Immersive Education LLC Teams with Red Dot Digital Media to Create Immersive Viewing Experience in New Domed Theater on Catalina Island

If you didn’t know, there’s a small oasis off the California coast that makes for great weekends and day trips – Catalina Island. And every visitor to the island should be able to tell you that at the heart of it is a strong effort to highlight the environmental and ecological history, dangers, and fights that still go on today. Over the years, the island has faced and been subjected to whispers, rumors, and news of outlandish belief, such as the idea of opening an amusement park on it someday. Conservationists have done their best to educate and protect the largely undeveloped island and its surrounding waters, but a new installment could help pass the message along even further for not just Catalina Island, but the world.

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

Spheres are all the rage these days, and Catalina Island just got its very own tiny and environmentally friendly sphere, with Red Dot Digital Media helping to bring it to life! The prominent specialist integrator within the digital signage sector, was commissioned by acclaimed underwater filmmaker Mark Davidson to provide a simple-to-operate media playback system for IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders, his innovative tourist attraction unveiled on Catalina Island. Mark not only filmed and produced the movie, but also designed and built the very dome that visitors gather in for their virtual dive. Nestled just 22 miles off Southern California’s coastline, Catalina Island serves as a favored day-trip and overnight destination, easily accessible via a swift one-hour high-speed ferry journey from the Los Angeles area.

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders offers a distinctive cinematic voyage, transporting visitors on a 30-minute virtual “dive” across the globe’s oceans. Spectators embark on a journey through Catalina’s verdant kelp forests, encountering a diverse array of marine life, including majestic whale sharks, soaring oceanic manta rays, inquisitive bull sharks, captivating bait balls, playful dolphins and sea lions, and even the rare dugong. Entirely filmed underwater in full 360-degree 8K resolution, the immersive experience projects footage onto a domed screen enveloping the audience, synchronized with contemporary music and informative narration for a truly captivating encounter.

Beyond providing educational entertainment, the theater’s operations contribute vital financial support to local ocean conservation initiatives. Immersive Education pledges to allocate 10 percent of the theater’s annual profits to the Marine Mammal Care Center, a regional nonprofit dedicated to responding to distressed seals and sea lions in Catalina’s waters.

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media

Mark Davidson, Founder & CEO of Immersive Education, expressed, “Our hope is that IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders will deepen visitors’ connection to our world’s oceans by giving them an underwater view that people rarely see, and by reinvesting a portion of our profits back into the local nonprofit community, we’re taking a tangible step to preserve this underwater beauty by protecting the animals that call these waters home.”

For the execution of the AV system powering IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders, Immersive Education enlisted the expertise of Red Dot Digital Media. Red Dot devised an interactive touch panel interface to manage movie playback and control, integrating a Bluefin touch panel with BrightSign Built-In technology employing UDP commands to trigger content through BrightSign’s BSN.Cloud player management platform. This user-friendly touch interface empowers staff with minimal technical training to initiate, pause, and resume movies on demand, or schedule predetermined screenings effortlessly.

“Given the remote location of the theater, it was essential to create a control system that is both easy to use and extremely reliable,” said Darryl Kuder, President, Red Dot Digital Media. “Using a Bluefin touch screen with BrightSign Built-In, we created a cost-effective, dead-simple operational workflow whereby daily staffers power up the projector and speakers, and with a single tap of the touchscreen they start the first show of the day. At closing time they simply power down the projector and speakers and lock-up.”

The design and construction of the theater were accomplished by domed projection specialists at Lumen & Forge in Las Vegas, completed on-site within a swift eight-day timeframe. The venue features a 576-square-foot wooden deck as its foundation, supporting a circular wood frame enveloped in all-weather vinyl adorned with underwater artwork from Catalina’s renowned Casino Point. Showtimes for IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders are available throughout the day, five days a week, with tickets and additional details accessible at

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About Immersive Education LLC

“Immersive Education LLC’s mission is to create immersive exhibits that generate wonder, spark curiosity, and instill a commitment to ocean conservation using cutting edge 360 degree filming technology.  Our goal is not to bombard audiences with facts about what they are seeing, but to let them experience these magical moments in the same way that we did while filming them.  Falling in love with the oceans is the first step to protecting our oceans.”

Credit: Red Dot Digital Media