Planning a California Road Trip Adventure

Planning a California Road Trip Adventure


With near-endless sunshine, world-class theme parks and abundant outdoor experiences, California is an ideal destination to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

To make it easy for travelers to plan their trips, the 2023 California Road Trips guide includes 13 action-packed itineraries that begin and end at one of the state’s 27 commercial airports, highlighting how easy it is to fly into any region of the Golden State and hit the road.

“California’s natural beauty, diverse topography and culturally rich communities are the perfect backdrop for an epic road trip experience,” said Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, a nonprofit organization that partners with the state’s travel industry to develop and maintain marketing programs that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination. “This year’s guide showcases how the state’s vast network of international and regional airports provide travelers with convenient access to every corner of the California Road Trip Republic.”

The guide’s cover star, Dwyane Wade, a three-time NBA champion, dad and owner of Napa Valley winery Wade Cellars, moved to Los Angeles after his retirement in 2019. Wade said California granted him a soulful landscape and much-needed quiet time.

“I like to find moments where no one can expect anything of me and California allows me to have those moments,” Wade said. “I’ll drive to the beach and walk next to the water. I’ll drive all over to find those moments to connect with myself… I get my energy from that.”

While California’s world-renowned coastline provides a dramatic backdrop, adventures can be found in every region of the Golden State. Featured drives take travelers to both cities and classic small towns, family attractions and far-reaching, otherworldly landscapes. A few sample road trip itineraries include:

* “Animals, Desert and Offbeat Art” combines kid-friendly experiences like LEGOLAND California and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with the rich arts culture and stargazing opportunities in Borrego Springs.

* “Cactus and Cocktails” explore both the cosmopolitan pleasures of Palm Springs and the rugged sceneries of Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave National Preserve.

* “National Park Adventures” is a 412-mile adventure that begins at Fresno Yosemite Airport and explores the wonders of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

* “Road to Gold” is a four-day trek that begins in Sacramento, explores Lake Tahoe and meanders back through Gold Country with photo opportunities at every turn.

* “Innovation and Agricultural Bounty” features a San Jose-based itinerary that showcases cutting-edge arts, charming seaside villages and bountiful farmlands on a 238-mile journey.

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Discovering Stylish Women’s Pants for Sale: A Fashionista’s Guide

Discovering Stylish Women’s Pants for Sale: A Fashionista’s Guide

Are you tired of wearing the same old jeans over and over again? Are you ready to change your wardrobe game? Look no further because stylish womens pants online are here to save the day! Whether you’re going for a sophisticated office look or just want to add some extra flare to your outfit, there’s a pair of pants out there waiting for you.

Start with the Basics

Before diving headfirst into trendy and bold styles of pants, make sure to have some staple pieces in your wardrobe. Basic items like black leggings, high-waisted trousers, and classic denim jeans will never go out of style. Depending on the occasion, these items can be paired to create different styles. They make an excellent foundation that allows any closet pieces to stand out.

Find Your Style

Once you have covered all your basic must-haves, it’s time to explore new trends. Fitted cigarette pants are perfect if you want something tailored but modern and trendy. Wide-legged culottes can be paired with an oversized shirt or blouse giving off an effortless yet polished vibe.

Alternatively, skinny leather pants offer great edge and sass while adding texture and rock-chic energy into outfits when paired with slouchy tees or casual shoes like sneakers or boots.

Brightly colored cargo-style high-waisted paper bag pants look amazing with chunky knit sweaters tucked in at the waistline. Always remember that proportion is key, whether combining feminine blouses & puff sleeves underneath them!

The material used also plays a critical factor, like silk trousers provide sophistication that will leave everyone impressed; linen fabric offers ease of comfort during summertime when temperatures climb above 30°C while a velvety finish adds luxe elegance that is perfect for night outs!

Get Creative

Mixing prints is one trend that has been steadily surfacing over the past few years, not only in tops but also pants. Prints like leopard and floral can add a pop of color and the perfect amount of flair to any outfit.

