It stirs and soothes hearts, minds, souls, and bodies across the world, all while taking on a variety of forms: silent, loud, simple, complex, bold, or abstract. In some cases, doing all of the above, all at once. That ever-changing thing that traverses mediums is art, and it is all around us.

As art aficionados continue to make their pilgrimages to the iconic art meccas in a post-COVID world, Paris, Italy, Tokyo, Jakarta, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have seen renewed popularity. But for those seeking the burgeoning art scenes and creative hubs where it’s still easy to spend a day popping in and out of galleries and curated local shops, a Los Angeles community known as Culver City has them all beat.

If you caught our coverage of The Shay Hotel last year, then it may come as no surprise that Culver City continues to deliver with its incredible support of small businesses and local artists.The Culver City Arts District encompasses a rich community of over thirty art galleries within its small footprint that showcase a wide variety of fine art, contemporary art, sculpture, pop, graphic, and street art. All the while, The Shay continues to be a lighthouse for wonderers far and wide in 2024 – remaining the best place to stay for those exploring and discovering art in Culver City.

Opened in October 2021, the young hotel has quickly become a mainstay that boasts the only rooftop pool in Culver City along with prime location at the helm of the incredibly walkable Culver City Arts District. On top of that, The Shay offers travelers and locals easy access to an enticing blend of posh accommodations, eclectic shopping experiences, and a dining scene that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

With prominent galleries like Blum (formerly Blum & Poe), Anat Egbi, Thinkspace and Sixty29 Contemporary, and the promising new openings of FP Contemporary, Reisig and Taylor Contemporary and CadFab Creative Gallery, Culver City is becoming a focal point for contemporary art. Along with specialty boutiques, hyper local design retailers and a thriving gastronomic culture, the dynamic neighborhood buzzes with creative energy from architecture enterprises, advertising agencies and culinary arts campuses, interior design showrooms and some of the world’s leading entertainment production studios – like Amazon, HBO Max and Apple TV.

The Shay is only steps away from these globally inspired art galleries and museums, and reflects the neighborhood’s artistic buzz by lining its walls with collections from local artists and hosting monthly pop-up shops from small businesses. In the true heart of Los Angeles, The Shay in Culver City is centrally located between Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Hollywood/West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and offers accessibility to all of the artistic corners of Los Angeles County. See some of the highlights below for just a few attractions sure to complement your own stay at The Shay.

Whether you’re a traveler looking for a memorable vacation, a shopper in search of unique finds, a food enthusiast ready to embark on a culinary journey, or an art aficionado looking for your next piece, The Shay and Culver City are all-encompassing destinations that cater to your every desire.