RAILS Opens Latest Store in Newport Beach

RAILS Opens Latest Store in Newport Beach

Winter may be here, but it won’t last forever! As we creep toward the warmer months, Los Angeles-based global lifestyle brand, Rails, has just opened a new retail store in Newport Beach. Perfect timing!

The new location, located at 1083 Newport Center Drive within Fashion Island, was designed in collaboration with Studio Corbeau. The 2,100 square foot space reflects the brand’s effortless California aesthetic fused with a refined European sensibility. The store features a minimalist color palette, accented wood detailing, succulent landscaping, and vintage textiles throughout the space. Customers can experience Rails in person and shop the brand’s full women’s and men’s range. 

Newport Beach and the surrounding area is home to a coastal community of loyal Rails customers who appreciate the brand’s continued evolution of effortless essentials. With a focus on incredible fabrics and versatile silhouettes, the collections embody the comfort of California living.

With flagship stores already opened in New York, San Francisco, London, and Paris, Rails plans to open an additional four locations in 2022 as a bricks-and-mortar expansion strategy. 

Address: 1083 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Store Hours: Monday – Thursday from 10am to 7pm, Friday – Saturday from 10am to 8pm, Sunday from 11am to 6pm 

About Rails

Founded in 2008 by Los Angeles native, Jeff Abrams, Rails has grown from a small label – started with just a single hat – into a full lifestyle collection for men and women. Through fabric innovation and incredible handfeel, Rails has built lasting emotional connections with its customers by providing a collection of effortless essentials that blend its California roots with a refined global sensibility. Discover Rails at more than 1500 retailers across the globe, online at railsclothing.com, or at Rails stores in New York, San Francisco, Newport Beach, London, and Paris. 





Holiday-Hit Cocktail Recipes from Dahlia & El Silencio

Holiday-Hit Cocktail Recipes from Dahlia & El Silencio

It’s officially winter and the holidays are at our front doors! If you’re still in a scramble to figure out how you’ll be a hit this holiday, we’ve got the recipes  everyone is sure to love, courtesy of Dahlia and Silencio. If you missed out on the plethora from the Fall-focused recipes, check them out!

Whether for Mr. and Mrs. Claus, who duly need it, or the adults at your holiday dinner, the folks over at Dahlia and El Silencio are the experts, and you can consider them passing along their expert knowledge for free! Dahlia launched in February with its sights set on a new wave of tequila aficionados, offering an enchanting, modern and masterful Cristalino expression that can be sipped or mixed, day or night – holiday or not.

Made in Jalisco, Dahlia is the vision of Fausto Zapata and Vicente Cisneros — the Mexican-American entrepreneurs behind the largest independent Mezcal Brands in the World — known as El Silencio. As is the case with their award-winning mezcal, there is no famous face of the brand – the star of this show is in the bottle. The same can be said for El Silencio. Read on for a list of some Holiday Recipes showcasing both Dahlia and El Silencio as the stars of these seasonal cocktails.

Dahlia’s Holiday Recipes

Dahlia Hot Chocolate Ingredients:

2 oz Dahlia
1 oz Rumchata
5 oz hot chocolate
Whipped Cream, Nutmeg, Cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a mug.
Stir to blend.
Top with whipped cream.
Garnish with grated nutmeg and cinnamon.
Gracias Hopper Ingredients:

2 Oz Tequila Dahlia
.75 Oz Mint Liqueur
1 Oz Unsweetened Coconut Cream
1 Oz Coconut Water
.5 Oz Lime Juice
Mint Garnish

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice.
Shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
Double strain to serve over crushed pebble ice.
Garnish with mint.

Mezcal Eggnog Ingredients:

1.5oz Vanilla Infused Mezcal El Silencio Espadin***
3oz Eggnog
1 Cinnamon stick

***Vanilla Infused Mezcal El Silencio Espadin:
Cut 5-10 Tahitian Vanilla Beans in half (longways) and drop into a 750ml Bottle of Mezcal El Silencio Espadin.
Let the bottle sit for 3-5 days to infuse.
Strain the Infused Silencio and rebottle.