Comfort is the key, which is why joggers have become an all-time favorite for many fashionistas. They provide comfort and ease of movement alongside style without sacrificing anything. They look stylish paired with casual-chic jackets or oversized knits rather than just athletic hoodies or tank tops.

Cropped styles such as wide-legged culottes and tapered ankle pants are perfect for creating proportions; they allow you to show off your best shoes, whether heels or flats, while showing more skin, creating a leg-length illusion.

For a daring look, try belting your high-waisted trousers with printed textures like python snakeskin patterns giving it an edgy attitude over plain belts.

Finalize The Look

Accessories can enhance the whole appearance of one’s outfit! Pair women’s pants for sale with boots, chunky sneakers, sandals heels offering different mixes based on individual preference in time. Statement pieces like oversized hats/earrings/necklaces can also change a look entirely.

In Conclusion

Give yourself options when it comes to finding stylish women’s pants by trying on new looks you may have never considered before! Be open-minded and willing to experiment – after all, fashion is meant to be fun! Start building from basics onto bolder choices covering suitable materials in each style category. Make creative outfit combinations, then finalize everything flawlessly using accessories, making them stand out uniquely and rounding up the final touches that will make every fashionista fall head-over-heels in love with their stylish women’s pants collection!

In the end, finding the perfect pair of stylish women’s pants for sale depends on personal choice. Explore different styles, materials, and prints to create a unique fashion statement that reflects your individuality. Keep trying new things until you find what works best for your style and personality. Happy shopping!


Your Health Questions Answered

Your Health Questions Answered

In our Ask the Experts ongoing series, we reached out to Dr. Nazarian who is a primary care physician in Beverly Hills who practices internal medicine and primary care. The office is recognized as one of the top medical practices in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Is COVID gone?

Covid 19 cases and hospital admissions due to covid have dropped significantly over the last year and recently the U.S. public health emergency declaration due to covid was ended. This, however, does not mean Covid 19 has completely gone away.

What’s the story on Diabetes medicine as weight loss?

There is a class of drugs called GLP-1 agonists or glucagon like peptide 1 receptor agonists that have gained popularity this year. These medications help curb hunger and slow the movement of food from the stomach into the stomach. As a result, people are less hungry and fuller faster. They are an effective tool in weight loss when properly administered by a physician. Our practice has been using these injections successfully with nutrition modifications to help patients lose weight. It is important to note that these medications are not for everyone, and one should have a consultation with a physician who is familiar with these meds to make sure there are no contraindication to use and proper follow up is provided. Patients who have a family history of thyroid cancer should not be using these medications. We are seeing patients who are prescribed these medications without the proper workup and follow up and having muscle loss due to lack of protein intake and proper follow up in our practice.

How big a part do you think nutrition plays in health and healing? 

Nutrition plays a crucial role in both overall health and our bodies ability to heal itself. Poor nutrition can lead to weight gain and a variety of conditions that are associated with it. Proper nutrition intake provides our bodies with the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrate and fatty acids to function. Certain nutrients, such as vitamin C, zinc, and protein, are particularly important for wound healing. Protein is necessary for the production of new cells and muscle growth and maintenance. Vitamin C and zinc support collagen synthesis, which is crucial for tissue repair.

What are your thoughts on the American healthcare system?

This is a complicated question with many factors involved. It is unfortunate to see that healthcare costs continue to go up and the only real winners are the insurance companies. Many people have seen their insurance premiums increase over the last several years while their benefits have been reduced. At the same time, physician reimbursements have gone done and profits at the insurance companies have gone up. Many physicians are leaving the networks as a result as they are not being reimbursed for the services they are providing.

Why are drugs more expensive here than in other countries?

Medications such as insulin, epinephrine, hepatitis C medications and cancer medications are more expensive in the U.S. than other countries.

What is your health routine?

I try to exercise regularly and lift weights at least 4 times a week. In addition, I try to have a balanced diet and get enough sleep at night. I don’t function as well when I am not exercising or getting enough sleep.

What is a concierge doctor?

