning, outdoor games and plenty of traditional camp fun—all designed with a mission to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. Our team works full-time year round to dream up inspiring projects and experiences, hire and train the best staff and make sure camp operations are smooth, safe and delivered with unforgettable camp magic.

Credit: Randy Weiner

Q: Summer Camp is not quite on the horizon yet, but its little sibling, Spring Break, is fast approaching. Is there any particular ideology, mindset, or strategy the Camp Galileo team applies at Summer Camp that can be implemented by parents during Spring Break?

PB: At Camp Galileo we focus on making sure that every child experiences a summer full of innovation, friendship and fun. We think that focusing on these three things (you can include family under “friendship”) is a winning combination for creating enriching and inspiring out-of-school time.

Q: We know that it’s easy to just plan a vacation, or throw technology to the kids in order to keep everyone happy. But vacations don’t always mean connection and technology can be a hindrance. What’s the best approach for families to connect, while either eliminating or implementing technology from or into family time for fun and educational activities?

PB: Setting a shared vision and then working together to make that vision come to life is a great way to create connection and have fun (and it’s an empowering life skill that we focus on developing at Camp Galileo—we call it the Galileo Innovator’s Process). Whether you’re planning a vacation, a day trip, or a family activity with or without technology, start out by:

    1. Identifying a collective goal, or set of goals, that includes ideas from everyone in the family.
    2. Then brainstorm a list of different ways that you might accomplish those goals—be open to all the ideas, even the silly ones, and build on each others’ ideas (“yes, and…”) instead of passing judgment.
    3. Once you have a list of possibilities, evaluate the list together and create a plan that everyone feels invested in and that satisfies your budget, time and other requirements.
    4. During the vacation or activity, check in to make sure that the plan is actually working—staying open to redesign (within realistic constraints) to best accomplish your goal(s).
    5. Be sure to celebrate the wins, the “marvelous” mistakes for what you can learn from them, and reflect on what you’d do the same or change for the next time.

This approach doesn’t need to take a lot of time and adds a layer of intentionality to holiday planning that highlights collaboration, activates the creative process and empowers everyone to take part in creating the experience they imagine.

Credit: Camp Galileo

Q: With technology being such a large part of kids’ lives today, how can parents discover areas of educational fun that overlap with tech, rather than cutting tech out altogether? And ahead to this year’s Spring Break, can you list some intriguing and unique activities for families to reconnect, and the steps behind turning those plans into reality?

PB: One great and educational way to engage with technology is to approach it as a creator instead of as (only) a consumer. There are so many opportunities to use technology as a family in a generative way and customize the approach to suit your interests and goals. Some ideas include:

  • Watching DIY videos to guide you through building a project or learning a new skill—or making a how-to video to share your own passions
  • Researching new recipes online to plan and then create a special meal or dessert
  • Going on a geocaching adventure. Use a GPS device or smartphone app to find hidden caches (containers) placed around your city or local park.
  • Assembling photos from a family outing or activity into a slideshow or editing video into a polished piece with titles, music and special effects
  • Telling an original story by using drawing and painting apps to create illustrations for a comic or book, using stop motion animation apps with toys, clay figures, etc. to make an animated short, or using video editing software to bring your story to life through live action
  • Creating a video game using beginner-friendly platforms (like Scratch or Blockly) or more advanced programs that enable kids to design their own games with characters, levels, and storylines.
  • Exploring physical computing with devices like Raspberry Pi that enable creative projects combining coding with electronics like lights, sensors, and motors

Working on creative, technology-based projects as a family can be a great opportunity to learn new skills together (oftentimes kids can even teach their grownups!), have fun, and celebrate your creations. Plus, these activities produce lasting artifacts that you can enjoy yourselves and share with extended family and friends.

Q: And on the other hand, what are some great activities that don’t need tech at all? Activities where families can almost forget tech exists?

