We all aim to express ourselves with a bit of flair or individuality that you just won’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy, and far too common that we come across someone out there who manages to steal our style. Now, all that changes with Novella, the unisex sneaker brand threading a meaningful story into every limited-run design they introduce. (Lucky you, if you saw them in our Summer roundup!)

“Every Sneaker Tells A Story”

Whether it’s for a seasonal refresh, or just in time for going back to school, Novella is reinventing what it means to be unique—from the insole to the outsole—quite literally! Always working with a different artisan or creative to inspire each drop, Novella’s sneaker designs are inspired by said creator to share their story. 

From comedians and barbers to poets and painters, these are the rarest designs you’ll see on the feet around you, and for good reason. Novella produces and sells exactly 2,020 pairs of each design, a callback to their founding year.

Furthermore, each pair of sneakers are individually numbered–1 through 2,020–with the number stitched onto the heel tab. Therefore, you won’t see anyone running the streets with the same number from the same Chapter (season) or Verse (colorway).

From the embossed handwriting of poet Rudy Francisco, to the fresh fade inspiration of barber, Sedric Salinas, each design is truly a work of art complete with outsoles that transition from herringbone tread into a unique fingerprint (the combined fingerprints of those involved in the design process). Each pair of Novella’s come with 2 pairs of laces for added customization — a pair that complements the art, and another to accentuate it.

Some recent creatives the brand has worked with include slam-poet Rudy Francisco, textile artist Katherine Entis, comedian Akaash Singh, and more! Check out some of the featured stories below, as you take in more of the juicy creative details:

  • The Love Poem is inspired by slam-poet Rudy Francisco and embodies his belief that every poem is an act of love. Love Poem’s design is an homage to Rudy’s medium, by intertwining textile metaphors and unique poetic elements.

  • Momotaro is inspired by textile artist Katherine Entis and is inspired by the deconstruction of her textile arts. Momotaro depicts the artist’s vibrant color palettes that became an integral component in her work through a culmination of her personal journey—which is encompassed by Momotaro’s show stopping, waved multicolor outsole.

  • Verse 2: The Lion is inspired by comedian Akaash Singh and pays homage to evening wear suited for a night out in NYC. The silky midnight blue jacquard upper showcases custom iconography including a mic cord that is weaved throughout moments of Akaash’s life story found in the print.

If that weren’t enough, craftsmanship is at the forefront with premium Italian leather, interior tongue labels that reveal the artisan’s name, tongues and  that borrow from their creativity and craft, and printed footbeds that hold personal meaning. Shop Novella’s wearable art and secure your one-of-a-kind number!