Kroma, the brand dedicated to revitalizing mind, body and spirit through transformative Resets and Daily Essentials, has launched a new product that falls right in line!

The company, whose lineup includes meticulously selected ingredients from superfoods around the world to create nourishing, and healing functional foods and beverages, has marked their first product launch since inception in 2021, and it is available as of today, April 4th (National Ramen Day!), via

A fitting follow up to their selection, Kroma has offered a range of products, from meal-replacing broths to snacks and lattes, while keeping the following standards:
  • Curate for Quality: They have scanned the world to find the most nutrient-dense, high-integrity, sustainably sourced superfood ingredients available.
  • Healthy Must Taste Amazing: Healthy and delicious can and should co-exist. All of their food and beverage products are culinary-inspired, masterfully marrying function and flavor.
  • Be Pure: No cane sugar. No fillers. No dairy. No gluten. No GMOs. No shortcuts or gimmicks. Their intentions are pure and so are their products.
  • Live Super Empowered: They have collaborated with some of the top nutritionists, herbalists, chefs, and wellness gurus to ensure all of their products adapt to the body’s chemistry and empower inner awesomeness.
  • Keep It Simple: Their instant, superfood-centric products were made to simplify their life while keeping them nourished, sustained, and thriving. Just add water or non-dairy milk. Simple.

Courtesy: Kroma

While their previous broths have left room for customization and creativity – yet still maintaining a delicious and nutritious goal – Kroma’s Super Ramen ups the ante, promising the world’s first gluten-free bone broth ramen:

  • Enhanced with superfoods and adaptogens, providing added health benefits beyond traditional convenient noodle options.
  • Quick and convenient— ready in just 5 minutes, Kroma’s ramen is perfect for those seeking a quick, nourishing meal on the go, whether you’re at the office, dorm, or traveling.
  • And made with:
    • Gluten-Free Mung-Bean Noodles: Featuring gluten-free mung-bean noodles, Super Ramen offers a lower glycemic index and fewer carbs, catering to dietary preferences and health-conscious individuals.
    • Slow-Cooked Bone Broth: Super Ramen features slow-cooked chicken bone broth, lending a homemade taste and quality that sets it apart from other instant ramen options. It includes essential nutrients like collagen, amino acids, and minerals that support gut health, joint function, and overall well-being.
    • Bovine Collagen: Supporting hair, skin, and nails and joints.
    • Dehydrated Vegetable Blend: Provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall health and optimal nutrition.
    • Coconut Milk: Adds creaminess and richness to the broth, while also providing healthy fats that support brain function and satiety.
    • Turmeric: Offering anti-inflammatory properties, supports immune function and aids digestion.
    • Adaptogenic Reishi: Helping the body adapt to stress, supports immune function, promotes relaxation, and enhances overall vitality.
    • Nutritious and Balanced with 15g of protein and only 210 calories per serving.
    • Free of non-GMO ingredients, preservatives; and made with simple, whole ingredients.

You can purchase Kroma Super Ramen online, along with their other range of products, including favorites like:

Kroma 5-day Reset: Designed to kickstart healthy habits and combat issues like fatigue, bloating, brain fog, weight gain, and more. You won’t be hungry, tired or bored, and you will see and feel a difference in as little as 5 days. Their Reset is fully customizable, portable, nonperishable and abundant— making it easy to forget everything you know and fear about cleansing.

Kroma Daily Essentials: Packed with premium superfoods, The Kroma Daily Essentials are an effortless way to level up your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and give your body the essential nutrition for daily performance and long-term whole-body health.