There’s a brand out there reimagining how we approach creativity, and it goes by Pilgrim Soul! Self-help books are getting a hefty upgrade and taking advantage of your creative mind after using cannabis, as Pilgrim Soul empowers you both in business and in life.

Pilgrim Soul is a mission-driven brand focused on optimizing human creative performance to gain a competitive edge in business and life, collaborating with experts in diverse industries to create products and content to facilitate enhanced creative thinking.

It has sold $3.5M worth of its flagship product The Creative Thinking Journal since its launch in 2020, offering two versions: All Ages and Cannabis – conceived to be used while you’re high, however you get there. Pilgrim Soul quickly expanded its product offerings to include a range of premium live resin vape pens, built on the belief that cannabis helps us tap into our innate creativity.

Why should consumers (cannabis lovers or not) have Pilgrim Soul on their radar? See below for a snapshot of the products & benefits:

  • The All Ages Creative Thinking Journal ($29.95)

    • This guided journal is filled with fun and shareable, creative challenges meant to spark the imagination. Each challenge pushes you to rethink the way you see yourself and the world around you to uncover new possibilities and ideas. Throughout these exercises, we reveal misconceptions about creativity, annoying aspects of the mind that lead us to repress creative thinking, and the research behind these methods. (Ages 13+)

  • The Cannabis Creative Thinking Journal ($29.25)

    • The first of its kind, this unique journal is filled with over 50 surprisingly effective, yet highly amusing, creative challenges that provide hours of entertaining self-reflection. The journal will engage your imagination to uncover new ideas, build more productive habits, and expand your application of creative problem-solving to all facets of your life through its unique exercises.

  • Live Resin Premium Disposable Vape Pen ($45 – available in select CA dispensaries)

    • Pilgrim Soul analyzed hundreds of cannabis strains that index high for creativity, along with secondary and tertiary states of mind, with blends for Creative Awareness, Creative Imagination, Creative Focus and Creative Reflection. Each vape pen is paired with a section of The Creative Thinking Journal to further enhance your creativity.