PB: There are lots of wonderful ways to unplug and reconnect as a family during Spring Break or anytime. Here are some ideas that involve working together or creating/learning something new:

  • Planning and going on an outing to a national or regional park, beach, city, museum or other destination.
  • Playing board games or card games, then thinking about changes you might try to make the game harder, easier or more enjoyable. Try them out and see how it goes.
  • Creating a meal or a special desert. Use favorite recipes or experiment with new ones then enjoy on your own or invite guests.
  • Volunteering at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, or for an organization or cause you care about. This can be a great way to give back to your community and create a meaningful experience together.
  • Visiting an escape room or trying an escape room game. Once you have foundational ideas for how escape rooms work you can build one at home for friends to enjoy. (Middle schoolers can try Galileo’s Escape Room Experience this summer!)
  • DIY depending on your skills and interests or try something new. Plant a garden, build a birdhouse or a Rube Goldberg machine, try watercolor painting, the sky’s the limit.
  • Get Active. Go for a hike or bike ride. Try boating, or bowling, or roller skating, or juggling. Or invent a combination activity, ex trampoline-juggling.

By putting down the phones and tablets, families can find new passions or pursue old favorites while enjoying quality time together, fostering creativity and creating lasting memories.

Q: It is widely believed that before smartphones, kids spent more time outside and taking part in recreational activities. Is this true, and if so, do you think this trend can change?

PB: Both scientific research and anecdotal evidence suggest that children today spend significantly less time outdoors compared to previous generations. I think that there are many factors (cultural, environmental, technological, etc.) that contribute to this in addition to smartphones. While our evolving understanding of the impacts of screen time and social media on mental health and well being are concerning, smartphones are here to stay.

Most important, is for children to maintain a balance between physical activity (sports and outdoor recreation), interpersonal connections (with peers and family), creative expression with and without technology (suggestions above), and consumption-based screen-time (social-media, many video games, etc.) At Galileo, we believe that when kids see themselves as innovators—individuals who can imagine things that don’t yet exist and have the skills and creative confidence to make those ideas a reality—that these challenges due to technology can fade.

Credit: Camp Galileo

Q: Once the fun of Spring Break is over, it’s difficult for some kids to return to the classroom. Are there any strategies parents can use to ensure a smooth transition back to school, while giving them something to look forward to regularly, and even as summer approaches?

PB: While every child is different, here are some strategies families can use to to help their children smoothly transition back to school after Spring Break:

  • Organize Schoolwork and Workspace: Over the break help them clean out their backpacks, organize notebooks, and declutter/refresh their workspace at home. This can give them a fresh start after the break.
  • Use Positive Back-to-School Talk: Remind them of favorite teachers, friends, upcoming school activities or new learning opportunities. This can generate excitement and help them look forward to the remainder of the school year.
  • Prepare for the First Day Back: Reduce morning stress by readying backpacks the night before, packing a special lunch and laying out favorite clothes. Give kids the agency to take on these tasks independently as they are able. Feeling prepared eases anxiety and fosters a sense of control.

Q: Camp Galileo provides Summer Camp programs throughout Southern California with activities that make even us adults quite jealous! Please share more about the Summer Camp programs you offer for kids, when enrollment opens, and the types of activities that families can expect their kids to enjoy?

PB: Camp Galileo is open for enrollment at more than 60 locations (throughout California, Colorado, Seattle and Chicagoland) on our website: Our award winning programs are grounded in the Galileo Innovation Approach, our unique framework for developing innovators with substantive knowledge that guides breakthrough thinking, a mindset that promotes innovative work and a process that supports bringing the best ideas to fruition. We’re introducing an all-new program this summer with exciting projects and activities for campers in every age group.

This summer, our Elementary School campers (rising K-5th graders) will experience age-appropriate activities in each of our three daily rotations: Innovator’s Studio, Idea Lab and Outdoor Adventure.

  • In Innovator’s Studio, they will practice sustained focus to bring a personal vision to life, taking home impressive, polished, design & engineering project(s) that really work such as: a ride-on rocking pet (K-1st grade), a working hand-held vacuum cleaner (2nd & 3rd grade), and a custom pinball machine (4th & 5th grade).
  • In Idea Lab, the focus shifts from individual to collaborative projects as campers work on open-ended STEAM challenges where part of the fun is the spectacular crushing, crashing and crumbling that follows pushing a physical design to its limit. Campers learn to look critically at their “failures” and, with a growth mindset, glean learnings that enable them to take their designs (and their creative confidence) to the next level.
  • In Outdoor Adventure, campers experience exciting outdoor games along with classic, get-your-wiggles-out camp fun. Each day they engage in a combination of physical team-building challenges and collaborative games designed to build community and nurture kinesthetic practice of the Galileo Innovation Approach (including problem solving, collaboration, creativity, etc.)