A concierge doctor is a type of healthcare provider that offers a more personalized and comprehensive medical care to a limited number of patients. Concierge medical practices operate on a membership or retainer-based model where patients pay an annual fee to be part of the practice. In exchange they receive more time and access to their physician. Prevention and wellness is a big part of our concierge practice. Patients who are members of our practice receive a yearly executive physical exam that is included in their care in addition to same day appointments and access to myself and my team. We coordinate all aspects of their health and work closely with top specialists to ensure they receive the best care possible.


About David Nazarian, M.D., Diplomate, American Board of Medicine and

Dr. David Nazarian obtained his Doctorate of Medicine from Sackler School of Medicine in New York and completed his medical training at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Dr. Nazarian is Board Certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has extensive experience treating patients in both emergency rooms and hospital settings. He has received numerous accolades as a concierge doctor and his Beverly Hills concierge practice is recognized as one of the top medical practices in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Nazarian’s facility is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and screening equipment for prevention and early detection.

Dr. Nazarian opened My Concierge MD after working with patients in the entertainment industry. Now he also provides the same level of concierge medical care to patients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

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It’s in the Stars!

It’s in the Stars!

We turned our attention to the heavens and local astrologer Rachel Lang to answer some of our urgent questions about astrology. If you have questions that you would like answered—let us know!
Should I believe the astrology pages in magazines? 
Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. Sun sign columns just consider one aspect of astrology. So, it’s more accurate to receive a reading from a professional or even to read your customized astrological transits from a site like or an app like Time Passages. That said, I know excellent astrologers who write horoscopes for magazines and websites. If you’re looking for guidance, astrology columns can be a source of inspiration. 
What’s a rising sign? 
Your rising sign is the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, and it represents your first impression. It’s the face you show the world. It’s a significant factor in determining the way you look and your personality. It also represents how you interact with the world around you. 
What’s this Mercury-in-retrograde we keep hearing about? 
It’s actually Mercury retrograde (no in)! 3-4 times a year, Mercury gives us the appearance of going backward in the heavens. It’s similar to the optical illusion you see when a car is driving right next to you at approximately the same speed. Mercury is the planet of communication, our thinking patterns, and transportation. When Mercury goes retrograde, we have a chance to reflect on how we communicate as well as what we’re holding back that needs to be said. It’s a more introspective time. So, sometimes, we do deep personal reflection and have insights about our lives. It is always a good idea to back up computers and communication devices. Also, if you have delays, be patient! Mercury is a trickster and lets us know if we’re taking things too seriously.
Is astrology a science?
Astrology is similar to psychology in that our knowledge of astrology is based on observation and case studies over thousands of years. We can watch cycles repeat themselves over and over, and each time a cycle retreats itself, we see similar themes playing out in our lives and in the world. It works with archetypes and symbols, and astrologers interpret these symbols to gain context for what’s happening here on earth. It maps out the skies for any moment in time, like your time of birth. So, many of my astrological colleagues know astronomy and math. 

Meet Rachel Lang

Rachel Lang is a professional astrologer, healer, and psychic medium who has worked for the past 15 years with businesses and individuals, including A-list celebrities, tech startup entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, activists, and students. Rachel holds a master’s degree in theology from Loyola Marymount University and as an internationally recognized speaker, she offers classes, lectures, and workshops on a variety of topics to her clientele.  Some of her business collaborations have included workshops on Goddess asteroids, Solar Returns, Money and Love, Astrology 101, among other topics.  She serves as the Vice President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), is the Outreach Director for the international board of the NCGR, and is also a member of the International Society for Astrological Research.  Additionally, Rachel writes a monthly horoscope column for the Omega Institute’s Omega News, as well as LVBX Magazine and she has contributed to publications such as Bustle, Well+Good, and Romper. Rachel recently released her book, Modern Day Magic, across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia via publisher Hardie Grant.

Trans Comedian Julia Scotti Proves Life Really Is Funny That Way

Trans Comedian Julia Scotti Proves Life Really Is Funny That Way



The “Crazy Old Lady of Comedy” talks Transitioning and Trailblazing in New Documentary Releasing Nationwide June 1st


By Scott Motisko

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They say laughter is the best medicine, and no one may know that better than veteran comedian Julia Scotti, the self-proclaimed “Crazy Old Lady of Comedy”.