Pour Vanilla Infused Silencio and Eggnog into shaker tin filled with ice
Shake vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds
Strain into a coupe glass
Garnish with freshly grated cinnamon and full cinnamon stick

Mezcal Milk Punch Ingredients:

(Makes 8-10 Cocktails)
***1 1/2 cups Poblano Infused Mezcal El Silencio
2 cups milk
1/4 cup good quality Nocino (Walnut Liquor)
1/4 cup Amontillado Sherry
1 1/2 cups Quality Amaretto
3/4oz Walnut Oil
1/2 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

***Poblano Infused Mezcal El Silencio:
Add one seeded and stemmed poblano pepper and one 750ml bottle of Mezcal El Silencio Espadin to a blender.
Blend on high and then fine strain the liquid before rebottling. Use within a few days, just as you would produce.


Add the Milk to the container you will make the punch in FIRST.
Then stir in the rest of the ingredients AFTER the milk.
***This slows the PH change and ensures your milk punch will come out perfectly.

The liquid should curdle due to the alcohol and citrus.
Strain the punch after an hour or add sliced poblano peppers and spices and let the punch sit overnight for a stronger flavor.
Strain the liquid through a coffee filter or cheesecloth.
The milk makes a “raft” that filters out the solids. What is left is the milk punch.
Optional: Add fresh pomegranate seeds to your serving vessel and pour the Milk Punch over them.
Garnish with a lemon twist and freshly grated cinnamon.

Cann Prepares For The Ultimate Holiday Sale

Cann Prepares For The Ultimate Holiday Sale

There are some things that make it to your holiday wishlist once, and then there are some things that make it to your holiday wishlist every year. Cann is definitely one of those things that make it every year. This year, the leading cannabis-infused beverage company, has some incredible deals on their cannabis ‘cocktails’ for a special combo of Green Wednesday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales!

Cann’s low-dose THC social tonic innovates the future of non-alcoholic social drinking. Designed to give you a similar buzz without any hangover the next morning, each Cann is formulated with 2 mg of TH C and 4mg of CBD and includes only four other ingredients – sparkling water, citrus juice, all-natural herbal flavor, and a touch of agave.

Since Cann provides a micro-dose of cannabis, it is designed for you to easily consume more than one without hitting that ‘too high’ feeling you may get with smoking pure flower or consuming an edible. No more uncomfortable experiences, electrolyte depletions, poor sleep, or headaches — just a controlled buzz.

November 18th: Black Friday/Cyber Monday tease:

  • Offer: 30% off

November 19th – November 21st: Early Promo Access for VIPs

  • Offer: $50 credit, 48hrs to spend on orders over $150

November 22nd: Cranberry Sage Low & Hi Boy Launch

  • Offer: Get ready for the launch of Cann’s seasonal Cranberry Sage low (2mg THC + 4mg of CBD) 6 packs, and new this year, Cranberry Sage Hi Boy (5mg) 4 packs. Cann will also be launching a “Naughty & Nice” bundle that contains 4 of each Cranberry Sage variety for 20% off!

November 23rd – November 24th: Green Wednesday Launch

  • Offer: 50% off Bundles

November 25th – November 26th: Black Friday Launch

  • Offer: 50% off site-wide & free “Take me a party” hat when you spend $150

November 27th – November 28th: Black Friday /Cyber Monday Weekend Sale (Continued)

  • Offer: 50% off sitewide & 1 cent Yuzu Elderflower 6 pack ($24 value)

November 29th: Cyber Monday

  • Offer: 50% off sitewide & 1 cent Pineapple Jalapeno & Lemon Lavender Hi Boy (5mg) Singles. Shop up to 6, which is a $30 value. 

And there you have it. Don’t miss out on all the fun — you might want a few Cann’s to go around during the holidays, too!

Be A Thanksgiving Hero: Introducing PieCaken

Be A Thanksgiving Hero: Introducing PieCaken

Imagine for a moment, you’re at the upcoming company holiday party, and all eyes are on you as the star who brought in the delicious unthinkable sweets. If it sounds like a farfetched dessert dream, it doesn’t have to be much longer.

The competition for who can bring the holiday dessert hit of the night is on, but with Pastry Chef Zac Young’s PieCaken (aka the Turducken of cakes), you’re guaranteed to be the star of the show. The limited-edition Goldbelly creation is a holiday miracle combo of Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Spice Cake, topped with Apple Pie filling — all stacked between wispy layers of Cinnamon Buttercream. That’s quite the mouthful!

As extreme as this hefty desert may seem, the reviews speak for themselves. As if that weren’t enough, the Thanksgiving PieCaken has a little sister — the Christmas PieCaken — featuring 4 of the best-selling products of the holiday all in one: Pecan Pie, Eggnog Cheesecake, and Red Velvet Cake layered together with Amaretto Buttercream and topped with sweet and tart Cherry Pie filling.