Our Middle School campers (rising 6th-8th graders) experience aged up fun. Instead of three daily rotations, they focus on one epic project per week that allows them similar opportunities to collaborate with their fellow campers and flex their imaginations. This summer, project options include go-karts (where campers learn and practice woodworking skills to design and build a one-of-a-kind ride), remote controlled robots (where they bring an original character to life and add original attachments to navigate fun challenges), and an escape room experience (where they explore a range of puzzle types and flows and then create original clues and a themed room for others to escape).

Finally, we have a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program for our oldest campers (rising 8th-10th graders). Each day CITs experience an exciting mix of community-building games and engaging activities designed to develop their leadership skills, have opportunities to shadow instructional staff and mentor younger campers in their classrooms and flex their own design muscles by taking on projects that contribute to camp culture/magic or that enable them to express their own creativity. This program is a great transition for campers who are ready to take on new responsibilities while still having a blast as campers.

Q: Finally, are there any plans to bring Camp Galileo beyond the current areas served in Southern California? For example, the Santa Clarita Valley with its large family population?

PB: We are always looking to grow and bring Galileo to communities that are looking to help students become active members of their communities to envision and create a better world. If this sounds like something that would be interesting to you, we’d love to talk and be introduced to your school district! Our SoCal team is actively working to identify potential new partners and communities for summer 2025 so now is a great time to begin the conversation.

We partner with school districts in a couple of ways through our direct-to-consumer summer camp program as well as our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (E-LOP) to help bridge the gap in accessibility to high-quality summer programming for unduplicated students. Feel free to reach out to for general inquiries and E-LOP opportunities.

Catalina Island Welcomes New Educational Attraction: IMMERSED Ocean Wonders

Catalina Island Welcomes New Educational Attraction: IMMERSED Ocean Wonders

Immersive Education LLC Teams with Red Dot Digital Media to Create Immersive Viewing Experience in New Domed Theater on Catalina Island

If you didn’t know, there’s a small oasis off the California coast that makes for great weekends and day trips – Catalina Island. And every visitor to the island should be able to tell you that at the heart of it is a strong effort to highlight the environmental and ecological history, dangers, and fights that still go on today. Over the years, the island has faced and been subjected to whispers, rumors, and news of outlandish belief, such as the idea of opening an amusement park on it someday. Conservationists have done their best to educate and protect the largely undeveloped island and its surrounding waters, but a new installment could help pass the message along even further for not just Catalina Island, but the world.

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

Spheres are all the rage these days, and Catalina Island just got its very own tiny and environmentally friendly sphere, with Red Dot Digital Media helping to bring it to life! The prominent specialist integrator within the digital signage sector, was commissioned by acclaimed underwater filmmaker Mark Davidson to provide a simple-to-operate media playback system for IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders, his innovative tourist attraction unveiled on Catalina Island. Mark not only filmed and produced the movie, but also designed and built the very dome that visitors gather in for their virtual dive. Nestled just 22 miles off Southern California’s coastline, Catalina Island serves as a favored day-trip and overnight destination, easily accessible via a swift one-hour high-speed ferry journey from the Los Angeles area.

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders offers a distinctive cinematic voyage, transporting visitors on a 30-minute virtual “dive” across the globe’s oceans. Spectators embark on a journey through Catalina’s verdant kelp forests, encountering a diverse array of marine life, including majestic whale sharks, soaring oceanic manta rays, inquisitive bull sharks, captivating bait balls, playful dolphins and sea lions, and even the rare dugong. Entirely filmed underwater in full 360-degree 8K resolution, the immersive experience projects footage onto a domed screen enveloping the audience, synchronized with contemporary music and informative narration for a truly captivating encounter.

Beyond providing educational entertainment, the theater’s operations contribute vital financial support to local ocean conservation initiatives. Immersive Education pledges to allocate 10 percent of the theater’s annual profits to the Marine Mammal Care Center, a regional nonprofit dedicated to responding to distressed seals and sea lions in Catalina’s waters.

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

Mark Davidson, Founder & CEO of Immersive Education, expressed, “Our hope is that IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders will deepen visitors’ connection to our world’s oceans by giving them an underwater view that people rarely see, and by reinvesting a portion of our profits back into the local nonprofit community, we’re taking a tangible step to preserve this underwater beauty by protecting the animals that call these waters home.”

