It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer. With it, many of us will sweat profusely, increasing our need to shower and groom — particularly skincare to cleanse our faces of bacteria and the right products to fight frown lines. Thankfully, there are a few new products to help us from Wildling, an award-winning, holistic beauty brand inspired by herbal and Chinese medicine.

On Tuesday, June 27 Wildling rolled out 3 new products: Starnectar Jelly Cleanser ($45), Moonbounce Plumping Moisturizer ($82), and a Reflexology Spoon ($35). With astrology, herbology and stone medicine as the heartbeat and pillars of the collection, each product includes nontoxic, clinically tested, sustainably sourced, and earth-based ingredients infused with the vibration of calming Moonstone (the oldest medicine of healing).

“Easy and Minimal 2-step Process”

We’ve tried the new products out, and can say that they are a summer staple! When you just don’t have time or the guts to face the summer heat for a facial, the Starnectar Jelly Cleanser is a refreshing alternative. Reminiscent of honey, the golden jelly pairs with the Reflexology Spoon to provide cool and instantly moisturizing relief with each application to the pressure points of the face. The best part is that you only need apply the cleanser to dry skin, and remove with a damp cloth. It couldn’t be any easier!

After removal of the cleanser, the Moonbounce Plumping Moisturizer should be applied with the Reflexology Spoon in upward strokes from the neck up. It immediately feels like it’s working to counteract wrinkles, skin damage, bags and sagging. By morning, you’re looking at soft-yet-firm, youthful radiance. — though you can perform this skin-loving ritual in the morning, at night, or twice a day. Essentially a massage for the face, this easy and minimal 2-step process is the next best alternative to a full on facial — saving time and money, with all the feeling of freshness that you love.

What’s In It?

Firstly, Starnectar Barrier Protect Marshmallow Jelly Cleanser is a cleansing balm that melts makeup and impurities away while maintaining softness and hydration, leaving your skin refreshed, plump, and dewy. The 100% natural blend brightens, softens skin and restores skin’s moisture barrier without stripping its natural oils. Choosing key ingredients that compliment each other to ensure the highest efficacy, the moon-inspired blend includes:

  • Marshmallow Root – Delivers deep hydration while soothing inflammation and repairing skin

  • Licorice Root – Soothes skin to help to ease inflammation, reduce redness, and brighten the complexion

  • Orange Peel –  Brightens and cleans while melting even stubborn makeup and SPF without stripping or drying skin

Following, the Moonbounce, 2% Bioretinol Irish Sea Moss Plumping Moisturizer works as a retinol alternative. This proprietary complex includes Bioretinol (Rock Samphire) and Irish Sea Moss to minimize wrinkles and firm the skin–without irritation. Boosted with natural ingredients to hydrate and plump tired skin, this transformative blend includes:

  • Bioretinol (Rock Samphire) – Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Irish Sea Moss – Nourishes to repair skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles

  • Marshmallow Root – “It’s that good we put it in both products…”

Finally, the Reflexology Spoon is not just “a spoon.” It’s a multi-purpose tool with a functional skincare scoop and reflexology tip to help firm the skin, release tension, and balance energy flow in the body. Simply scoop your skincare products and use the rounded tip to activate pressure points. After all, what’s Wildling without a facial tool to complete the ritual?

It’s the perfect time to evolve your skincare and beauty routine. You can purchase Wildling products at their website.