Available now, the 6-pound flavor bomb is baking all of our dreams come true, but just like the most wonderful time of the year, it only sticks around for the month of December! Plus, the calendar dates are closing out quickly to get your PieCaken in time for Thanksgiving. Be sure to check out more out of this world and (of course) normal creations available on Goldbelly, as they don’t skimp on the delicious foodie lover’s fever dream of all things breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner.

For Your Holiday Wishlist: All33 Has Your Back

For Your Holiday Wishlist: All33 Has Your Back

Watch your back. No, seriously! This as-seen-on-Shark-Tank company boasts incredible benefits for spines, and it’s incredibly needed as we face more neck and back troubles today than ever before.

Not just an office chair,  all33’s Backstrong C1 chair was designed to boost energy levels, give you the most accurate posture, and improve overall health – guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving. Plus as you plan your Black Friday shopping, all33 is offering $600 off MSRP for the shopping holiday. Consider yourself or a loved one covered for this special gift.

all33 was designed with the help of celebrity chiropractor, Dr. Dennis Colonello. This chair works to cradle your spine’s natural curvature, and is quoted as a go-to chair for comfortability, support, and productivity, by leading executives and celebs such as Tom Hanks, Ashton Kutcher, Cindy Crawford and Justin Bieber. All33 created the perfect office chair for back pain, preventing the user from slouching, and effectively moving all 33 vertebrae within the spine, which is not something you hear about your everyday chair.

The Backstrong Chair, is praised for its comfortability, and was designed through patented technology that:

  • Targets your back’s natural shape to support all 33 of the bones that make up your spine

  • Allows for a full range of movement of your pelvis and back, when sitting – a feature no other brand in the world has

  • Provides freedom from back, neck and spine pains to promote good posture, flexibility, and blood and oxygen flow

If you don’t look out for your back, who will? Or maybe you should look out for someone else’s back!

Daring Partners with Sant’olina For New Menu Item

Daring Partners with Sant’olina For New Menu Item

For some, meat is everything, and for others, not so much. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there’s a brand out there that can surely win you over, and they’re partnering with one of LA’s best Mediterranean restaurants! Innovative plant-based chicken brand, Daring Foods, has joined forces with the h.wood Group’s Mediterranean rooftop restaurant & bar atop the Beverly Hilton, Sant’olinato curate a specialty plant-based vegetarian and gluten-free option, Daring Chicken Kefta Kebab.

The savory and hearty Daring Chicken Kefta Kebab entree comes complete with Cilantro, Parsley, and Serrano and joins many of the other delicious vegetarian options offered at the open-air restaurant. Will you be dropping in to give it a try? Daring is known for their 100% plant-based chicken alternative, and the reviews speak for themselves.

Go indulge for a pre- or post-holiday treat!

About Sant’olina

Sant’olina is a melting pot of Mediterranean cuisine with a Southern California spin. Chefs Michael Teich and Burt Bakman combine vibrant herbs and spices to create a healthy menu packed with flavor. Each dish tells a different story – from the traditional recipes straight out of the Tel Aviv shuks to the modern Californian touches.

With its timeless Mediterranean color palette and open-air views of Los Angeles, Sant’olina captures the essence of a seaside escape.

Located atop the historic Beverly Hilton, Sant’olina will offer dinner service nightly and brunch service on weekends.

For Your Holiday Wishlist: Daniel Patrick

For Your Holiday Wishlist: Daniel Patrick

There’s bound to be a fashion lover in your life, and that person could very well be you.

In either case, there’s a brand we want to introduce you to. Luxury streetwear label Daniel Patrick has the perfect pieces for someone who loves a transitional wardrobe that never goes out of style. Whether you’re gifting to a city dweller or beach lover, Daniel Patrick’s considered designs will dress them for every occasion. The unisex friendly collections offer an intelligent mashup of sportswear and streetwear reflected in items such as their Summit Tee, DP Adidas Basketball Thermal Hoodie, and 7 Pocket Cargo.

If you’re looking for the deals and savings, for the entire month of November you can enjoy site-wide sales on danielpatrick.us with Cyber Week offering up to 70% off site-wide sales everyday. Check out the styles below and consider them for yourself or that fashion lover in your live as we creep closer to the holidays.