For the execution of the AV system powering IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders, Immersive Education enlisted the expertise of Red Dot Digital Media. Red Dot devised an interactive touch panel interface to manage movie playback and control, integrating a Bluefin touch panel with BrightSign Built-In technology employing UDP commands to trigger content through BrightSign’s BSN.Cloud player management platform. This user-friendly touch interface empowers staff with minimal technical training to initiate, pause, and resume movies on demand, or schedule predetermined screenings effortlessly.

“Given the remote location of the theater, it was essential to create a control system that is both easy to use and extremely reliable,” said Darryl Kuder, President, Red Dot Digital Media. “Using a Bluefin touch screen with BrightSign Built-In, we created a cost-effective, dead-simple operational workflow whereby daily staffers power up the projector and speakers, and with a single tap of the touchscreen they start the first show of the day. At closing time they simply power down the projector and speakers and lock-up.”

The design and construction of the theater were accomplished by domed projection specialists at Lumen & Forge in Las Vegas, completed on-site within a swift eight-day timeframe. The venue features a 576-square-foot wooden deck as its foundation, supporting a circular wood frame enveloped in all-weather vinyl adorned with underwater artwork from Catalina’s renowned Casino Point. Showtimes for IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders are available throughout the day, five days a week, with tickets and additional details accessible at

For further insights into Red Dot’s comprehensive array of content management and specialty integrator services, interested individuals can visit

About Red Dot Digital Media

Established in 2007, Red Dot Digital Media is a leading digital signage specialty integrator focused on global digital signage deployments, content design, programming and CMS integration. As a BrightSign Top 10 Global Preferred Partner, Red Dot has grown to become one of the top digital signage companies in the country and, in 2014, created a global team to support its international projects. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Immersive Education LLC

“Immersive Education LLC’s mission is to create immersive exhibits that generate wonder, spark curiosity, and instill a commitment to ocean conservation using cutting edge 360 degree filming technology.  Our goal is not to bombard audiences with facts about what they are seeing, but to let them experience these magical moments in the same way that we did while filming them.  Falling in love with the oceans is the first step to protecting our oceans.”

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

Andaz West Hollywood Hosts ‘black in every color’ Exhibition Series: ‘Ours’

Andaz West Hollywood Hosts ‘black in every color’ Exhibition Series: ‘Ours’

March is here, which means so is a warming trend in the weather. As we move into Spring, more people will be venturing out to appreciate Southern California’s natural beauty, events, and more. This month, art lovers can rejoice as Andaz West Hollywood has teamed up with Valence Projects for “Ours,” showcasing 20 LA-based artists as part of their “black in every color” series.

A nod to both the series’ 1-Year Anniversary and Black History Month, “Ours” is the next installation of their “black in every color” exhibition series, which highlights 20 LA-based artists. The exhibition celebrated the 1-Year Anniversary of black in every color and Black History Month, while also running through March 29th.

Credit: Valence Projects

“A nod to the future of creativity, community, and expression, “Ours” is posed as an ode to innovation born from detachment. The exhibition invites you to navigate the expansive terrain of artistic exploration as artists of color and recontextualize the fine art space.”

The concept of time, ever-present, underscores this exhibition. “Ours” is a reflection on the epochs it has taken for us to arrive at this juncture, yet it is equally a portal to the future—a nexus where innovation intertwines with history, and forward thinking dances with tradition,” said the exhibition’s Curator, Josiah David Jones.

Artists serve as pioneers of transformation, navigating the uncharted territories of self-expression and collective introspection. Highlighting a range of artists like established fashion photographer Micaiah Carter’s “Preserve”, to first time exhibitor Natasha Rivero’s “Alori”, and multi-disciplinary artist Doug Hickman’s fabric dressed transformation of the Andaz Mezzanine. black in every color’s goal is to elevate artist’s practice through community, collaboration and visibility.

“Ours” will be exhibited at the Andaz West Hollywood (8401 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069) through March 29, 2024. Visit for more information.

Featured Artists Include:

● Dom King
● Brittney S. Price
● Isis Dua
● Kipkemoi
● Kader Ampka
● Mary Harris
● Natasha Rivero
● Peyton The Artist
● Micaiah Carter
● Perry White
● Liam Woods
● Carrington Mitchell
● Jonah Elijah
● Dez Porter
● Doug Hickman Jr.
● Kodjovi Sevon
● Brandon Gastinell
● Yashua Bloom
● Shaylen Nelson
● Stvteoftheart

About Valence Projects & ‘black in every color.’ Curation

The ‘black in every color.’ exhibition series was conceived by Josiah David Jones, founder of Valence Projects. Valence Project’s mission is to empower underrepresented artist communities internationally. Valence Projects strives to build a world where creativity meets purpose, where artists thrive, and where impactful campaigns are born to make a profound difference in the world.