Born Rick Scotti, she knew something was not right her whole life, and made the bravest and boldest decision of her life: put a pause on her exemplary stand-up career where she was performing with the likes of Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld, and become the woman she always knew was inside her. Now, the senior trans comedian returns to the stage and tells her story in the new documentary Julia Scotti: Funny That Way, arriving June 1st to kick off Pride Month.

Shot over a period of five years, Julia Scotti: Funny That Way tracks Julia’s triumphant comeback, the rough life on the road, and the complex process of reuniting with her children, as comedy becomes the shared language of identity, healing, and joy.

The directorial debut from Golden-Globe nominee Susan Sandler (Crossing Delancey), Julia Scotti: Funny That Way takes audiences on an entertaining emotional roller coaster in this tender, funny and triumphant comeback story.

The story begins in the comedy boom of the1980’s, where Rick Scotti was a busy guy– a headliner in clubs across the country– when he came to the dawning realization that nothing felt right.  At a time when the words gender dysphoria and gender reassignment surgery were rarely heard, Rick’s true awakening at age forty-seven led to a year of hormonal treatments, surgery, and, ultimately a new identity as Julia Scotti.

And then everyone turned away—former wives, friends, family, comedy world buddies, and most painfully Julia was shut out from any contact with her children. She reinvented herself, spent a decade teaching, and then several years ago, stepped back on stage at an open mic and began her journey back to the world she loves.  And just as she returned to comedy, her children reached out to her after 15 years of silence.

As Julia says, her comedy always has to be “fearless and honest”, and America can feel both in her performances. Since coming back to comedy in 2011, she has been named one of the Top Five Transgender Comedians in the Country by Advocate Magazine, and has performed at LGBTQ events across the country, and was one of the winners of the Laughlin Laugh Festival in Nevada.

Scotti introduced herself to national audiences on Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell said that “you genuinely made me laugh”. She was the first transgender comedian to appear on national television and was a quarter-finalist on the show. But she wasn’t done yet. Scotti appeared on the Showtime Television Network Special, “More Funny Women of a Certain Age”, and colleagues have described her as, among other things, “a force of nature”, and “a comedy chainsaw flying through the room”.

Sandler takes the explosively funny and moving Julia away from the stage – prodding at the edges of her private life—revealing a story that is delicate, vulnerable, and real. Julia Scotti: Funny That Way allows audiences to experience an entertaining emotional roller coaster as they journey through this tender, funny and triumphant comeback story.

If laughter truly is the best medicine, we could all use a dose. So, sit back, relax, and have a few laughs to cure all your ills.

JULIA SCOTTI: FUNNY THAT WAY will be available via VOD RELEASE on June 1,2021 and available on: iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, DirecTV, and more! PURCHASE LINK:

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Cooking with Wine

Cooking with Wine

Cooking Wine and Cooking With Win

Cooking Wine is different than cooking with wine, learn about the differences and a few dishes that need a special touch

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Cooking with Wine

Cooking with Wine

Wine has been used to cook amazing dishes for a long, long time. The Romans were known for including wine in sauces, braises, and stews. The French make Coq au Vin, the Italians have risotto and chicken marsala, and the Japanese use sake for all kinds of dishes.

Food and wine paired or cooked together can be a dream come true. Whether the wine is from your favorite winery or from your local grocery store, a little bit of wine can add a lot of complexity to a dish.

What Is the Difference Between Cooking Wine and Table Wine?

Cooking wine is different than your average bottle of wine. This wine was never meant to be drunk, but it was meant to be included as an ingredient in cooking. Cooking wine has salt and other preservatives that extend the shelf life of the product and keep it from spoiling. These small additions allow it to legally be sold at grocery stores, but you wouldn’t want to drink it. This also means that when you open a bottle, it can be used for a long long time. Unless you’re running a restaurant, you’d never need to buy a whole case of cooking wine.

