Beginning June 11, guests will be welcome to treat themselves by the glass, bottle, or with a take home option of Fogo de Chão’s newest wine launch, Sonhadores Wine. Sonhadores Wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon wine in partnership with Cline Family Cellars based in Sonoma, is being added to Fogo de Chaõ’s Tribute Wine Collection, which honors its employees who have shaped the brand over the past 30+ years. The wine will be available at all Fogo locations, ensuring that everyone can be in on the celebration.

Credit: Fogo de Chaõ

Sonhadores, translating to “dreamer” in Brazil’s native Portuguese, is a bold wine that pays homage to the pioneering spirit of first-generation gauchos Neri Giachini and Jean Boschetti. Over 30 years ago, these visionary individuals embarked on their journey with Fogo de Chaõ in Brazil and subsequently moved to America, playing instrumental roles in developing and shaping the brand into what it is today while preserving its Brazilian heritage.

Currently, both Neri and Jean serve as Directors of Operations at Fogo, where they are pivotal in making key decisions that drive the brand’s growth. Their leadership ensures that Fogo maintains the honorary traditions for which it is renowned.

Credit: Fogo de Chaõ

To celebrate its newest Tribute Wine, Fogo de Chaõ will host an exclusive media event on Wednesday, June 12th that includes a side-by-side tasting with its newest Sonhadores blend paired with Wagyu, Lamb Lollipops, Picanha Tartare, Picanha Burgers and more. Attendees will have hands-on education from the Cline Family Winemakers, learning the process of creating the wine, profile notes, what it pairs best with, and more.

Visit your nearest Fogo this Father’s Day and this summer to indulge in the finest wine pairings around, while helping celebrate the the people who have helped shape the Fogo de Chaõ brand into what it is today.