The ‘black in every color’ exhibitions aim to highlight emerging creative communities of color internationally. Valence Projects plans to bring the exhibition to other cities across the US and globally. Among the line-up planned for 2024, the exhibition will be held at Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor and Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills.

About Andaz West Hollywood

With its iconic history as the first hotel on the Sunset Strip, Andaz West Hollywood offers guests the rare opportunity to trace the footsteps of a long list of legendary rockers who frequented the property throughout the 60s and 70s and earned it the nickname “Riot House,” including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, The Doors and more. The historic property experienced past lives as Hyatt on Sunset and Hyatt West Hollywood, before rebranding as Andaz West Hollywood in Hyatt’s boutique lifestyle collection in 2009. The modernized hotel features 239 stylish guest rooms including 20 suites with chic aesthetics, coveted views of the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Boulevard, a rotating art gallery exhibition, and the highest rooftop pool in Los Angeles. An eclectic and fashionable destination, Andaz West Hollywood provides the ultimate LA experience with elevated comforts and amenities for guests to unleash their inner celebrity and indulge like no one, or everyone, is watching.

Little Dom’s Seafood Kicks Off Seafood Season with Insatiable Selections

Little Dom’s Seafood Kicks Off Seafood Season with Insatiable Selections

With Ash Wednesday behind us, seafood season is upon us and living on the West Coast comes with its perks. Where you take advantage of those perks matters, though.

Just in time, the beloved and iconic Little Dom’s Seafood  the seaside sister restaurant of LA’s Little Dom’s by Executive Chef and Co-Owner Brandon Boudet – wants everyone to know that their offerings are some of the most delectable around. The best part is that they aren’t just limited to seafood. For anyone with an allergy or who just isn’t feeling fishy, Little Dom’s Seafood offers a classic Pizza Margherita, Meatball Burger, Rice Balls, Fried Oyster Mushroom Po’Boy, and veggie-centric and vegan plates and salads, and much more!

Offering some of the freshest, locally sourced seafood dishes in Southern California (some even just 24 hours after they’ve been caught!), Little Dom’s Seafood is the ideal location for weeknight dinners, date nights, lunches, or weekend celebrations.

In addition to serving over 200-dozen oysters a week, a few of Little Dom’s Seafood’s best-selling seafood dishes include:

  • Albacore Pastrami with chive butter & Arugula on Housemade Stecca
  • Wood Oven Roasted Littleneck Clams with Toasted Sourdough & Garlic Oregano Butter
  • Santa Barbara Live Uni

Pay them a visit for your dietary needs and restrictions, for those special occasions, or just because! It’s always a good time at Little Dom’s, who have shown consistency and dedication over the years.

Little Dom’s Seafood is located at:
686 Linden Ave
Carpinteria, CA 93013

Learn more about Little Dom’s Seafood at their website.

Open Now @ The Brews Hall: Umami Warrior

Open Now @ The Brews Hall: Umami Warrior

Looking to spruce up the weekend activities and adventures as we head into Spring? As always in Southern California, there’s always something happening, something new, and more than can be achieved in a single weekend.

The latest opening comes in the form of dining, as Torrance’s multi-concept brewery and food experience, The Brews Hall, has launched a brand new concept: Umami Warrior. As of today, Friday, March 1, The Brews Hall’s fourth food concept under their roof features a hybrid of fan-favorite Japanese and Chinese dishes.

Setting The Brews Hall apart from other breweries in Southern California is its accessibility to enjoy a bowl of Tonkatsu Pork Ramen or made-to-order Orange Chicken alongside a craft beer from The Brews Hall’s extensive list of house-made brews. The Brews Hall is the ideal place to satisfy any craving that pops up throughout the week or weekend. Please see Umami’s Warrior’s menu outlined below:

  • Orange Chicken – Crispy chicken, orange glaze sauce, fresh orange slices and scallions
  • Kung Pao Chicken – Crispy chicken, water chestnuts, red bell peppers, Japanese chiles, roasted peanuts, celery and scallions
  • Mongolian Beef & Broccoli – Savory sliced sirloin beef, broccoli, fresh garlic, scallions
  • Miso Grilled Salmon with Bok Choy – Miso marinated salmon, grilled bok choy, sticky white rice
  • Ramen -Tonkotsu broth, slow roasted pork chashu, black garlic oil, nori, marinated soft boiled egg, pickled red onions, toasted sesame seeds, and scallions

The Brews Hall is located at:
21770 Del Amo Circle EastTorrance, CA 90503

Visit their website to learn more.

