Los Angeles has its sights, sounds, and tastes with so many top locations and scenes to choose from peppered across the region. However, there is one fairly recent addition located near one of the most famous icons of this sprawling city, and it happens to be a thriving venue for Mediterranean classics, favorites, and unique twists.

MON AMI just celebrated their 1st-year anniversary, complete with a special event on Cinco de Mayo to toast their first year of memories. Nestled along the picturesque Ocean Avenue strip in Santa Monica, MON AMI presents a captivating fusion of Mediterranean flavors and ambiance. Stepping through its doors, guests are greeted with the French phrase “mon ami,” setting the tone for an enchanting journey reminiscent of the cobblestone streets and sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean region.

Under the guidance of Nas Negahban from Pacific Coast Group (PCG), a seasoned traveler with a passion for authentic culinary experiences, MON AMI strives to mirror the richness of Mediterranean cultures in every aspect. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Nas is committed to elevating his hometown’s hospitality scene to reflect the sophistication of beachside cities he has encountered abroad. This is present in every aspect of MON AMI’s ambiance, from its lush indoor-outdoor seating surrounded by greenery, to its late-night live entertainment and picture-perfect cocktails. MON AMI is meticulously curated to enchant and immerse guests.

Speaking on his inspiration and MON AMI’s concept, Nas explains, “I’ve always had a passion for building new concepts and brands across various industries. We currently have a few restaurants in Spain and other countries but Santa Monica is home. If you go to any other city in the world or even just the United States, the epicenter of hospitality is by the water – PCH Group’s goal is to do the same with Santa Monica here in Los Angeles.”

In addition to its ambiance and mesmerizing live entertainment, the culinary escape offers impeccable cocktails and dishes from its kitchen helmed by Chef Daniel Ulrich. The kitchen sources fresh, local ingredients from farmers’ markets to infuse traditional Mediterranean recipes with a touch of California flair. Chef Daniel, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, credits Wally’s Beverly Hills for his experience, and his dedication to understanding the cultural and geographical significance of each ingredient ensures an authentic culinary experience.

Guests are encouraged to begin their meal with a customizable mezze platter, a modern take on charcuterie featuring options like Prosciutto Wrapped Tomatoes and Whipped Feta with house-made flatbread. For mains, dishes like the 7 Spice Jidori Chicken and saffron-infused Lobster pasta offer generous portions meant for sharing, while being irresistible enough to enjoy solo. Complementing the culinary offerings, MON AMI’s experienced bartending team crafts cocktails that are nothing short of extraordinary. Each drink is a carefully balanced masterpiece, showcasing innovative combinations and premium ingredients. From the refreshing El Rey to the intriguing Caprese-inspired concoction, MON AMI’s cocktail menu promises an unforgettable experience for discerning palates.

You’re Invited: First Class Dinner Series

With Mother’s Day around the corner, MON AMI makes a great destination, and if you’re one to beat the crowds – or wait until they’ve left – MON AMI is always looking at ways to up the ante and immerse its guests with unforgettable and unique culinary immersions. On Sunday, May 12, MON AMI will hold a Mother’s Day pop-up brunch, making it a hot destination to deliver only the best for mom.

Then, on Friday, May 17, guests can enjoy the beginning of MON AMI’s new First Class Dinner series with a “visit” to Barcelona. The evening will star a four-course Spanish meal with two curated cocktails, live Catalan music, and Flamenco dancers, while guests can frequent Jamon and Sangria stations. And to make the experience all the more memorable, guests will leave with a “passport” to commemorate their “trip.”

Credit: MON AMI

Providing some background on the idea behind the First Class Series and future occasions, Nas hints, “We are doing some pretty cool activations and partnerships for the Summer that we are very excited about. We are also launching our First Class Series – which is an immersive, experiential dining experience that I’ve only really seen in Europe. We think this will bring a lot of eyes and allure to Mon Ami this summer.”  This surely makes it an exciting time to stop in, whether you’re a local, or just visiting from out of town!

With its evocative ambiance, delectable cuisine, and exceptional hospitality, MON AMI invites guests to embark on a sensory voyage through the Mediterranean without ever leaving the magnetic shores of Santa Monica. Learn more about MON AMI here, and book reservations at Resy. Follow MON AMI on Instagram, here.