Seal at the Hollywood Bowl

Seal at the Hollywood Bowl

Photo credit: Jan Welters

Amidst cheers and applause, British R&B singer, Seal strolled confidently on stage and, right off the bat, began charming the audience with his soulful rendition of “Luck be a Lady”. Welcome to a new side of Seal and his tenth studio album “Standards”. This is an album that Seal has always wanted to make because he grew up listening to music from the rat pack era, and for him, recording these classic tunes has been a lifelong dream. Seal said “It was a true honor to collaborate with the same musicians who performed with Frank Sinatra and so many of my favorite artists, in the very same studios where the magic was first made – it was one of the greatest days of my recording career.”

Who knew that Seal was a crooner? Well, he is, and a mighty fine one at that. His voice is rich, velvety and flawless, his style is sassy, his look debonair, and this man can handle a room – or should I say a bowl? Bending down to sing to the ladies in the front and shaking people’s hands, Seal utilized the entire stage, the catwalk strip, and even ventured off stage altogether to further flirt with the audience.

Between songs, his laid back banter made him even cooler. Listening to him, one gets the feeling that this is a man who is sincere and has a gentle, generous spirit. He jokingly told the audience, “Hello Los Angeles, well I know most of the people here, yeah, you guys all hit me up for tickets.”

Things got a little more serious when Seal talked about a recent bout of depression and recanted a day when he listened to “That’s Life” at full volume. “It helped” he quipped, and proceeded to perform the song with the magic of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra behind him, conducted by Thomas Wilkins. Seal likened playing with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra to driving a Rolls Royce. He clearly loved the material he was performing and who he was performing it with.

Halfway through the show, Seal announced that a very special guest was in the house; someone who had, in part, been responsible for him being a musician. It turned out to be none other than Joni Mitchell, and as the cameras swung around to find the icon seated in the audience, Seal got everyone to sing the line: “paved paradise, put up a parking lot.”

Towards the end of his show, Seal broke out his hit songs “Kiss from a Rose”, and “Crazy”, and last but not least, invited his 8-year-old daughter up on stage to play piano for a short performance of “Superstition”.  For an encore, it was “Rebel Rebel” to honor the late David Bowie.  No matter what style: classics, pop, rock, ballads, covers – Seal handles them all with vibrant, powerful vocals and ebullient showmanship. Seal is the real deal.

City of Santa Monica Presents Annual Open Streets Event COAST

City of Santa Monica Presents Annual Open Streets Event COAST

Photo credits – William Short and Kristina Sado

WHAT: The City of Santa Monica presents COAST, its annual open streets event celebrating community, art, and sustainability. More than two miles of city streets will be closed to cars and open for people to stroll, bike, and roll. Attendees will indulge in delicious food, listen to live music, enjoy world-class art, and experience the community’s public spaces in a new, reimagined way.

WHEN: Sunday, October 7, 2018

WHERE: The event will be held on approximately two miles of car-free streets in Downtown Santa Monica, including Ocean Avenue from Wilshire Boulevard south past City Hall and Tongva Park, as well as all of Main Street to Marine Street.

ADMISSION: The general public is invited to attend the free, open streets event.

CONTACT: For more information about COAST, visit

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The Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare

Imagine if someone told you that there is a cure for Diabetes, Herpes, Lyme disease, Lupus, MS, Arthritis and many more diseases considered to be incurable life-sentence illnesses by conventional medicine.
Wouldn’t you be overjoyed? Then read on!

An Interview with Dr. Milgrom and Dr. Pien on the Future of Healthcare

I Wonder about Wundor

Wundor City Guide Los Angeles

240 pages
Binding: card + glossy dustjacket.
Photobook paper
Format: 210mm x 150mm
ISBN: 978-0-9956541-9-8

Wundor’s City Guide for Los Angeles has me somewhat flummoxed.
On the Wundor website it says… “Our guides offer up authentic insights and views on each city. Beautiful images take you through the backstreets and capture inspiring details and moments that reveal a sense of time and place”.
…however, I’m not sure the photos in this city guide could be deemed “beautiful” or “inspiring”.
I presume this city guide is trying to be gritty and “real”; to show us the underbelly of LA—but it appears to have strayed too far off the track, because photos of sidewalks, telegraph poles, and dirty windshield reflections do not maketh Los Angeles.
I wonder, is this guide meant to entice you to LA, or is it cautioning you to lower your expectations? Is it meant for traveling tourists, or local Angelinos? Is it a functional city guide, or a coffee table book? I couldn’t decide if I liked or disliked it, so I began showing Wundor City Guide Los Angeles to friends and random people in coffee shops to see what their thoughts might be. The guide-book impacted people differently, no matter their age, gender, or origin.
But before I share the feedback I received from others. let me just say that I, myself, feel this book is trying too hard to be über-cool and, having lived in Los Angeles for many years now, it’s verging on insulting to me. For example: my friend owns Bar Mateo, pictured on page 47, and if you walked a few steps further from where this photograph was taken, you’d see a beautiful outdoor Italian gravel garden. I have a feeling my friend would be somewhat mortified at Wundor’s limited depiction of his neck of the woods. On the other hand, having spent oodles of time with this book (whilst showing it about willy-nilly) I’ve become fond of it in a way. Like an ugly baby—I can’t help but feel protective and endeared towards it. Whatever the takeaway of this book may be, it’s certainly a talking piece and a conversation starter.