Meet the Next Generation of Functional Cannabis: KANHA FX

Meet the Next Generation of Functional Cannabis: KANHA FX

Formulated by Doctors for Targeted Effects

With pushes for federal legalization, and more studies into its medicinal and wellness properties than ever, it’s only fitting that we’ve seen more and more functional cannabis products come to the market.

KANHA is the latest brand to make its entrance, and it’s a grand one! CEO Cameron Clarke spent years of hesitating to bring functional products to market, due to the science behind extraction methods for getting mass amounts of minor cannabinoids not being well-developed. However, KANHA assembled a team of scientists and triple-board certified physicians to tackle the problem. They consider KANHA’s newest release to be the next-generation of cannabis wellness tools, formulated with cannabinoids, terpenes and nutraceuticals to elicit specific moods.

The first functional line authentically developed by doctors features advanced formulas like ENERGY, SLEEP and LOVE that help consumers achieve their lifestyle goals.

Sunderstorm’s award-winning edibles brand is proud to welcome KANHA FX, a new line of functional gummies that heralds groundbreaking advancements in precision, innovation and targeted effects. Formulated by doctors to help consumers do what they love, KANHA FX launches with three fast-acting gummies: ENERGY, SLEEP and LOVE.

“The scientific community knows more about cannabinoids, terpenes and entourage effects today than it has at any time in history,” explains Cameron Clarke, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunderstorm. “As the science advances, our products will follow suit, and that commitment helps make KANHA FX the driving force behind the next generation of functional gummies. As industry leaders that leverage proven science in all of our products, Sunderstorm continues to follow the science to bring you the most effective cannabis products available today.”

Clarke, who studied science and engineering at Stanford and founded labs in San Diego and Berkeley, initiated the project by assembling a team of accomplished scientists, textbook authors, published professors and triple-board certified physicians. Through rigorous research and testing, the team developed formulas that elicit specific effects by harnessing an optimal entourage of cannabinoids, terpenes and nutraceuticals.

Among the standout products in the inaugural lineup, ENERGY helps you get more done with a precision 1:1 combo of THCv and THC paired with green tea extract and natural sativa terpenes. For those battling insomnia, SLEEP helps you drift into dreams with a soothing 3:2:1 blend of CBN, THC, CBD and indica-derived terpenes. LOVE, with a delicious blend of rose and raspberry flavors, sets the mood with a 2:1:1 entourage of THC, CBG and THCv paired with hybrid terpenes and green tea and damiana extracts.

Recognizing that no one wants a long wait for energy, dreams or romance, the entire KANHA FX line proudly features the only proven fast-acting technology in cannabis. The NANO in KANHA products is backed by peer-reviewed studies, affirming its rapid onset times and superior cannabinoid absorption.

KANHA FX redefines expectations with precision formulas that deliver the most-targeted effects in the cannabis market. The trio of LOVE, ENERGY and SLEEP is available now at KANHA and Weedmaps. Stay tuned to KANHA to learn more and for upcoming announcements about additional KANHA FX formulas and product categories.

About Sunderstorm

Sunderstorm, a trusted family of brands, is an industry leader in breakthrough innovation and scientific standards. Trusted by budtenders and consumers alike, the values-driven company introduced the first fast-acting edible in 2015 and the first edible line authentically formulated by doctors and chemists. Sunderstorm currently serves dispensaries in California, Massachusetts, Illinois and Nevada in addition to national e-commerce with KANHA Life.

Fogo de Chão: Porterhouse Cut Returns to Full Churrasco Experience

Fogo de Chão: Porterhouse Cut Returns to Full Churrasco Experience

Fogo de Chão, the internationally-renowned restaurant from Brazil, invites guests to savor the exquisite Porterhouse cut as it makes a triumphant return to the Full Churrasco Experience for a limited time, starting today at all U.S. locations – including Puerto Rico. That’s right, good things don’t last forever!

