Formulated by Doctors for Targeted Effects

With pushes for federal legalization, and more studies into its medicinal and wellness properties than ever, it’s only fitting that we’ve seen more and more functional cannabis products come to the market.

KANHA is the latest brand to make its entrance, and it’s a grand one! CEO Cameron Clarke spent years of hesitating to bring functional products to market, due to the science behind extraction methods for getting mass amounts of minor cannabinoids not being well-developed. However, KANHA assembled a team of scientists and triple-board certified physicians to tackle the problem. They consider KANHA’s newest release to be the next-generation of cannabis wellness tools, formulated with cannabinoids, terpenes and nutraceuticals to elicit specific moods.

The first functional line authentically developed by doctors features advanced formulas like ENERGY, SLEEP and LOVE that help consumers achieve their lifestyle goals.

Sunderstorm’s award-winning edibles brand is proud to welcome KANHA FX, a new line of functional gummies that heralds groundbreaking advancements in precision, innovation and targeted effects. Formulated by doctors to help consumers do what they love, KANHA FX launches with three fast-acting gummies: ENERGY, SLEEP and LOVE.

“The scientific community knows more about cannabinoids, terpenes and entourage effects today than it has at any time in history,” explains Cameron Clarke, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunderstorm. “As the science advances, our products will follow suit, and that commitment helps make KANHA FX the driving force behind the next generation of functional gummies. As industry leaders that leverage proven science in all of our products, Sunderstorm continues to follow the science to bring you the most effective cannabis products available today.”

Clarke, who studied science and engineering at Stanford and founded labs in San Diego and Berkeley, initiated the project by assembling a team of accomplished scientists, textbook authors, published professors and triple-board certified physicians. Through rigorous research and testing, the team developed formulas that elicit specific effects by harnessing an optimal entourage of cannabinoids, terpenes and nutraceuticals.

Among the standout products in the inaugural lineup, ENERGY helps you get more done with a precision 1:1 combo of THCv and THC paired with green tea extract and natural sativa terpenes. For those battling insomnia, SLEEP helps you drift into dreams with a soothing 3:2:1 blend of CBN, THC, CBD and indica-derived terpenes. LOVE, with a delicious blend of rose and raspberry flavors, sets the mood with a 2:1:1 entourage of THC, CBG and THCv paired with hybrid terpenes and green tea and damiana extracts.

Recognizing that no one wants a long wait for energy, dreams or romance, the entire KANHA FX line proudly features the only proven fast-acting technology in cannabis. The NANO in KANHA products is backed by peer-reviewed studies, affirming its rapid onset times and superior cannabinoid absorption.

KANHA FX redefines expectations with precision formulas that deliver the most-targeted effects in the cannabis market. The trio of LOVE, ENERGY and SLEEP is available now at KANHA and Weedmaps. Stay tuned to KANHA to learn more and for upcoming announcements about additional KANHA FX formulas and product categories.

About Sunderstorm

Sunderstorm, a trusted family of brands, is an industry leader in breakthrough innovation and scientific standards. Trusted by budtenders and consumers alike, the values-driven company introduced the first fast-acting edible in 2015 and the first edible line authentically formulated by doctors and chemists. Sunderstorm currently serves dispensaries in California, Massachusetts, Illinois and Nevada in addition to national e-commerce with KANHA Life.