Every generation, it seems there’s a new wave of questionable and uncertain innovations meant to “help” us or improve our way of life. This time around, we’ve got Web3, Cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, which will all either draw confusion, unwavering support, or sharp pushback depending on who you present them to. While this new technological wave continues to be rebuked by many, it’s likely that Web3 and everything that comes with it is indeed here to stay.

As a result, it’s only responsible that we learn everything we can, because technology only leaves you behind or takes you for an emotional ride. In what couldn’t be a better time to learn, The Heart Project is partnering with iconic retailer Fred Segal to host an in-person NFT onboarding experience, where attendees can learn more about the NFT/Web3 space. This event, open to the public, takes place on Saturday, Feb. 19 from 3-6 p.m., at Fred Segal’s Flagship (8500 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069).
Attendees will be able to enjoy drinks and food by Escuela Taqueria. What better way to have an educational experience than with food and drinks?
In case you aren’t familiar, The Heart Project, an NFT project and artistic collective, recently partnered with iconic LA-based retailer Fred Segal for a limited time pop-up at their Sunset Blvd. flagship from February 14 – 28.

Be there, or play catch up! The choice is yours.

WHAT: Fred Segal x The Heart Project NFT Onboarding Experience (drinks & food by Escuela Taqueria)
WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 19 from 3-6pm (open to public)
WHERE: Fred Segal’s Flagship | 8500 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069