But let’s say a recipe calls for cooking wine and you don’t have any on hand. You can substitute almost any leftover wine you have in a recipe as long as you stay close to the flavor profile and color called for. Substituting red wine for white wine can have a significant impact depending on the dish, but if you are an adventurous cook, it could be a fun journey. Fortified wines, like dry vermouth or dry sherry, are other good options for cooking as the high alcohol content preserves them from going bad.

It should be noted that there is contention in the cooking community, and some chefs think that using leftover wine (or bad wine) is fine, whereas others disagree and call for only the finest in their dishes. We think this is a somewhat silly argument when the wine is being cooked (as opposed to being used as a final topping). Heat exposure will destroy much of the wine’s flavor, such as tannins or those imparted by oak barrels. So we wouldn’t ever recommend cooking with expensive wine.

Uses for Wine in Cooking

There are so many applications for how we can use wine when we cook. Wine brings acidity, sweetness, and flavor to a dish which enhances the complexity and makes a better final product.


Marinating meat or vegetables in wine, herbs, vinegar, and other flavoring agents, is a great way to ensure what you cook is flavorful and retains some moisture in the cooking process. A good rule of thumb is to use one cup of wine for every cup of oil in a marinade.


Stocks are used as bases for soups and grains and can be much more flavorful when accompanied by the right type of wine.


Roasting meats in a liquid base (especially when flavored by good wine) creates a robust flavor and tender finale for a dinner entree.


Wine can be poured into a hot pan that has been used for searing or for braising, to help loosen what has stuck to the pan (called the fond). This is the base for many pan sauces which are the foundations of French cooking.


Fruit can be cooked in wine to form the base of many Italian desserts, or poached fruits can be used to form the filling for pies.


Simply pouring a bit of sweet wine over the top of ice cream or other cool desserts is a delicious way to finish a meal.

How to Use Wine in Cooking

How to Use Wine in Cooking

Some Dishes Featuring Specific Wine Varietals

If a recipe calls for cooking wine a table wine will suffice, but the reverse is not always true. Different wines bring different flavor profiles, and sometimes when a recipe calls for a dry white wine, a Marsala will not cut it.

We wanted to list a few dishes that are either closely associated with a certain wine, or are a particularly good use for a varietal.

Pinot Noir: A good pinot is earthy, but still has good forward fruit. We would love to pair this with braised meats and mushrooms or maybe roasted duck breast. Pinot is also a good candidate for making a rich pan sauce — with pork chops, for example.

Chardonnay: The buttery full-bodied Chards will be a great addition to a coq au vin blanc. It could also be used to make a beurre blanc, a delicious butter and wine mixture that can be spooned over vegetables and other meats.

Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon blanc typically doesn’t carry heavy flavors that will overwhelm lighter dishes, so we would recommend cooking the sauvignon into a cream sauce or with seafood dishes.

Riesling: Riesling has many different flavors that can show through depending on how it is made, but look to classic German and Alsatian dishes. Pâté in a riesling jelly is a classic, as is chicken braised in riesling and cream.

Pinot Grigio: The lightness of pinot grigio will be very helpful for seafood dishes and could be used to poach light, Mediterranean fish with olive oil. Served over pasta, the pinot grigio flavored cooking liquid makes a delicious sauce.

Zinfandel: The big fruit flavors of zinfandel work well with gamey dishes. Think about cooking venison or wild boar and using zinfandel to make a pan sauce.

Merlot: We love the flavors of duck breast and merlot. Make a rich, buttery pan sauce to accompany it.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Risotto tinted with a dry red like cabernet is a great side dish that can be paired with pan-seared scallops or roasted chicken.

Chianti: Classic pairings for cooking with Chianti include lamb, boar, and offal all braised in rich Chianti.

Syrah: Syrah is another wine that is great for making pan sauces and braises. We really love it as a pan sauce that gets spooned over grilled red meats.

Sparkling Wine: Sparkling wine (and particularly champagne) is a classic addition to a lot of desserts. Truffles, mousses, and foams can be pepped up with a little bit of sparkling wine.