About Daniel Patrick

Daniel Patrick Inc. is a luxury sportswear company founded in 2012, & is headquartered in Los Angeles. The brand has been worn by the hottest names in sports & entertainment including Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, James Harden, Chris Paul, & Kendrick Lamar. Designed by Australian native & former professional rugby player Daniel Patrick as Creative Director, pieces are always aligned with the latest trends in fashion. Daniel Patrick Inc. is currently riding the continuing wave of dressing more comfortably, via an intelligent mashup of sportswear & streetwear, with a twist of luxury. The clothing combines style, comfort, & quality in a package that has drawn the attention of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, & the Los Angeles Times. Nearly ninety percent of items are manufactured in Los Angeles, many of which you can find in their flagship showroom on Melrose Ave near the famed Sunset Strip. Visit https://danielpatrick.us to learn more.

Meet SuperMush For Your Body-Boosting Needs

Meet SuperMush For Your Body-Boosting Needs

It’s the trend. It’s the new wave. It’s really working! Mushrooms have been in the spotlight lately, and that time won’t be ending in the near future for these fungi. If you’re on the market for any of the benefits that mushrooms offer, then meet SuperMush, a new-to-market, functional mushroom brand inspired by the belief that mushrooms have the power to change the world, and Multiverse — the first and only mushroom-focused wellness marketplace to help you approach true vitality in every facet of life. Both brands are brought to you by the same founders and seasoned entrepreneurs: Alli Schaper and Brian Friedman. 

SuperMush has launched three inaugural SKUs of their new functional supplements including energy, immunity, and chill, which all harness the power of buccal absorption by delivering the product in an easy, delicious tasting spray, and functional fungi to provide potent and effective benefits that ease into your body for full effect almost immediately. That means, no thick capsules to swallow, drinks to mix into (unless that’s what you really want), and no drawn out process to get the good stuff. In this case, the product comes in a bottle, and gets sprayed directly on the tongue. It’s that easy!

As the team states, “For thousands of years, humans evolved, eating fungi daily. Then somewhere along the line, they were removed from our diet. SuperMush is meant to take consumers back to walk back on the wild side. Mushrooms are a vital part of our overall immune system, healthy gut flora, and have a long list of benefits to enhance your well-being with everything from focus to energy to sleep.”

Each of these specialized sprays are $27 and formulated with high quality, thoughtfully included ingredients, meant to support you holistically. See more about their formulations below:

Energy is made with cordyceps, lions mane, elderflower, and green tea.

Immunity is made with reishi, turkey tail, vanilla, and ginger.

Chill is made with reishi, ashwaghanda, lavender, and lemon.

For all things shroomy, be sure to check out Multiverse and all their offerings!

MUD\WTR Launches :rest – A New Caffeine-Free Blend

MUD\WTR Launches :rest – A New Caffeine-Free Blend

MUD\WTR has wooed our hearts along with so many other coffee lovers seeking an easier-on-you alternative. And while their hero coffee alternative was created to better morning routines, they’ve now created :rest —  a thoughtful blend to support evening rituals. Restoration and sleep quality are key elements in energy levels, mood and productivity for the next day, so it’s crucial that your end-of-day regime treats you right, and :rest will do just that.
:rest promotes relaxation and calmness, with its caffeine-free blend of rooibos and chamomile chai teas, turmeric, cinnamon, along with the dream team of adaptogens and herbs (ashwagandha, reishi and turkey tail mushrooms and mycelium, and valerian root and passionflower). If you’re a fan of ashwagandha, you may know that this special ingredient carries a ton of benefits all on its own, including helping to destress and regulate hormones.
In addition, MUD\WTR is donating 25% of their revenue from Black Friday weekend to MAPS — an organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of those suffering with PTSD and other disorders, through psychedelic research. Psychedelics are showing promising results to researchers on the quest to sufferers of trauma, migraines, and other ailments, and this research is vital for millions of people who seek relief and treatment. To sweeten the deal even more, MUD\WTR is now offering a 20% site-wide discount using the code TURKEYTAIL. Get some :rest, yeah?



Coffee is so commonly believed to allow you to do more and to do better, but it’s attribution to jitters, poor sleep, and general mental health is always overlooked.
MUD\WTR is a coffee alternative that uses a blend of masala chai, cacao and adaptogenic mushrooms to provide energy, focus, and immune support— more than a product though, the company is about empowering people to think differently, to think for themselves.
SunDaze Celebrates Palm Springs Pride at The Girlz Skate Jam + Q&A

SunDaze Celebrates Palm Springs Pride at The Girlz Skate Jam + Q&A

Ahh, brunch, mimosas, and Pride weekend and Palm Springs. Sounds like paradise right? You’d be sorry you missed out, but that’s exactly what’s happening this weekend as SunDaze, a Palm Springs LGBTQIA+ founded business, sponsors The Girlz Skate Jam, a Lesbo Expo Event on Saturday, November 6th.