“Unique. I think it’s honest. I like about 50% of the photos, and it has great restaurant recommendations. It feels like one person’s experience of LA”- Samantha (29)

“I find it pretentious. It’s trying too hard to be different, and too hipster.” – Carrie (32)

“This is hilarious. Is it a joke book? I want this book!” – Christine (65)

“Artful. Has absurd vignettes. When people ask what I like about LA, absurdity is a part of why I like it, and this book captures that. Locals would enjoy this; I think it would appeal to them. As a tourist, I’d find it intriguing because it cuts through the usual stereotypes. This is LA stripped down” – Jessica (29)

“This is viable as a coffee table book for local Angelenos, I think they would find it interesting. But not sure if it works as a tourist guide” – Conrad (42)

“It’s badly organized—not reader friendly. It doesn’t draw me in. It’s too word heavy” – Jenna (31)

“Wants to be an art book, and there’s merit in it as an art book. The size and feel of it is great…this is quality paper. But the content is somewhat self-indulgent and random” – Adam (35)

“Different. Interesting. I like the odd flavor of it.” – Mary (61)

“Pictures are mundane and trying to be arty. Is this a coffee table book for pretentious Brits? I can’t see the point of this book” – Paul (53)

“The pictures aren’t giving me much information on the place, and it doesn’t make me want to go there. There’s too much to read. It’s too Avant-garde for tourists. And it almost feels rigid – like it’s withholding information” – Rachel (32)

“The pictures are abstract, but I like that they aren’t the usual LA sights – that makes me want to know more.” Jeff (24)




Taste of the Eastside

Taste of the Eastside

The 8
th Annual Taste of the Eastside Returns to Showcase the Culinary Diversity and Growing Food Scene from the Most Exciting Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

A food festival that has stood out since its inception, Taste of the Eastside, also known as TOTE for lovers and aficionados of good food and music is returning to celebrate the brilliant culinary evolvement of the East-Side and surrounding neighborhoods of Los Angeles on Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at the charming Los Angeles River Center and Gardens.

What began as an idea from a group of parents to raise money for Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery School, LA’s oldest co-op for kids and the primary beneficiary and organizer of TOTE has now turned into a hugely popular and highly regarded food festival that brings together the best food, drink, and entertainment LA has to offer. The East-Side of Los Angeles and surrounding areas are experiencing a unique culinary renaissance with many new restaurants emerging in the hip neighborhoods of Silverlake, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Echo Park, Downtown, Highland Park, Eagle Rock and beyond.

Representing these diverse and exciting locales will be over 30 vendors, both newcomers and returning establishments, with something for everyone. Angelenos are sure to be familiar with some of the popular places bringing their tastiest offerings, including the cozy Los Feliz joint we all love, Little Dom’s, tasty Mexican spot, Diablo Taco, Silverlake’s delectable Chinese hidden gem, Fat Dragon, French neighborhood newcomer Melody, Eagle Rock’s New American Red Herring, Atwater’s Italian eatery, All’Acqua, savory and fresh Gigi’s Bakery, the sweet, sweet Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and the scrumptious McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams with many more participants ready to serve up their best fare!

TOTE would not be complete without flights from the region’s finest, boutique wine merchants, Silver Lake Wines. Of course, there will be signature cocktails from Mohawk Bend and Greenbar Craft Distillery as well as refreshing beer pours from Eagle Rock BrewingEl Segundo Brewing Co. and Strand Brewing Co. KCRW DJ favorites Raul CamposAnthony Valadez and Garth Trinidad will be spinning tunes for all music lovers, in addition to live music from Cousin JunebugThe Morning Yells and more. We are thrilled to announce this year’s addition of a local designer section including Dean Leather Accessories, Devon Leigh Jewelry and Sage LA Candles and Oils showcasing their creations and donating 25 percent of all proceeds to TOTE.

All proceeds from Taste of the Eastside will be donated to highly-deserving local organizations, including Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery SchoolThe Pablove Foundation, and FOLAR, Friends of the LA River.

For another memorable Sunday basking in the sun with great music and indulging in irresistible food and drink, all the while supporting this wonderful cause get your tickets for Taste of The Eastside 2018!


List of 2018 Participants: 

































More about The Los Angeles River Center and Gardens:
The Los Angeles River Center and Gardens has been home to TOTE now for the past three years, giving the festival a unique location and vibe. The venue, a stunning mission-style villa with lush landscaping, soothing fountains and meandering, tiled patios, provides a breathtaking backdrop for SoCal foodies to sample delicious offerings from some of LA’s hottest purveyors of food and drink. The lovely grounds are home to several non-profit organizations that aim to revitalize the Los Angeles River and promote sustainable living. It is located at 570 W Ave 26 #100, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

More about main beneficiary: Rose Scharlin Nursery School:
Rose Scharlin is a cooperative Nursery School in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake area founded in 1939 with the distinction of being the very first cooperative nursery school in the City of Los Angeles and the model upon which local schools patterned themselves. It was founded in 1939 as the Echo Park Cooperative Nursery School, using the facilities of the Echo Park Playground but later merging with what was Lakeview Nursery School in Silverlake. The purpose is to provide a safe, secure and challenging environment for the children; to offer them a range of developmentally appropriate activities; and to reflect the diversity of backgrounds, our community and our world. They emphasize the process of parents and children learning and working together for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth of all.

Sponsors and Partners of Taste of the Eastside 2018:
include Williams Homes (Gold), Tracy Do (Silver), Silverlake Neighborhood (Bronze), Gelson’s (Bronze) and Partners include Boxed WaterLos Angeles MagazineEco ProductsLA River StudiosVOX StudiosRAM Board and Yelp.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Taste of the Eastside

For more information on ticket prices and to purchase tickets:

Taste of The Eastside Social Media: Facebook: @TasteoftheEastside Instagram: tasteoftheeastside

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