Meet JOYO – A New Line Of Adaptogenic Sparkling Teas

Meet JOYO – A New Line Of Adaptogenic Sparkling Teas

As we wrap up Summer there’s still time to grab a refreshing drink and sip what’s left of the season away.

During the week of August 15, Jay Shetty & Radhi Devlukia-Shetty launched JOYO, their new line of adaptogenic sparkling teas. 

JOYO’s sparkling teas offer a premier way for tea drinkers to enjoy their favorite healthy beverage while catering to the modern, grab-and-go lifestyle. 

The teas are available in five purposeful blends: Unsweetened Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea, Black Tea with Lemon, Peach Black Tea and Tropical Green Tea.

Each tea is crafted with ayurvedic ingredients and a proprietary blend of five expertly sourced adaptogens to provide consumers with delicious and nourishing iced teas.


In today’s health-centric society, it couldn’t be a better time for sparkling tea to hit the market!

The new brand will be available at all Erewhon stores for $3.49 a can.

Azuna Fresh Makes for a Perfect Multi-Purpose Back to School Freshener

Azuna Fresh Makes for a Perfect Multi-Purpose Back to School Freshener

It’s that time when kiddos are heading back to school or to college — and that can only mean one thing: smelly odors. From the shoes and socks they’ve worn all day, to the outdoor “sunshine” odor that latches onto their clothes, chances are you’re familiar and seeking a solution for when things go ripe.

Bedrooms or dorms will be overflowing with dirty laundry, jammed garbage cans, sweaty gym clothes, and gross left overs. Azuna Fresh‘s Odor Eliminator & Air Purifiers and Sprays are here to help keep their bedrooms and dorms funk free and smelling fresh. Azuna Fresh — not meant to mask the odors with an overpowering scent, but instead fights them — eliminates odors for a fresh smell again.

One of the leading brands for natural and non-toxic healthy air solutions and odor elimination, Azuna Fresh has special bundle kits for Back to School season, which are perfect to send in a care package so your college-bound kids can place them in any small spaces, including their car. From small rooms and kitchens, to gym bags and showers, Azuna Fresh helps keep things mold free and odor free the natural way. In addition, Azuna offers a line of special products just for RVs and Boats! So if you’re just the parents going for a road trip getaway, you’re covered too.

Using natural air-flow and a unique, slow-release formula, Azuna delivers these air-cleaning benefits to the surrounding air without using harsh chemicals:

  • Includes (3) 2 oz Odor Eliminator & Air Purifier Treatments, (1) All Natural Spray, (1) 12 oz Gel Refill Pouch
  • Each pod effectively treats a space up to 200 sq ft for 60-90 days
  • Cleans air and neutralizes bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus & other odor-causing microbes
  • All Natural Odor Eliminator & Surface Cleaning Spray delivers instant odor elimination, freshens upholstery, clothing, athletic wear, or anything that could use a refresh – it can even be used to clean hard surfaces
  • All Natural Spray cleans and neutralizes surfaces against bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, & other odor-causing microbes
  • Reuse Azuna pods & save. Every 60-90 days, replace gel in the pod with fresh, new gel using the 12 oz Refill Pouch.
  • 12 oz Refill Pouch = (6) 2 oz pod refills
  • Made in USA
  • All Natural | Plant-Based | Biodegradable | Phthalate-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free
  • And available in Tea Tree, Citrus, Vanilla, Variety Pack, and Limited-Edition Coffee Bean scents

With all of the products available to disinfect surfaces,  Azuna Fresh, a non-toxic tea tree oil based healthy air solution, clears your home, car, office, nursery room, gym and more of irritating and immune-system weakening toxins. It also keeps your fruits and vegetables last longer in the fridge for up to 14 days.  Keeping the air around us as clean and clear of mold, mildew and bacteria helps keep our immune systems in fighting shape.