Vermouth: Vermouth is a classic cooking ingredient due to its high acidity, and can be used as a base for sauces and braises. We would recommend trying it in chicken Provençal.

Madeira: Madeira can be a magical addition to dishes, and works particularly well with gamey flavors. It can make great sauces for game birds and it is an integral part of making some types of cake.

Sherry: Sherry is used to add acidity to many glazes (for desserts or savory dishes) and makes an incredible vinaigrette.

Popular Cooking Wine Varietals

Popular Cooking Wine Varietals


What Should You Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms?

What Should You Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms?

What Should You Do If You Have Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms?

Many in Los Angeles who were infected by Covid-19 now find themselves experiencing symptoms long after they are no longer infected. Read on for more information about what the symptoms of ‘long-haul’ or ‘long Covid’ may look like and what you should do if you have them.

What is long-haul Covid-19?

Recent studies indicate that of those who recover from Covid-19, 50-80% will experience lingering effects three months after infection. Symptoms can linger regardless of whether you were hospitalized or not. Researchers have also learned that long-Covid symptoms can first appear in waves:

  • Initial symptoms- fatigue; headache; chills; fever
  • 5 days- nausea; vomiting; diarrhea
  • 10 days- dizziness; confusion; difficulty concentrating; body pain
  • 15 days- heart palpitations; high/low blood pressure; lightheadedness
  • 21 days- skin conditions; eye infections; twitchy muscles; mouth sores

It’s important to note that not everyone who has long Covid will experience all of the symptoms indicated in the timeline and that they may even skip one or more of these “waves.” There is still much to learn about the novel coronavirus, but it is believed that these lingering symptoms stem from inflammation caused by the virus. Most common lingering symptoms not mentioned include:

  • Brain fog and impaired memory
  • Joint and chest pain
  • Breathing issues
  • Loss of taste and/or smell
  • Sleep issues

Those who experienced severe symptoms, adults over 50, and people with underlying health conditions are most likely to experience long-haul Covid-19.

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Avoiding the risk of long-term symptoms

The best way to avoid long-term Covid-19 side effects is to avoid infection. This means following social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.

In the event you need to get tested, the LAPH website has guidance regarding testing – including what types of tests you need, and ways to access testing and treatment for free.

Families may also consider using DIY Covid-19 testing kits to test themselves at home. The tests most widely available are PCR tests, which require lab processing. This means after self-administering the test at home, samples are mailed to the laboratory which produced the kit. Depending on lab and mail delivery times, your results can take 3-14 days.

The first rapid antigen DIY testing kit was recently authorized by the FDA for use by the general public. This test requires no lab processing and produces results in 15 minutes. These tests are still in production, but are expected to debut on shelves in the coming weeks. Once production is in full swing, these tests are expected to cost roughly $30 each, but will likely be priced much higher when they first hit shelves.

Those in need of testing options that balance both convenience and safety may wish to consider getting tested at home. Onsite medical service providers will send a nurse with a Covid test for a home visit to administer Covid-19 tests to everyone in the household. As healthcare providers, they already have access to rapid test options.

Angelinos with specific testing needs who may particularly benefit from at-home Covid-19 testing include:

  • Young children, as well as neurodivergent children and those with disabilities unable to wear a mask for long periods of time
  • People with severe cases of Covid-19 who need regular testing as part of treatment and want to minimize risk of transmission to others
  • People at high risk of severe symptoms who have not yet been vaccinated, and those who interact with them regularly
  • People with physical conditions who would benefit from medical professionals administering the test

What should I do if I have long Covid?

If you are still experiencing Covid-19 symptoms 6 weeks after recovery, you should contact your primary care physician, even if you had mild symptoms while sick. Doctors can work with you to find treatments and strategies that reduce discomfort and help you cope.

Earlier this year, Cedars-Sinai opened a Covid-19 recovery program exclusively for patients with lingering symptoms. Anyone interested in participating must be referred by a physician. Low-income LA County residents should reach out to My Health LA through the LA County Department of Public Health (LAPH) if they are in need of Covid-19 treatment.