Fogo de Chão continues to turn up the heat with their offerings. The Porterhouse, an indulgent cut that includes both a New York Strip and Filet that is cooked bone-in, and served sliced tableside, delivering a juicy and rich flavor with every bite. Seared over an open flame and meticulously seasoned with rock salt, the Porterhouse augments the diversity, opulence, and personalization of Fogo’s quintessential menu feature, the Full Churrasco Experience.

Courtesy: Fogo de Chaõ

Barry McGowan, Chief Executive Officer at Fogo, remarked, “As we continue to innovate and elevate the dining experience at Fogo de Chão, we are thrilled to introduce the premium Porterhouse cut as an indulgent addition to the Full Churrasco Experience. At Fogo, we are constantly innovating our menu to provide our guests with the most flavorful and nutritious options, all at an accessible price point.”

The Culinary Art of Churrasco unfolds as guests commence with a visit to the seasonal Market Table adorned with an array of fresh salads, plant-based proteins, charcuterie, and so much more. The heart of the Churrasco Experience, featuring fire-roasted proteins, remains a highlight during lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, presenting beloved selections such as Bone-In Ribeye, Lamb Chops, the celebrated Picanha—the prime section of the top sirloin—and now the premium Porterhouse.

Guests seeking to elevate their dining experience are presented with an array of options across all times of the day, including weekday lunches starting at just $18. With weekend brunch affairs, indulgent à la carte choices like the Dry-Aged Tomahawk and Wagyu New York Strip, chilled seafood selections, artisanal cocktails available during All-Day Happy Hour, and an assortment of award-winning South American wines Fogo de Chão makes for the best elevated experience, even when on a budget.

Evolving Destinations For The Art Enthusiast: Culver City

Evolving Destinations For The Art Enthusiast: Culver City

It stirs and soothes hearts, minds, souls, and bodies across the world, all while taking on a variety of forms: silent, loud, simple, complex, bold, or abstract. In some cases, doing all of the above, all at once. That ever-changing thing that traverses mediums is art, and it is all around us.

As art aficionados continue to make their pilgrimages to the iconic art meccas in a post-COVID world, Paris, Italy, Tokyo, Jakarta, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have seen renewed popularity. But for those seeking the burgeoning art scenes and creative hubs where it’s still easy to spend a day popping in and out of galleries and curated local shops, a Los Angeles community known as Culver City has them all beat.

If you caught our coverage of The Shay Hotel last year, then it may come as no surprise that Culver City continues to deliver with its incredible support of small businesses and local artists.The Culver City Arts District encompasses a rich community of over thirty art galleries within its small footprint that showcase a wide variety of fine art, contemporary art, sculpture, pop, graphic, and street art. All the while, The Shay continues to be a lighthouse for wonderers far and wide in 2024 – remaining the best place to stay for those exploring and discovering art in Culver City.

Opened in October 2021, the young hotel has quickly become a mainstay that boasts the only rooftop pool in Culver City along with prime location at the helm of the incredibly walkable Culver City Arts District. On top of that, The Shay offers travelers and locals easy access to an enticing blend of posh accommodations, eclectic shopping experiences, and a dining scene that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

With prominent galleries like Blum (formerly Blum & Poe), Anat Egbi, Thinkspace and Sixty29 Contemporary, and the promising new openings of FP Contemporary, Reisig and Taylor Contemporary and CadFab Creative Gallery, Culver City is becoming a focal point for contemporary art. Along with specialty boutiques, hyper local design retailers and a thriving gastronomic culture, the dynamic neighborhood buzzes with creative energy from architecture enterprises, advertising agencies and culinary arts campuses, interior design showrooms and some of the world’s leading entertainment production studios – like Amazon, HBO Max and Apple TV.

The Shay is only steps away from these globally inspired art galleries and museums, and reflects the neighborhood’s artistic buzz by lining its walls with collections from local artists and hosting monthly pop-up shops from small businesses. In the true heart of Los Angeles, The Shay in Culver City is centrally located between Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Hollywood/West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and offers accessibility to all of the artistic corners of Los Angeles County. See some of the highlights below for just a few attractions sure to complement your own stay at The Shay.

Whether you’re a traveler looking for a memorable vacation, a shopper in search of unique finds, a food enthusiast ready to embark on a culinary journey, or an art aficionado looking for your next piece, The Shay and Culver City are all-encompassing destinations that cater to your every desire.