Hosted by skater Sierra Prescott, Girlz Skate Jam will include the top women-identified LGBTQIA+ skaters, including 2021 Olympian Alana Smith! Skaters will sip on SunDaze’s newly launched flavors throughout the Girlz Skate Jam, and into the after party! The newly launched, seriously refreshing, better-for-you alcoholic beverage was co-founded by Arthur Gallego, a local Palm Springs resident and member of the LGBTQIA+ community. SunDaze is made from an 100% Valencia orange juice blend that uses an exclusive fermentation process. The brand’s debut product lineup features three refreshing flavors including: Classic, Spicy, and Botanical.

Read on for a special Q&A with Arthur to learn more about SunDaze, what they have coming in the future, and what it means to participate in LGBTQIA+ events on the horizon!

A Q&A With Co-Founder and CEO Arthur Gallego

Q: Hi Arthur, and thank you for taking the time to give us some insight into SunDaze! Let’s start off with you and your role at SunDaze. What is your background, and how did you get started with the company?

Arthur: As a SoCal-born brand, we appreciate local media support. I’m the co-founder and CEO of SunDaze, a new line of fermented cocktails that emphasize minimal ingredients, authentic taste, and low sugar. I’m a long-time beverage marketing executive and finally decided to throw my hat into the entrepreneur ring.

Q: SunDaze achieves what many could only have dreamed of by creating something comparable to, yet better than a mimosa — while also better for you! What was the creation process like for you and your team to come up with the 3 flavors you currently offer?

Arthur: My brilliant food scientist and co-founder, Juan Toledano, identified a unique fermentation tech that transforms a fruit juice’s naturally occurring sugar into alcohol and also reduces overall sugar levels in the drink. We were able to produce a light, delicious, and more refreshing version of a citrus cocktail and started with orange juice because it’s so beloved.


Q: Were there any hurdles your team faced to get where you are today, and if so what were they?

Arthur: The biggest hurdle right now for an alcohol drink start-up like ours is competition — there are so many choices on store shelves. But we’re confident the simplicity and quality of SunDaze will make us a big success. People still love juice and juice-based cocktails. They are iconic and we’re making them better.


Q: Name a better duo than the LGBTQIA+ community and mimosas. (We’ll wait!) While you think that up, can you tell us why it’s so important for SunDaze to sponsor Girlz Skate Jam, and what this event means for so many – not just in Palm Springs – but everywhere?

Arthur: The community lives for brunch, and mimosas are synonymous with brunch-ing if that’s a proper verb! For me personally, as a gay man and a Palm Springs resident, it was important to support a local event that attracts more tourism to Palm Springs and builds a stronger community here and in SoCal.


Q: Are there any future LGBTQIA+ or other events we can expect to see SunDaze at?

Arthur: Absolutely, we’ll be building community with SunDaze in the LGBTQIA+ communities in California and Texas through 2022, one meaningful event at a time. It’s part of our social commitment program.

Q: What are some of your team’s longterm goals that you hope to achieve in the coming years?

Arthur: The big vision for SunDaze is to become the go-to brand for juice cocktails. Everyone has a favorite juice cocktail, whether it’s a mimosa, a daiquiri, a greyhound, a piña, or something else, and our fermentation tech can elevate all of them.


Q: Finally, can we expect an expansion for the SunDaze brand beyond the current offering? Are there any new flavors secretly being worked on, or a new type of drink? Care to offer a sneak peek?

Arthur: We’ve experimented with everything from watermelon to mango to pineapple to berries, and you’ll see some exciting new drinks from us in Spring 2022. Our fermentation tech has incredible potential in the alcohol drinks industry and we’ve only started to show people what we can do to change social drinking.

Things To Do and Deals To Take For Labor Day Weekend

Things To Do and Deals To Take For Labor Day Weekend

There’s Plenty To Do

We’ve highlighted a few great Labor Day Weekend sales and deals already this week (which you will also find included below), but we also caught wind of some nifty things to do around SoCal this coming weekend. End of Summer? For some it’s just beginning!

Brief and to the point only works best on a few occasions, and this is one of them. The clock is ticking, and the summer sun is setting! So, stop wasting time here, and get to the good below!

