Come Rain or Wine

Come Rain or Wine

The pour was as heavy as the rain at Silverlake Wine store’s “Sunday at Three” wine tasting hosted by Randy Clement and his band of merry sommeliers. Who wouldn’t want three charming white wines and two reds to go along with a Sunday afternoon? And if that wasn’t enticing enough—just try to refuse the resplendent hors d’oeuvres by Annie Miler’s Clementine in Beverly Hills. A glistening penne pasta salad speckled with olives and parmesan arrives as the legs of your J Brix “Rougarou” wine from San Diego drips seductively before you. As you take your first bite, Randy embarks on outlandish wine tangents and general chat about all things related to each eclectic wine—selected by type, in this case California Rhone, for the afternoon. For example, did you know you can remember a wine by the varietal nostalgia it evokes? Say your first sip reminds you of your Grandfather’s Garage—the intoxicating mix of turpentine and soil? That is your personal vinology—your landmark in the world of wine to mark your interpretation of “bouquet” and “full body.” If a good wine evokes a time and place, a great wine brings people together. A Sunday Funday awaits you, rain or shine.

A great place for wine tasting and meeting new friends. Plus there is another branch in the Arts District (213) 335-6235


  • Reservations are required for Sunday Wine Tastings and there is a set start and end time.
  • Reservations can be made either by emailing [email protected] or by calling 323 662 9024.
  • All bottles from tastings are available at a discount.
  • Date: One Sunday a month
  • Time: 3PM
  • Location: Silverlake Wine
  • Price: $25 per person


Fly Right to Raven

Fly Right to Raven

You may well sprout wings and fly at the Raven Spa this Valentine’s Day. Imagine taking to the air with arms outstretched, body relaxed like Icarus in flight. Sun be damned, this traditional Thai massage will have you heading straight to the heavens. Your journey begins at the door—green tendrils, texture and teak welcome you, as you check in and receive a little care package: comfy clothes. As you don your relaxation uniform you literally leave yourself behind and enter the universe of peace and calm. A gentle waterfall compliments the sound of silence. No water buckets and chatting at this joint. You are the center of a still world. A chocolate and champagne greeting awaits you before you embark on your body-journey. Thai massage, also known as “lazy man’s yoga” involves a give-and-take stretch series. You are gently lengthened in a choreographed dance, while still receiving the oft-anticipated regular massage treatment. Foreheads are swept in rhythmic strokes, muscles are coaxed into submission—pressure points are pushed, all is well.   Yet this experience on the mat is more meditation than a massage. You notice your breath, you feel the dynamic energy of the massage. This is a conversation of bodies, and that is super sexy. The Raven Spa is the spot that will hit the spot.

Address: 2910 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Brave New Soap


Give the Valentine gift that keeps giving. Tie a bow on this gift and lavish your love with the lush life: soap that is super manly. Citrus, lilac and roses be gone! Hello, heady handmade soaps by the soapmaker, Susana Cho. Nettle Leaf soap lathers up astringent suds along with a bold blend of bergamot, fresh juniper, jasmine and earthy patchouli. Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, Sustainable palm oil (RSPO), grape seed oil, castor oil, shea butter even ground oatmeal are the base for this exclusive batch of soaps. Bask in the scent of “London” lathered up in this rich cleansing bar—an instant departure from city grit. Tap into the ancient Roman ritual of a “spirit” cleanse. Ancient Roman legend gives soap its name: the infamous Mount Sapo was the site for sacrificial ceremony. Animal oils and wood ashes comingled in an otherworldly cleansing hybrid fusion—soap was born. This unique chemical combustion was found to have cleansing properties—elevating the soiled masses to a sacred clean slate. Soap like Cho’s delicately-made vegan Tumeric belies the deeply antibacterial agents therein. Wash with this elixer to maximize antioxidants while you wash. Tumeric deeply stimulates new cell growth and supports the skin’s natural elasticity. Anti-aging soap? Yes, please. Tumeric soap helps even out skin tone, and, by the way, smells like a make-out session waiting to happen.

Visit and serve up some bubbly with your rub-a-dub-dub!


Oh, Lola!

If you brave the winding roads to Glendale this Valentines Day and seek out Lola’s Peruvian Restaurant, you’ll be richly rewarded with the best secret menu in town. Don’t see the Special Woodfire Marinated Chicken? Order it anyway. You won’t be sorry.  Manager Maurizio Vincenzi welcomes you to this 14 year old restaurant in the classic style—quality food, excellent hard-to-find Incan wines served up in a relaxed dining room. Chef Sandra serves up the unique fare of Peru—Asian influences coalesce with signature dishes from South America. Rice is served, but it is fried with tangy soy and calamari. Yucca (cassava) is served but with a rich Huancaina sauce—the best spicy cheese sauce ever made. Whatever you do, don’t miss the specialty Chancho Al Palo—Woodfire Rotisserie Pork served with golden potatoes, white rice and salsa Criolla. It is like you have been whisked away to the land of beach fires and salt water. Have your own hacienda just past Atwater Village as you sip on wines you can only find at this location. Comfort wine is the name of the game with Tabernero wines from the Chincha Valley. Don’t leave without trying the one-and-only Flan de Choclo, a delicious creamy yellow corn flan presented on a corn husk and drizzled with sauce. Be decadent, be daring. Paradise is only the “5 Freeway” away.

Address: 230 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

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