This Halloween, if you’re not feeling that brave but you want to join in the spooky fun, why not try listening to a scary story? It’s much less terrifying than watching an actual horror film and a lot more fun, at least for me it is because yes, I’m a big scaredy cat.

If you’re a big scaredy cat too, then I suggest you get comfy, set the mood (dim lights, candles on, blankets, popcorn etc…) and chose from over 120 different episodes of Too Scary; Didn’t Watch

There’s Candyman, The Ring, Paranormal Activity, Night of the Living Dead, A Quiet Place, His House, Let the Right One in, Get Out  and many, many more. You’ll find yourself laughing, gasping, maybe even shouting out loud, but you will enjoy yourself. The more episodes you listen to, the more you’ll feel like the three hosts: Henley Cox, Sammy Smart, and Emily Gonzalez, have become your good friends (and they are fun to hang out with). If you want to watch their faces while you listen you can join their Patreon for behind the scene sneak peeks and previews. Sit back and enjoy!

Happy Halloween everyone, happy listening and safe trick or treating.