Sales, Deals, and Things to Buy


From this point on, it’s good VYBES only. VYBES offers a wide range of seriously delicious 25mg CBD beverages, plus non-CBD beverages.

Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner, and this functional wellness brand, wants to celebrate with you! From August 30 to September 10, get stocked up using code TRYVYBES and receive 20% off your entire order!


Big names, big things. Cann is creating quite the buzz, with celebs and influencers raving about the CBD cocktails.
BOGO Sale: use the code VIPBOGO for 50% off orders over $99. You can also use this BOGO deal to stock up on Cann’s UNSPIKED beverages — offering Cann’s same classic flavor profiles — minus the cannabis.


SunDaze reimagines the classic social drink, breaking citrus-based cocktails out of the brunch category once and for all. Each cocktail contains 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants and probiotics and is also gluten-free, vegan and has no added sugars.

SunDaze is available for purchase at all PinkDot & Total Wine locations across LA county and via DTC online, and retails at just $3.99/can!


Here’s a new delicious, easy and enjoyable way to take the everyday vitamins and nutrition you need! NuStrips are engineered to dissolve quickly on your tongue and drive faster absorption, enhanced bioavailability, peak performance and pack the same active nutrients as 2-3 pills or gummies.

The innovative product currently boasts 5 Skus: Sleep, Immunity, Energy, Beauty, and MultiVitamin. Each package has 30 strips and is priced at $36.50. Each product is non-GMO, allergen-free and gluten-free and adheres to the strictest manufacturing standards(USFDA, Health Canada & WHO-GMP).

Sale: 20% off orders over $50

Skylight Calendar

Our brains have a lot on their plate, and quite frankly, in this day and age, we should give them a bit of a break.

Skylight is here to do just that, with a sleek, modern, and functional frame that shows not only your family’s calendar of events synced straight from your dedicated calendar accounts – but also holds all your photos, household schedules, lists, to-do’s and beyond. Equipped with on-screen and in-app editing, color coding and updating events is always at your fingertips. Are their plans on the calendar for this Labor Day weekend? You bet. Through September 6, customers can use code SKYLIGHTCAL to get $20 off!


This as-seen-on-Shark-Tank item boasts incredible benefits for spines 

All33 created the perfect office chair for back pain, preventing the user from slouching, effectively moving all 33 vertebrae within the spine.

Deal: From September 2-7th, All33 is giving $150 off their Backstrong C1 chair, with code LOVE150.

HIDE, TatBrow, & Nailboo

Eyebrows, cosmetics, and nails are basically everything these days. It’s easier than ever to look your best, whether you hire a team for it or do it yourself.  HIDE, TatBrow, and NailBoo are three innovative companies banding together for a Labor Day sale where you can get 20% off each brand for the weekend!

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch, the men’s personal care brand that offers all-natural cold-process bar soaps, deodorants, hair care, beard care, and more, will be taking part in the Labor Day sale fun this year!

We can vouch for their amazing scents, and especially the longevity of their deodorants, which provide B.O. protection for 2 to 3 days!

Sale25% off site-wide using code “LABOR25”. The deal lasts all LDW, September 3rd-September 6th.



Elite furniture for the contemporary home, anyone? Modloft believes in a modern world supported by beautiful and intentional design. Without any compromise on quality, their goal is to make luxurious furniture more attainable and accessible.

Plus, with the housing market still sizzling from a scorching Spring and Summer, there are probably a ton of homeowners out there who are looking for some new furniture.

Modloft’s Labor Day Living Room Event is live until September 6, and customers can get up to 25% off Modloft’s most coveted designs in living room; no code necessary with free shipping on all orders.


Kori Krill Oil is the must-have vitamin for anyone looking for multiple health + wellness benefits in one easy supplement. Krill oil is the ocean’s superior Omega source compared to fish oil, delivering Omega-3s in their most natural form for superior absorption and offering maximum heart, brain, joint, eye, skin, and immunity benefits. Additionally, Krill is a good source of choline, which supports brain and nervous system health. The best part? No fishy aftertaste! Kori has zero additives and is 100 percent pure Krill oil.

Kori Krill Oil is critically acclaimed for its innovative sustainability efforts. The supplements are made in the U.S. with wild caught Antarctic krill that is processed immediately on boats to preserve freshness. In fact, each bottle can be traced to where it was originally caught and the operations behind Kori Krill Oil have earned the highest sustainability certifications 6 years running.

Sale: Through September 6, get 15 percent off Kori Krill Oil on Amazon (Sale price ranges from $17.21-$25.49)

Things To Do

Orbitz: Take a Solo

While Summer 2021 already spawned a new travel trend, revenge travel, as vacationers plan their Labor Day trips to end the season, they’re not necessarily booking a ticket for two. According to Orbitz, single roundtrip tickets are up 200% or more, for the holiday weekend compared to 2020. U.S. cities including NYC, Chicago, Boston and Seattle are topping the list for solo travelers, as many look for responsible leisure travel options to end the summer. 

“There are a lot of reasons why solo travel might be more popular right now, the main one being that it’s easier to manage and plan travel for one versus a group while navigating Covid protocols,” says Mel Dohmen, Senior Brand Manager at Orbitz. Demand to go to Canada – which recently reopened to vaccinated US travelers – BBQ-famous cities, and beaches are also trending up over the long weekend. Below, are some solo trends and top destinations for the end of summer and fall from Orbitz.

Solo travel trends include: 

  • August through October is usually the biggest time for solo travelers

  • Beaches and international beaches are predicted to be the most popular destinations for the back half of 2021

  • Top vacation destinations in the South are also trending such as Savannah, Charleston, and Nashville, along with another notable beach destination: Hawaii

Top Solo Destinations:

  • Anchorage, Alaska 

  • San Jose, California 

  • San Francisco, California

  • Los Angeles, California  

  • Orange County, California 

  • Hartford, Connecticut 

  • Honolulu, Hawaii  

  • Chicago, Illinois 

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica 

  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • Kansas City, Missouri  

  • New York, New York  

  • Charleston, South Carolina 

  • Nashville, Tennessee   

  • Richmond, Virginia

  • Seattle, Washington  

  • Ontario, Canada

  • Toronto, Canada  

Join The Habit Burger Grill and Tarantula Hill Brewing to Celebrate Their New Burger-Inspired Beer

Nothing pairs better than burgers and brews, which is why The Habit Burger Grill and Tarantula Hill Brewing have teamed up to create a beer inspired by The Habit’s signature Charburgers. To celebrate the launch of the Habit Burger Grill Hazy IPA, the two iconic local California brands are hosting a party at Tarantula Hill Brewing on Saturday, September 4 from 3-6pm.

The Habit’s catering trucks will be on site offering free Charburgers and fries (for the first 250 guests), and Tarantula will be debuting the new Habit Hazy IPA. The beer retails for $8 per can, and has notes of oats, citrus, and stone fruit, making it the perfect warm-weather sip to complement a freshly chargrilled burger from The Habit!

When: September 4, from 3-6 p.m.
Where: 244 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Last Chance for Poolside Cocktails at The Spare Room…Somewhere Else Pop Up

The ephemeral, al fresco cocktail experience from the award-winning gaming parlour and cocktail lounge – The Spare Room – at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel will be toasting its last cocktail and bocce game of the season as Hospitality duo Med Abrous and Marc Rose of Call Mom gear up to reopen The Spare Room later this fall.

Nestled behind the hotel’s iconic David Hockney-painted pool, the intimate outdoor oasis boasts a bocce court and custom single-use games (think Battleship, Mad Libs, M.A.S.H.) to play while you’re enjoying over-the-top delicious cocktails like the frozen Cabana Club with Appleton Rum, Amontillado sherry, coconut cream & coconut water, cinnamon and absinthe and the 40 Day Dream with Bulldog Gin, white wine, tarragon pineapple cordial, lime, Thai basil and coconut ice cubes alongside seasonal Italian-inspired small plates like freshly shucked Hog Island Oysters, burrata with apricot agrodolce and heirloom tomato panzanella.

The Spare Room has remained a top-tier destination in Hollywood for over a decade as an intimate meeting place for socializing over innovative cocktails and nostalgic games complete with vintage bowling lanes; the bar was recently named the “Best American Hotel Bar” by the Spirited Awards (Tales of the Cocktail).

Wed, Thurs, Sun 6pm-Midnight

Friday and Saturday 6pm-2am
Reservations via Resy

Secure Tickets For LA’s Haunted Hayride

Ghouls, ghosts and monsters… Halloween is almost here! Opening on September 24th, Haunted Hayride will feature a series of sinister attractions, mazes and more with trick-or-treating available for the whole family!

Stepping into 1985, guests can expect the unexpected in Midnight Falls with various attractions celebrating the 13th Annual Halloween Festival including:

  • A Hayride stroll through the town’s foothills, no doubt encountering the creepy creatures and witches lingering through the night. 

  • A Trick or Treat Maze with monsters and ghouls lurking in the shadows waiting to give a fright.

  • The Midnight Mortuary Maze offering tours for anyone brave enough to walk the property, hopefully escaping the sinister funeral home before their expected demise.

Presale tickets are available now through September 8th with a discounted rate of $24.99. General ticket sales begin 9/8 at noon local time at regular price ($34.99).

Have Beer, Wine, and Cocktails at Pasadena’s NY-Style U Street Pizza

Restaurateur Marie Petulla and Executive Chef Chris Keyser of Union in Pasadena opened sister restaurant U Street Pizza this past spring and their NYC by way of California pies have entered the top tier of the pizza echelons in LA. They are now offering pizza-friendly cocktails and wine and West Coast beers to complement the menu of crispy, chewy pies, salads, seasonal sides and dessert. 

The U Street Pizza team collaborated with beverage consultant and Future Gin co-founder Mary Bartlett on a cocktail list highlighting California-based, woman-owned and/or BIPOC producers resulting in easygoing yet complex drinks that pair perfectly with a clam pie and a caesar salad as they do risotto rice pudding. 

Start out with the sunny and sessionable Free Parking with fresh pressed watermelon juice, orange wine and pisco and move on to the Oaxacan Summer featuring mezcal, pamplemousse, Amaro Angeleno and lemon, and end with the Caffee 1749 with Appleton Estate Rum, maple syrup, Luxardo Maraschino, Fernet Branca, chocolate bitters and cold brew coffee. In a true ode to pizza and Los Angeles, Mary and the team created the not-to-be-missed Pizzalada: a take on the Michelada using U Street’s pizza sauce and Madewest Brewing Co.’s Ventura Light Domestic Lager along with housemade fresno hot sauce,  fresh pineapple juice and coconut aminos.

(Photo Credit: Sydney Yorkshire)

The approachable wine list curated by U Street’s Dave Castagnetti skews small, natural Italian producers with cameos from California makers featuring light crisp white, low-tannin and chilled reds and easy-drinking bubbles, rose + orange selections offering a low stakes sense of discovery.

U Street’s Logan Bates selected a well-rounded list of rotating beers celebrating California breweries like Madewest Brewing Co. (Ventura, CA), Smog City Brewing Co. (Torrance), Pizza Port Brewery (Carlsbad), Beachwood Brewing Co. (Garden Grove), Modern Times (San Diego) and Crown & Hops (Santa Rosa) and Seattle’s Fremont Brewing Company. 

Coming soon: cocktails, beer and wine available for pick-up and delivery. 

U Street Pizza is open Tuesday through Sunday from 4pm-9pm . Reservations via Resy and pick-up via Toast. Delivery available through Postmates and Uber Eats

Meet SunDaze: The 100% OJ Citrus Cocktails

Meet SunDaze: The 100% OJ Citrus Cocktails

Move over, mimosas! With RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktails taking over the beverage world, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the buzz, and which ones aren’t. Well, it’s pretty buzzy around here, and we wouldn’t steer you wrong. If you’re looking for something new, look no further than SunDaze – the refreshing, 100% orange juice canned cocktails for any hour of any day! This isn’t your old average, sugary basic brunch mimosa! 

SunDaze reimagines the classic social drink, breaking citrus-based cocktails out of the brunch category once and for all. A better-for-you beverage, SunDaze’s delicious 100% Valencia orange juice blend is made using an exclusive fermentation process that transforms fruit juice into a flavorful alcoholic refreshment – and by converting the naturally-occurring fruit sugars into alcohol – SunDaze also reduces calories along the way. Each cocktail contains 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants and probiotics and is also gluten-free, vegan and has no added sugars. SunDaze will be available in three flavors:

  • Classic: reimagines Valencia orange juice at its boozy best with a simple formula and a sophisticated flavor that challenges the best mimosa.

  • Botanical Citrus: a blend of Valencia orange juice, rosemary and ginger root for an aromatic, zingy taste.

  • Spicy Citrus: a blend of Valencia orange juice with jalapeño and Thai chiles for a kick that will have you thinking you’re sipping straight from the spicy rim of a cocktail glass.


SunDaze is now available for purchase at all PinkDot & Total Wine locations across LA county, and via DTC online as of August 16th. SunDaze retails at $3.99/can.